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  • MAC Cosmetics Face of the Day: A Smokey Eye with MAC Pigment in Purple
    “Layering extends the staying power of your eyeshadow and provides extra dimension. Try starting with a layer of a cream product — I like MAC Paint Pots, MAC Paint and MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl — and applying a powdered eyeshadow on top of the cream.”
  • Face of the Day: Wonder Mint Teal Lashes
    “Because the weather out here has been hotter than Christian Bale in a Speedo, I wanted to keep my look light and perspiration-proof. To maintain the emphasis on my lashes, I went with a slice of light violet on the lid.”
  • Face of the Day: A Pink and Blue Pastel Eye
    “Pastels aren’t usually my style, but today the makeup gods chose to bestow enough courage upon me to attempt this pink and blue eye, inspired by Shiseido’s spring makeup look.”
  • MAC Cosmetics Blue and Green Face of the Day
    “If you’re new to makeup, this would be a super easy look to try! Please ask if you have any questions about reproducing it yourself. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll track down someone who does.”
  • MAC Originals Face of the Day, Full on Lust
    “Build color slowly. First, if you’re clumsy like I am, I find that it helps to take the time to build a color slowly, layer upon layer. First, I dipped my crease brush in the eyeshadow pot, swiped it gently on some tissue to remove the excess shadow, and then applied Charred (a shade of grey) in a light layer using a sweeping motion in my crease. I applied about five light layers before I got the color where I wanted it to be.”
  • MAC Cosmetics Woodwinked Pink and Gold Face of the Day
    “Shhh… I have a secret beauty tip. If you ever wake up looking like an extra in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, reach for MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow ($14). Its warm, golden shimmer restores life to dead tired eyes.”
  • A Salute to St. Patrick’s Day: Green Chanel Garden Party Eye
    “Dior concealer rocks when it comes to covering dark circles. Before I applied my makeup today I had some serious dark circles. I stayed up late last night, partying with the neighbor’s cat while watching ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ my latest guilty reality TV pleasure. In the pics above, can you see the purple in the inner corners of my eyes (and believe me, they are pretty dark today)? LOVE. YOU. DIOR.”
  • Makeup Tips: MAC Parrot Face of the Day
    “This is a really easy face of the day that I wore to work today. It took just five minutes to do my eyes… Yup, it’s official. Me likes the MAC Parrot.”
  • What makeup are you wearing on this lovely Friday? Does your look have a color theme?

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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    1. Laurie says:

      Hey Karen! That’s a great look – I love the lip color – subtle yet shiny!

      Since it’s hotter than heck in DC – I felt it only appropriate to be a bronzed beauty today. I’m sporting the Stila summer palette – which is my go-to this summer.

      Lauries last blog post..Hurry – there’s a "Shu" Sale!

    2. Bridget says:

      Love the green!! That’s my favorite color but I don’t wear it enough.haha

      Today I’m going gold for my birthday. I don’t have plans until later tonight but I’m going gold all day.haha

    3. Karen says:

      Hi Laurie!

      I love that palette. I haven’t had the chance to really play with it but it’s really beautiful. What combos have you done?

      Stay cool in the heat, girlie. 🙂

    4. Karen says:


      Happy Birthday to you! What golds are ya wearing to celebrate?

    5. Brittany says:

      Ohmigoodness I loooove the green!

    6. Laurie says:


      There is so much to do with the Stila palette – the colors are so complimentary of each other! I’ve been using a blend of the wheat and gold on the lid, kitten near the brow and ray in the crease.

      The mystic blue is really pretty too. I’ve only played with that shade a few times. I layered it over grey liner and smudged across the lashline. It’s got some depth and is a a pretty shade of blue!

      Lauries last blog post..Hurry – there’s a "Shu" Sale!

    7. Thushaa says:

      Green is totally your colour! You look amazing in it! Unfortunately my Friday consists of staying home and having a bummy day. No makeup today.

    8. Elle says:

      I love all of these looks, Karen! The blue/green is my favorite.

      I’m doing some Cool Heat today…Warming Trend, Cool Heat, a bit of Gulf Stream, and the By Degrees slimshine. Also have some Eversun blush on as well. Not much of a real theme (haha, other than “MAC has made me bankrupt with Cool Heat”), but the colors go with my French Connection dress today. 🙂 I’m also in a food coma right now after having some Lou Malnatis’ pizza…the best in Chicago! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    9. Amanda says:

      🙂 my makeup is usually, almost, always themed…yes, I’m a dork. and I totally go against the “rules” and match to my outfit,ha!

      Today, I did a peach-mango-copper theme. I used the pattern from the blue-green eye (again, thanks so much for the original post, this is my new favorite was the combine my eyeshadows!!!!) I used bobbi brown beach honey (light peach) on the inner lid, stila copper eye mousse pot-now d/c’ed(more of an orange mango color)on the outer half, and BB galaxy on brown bone–these are all creams. then I lined the upper lash line with stila copper smudgepot and lower lash line with cargo wood pencil. cheeks are becca tuberose creme, lips mac underplay lipstick topped with fashion pack gloss.

      Your FOTD posts remind me-I have a question. When you layer mac lipgloss (or any brand I guess) on top of lipstick, do you use your fingers, or wand, or a lip brush to apply the gloss? I hate the thought of sticking the lipgloss wand back into the tube if it’s “cross contaiminated” with lipstick, LOL. (I know yes, I’m a little bit of a freak).

    10. Tiffany says:

      Hey Karen! My makeup is super basic today – I went with a friend to the closing on her condo, so I was trying to look like a grown up, LOL. But now, I think all my makeup has melted off anyway.

      Hope you’re having a happy Friday!

    11. Bridget says:

      Thanks very much!! 🙂

      I’m wearing BE Bali and Tan Lines. The Bali is sooo pretty. Really brings out my blue eyes, too.

      Bridgets last blog post..Oh Josh…

    12. Glosslizard says:

      Hubby and I went to the water park today with the kids and their day camp crew, so I went with a beach theme! Guerlain Orient Sun pearly bronzer on the cheeks, Clinique Sunlit Palm creme eyeshadow with Laura Mercier gold metallic creme shadow and waterproof mascara on the eyes and Clinique long-lasting glosswear in Cabana Crush on the lips! Cheery, waterproof and a no-brainer! 🙂

      That is some beautiful greens on your lids and on your shirt, BTW!

      Happy Friday!

    13. Karen says:

      Hi Brittany,

      Thanks girl! Have a great weekend. 🙂

    14. Karen says:

      Hi Laurie,

      I bet the blue over the grey is super pretty. I think I’m going to try that. 🙂 Thanks for the idea. Yay, time to play with makeup!

    15. Karen says:

      Hi Thushaa,

      Girl, it’s been a while! How did the school year go for you? Did you make your goals? I hope so.

      Ahhh, tomorrow I will get my bummy day. I can’t wait!

    16. Karen says:

      Hi Elle,

      Thank you! Your look today sounds really summery and pretty. BTW, I love Eversun blush, too. It’s one of my faves. 🙂

      Pizza sounds really good right now. I’m not a deep dish kinda girl, though… gimme the thin crust, baby!

    17. Karen says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I like to match too! I don’t always do it, but if it’s a really bold shade then I think it’s fun. Plus, rules were made to be broken. 🙂

      I am so glad that you’ve used that eyemap in so many ways. It’s a very basic but you can do so much with it.

      Regarding the gloss, it depends. If the gloss shade is similar to the lipstick shade, first I’ll blot the lipstick, and then I’ll put the gloss on top using the wand. If the colors are very different (like if one shade was very light and the other was very dark), then I’ll use the wand and swab a clump of the gloss on the back of my hand first, and use a lip brush to apply.

    18. Karen says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Oh wow, that’s very exciting. Congrats to your friend! Are you in real estate, by the way?

      I had a great Friday; I hope you had a fab one as well. Any exciting plans for the evening?

    19. Karen says:

      Hi Bridget,

      Pretty! Gold really complements blue eyes.

      Hope you had a super great day! 🙂

    20. Karen says:

      Hi Glosslizard,

      Thanks, hon. I gotta say that I can totally see this look on you, and I bet that it was hot! (I bet you were slathered with the Shiseido, too.)

      Happy Friday to you too. 🙂

    21. Glosslizard says:

      Mm-hmm, Shiseido to the max! Gotta maintain my base pallor! 😉

    22. i ♥ greens on you karen!

      i♥makeups last blog post..Make-up Trend: Hot Pink

    23. Karen says:

      LOL, Glosslizard,

      I wonder if you’ll come back from Disneyland with a tan! 🙂

    24. Karen says:

      Thanks, Iheartmakeup! 🙂

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