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  1. Greensmoke looks like another color I will have to check out. I have Woodwinked and Mulch on my list of things to buy, too. I finally tried the 2 colors I bought from the Electric Cool collection, Infra-Violet and Highly Charged, and I really like them. Infra-Violet is really similar to UD’s Fishnet, but Fishnet is more of a duochrome than Infra-Violet. Highly Charged is a gorgeous purple similar to Victoria’s Secret’s eyeshadow in Taboo. Both shades go very well together and create a pretty look for green, brown or hazel eyes (purple and pink tend to bring out and accentuate those eye colors pretty well, I have noticed). Have fun at Tahoe – I’ve never been but it’s a place I am dying to go to at some point!

  2. I have Greensmoke and wear it with a dark teal liner. I am not sure why it works but the shadow is complex enough to pull it off.

  3. I got it recently and love it!!!! I think it looks amazing with dark eyes (which I have too 🙂 )
    I have been doing a smoky eye with feline blended from the upper lash line and it is really simple and pretty. Contrast is another mac e/s where this looks really nice as well.
    Btw you look amazing.
    Kisses from Spain,

  4. It has a really nice shimmer and is great in your smokey eye look. I think Miss Kitty would love it, and Marshall Dillon would approve. 😉

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