I’m Still Fawning Over the Paul & Joe Kitten Collection, Today With a Twist on an Ombrè Manicure

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The other day, I sat down to do some nail swatching and tried to remember the last time I wore the same shade of nail polish on all 10 of my fingers or toes.


I totally drew a blank.

A month ago…? Or was it further back than that?

Lately, I’ve just been really into multi-colored manis, two-tone nails, glitter layers and ombrè effects. Now, when I wear the same color on every fingertip, I feel like I’m kickin’ it old school. 🙂

Today I planned to paint my nails with one of the three new Nail Enamels from the limited edition Paul & Joe Kitten Collection, but then the fickle ombrè bug attacked…

Four fingertips later, I was applying the second color. A few after that, I was applying the third.

See how they go from darkest to lightest from my left hand to my right? Just a different take on ombrè nails. Those shades are hot pink Manekineko, rosy pink Kitten Claws and peachy beige Tigress ($14 each).

paul joe kitten collection nail enamel
Nail Enamels in Kitten Claws, Tigress and Manekineko

paul & joe kitten collection nail enamel

What do ya think, both of these colors and the effect?

Too subtle?

I think it helps to stay within the same color family and finish, like I did here. Maybe next time I’ll try brights, or maybe glitters. 🙂


Fussy tabby!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Doing anything fun tonight?


For more on Paul & Joe’s Kitten Collection and Collection Sparkles check out…


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  1. I love the ombre mani! I couldn’t decide between coral and bright blue for my manicure this evening, so I didn’t do my nails at all . . . maybe I should have gone for both 🙂
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Giveaway: Some of my favorite things!

  2. Tiffany says:

    What a cool idea! I think it looks great. My night consisted of making easy dinner (tortellini, bread, salad) and drinking wine. The hubs had to work on and off all evening. Woooo Friday nights are not what they used to be!

  3. Trisha says:

    I haven’t been wearing one color on my nails either! It must be the season for it or something.

    Also, I’m totally drooling over Tigress. I want it!
    Trisha recently posted … Why Beauty Blogs Are Better

  4. Joyce says:

    Kitten Claws is definitely my type of nail color. Simple, yet pretty, but I don’t think I’ll be grabbing any of Paul & Joe’s nail polishes because Kitten Claws looks too similar to all my other nail polishes. I might just get my hands on their Face & Eye powder in Kittycat, though. =)
    Joyce recently posted … Swatches + Review: Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye Palette in Eye On Neutral

  5. Heidi says:

    I’m so fickle about my nails, too. I’ll put on a color and then think “I wonder what ~fill in sheer polish name here~ would look like layered over this? Let’s see!” I don’t remember the last time I didn’t layer one color over another.

    I’m winding down from another day of looking after my mother. She’s had this same flu/sinus infection for three weeks now and no sign of getting better. She is SO stubborn and refuses to see the doctor. And she barely eats anything because “everything tastes terrible.” After all that stress I definitely needed to carb out for dinner, so I microwaved some Trader Joe’s Gnocchi Gorgonzola… yummy, cheesy comforting goodness!

  6. Let says:

    I kiiinda want Manekineko just for the name. The shade is not my cup of tea though…

  7. Inday says:

    So pretty! Funny because pink is my favorite color and I have a TON of pink polishes but frankly I can’t remember the last time I had a pink mani or pedi, hmmm..

    Hope you and El Hub have a great Friday night!

  8. Britany B. says:

    I wish my keyboard was that clean…I have unimaginable things buried in between the cracks.

  9. artemis says:

    very nice combo! i love the colors
    I did my nails a few days ago like this: one black with some red microshimmer then one red then again black, hehe. it’s my fav combo in everything 😀
    tabby looks cute and funny in the last pic :))

  10. This is a great interpretation of ombre! I love how fussy Tabs looks too lol
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful

  11. I can’t stop purring over this collection. These polishes are gorgeous and not too wow, I like.
    Beauty and the Scientist recently posted … Age of the Nudes & Neutrals

  12. Rita says:

    I’m going to wear Manekineko for Valentine’s!

  13. mn says:

    I love the idea behind this ombre mani- it seems as sophisticated as it can get within the realms of mis-matched nails (I like the subtlety).

    It just started snowing as I am typing this- so not in the mood to go out now but Starbucks is calling…

  14. Phyrra says:

    Love it 🙂 My fingers have an ombre right now from the Cult Nails Let’s Get Nekkid collection
    Phyrra recently posted … Beauty Blog Link Love

  15. Karo says:

    WOW! I love all of them!
    They are so wonderful!
    Karo recently posted … INSIDE MY BAG

  16. Nina says:

    gorgeous mani! <3

  17. PinkGlitter says:

    Fun nails! I love the kitten packaging. So cute.
    PinkGlitter recently posted … Shop MAC Lipsticks

  18. Sophie says:

    Karen, that kitty-cat ring is too precious! Can you give us any info on it? And I love, love love the Tigress color. That would be best for me, but I think I like the paler pink on you. Your skin tone is amazing! I bet Tabs couldn’t care less what you had on your nails as long as you’re massaging his thick, dreamy tabby fur! ^–^~~~

  19. peach_ says:

    Was Tabs giving them a sniff test? 😀 Your ring is sooo cute!

  20. Helen says:

    Loving those nail colors 😉 good thing you went for all 3, hehe! Great idea, I’ll do mine soonie!

  21. Jana Ricketts says:

    LOVE the Tigress! So pretty!

  22. Starr Looks says:

    i haven’t worn 1 color in 3 years! that’s 1 of the things i’m known for XD anyways i love the ombre mani. i’ll have to try it sometime.

  23. Annemarie says:

    Please tell us where you got the Kitty ring-or who makes it–I need one!!

  24. Rose says:

    The ring is by Betsey Johnson. I almost purchsed it, but decided not to as I had no such luck w/ her stretch rings. I bought one last summer and it fell apart on the first day wearing it. (FYI- I wore it on my less dominant hand and was very careful.) I still LOVE Betsey Johnson jewelry, and fashion etc.

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