9 Blue Posts: A Homage to Blue Eyeshadow

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It’s winter, ladies, which means cold linoleum and gray days. I’m longing for warm seas and sunny skies, but until spring I’ll have to get my silver linings in other ways. Maybe these 9 blue eye makeup looks can help.


MAC Red She Said Face of the Day: Navy Blue, Bronze and Brown Smokey Eye

“I tried this brown, bronze and navy blue smokey eye. When I was done with the look, I walked around the room by myself, pretending I was contemplating impressionist paintings in a fancy art gallery.”

MAC Blue Zone Face of the Day

“I hate having a lot of errands and household chores to do over the weekend, but sometimes that’s just how it goes. I did this blue and purple eye while I whined my way through five loads of laundry.”

A Copper, Tan and Blue Eye with Cargo Color Palette in Vienna

“I knew today would be a rough day and wanted to wear something colorful (while still safe for the office) and upbeat. It’s a shimmery copper and tan eye with blue accents and features a few different holiday and fall products, including the new Cargo Color Palette in Vienna ($28).”

A Blue, Pink and Silver Eye with Clarins So Sublime Quartet

“I didn’t think I’d be able to use the colors in the So Sublime quad when I first saw them a few weeks ago because they seemed too bright, but playing with them today changed my mind. I like the results. I think I’ll include this eye in my regular rotation of work friendly (yet colorful) looks.”

MAC Cult of Cherry Face of the Day Using the Shadowy Lady Quad

“A few days ago, reader Lexi asked to see a face of the day with the Shadowy (Shady!) Lady quad. That sounded like fun, so here’s the look I wore to work yesterday — a light purple eye with a bright blue liner.

MAC Cosmetics Naughty Nauticals Face of the Day: A Light Purple and Blue Eye

“I didn’t want to look like a purple drag queen, so I decided on a light purple eye with blue accents using a few colors from the MAC Naughty Nauticals collection.”

Mally City Chick Smokey Eye Kit in Nolita Navy: Makes Blue Eyes Easy

“There was a time when blue eye looks terrified me worse than MJ’s Thriller video scared me as a kid. Nature’s rarest color isn’t always easy to work with, and even the simplest of blue eye looks can quickly devolve into hot blue messes if you don’t know which products to use and where to put them.”


MAC Cosmetics Blue and Green Face of the Day

“We’ve had a stretch of unseasonably warm weather here in the Bay Area, but this morning started off overcast and gloomy. To brighten up my Monday, I did this blue and green eye with MAC Parrot and Sprout.”

Face of the Day: A Pink and Blue Pastel Eye

“Pastels aren’t usually my style, but today the makeup gods chose to bestow enough courage upon me to attempt this pink and blue eye, inspired by Shiseido’s spring makeup look.”

Keep warm, and happy hump day!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Raven says:

    I am a HUGE fan of the Clarin’s look. I tried it shortly after you posted it and fell in love with it.

    Raven´s last blog post..WHAT IM WEARING

  2. Kelley says:

    These are all so very pretty!!! I have always thought I would like to do these types of looks but I never thought it would work with my blue eyes so I tend to stick to browns/greys. With your eye color, however, they look great!!! Kelley

  3. katee says:

    Wow, blue looks great on you! I wish I could wear blue. It just never looks right on me.

    katee´s last blog post..CND Spring/Summer 2009 Nail Polish News and Swatches

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Raven,

    It’s one of my favorite blue looks. Did you end up getting the Clarins quad? What do you think of it?

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Kelley,

    I’ve read in a few books that colors that aren’t your natural eye color make ’em really pop, so I bet you really look great in brows and grays. I wish I could wear a straight brown eye… unless I throw something up in there I look washed out.

    What are your favorite gray and brown eyeshadow shades, though? I wonder if we have a few in common. 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,

    I never thought I could wear blue, either, until I just started experimenting like crazy. I still have lots to learn but I think I’m at the place where I can wear it without looking crazy, LOL.

    How about start with a blue on the lid and a brown in the crease? That’s an easy way to ease yourself into the shade. 🙂

  7. YadiQ says:

    lovin the blues my fellow brown eyed girl

    it is cold rainy and dreary here in nyc

    i need some sun in my life!!

  8. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    Yah, girl! What are your favorite blues?

    I need some sun, a beach and a fruity drink with an umbrella!

  9. Vanessa H says:

    I love blue eyeshadow now…I was so scared of it until MAC released Blue Flame (I think that’s the color). I usually do a soft smokey eye and use Knight Divine to blend.

    Yay for pretty blues 🙂

  10. Indian Girl says:

    The Red She Said and Mally Beauty Smokey Eyes are my absolute favorites !! You rock Blue !

  11. gio says:

    I love blue eyeshadow and it looks great on you!

    gio´s last blog post..My London Haul + Other Goodies

  12. Amanda says:

    Three of my very favorite looks you’ve ever done!!! Vienna, blue and green, and the mally post. luv em. i need to dupe soon! 🙂

  13. Briana says:

    I love that blue pink and silver eye! Not sure if I have the skills [or the colors for that matter] to pull that one off, its a great look though 🙂

  14. Tiera says:

    Ooohh! That Parrot-Sprout look is just calling out to me. I love it!

    Tiera´s last blog post..25% Off at MacCosmetics.com!

  15. Raven says:

    i didn’t get the quad but i found these colors elsewhere. im going to a party and i’m considering buying the quad.

    Raven´s last blog post..WHAT IM WEARING

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Vanessa H,

    Oh, pretty! I am pretty new to the land of blue eyeshadow, too. My first attempts were awful, but once you find a blue you like it makes it so much easier, huh?

    Have you tried pairing Blue Flame with a brown like Soft Brown? It’s really pretty. 🙂

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Indian Girl,

    Thanks! I still have a looong way to go with perfecting the look but I still like to wear it. What are your favorite blues?

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Diva Style,


  19. Karen says:

    Hi Gio,

    I am lovin’ on the blues, too. Got any faves?

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Girl, it’s been a minute! How have you been?

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Briana,

    Okay, I wasn’t sure at first about it either, but it turned out to be really easy! You should try it sometime… it just might be a nice surprise. 🙂

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    Oh, that would look really pretty on you! You better try it and send me a picture.

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Raven,

    If you’re new to Clarins I think you might be pleasantly surprised. I always thought of their line as kinda stuffy but they’ve been coming out with really young, fun makeup. The eyeshadows have fantastic pigmentation and are oh-so-creamy!

    Have fun at the party. 🙂

  24. Andrea says:

    My lord! Love all the looks. I love the So Sublime Quartet look and Parrot and Sprout. <3

  25. Kelley says:

    Hi Karen! My first big MAC purchase was the Cult of Cherry collection – lots of wearable shades in it for me. I really like Scene, Typographic and the new Apres Ski from MAC for greys. Yes, the “opposite” rule is great for eye looks!

  26. k says:

    Hi Karen!
    I need your help! What would you recomend for tightlining? I tried mac fluidline but its too hard to put on with a brush and I would rather use a pencil liner. Thanks!

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