MAC Makeup Rewind: Some of My MAC Favorites

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I’ve got MAC on my mind today. A quick check of the MAC site revealed that all three new collections are now available for purchase, woot! I guess they couldn’t wait for Thursday. To celebrate one of my all-time favorite makeup brands, here are a few posts from the archives.


Good morning! I had a nice anniversary dinner with El Hub last night and ate a ton of sushi. I feel like I should give the man a trophy or something for putting up with me, LOL. How’s Tuesday so far? Got anything exciting planned for today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. KK says:

    YOu are too funny with your nails! I am in major need of some new this point I just want it all!

    Today one of my best friends and I are going to lunch then swimming laps at a Austin landmark – Barton Springs pool. She is a fellow teacher so she and I are the only ones who can hang during the weekdays while our poor hubbys and friends sit behind a desk! ;(

    Have a fantastic day!!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hey girl! I am embarrassed to admit that I happen to know that the MAC collections are always available online the Tuesday before the Thursday release in stores. *hangs head in shame* The first step is admitting you’re an addict, right? 🙂

    I hate Tuesdays! I am currently trying to get through my 10-hour workday. After that I will probably plop on the couch, LOL.

  3. meimei says:

    Love the MAC looks! I miss my Club eyeshadow – apparently I did misplace it while I was moving apartments. *sniff* And I now must have a new MAC blush, too – the last time I went to a MAC store (to help out a foundation-challenged friend) I was swooning from the Neo Sci-Fi bronzer that the makeup artist used on her. Gorgeous.

    meimeis last blog post..Playing with My Makeup, Part 2

  4. Karen says:

    Hi KK,

    Sadly, my crazy nails are somewhat par for the course. El Hub is shocked when they are all one color. 🙂

    Sounds like you are going to have a very fun day (I wish I could go with you!). Don’t forget to put on that sunscreen, and do some laps for your homegirl who is chained to her desk, LOL.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Ahh! A ten hour workday — you’re a girl after my own workaholic heart. The best way to reward one’s hard work is through MAC! Or so I’d like to think. 😉

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Meimei,

    Oh no! I hope you and Club are reunited soon. The same thing happened to me before with Sable! I thought I left it in New Jersey when I went there for a wedding but found the pan months later hiding underneath my dresser. What’s your favorite MAC shadow, btw?

  7. Glosslizard says:

    LOL! I know what you mean about the trophy, my Hubby needs one too! I’m glad you had a nice dinner together! I adore sushi, especially when the weather is warm! I rather like MAC as well, come to think of it! 😉

  8. Marisol says:

    You went to one of my fave sushi places. Well, Yhu Shang’s in San Rafael is my all time fave. Although not in the nicest part of town, it is one of the best meals I have ever had.

    FYI – I had an Orange Dream Machine for lunch. Yum-o!

    Marisols last blog post..Sera Beak – The Red Book

  9. meimei says:

    Hi there! Glad you asked about my MAC eyeshadows – I haven’t bought any in a while, but after seeing pictures from the newer collections I feel like I should drag myself to Ala Moana ASAP! I’m still hoping for a reunion with my Club, too, but for now my favorite shadows are still Vex (so pretty, so versatile – and I used to pair it with Club, too!) and Contrast (still my favorite dark navy eyeshadow). I’ve also got a thing for MAC’s lipsticks and glosses, too – I used to wear Explicit (lipglass) throughout college, and MAC Underworld is still one of my favorite dark reds.

    Hmmm… I better start drafting a MAC shopping list soon! 🙂

    meimeis last blog post..Playing with My Makeup, Part 2

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    LOL, right? We should reward them with trophies made of edible barbequed meat!

    Sushi last night was soooo good. I had a delicious soft shell crab roll that made me want to get up and dance in the middle of the restaurant. Do you have a favorite kinda sushi?

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    I’ve never been there! I’ll be sure to check it out. What’s your favorite thing to order there?

    OMG – I’m so getting Orange Dream Machine tomorrow, especially if it’s warm again.

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Meimei,

    I love the Ala Moana MAC store! When you go tell Tina I said hellooooo!

    Vex plus Club equals awesomeness. That’s one of my favorite combos, too. Do you ever wear Vex in the inner corners? It really brightens up the eyes.

    So I totally don’t have Contrast. Do I need to get it? 🙂

  13. Marisol says:

    I really liked Twister Roll and the Sunrise Roll. It is on their specials board. Everyone there is so friendly and seriously, the food is grub!

    HHMMMM…. maybe Jamba Juice for breakfast is a good idea.

    Marisols last blog post..Sera Beak – The Red Book

  14. meimei says:

    RE: Contrast. All this time that I’ve been using it, I’ve always thought of it as a navy blue… until I went to the MAC site and saw the description as “Intense purplish-blue flecked with blue shimmer” – which explains why I love using this when I’m making dark smoky eyes! (And it also explains why I couldn’t get the same effect with any other matte navy blue eyeshadow; whoever talked me into getting Contrast instead of Nehru at the MAC store must have been a genius.)

    Looks like I’ll have to post a MAC-inspired FOTD soon…

    meimeis last blog post..Cleavage Happens, or This Entry Just Writes Itself, Doesn’t It?

  15. Glosslizard says:

    Yeah! Or jerky trophies! 😀

    Softshell crab sounds soooooo good! I’m always a sucker for hamachi (yellowtail tuna) but I also love the Rainbow Roll so I can have a little bit of everything (plus avocado), yum!

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