Is This More Than Mere Lipgloss, or Just a LipFusion Infatuation?

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fusion beauty infatuation review

Bigger isn’t always better, but Fusion Beauty definitely thinks size matters when it comes to lips. The eight shiny stars of their new Infatuation line of plumping lipglosses ($29 each) are supposed to increase the size of lips and keep them plumper over time.


Remember Amplifat (here’s some info on it from an earlier review)? It’s the secret plumping sauce behind these glosses, too.

fusion beauty infatuation review

I’ve been wearing Infatuation Lipgloss in Angelic on and off for about a week. That may not be the perfect way to test the line’s plumping powers over time, but it’s probably a pretty reasonable example of real world use.

Shimmery golden pink Angelic shares some things in common with another LipFusion product I’ve taken a look at lately, LipFusion Boudoir in Princess. Like Princess, Angelic feels hydrating on my lips and has a similarly soft, smooth, non-sticky texture. It’s also scented and flavored, this time with a hint of mint to go with the orange (YUM!).

Thanks to Amplifat (which the products in the Boudoir collection don’t contain), Angelic bestows a subtle plump. It’s nothing extravagant, though, but I think it is noticeable. I like that it only mildly tingles, too, because some plumping lip products can kinda hurt.

If Fusion Beauty can work out a kink in the consistency of the pigment (other women mention the same issue occurring with some of the other shades in reviews on Sephora’s website), I’d almost be willing to overlook the $29 price.

It’s weird… Angelic applies unevenly on my lips, almost like curdled milk (I know that’s not the most attractive simile). It’s something I’ve never seen before with a gloss. Granted, swiping it back and forth a few times smoothes it out, but if you’re lazy like me that’s a chore. 🙂

It’s not as bad if I apply less product, but I was really hoping to be able to build the color if need be.

fusion beauty infatuation review

fusion beauty infatuation review

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The 2-second version? I’m not infatuated with Infatuation; I think Angelic’s just okay. I do REALLY like how hydrating it is and enjoy the minty orange-ness, but I don’t want to have to work so hard at getting an expensive gloss to look good, ya know? For close to $30, it shouldn’t require instructions. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B-

When Mad Men and True Blood collide

I finally caught the new episode of Mad Men last night. I won’t write any spoilers (but if you want to talk about it in the comments, LET’S DO IT!), but I will say this: didn’t you get a secret thrill when the vampire-hating preacher’s wife from True Blood popped on screen!?


Is it just me, or does she bear a striking resemblance to Betty Draper (Don is such a mess… okay I won’t say anything else)?

Oh, and I’d rock that dress and those jewels in a hot second.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. I would really like to try LipFusion b/c I need the plumping but I can’t get past the $29 price tag for a gloss.

    And yes, I thought the same thing about Don’s date–loved her dress, hair, makeup the whole thing!
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Take a Trip to Italy with Tocca Eau de Parfum in Bianca

  2. BlovetBeauty says:

    A lipgloss that applies like curdled milk sounds scary!!
    BlovetBeauty recently posted … Weekend Beauty Buys &amp Finds

  3. Melissa W. says:

    So weird about the curdled milk application. That kind of kills it for me on this one. I do like the regular lipfusion glosses though. I keep hoping Sephora will have another $10 deal on them because it pains me to pay so much for gloss.
    Melissa W. recently posted … Perfume Review- Kenzo Amour

  4. Indi says:

    Don was a mess. I think he kind of bounced back by the end of the episode, or at least I hope. And yes, his data looked liked Betty 2.0. Let’s hope she’s not an he moves on? But yay for an all new season! The show finally looks like it moved into the mod 60s and out of the stodgy lates 1950s (esp. with the new SCDP offices and the girls’ new clothes!)

  5. Vanessa H says:

    OMG I need to watch the new episode!

    I love lipfusion products :-), they just make my wallet cry though lol
    Vanessa H recently posted … Amazing Shampoo for 2 Yes- Please!

  6. grrr it makes me sad when pretty glosses won’t apply evenly. I love her dress and jewelry, soo pretty
    makeup morsels recently posted … Does Lycee Help Me See

  7. Agnes says:

    aww its too bad the application wasnt better.. the swatch was so prettyyy!
    Agnes recently posted … My Little MAC Haul – Im Getting Addicted!

  8. Kim says:

    I’d only be willing to put up with the “chunky” gloss if it had more sparkle. 🙂

    I really need to start watching Mad Men. It gets great plugs from Entertainment Weekly too and I’ve been meaning to get on the bandwagon. I think I’ll make Netflix happy and start with Season 1!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      It took me a while to get on the Mad Men train, but I’m so glad I did. It can be kinda depressing at times, but the writing is excellent!

  9. Nina says:

    This is prolly not for me but that cherry red color is so inviting. I might test this but im not sure if I can cheat on Lychee Luxe and Star Anise. 😀

    I said to myself Nymphette might be the only reason I would stray. 😛

  10. Stef says:

    “you know what I want…”
    Oh Don, you sexy mess you!
    Stef recently posted … Take a journey with MCMC Fragrance

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