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NARS Isolde Eye Duo in Action

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nars isolde k1

I wasn’t playing the other day when I said I’ve been all about NARS Isolde lately. Both it and NARS Cordura (LOVE YOU, C!!!) have been two of my full-time eye makeup BFFs for weeks, and even though I’ve mostly gotten over this cold of mine and want to wear more makeup again, I still don’t have the patience to sit still for 45 minutes and blend six different teals till my fingers fall off, ya know?

nars isolde k

This week I’ve been using the timer on my iPhone in the morning to rein myself in. I set it for 25 minutes, and whatever I’m able to do in that time, that’s what I end up wearing for the day.

Before I even start, though, I keep all the basics, like foundation, mascara and concealer, etc., in a little box next to my desk so I don’t waste any time hunting stuff down. Then I also put whatever eye and lip products I plan to wear in the same box.

I like to spend the lion’s share of the 25 minutes on my eye makeup, so I’ll cut back on some things and spend less time on my skin, which is why more of my freckles are peeking through in these pics than usual.

nars isolde eyeshadow dow
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Neat and New to Me: MAC Cosmo Lipstick

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mac cosmo lipstick

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

Just when you thought you didn’t need ONE MOAR PINK LIPSTICK!

Who are we kidding…? There’s always room for one more pink lipstick, and this one by MAC is a real contender. I just wish I’d found it sooner because…isn’t it gorgeous!? :) It’s called Cosmo, and it’s one of MAC’s Amplified Lipsticks — the ones with the creamy, long-lasting formula of which I’m a big fan.

It’s classified as a brownish pink, but I think it’s more pink than brown on my NC42 skin. I’ve heard through the makeup grapevine, which is code for, “I went to the MAC counter and talked to a few artists about it,” that Cosmo 1) registers as a pink on lighter skin tones as well and 2) looks amaze-balls on olive-toned skin.

So if your skin has yellow undertones, pour yourself a Cosmo, honey! (It should be noted that this one will not cause hangovers.)

mac cosmo lipstick

Another thing I love about this color — other than the color, I mean — is how it fades. I put it on the other day around 3, then went about my business. Chatted with the neighbors, took some pictures for the blog, pet Tabs (FOR A WHILE), went to go get a regularly scheduled blood test and stopped by HomeGoods to look at autumnal dinner plates.

When I checked my makeup later at around 7:30, I could still see a hint of Cosmo on my lips. It had lost its creamy shine, of course, but it hadn’t lost its color. It turned into a pretty, pink stain.

mac cosmo lipstick
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MAC MACnificent Me! Collection | Video Review, Pics and Swatches

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mac macnificent me eye shadow x 9

MAC MACnificent Me: Eye Shadow X 9 ($40)

So, what would be MACnificent right now? How about a vanilla milkshake and some fries!? But that just might be me doin’ my #pregnantladythings. The upside of the new MAC MACnificent Me! collection is that everything is calorie-free!

What makes you MACnificent? Is it your impeccable style, your sense of humor or your ability to wear crazy colors on your lids and lips and make them look completely legit?

Whatever it is, I think you’ll be able to find something of interest in the new MAC MACnificent Me! fall 2015 collection. :)

mac macnificent me eye shadow X 9 2

MAC MACnificent Me: Eye Shadow X 9 ($40)

mac macnificent me eye shadow

MAC MACnificent Me Eye Shadow in Cheer Me On, Well Behaved and Everyone’s Darling ($16 each)

Eye Eyeshadow in Cork ($16)

Eye Eyeshadow in Cork ($16)

This collection has a neat twist. The six models for the campaign, whose identities haven’t been announced yet (as of Sept. 18, 2015), were chosen from among the zillions of MAC fans who submitted their picture and bios and answered the question, “What makes you MACnificent?”

The collection drops on the MAC website September 21, and then arrives a little later on MAC counters and stores October 1 through November 12.

And it’s a huge one! — 42 pieces, with a number of traditionally fall-ish items like dark berry and plum lip colors.

Here’s a glimpse…

mac macnificent me paint pots

MAC MACnificent Me Paint Pots from the left: Stroke My Ego, Imaginary and Nice Composure ($22 each)

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How to Do Perfect Red Lips

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perfect red lips

Some things are really hard — climbing Mount Everest, saying no to the last French fry, learning how to breakdance when you’re over 30 and completely inflexible (particularly in the hamstrings) — but other things, like achieving a perfect red lip, aren’t that hard at all.

Smooth, symmetrical red lips with crisp, yet not harsh, edges are easy with the right tools, a few tips and a little practice. By the end of this post, you will NOT look like a demented clown about to go on a rampage at a children’s birthday party (although this happens sometimes when I try to do lip liner on bare lips). Pretty soon you’ll be doing ’em like a seasoned pro.

So, let’s start at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start. :)

Um…I think I may or may not have just quoted Sound of Music, but whatever!

1. Apply lipstick to the center area of your lips


Begin by applying (directly from the bullet) the red lipstick you’d like to wear around the center area of your lips. The key here: don’t take the lipstick all the way out to the edges.

lipstick 2

At this point, as is the case so often with makeup, if you’re doing it right, it’ll look kinda weird…

2. Now drag the lipstick out to your natural lip line

lip brush

Using a lip brush loaded with the same red lipstick, fill in the edges around the area you applied from the bullet a moment ago, dragging some of the existing lipstick out while also painting all the way to the edge of your lip line. We’re doing this because the brush is more detailed than the lipstick bullet.

lip brush 2

Try to get that lip line smooth and even, but it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point.

3. Line your lips with a lip liner in a complementary color

red lip liner

Now set aside the lip brush, and grab a sharpened red lip liner (sharpen it first, because we want the point to be nice and sharp) in a color that complements your lipstick.

Take that lip liner, and start drawing a line right around the edge of your lip, following your natural lip line, and we have two reasons for this. First, we’re creating a boundary for our red lipstick outside of which we won’t go, and second, we’re also using this as an opportunity to tweak the shape of our lips, if need be, to make them look perfectly symmetrical. Like, one side of my lips is thinner than the other, so I slightly overdraw that side at this step to make my lips look even and full.

Next, with the same lip brush you used earlier, although this time without any extra product on it, gently merge the line you created with your lip pencil into the lipstick to soften the appearance of the lip liner.
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MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation Followup: MAC Studio Waterweight Versus MAC Face and Body

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mac studio waterweight face and body

Today I’m putting on Waterweight!

Wait — that didn’t come out right… I mean, let’s put on our bathing suits, and take a dip back into the water with MAC Studio Waterweight foundation.

Hmm… That wasn’t much better, was it?

Anyway! Since my review a couple days ago, I’ve gotten some questions here on MBB and on YouTube about how the new MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation compares to MAC Face and Body, so I’m gonna try to answer those questions in this quick followup now.

Down below are also swatches of 21 of the 25 Waterweight shades (not shown are NC 25, NW 50, N12 and N18).

In a nutshell, Studio Waterweight is MAC’s foray into the world of serum foundation — medium coverage, with a lightweight, moisturizing formula and a velvety finish. My combination skin and I have been wearing it daily for the past week, and we’re really happy with it so far!

mac studio waterweight nc shades

10 of the 11 MAC Studio Waterweight NC shades from the left: NC15, NC20, NC30, NC35, NC37, NC40, NC42, NC45 and NC50

mac studio waterweight nw shades

11 of the 14 MAC Studio Waterweight NW shades from the left: NW13, NW15, NW18, NW20, NW22, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW43, NW45, NW47, NW50, N12 and N18

One of the main things MAC Studio Waterweight and Face and Body have in common is texture. They both have a similarly thin, watery texture, but I think the similarities really end there. They differ in terms of finish, their ability to blur pores, their coverage and their durability.


I’ve used Face and Body for years, and one thing I’ve always liked about it is how fresh and clean my skin looks after I put it on. When I work it in (I like to use a kabuki brush with a buffing motion), it becomes one with the skin and imperceptible, and once it settles down, it has a dewy finish — not shiny — that’s very distinct and beautiful.

Waterweight also becomes one with my skin, but I think the finish looks quite different. It’s much less dewy than Face and Body’s finish — more velvety — and while it still reflects a little light, it’s less obvious than Face and Body.

Pore blurring

Serum foundations usually also excel at blurring pores and softening the overall appearance of the skin, and that’s another way in which MAC Face and Body and Studio Waterweight differ.

Face and Body? Hardly any pore blurring.

Like none.

But Studio Waterweight blurs and blurs and blurs…


With Face and Body, it’s easy to build up the coverage. If you have the wherewithal, you can build it all the way from super sheer to just shy of full.. I used to do exactly that for pics all the time, but good golly, Miss Molly! — it took forever and A LOT of layers.

Studio Waterweight’s coverage isn’t as easy to build. Solid medium coverage is as far as I can get, and that’s with two or three layers. But I still think Studio Waterweight is easier to work with than Face and Body, and it definitely requires less effort to buff and blend. All I do is pat it on the skin with fingers or a BeautyBlender.
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