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mac quite cute

I wish I could hop into a time-traveling Delorean with the upcoming MAC Quite Cute collection and zoom back to 1984 (to when I was in 4th grade). Even though I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup back then, I would have done flips for these pastel treats for cheeks, nails, lips and eyes.


When I was a kid, I was crazy for anything and everything pastel. My favorite colors were mint green, lavender, peach and/or baby pink (not necessarily in that order). The colors of the MAC Quite Cute collection would have driven my 9-year-old self into fits! I probably would have locked myself in my room with it, loaded Duran Duran’s Notorious tape into my mint green Casio portable radio and danced around my purple painted room like an ’80s fairy princess. πŸ™‚

Now in my thirties, I still have a deep and abiding love for pastels, and I felt the same familiar flutter in my tummy today when I saw Quite Cute up close for the very first time.

Talk about cute overload, right? Pastels AND hearts in the Mineralize Blushes? TO DIE!

The collection will join two other new releases (MAC Primed For Perfection and MAC Bronze Everyday) on North American MAC counters this April 7 (internationally, some time in April). Yes, it’s safe to say that’s going to be a pretty big day.

The 23-piece release looks sweet like candy with a young and fun sense of style. I picture Japanese and European tourist gals in bright pink Hello Kitty bikinis walking in Louis V. heels at Waikiki Beach.

If it feels familiar, you may be recalling MAC Sugarsweet, another pastel-powered collection, that one from 2009. Sugarsweet was similar but had more pink and green, whereas Quite Cute has a thing for more purple and peach.

I also get a strong anime vibe from it and can’t help but think of lines like Tokidoki, Eyeko and the new Hello Kitty at Sephora. That carefree quality may not appeal to all, but the colors are what I think of when I think of makeup for spring.

So take a look around, and let me know if you see something you like. More to follow, of course, over the coming days… πŸ™‚

mac quite cute
Mineralize Blushes in Giggly (left) and Sakura (right)

mac quite cute
Cutie Eye Shadow X4

mac quite cute
Lipsticks from left: Playing Koi, Playtime and Quite Cute

mac quite cute
Plushglass in I Love You

mac quite cute
Lip Pencils in In Synch (left) and Boldly Bare (right)

Cutie Eye Shadow X4 swatches from the left: Goody Goody Gum Drop, Boy Crazy, Moshi Moshi! and Azuki Bean

Swatches of Mineralize Blushes in Sakura (left) and Giggly (right)

Swatches from the left: Lipstick in Playing Koi, Lipstick in Playtime, Lipstick in Quite Cute

Swatches from the left: Plushglass in I Love You, Lip Pencil in In Synch and Lip Pencil Boldly Bare

Cutie Eye Shadow X4

Lipstick in Play Time on lips and Mineralize Skinfinish Blush in Sakura on cheeks

Plushglass in I Love You on lips and Mineralize Skinfinish Blush in Sakura on cheeks

Lipstick in Quite Cute on lips and Mineralize Skinfinish Blush in Giggly on cheeks

Lipstick in Playing Koi on lips and Mineralize Skinfinish Blush in Giggly on Cheeks

Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare atop Lipstick in Playing Koi on lips and Mineralize Skinfinish Blush in Giggly on cheeks

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



MAC Quite Cute: The entire collection includes…

Mineralize Blush ($23 U.S., $27.50 C.D.N.)

  • Miss Behave — light beige with pearly mint green heart
  • Giggly — light pink with pearly plum heart
  • Sakura — Lavender with pearly magenta heart

Nail Lacquer ($14 U.S., $17 C.D.N.)

  • Little Girl Type — creamy pale lavender
  • Ice Cream Cake — creamy blue pink
  • Mischievous Mint — creamy pale blue mint

Lash ($14 U.S., $17 C.D.N.)

  • #7 Lash

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S., $17.50 C.D.N.)

  • Playing Koi — creamy white peach pink (satin)
  • Quite Cute — creamy bright whitened lavender (cremesheen)
  • Saint Germain — clean pastel pink (amplified)
  • Candy Yum-Yum — matte neon pink (matte)
  • Play Time — creamy intense violet (cremesheen)

Plushglass ($18.50 U.S., $22 C.D.N.)

  • Bubble Tea — creamy pale nude
  • Fashion Fanatic — bright light blue pink
  • Girl Loves Boy — bright light blue pink
  • I Love You — creamy mid-tone purple

Lip Pencil ($13 U.S., $15.50 C.D.N.)

  • Naked Liner — light neutral
  • In Synch — bright yellow pink
  • Boldly Bare — dirty red brown

Penultimate Eye Liner ($17.50 U.S., $21 C.D.N.)

  • Rapidblack — true black

Loud Lash Mascara ($14 U.S., $17 C.D.N.)

  • Noisy Black — black

Zoom Lash Mascara ($14 U.S., $17 C.D.N.)

  • Zoom Black — rich black

Cutie Eye Shadow X4 ($36 U.S., $43 C.D.N.)

  • Goody Goody Gum Drop — light white pink (satin)
  • Boycrazy — pale lavender with silver pearl (lustre)
  • Moshi Moishi! — pale white green gold (frost)
  • Azuki Bean — mid-tone dirty violet (frost)


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  1. Play time,Mischievous Mint nail polish and both blushes plz!
    House Of Photo Props recently posted … North Carolina Unisex Newborn Baby Photo Prop Hammock-Brand New Shipping Included

  2. Carrie says:

    I’m loving Play Time, Sakura, Playing Koi and I Love You. So pretty!

  3. This collection definitely looks a bit cool-toned, but its still quite cute πŸ˜€
    Princesa Livia recently posted … Younique Nails- AQmore Water Based Nail Polishes

  4. Ohh, I’m really liking the cooler tones and lighter colors of this collection. While I don’t usually do pastels, these are really calling out to me. Thanks for the swatches and the looks Karen. Everything looks fabulous no you as always.
    Jessi (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) recently posted … NARS Purple Rain and something fun

  5. Tracy says:

    LOVE those blushes! You look so glowy!
    Tracy recently posted … Sebastian Potion 9 Lite

  6. amy says:

    The blushes are so adorable!
    amy recently posted … The Body Shop Baked to Last Blush Duo in Coral

  7. Shannon B. says:

    The Cutie Eye Quad…drool! And, both blushes O-M-Goodness. These colors look fab on your brown eyes…I’m a brown eyed girl, too. πŸ™‚
    I don’t know if I could pull off those lips though.

    • Karen says:

      The really light lip colors are tough. I’m wearing ’em here by themselves just to show how they look on lips, but I probably wouldn’t wear either without a warmer pencil like Boldly Bare layered beneath.

  8. Katherine says:

    Im totally in love with Play Time Creemsheen. Amazing, cant wait!

  9. baby1black says:

    hey karen what color is playing koi,it does not look quite peach? for some reason i thought sakura would look more lilakey and do u think it would show up on darker skin tones?

    • Karen says:

      Playing Koi is a very opaque light peach. It looks like a regular peach in the tube but on the lips… oh mama. It’s a color I find hard to wear on its own, but if you wear very light pastels well you could rock it.

  10. Samantha says:

    OMG… I absolutely HAD to love this post because within in first few words you made a back to the future reference…one of my all time favorite movies! Oh and, and love Deloreans so double bonus points!

    • Karen says:

      I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve seen both the first and second movie!

      “Yes. Yes. I’m George, George McFly. I’m your density. I mean… your destiny.”

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m liking the blushes and eyeshadows!

  12. Nina says:

    the hearts in the middle of the blush are so adorable! πŸ™‚

    and those lipsticks are pretty hawt!

    • Karen says:

      I love the hearts in the center too. I wish MAC did that will all their blushes. πŸ™‚

      I feel kinda goofy in the lighter shades, but they should be fun layered with other pencils and glosses.

      Whatcha up to? I’m about to make some soup and watch Jersey Shore, LOL. Yes, I’m all about quality television.

      • Nina says:

        i agree … that would be so cute! : ) can you imagine a blush like peaches with a tiny silver or gold heart in the center? <3333

        because of your post, i busted out st germain, which is included in this collection. im wearing it today and im amazed at how pretty it looks against my budding tan!

        i watched greys anatomy — yep last night was a night for quality TV. LOL!

        i read a little bit and then crashed! i always seem to be crashing at night — im guessing its the sugar LOL!

  13. Theresa says:

    I like the darker plum Playtime on you! I’m so happy they’re bringing back Boldly Bare! It’s such a pretty color! Can’t wait til next month! Thanks for the review!
    Theresa recently posted … How to Shop for Cosmetics Online

  14. Lauren says:

    those blushes are so cute!!!

  15. Lisa S. says:

    Too much stuff to want! I love almost everything here. Only things I’m not sure of is the Playing Koi and Quite Cute lipsticks
    Lisa S. recently posted … Life gets in your eyyyyyes! sung to the tune Smoke gets in your eyes

  16. Andrea says:

    like te colors but one of the lipstics looks kind of chalky dunno if would dear to use it with my skin color. But i absolutly loove the hearts on the blushes

  17. aww little hearts on the blushes! I’m going to die of a cute overload. Judging by these pictures, the lipsticks are probably my favorite part of the release. I don’t remember what colors I used to like, I’m pretty sure it was always shades of green for me!
    Makeup Morsels recently posted … Milani Makes Magic With Glitter And Gems Galore

  18. Jen says:

    Both Mineralize blushes remind me of cupcakes! Sakura looks great on you, btw.

  19. amy says:

    Sakura and Giggly blushes are calling my name. I also really like the heart on the blush and the purple and peach combinations of the collection.
    amy recently posted … The Body Shop Baked to Last Blush Duo in Coral

  20. Eli says:

    Everything’s ok, till we get to the lipsticks – hey, Viktor and Rolf used this kind of ghostly shades on the catwalk, who told MAC they can be worn in daylight?!!!!
    Eli recently posted … 30 Day Challenge – Day 24

  21. gio says:

    The blushes are so pretty!
    gio recently posted … QOTW- What Are Your Best Beauty Habits

  22. Lucy says:

    Liking the sakura blush πŸ™‚

  23. gracie says:

    well I wanted giggly and miss behave, but now I’m thinking of sakura too…. not sure how I’d pull off lilac blush though as someone who is very very pale with dark hair and eyes. Hmm I’ll just have to swatch in store!

  24. Amee says:

    MAC’s Quite Cute collection is very CUTE!!!!! M dying for SAKURA blush…

  25. Jade says:

    Oh my goodness… I WANT. This just brightened my morning. There’s something about the Quite Cute lipstick that quite appeals to me, although I’m not sure I could pull it off. I love it all!

  26. Kezia says:

    Very excited about the lipsticks- nothing I like more when it comes to lipstick than the words neon pink, lavender and violet! Hope they land in Ireland soon!

  27. Kelli says:

    I’m not feelin’ this collection. I probably won’t buy anything from this collection. I love the Everyday Bronze collection though!

  28. courtney says:

    i really like the nude lipstick!

  29. Julia says:

    Hellloooo lovers! I’m a really big bright-pink-lips for spring look, and I WANT this whole coillection! LOVE!

  30. Shrutilaya says:

    I want Cutie Eye Shadow Quad and Gigly!
    So Gorgeous. πŸ™‚
    Shrutilaya recently posted … MAC Prep Prime Eye

  31. Lindsay says:

    With a name like Gigly I just want to say “giggity.” You’re the only person I’ve seen online be able to pull off the lilac lipstick. Looking pretty as always!
    Lindsay recently posted … MAC Surf Baby Collection- Summer 2011 preliminary info and pics

  32. mint says:

    oh my they are soo cute πŸ˜€ I love this range, although i won’t be able to pull off those lip colours. thanks for the swatches. the playing koi lipstick looks beautiful on you, love the look!
    mint recently posted … Hada Labo GOKUJYUN Moisturizing Cream

  33. Anna says:

    Excited for the nail lacquers – ever since your Chanel post and since we started getting more spring sunshine up here in BC I’ve been jonesing for pastels πŸ™‚

  34. gen says:

    Aww those are really cute…everytime I wear those light pink lipsticks or glosses, it’s always too chalky for me though, sucks
    πŸ™ *tear*

  35. Diana says:

    I ADORE the lipsticks – especially Quite Cute and Playing Koi. Anything with a coolish tone is a standout for me, I do love my bold lips. Previously I’ve worn Lady Gaga Viva Glam, and I’m devastated that it’s not available anymore. Thank goodness I’ve still got the gloss, but I’ve run out of the lipstick πŸ™

  36. Liz says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I’m so excited for this collection. Will you have any swatches on a paler skintone like you did for Wonder Woman? That would be awesome πŸ˜€

  37. Tone Lise says:

    Oh my lord, I can’t wait for this collection. I’ve already put stuff on hold at my local mac counter. Love you pictures btw, co clear and pretty!

  38. Lulillan says:

    I like the Playing Koi lipstick and also both lip pencils. Looks great!!
    Lulillan recently posted … Lily Lolo Blondie vs China Doll

  39. Christina says:

    Love the blushes πŸ™‚

  40. Judy says:

    Hi Karen, Did you find the blushes to be chalky or too powdery? Another website that does swatches says they aren’t as good as they seem and I am now confused. How about the eyeshadows? Did you find it really hard to get a good pigmented color? Did you have to really wipe with your applicator? I am loving the lipsticks. I’m very light and I think I can carry off Quite Cute.

  41. Jackie says:

    Holy moly!!! Giggly and playtime you are mine!!! I love πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see what candy yum yum looks like!

  42. Love playing koi, I <3 you, and the blushes! But I'm still on the fence on whether to splurge on the blush or not since I don't wear blush often…
    Girl Hearts Makeup recently posted … A new year

  43. Judy says:

    i really want the entire collection, im 20 and i LOVE pastels since i was a little kid ♥ i simply cant get enough! haha, you wouldnt know the date for international launch would ya? πŸ™‚ if not ill just wait…

  44. Anh says:

    I am loving this collection! Yay for spring pastels.
    Anh recently posted … from my bf

  45. I’ve taken Naked, In synch and Candy Yum yum (it’s amazing!!)
    I’ve also tried Playing Koi…I really wanted to love it but it’s too pale (although I love Viva glam Gaga 2 which maybe it’s paler) and shows too many imperfections on the lips πŸ™

  46. Kitty says:

    Hi Karen! Your blog is awesome! You don’t know how much it means to find a Filipina to swatch make-up colors on her skin! Such great help in finding colors that work for our skin tone! Yay! Thank you so much! <3

  47. Ayr says:

    How did you feel Quite Cute lipstick looked on you? I’m nc30/35 and I’m debating whether or not to buy it online or wait until I go to the counter Sunday and risk it being sold out…I’m not sure how it will look on me.

  48. i love the gigly blush and the eyeshadows… you’re totally a perfect gauge for me because i have tan indonesian skin. and i’m loving the color of that blush on you… πŸ˜€


  49. marci says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful. You make me want everything.

  50. This MAC collection was really cute!
    But i don’t like to buy limited makeup products, because I prefer to buy products I might want to buy again. xD

  51. Laetitia says:

    So girly, i like to try the blushs, but this is impossible πŸ™ No Mac in Morocco :s

  52. cat says:

    I love it when you show the looks on you it gives such a better idea than swatches even though all are good i love this website best makeup blog!!!

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