Bond Girl Makeup Looks Inspired by the OPI Skyfall Collection: From Skyfall, Savarine

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bond girls severine skyfall look

A Savarine Bond girl makeup look inspired by the OPI Skyfall collection nail polish in Skyfall

“Bond, I’m going to need you to be on your toes for this next assignment. This group is very dangerous.”

“Whatever you say, M.”


“I’m serious, Bond. Cat ladies are the real deal. They’ve been known to actually persuade spies to abandon their missions and join the cat crusade. They will not stop until the world goes full-on feline!”

“So…does that mean I have to keep my paws to myself?”

. . .

Yeah, so if the curmudgeonly cat lady thing doesn’t pan out for me over the next couple of years, I might just become a full-time, self-employed Bond girl. Seriously! I’d have no problem slinking around the house by myself all day long looking all mysterious and sultry like Savarine, the Bond girl from Skyfall, the latest installment in the series.

I’d be totally fine with that.

In the movie, which opens this Friday across North America, Savarine is played by French actress Bérénice Marlohe. I’ve forbidden myself from reading any spoilers, even though I desperately want to (just two more days!), but movie stills are okay, especially when the makeup, hair and nails are to die for, like they are in these pics of Savarine.

bond girls severine

Ooh, I love that gray eye look… It’s kinda smokey, and I dig the cat eye shape.

bond girls severine

See how the shadow slightly wings out at the ends? I feel like it elongates the eye. Oh, and peep the inner corners, and how her eyeshadow tracks her tear duct, ending in a slightly pointed tip. Makes it look even more feline, meow! 🙂

I was really inspired today by Savarine’s look, so I thought I’d give it a try this afternoon and wear it with OPI’s dark plummy red Skyfall nail polish.

The eyes: step by step

bond girls severine skyfall look eye tutorial

Mostly, for my eyes, I used a mix of products from new MAC, NARS and Hourglass fall/holiday makeup collections — products like the MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows in Evening Gray and Tall, Dark & Handsome; the NARS Self Portrait 2 Eyeshadow Palette from the Andy Warhol collection; and the Hourglass Film Noir Kohl Eye Pencil in Eclipse.

But you could do something very similar to this with related colors.

1. First things first, pat a light gray eyeshadow on your lids, slightly winging it out at the ends to create the overall shape of a cat eye.

2. Next, layer a darker gray eyeshadow directly on top of your lighter gray, concentrating most of the color on the outer wing.

3. Then, line your upper and lower lash and water lines with a black liner, and soften the appearance of the liner along your lash lines by smudging it. Now, with an angled brush, pat your darker gray eyeshadow directly on top of your smudged liner, and create a soft point in the inner corners of your eyes. Finish by filling in your brows and applying a few coats of mascara.

bond girls severine skyfall look

Cheeks, lips and nails

bond girls severine skyfall look

Peachy pink cheeks and lips serve to offset the smokey factor from the eyes and balance the overall look.

Here I’m wearing the new MAC Easy Manner Blush on the apples of my cheeks.

On my lips, I’m wearing Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner in Perfect Pink, topped with Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Naughty Nude and MAC Lipglass in Talk to Me Softly.

And then two coats of OPI Skyfall nail polish tie everything together.

My Bond girls Severine Skyfall look

Um…where can I get one of these dancing horses!?

If anyone knows, HOLLA, because I want to go to there. 🙂


The video is from OPI’s website. Basically, a dancing horse battles one-on-one against other dancers.

The horse does a great job, too. It’s very compelling, LOL!

Okay, that’s enough crazy talk for one evening…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen says:

    I was full on mesmerized by the dancing horse. 😛
    Jen recently posted … one or the other

  2. meimei says:

    And to think I guessed on Twitter that it was Grace Jones from A View to a Kill! (If I hadn’t checked the OPI site I would never have realized that they didn’t have a polish with that name. My apologies!)

    Ah, Severine. I agree about the cat-eye with the nude lips on this one; very sexy. There was also a scene in a casino (not a spoiler) where she was wearing the most gorgeous sequinned black gown, and she wore smoky eyes and dark lips at the same time – very 1930s, and suits the retro-China feel for that setting as well.

    Hope you enjoy the movie!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Meimei,

      I do like Grace’s look! Actually all makeup in that movie is BANANAS, it’s so ’80s. 🙂

      About that look…I’ve seen the stills and it’s super pretty. I may give it a go just to try it. 🙂

  3. Marla says:

    Love this look. Especially the eyes and lips. So pretty.

  4. Advah says:

    Oh I love that cat eye look, K-Stew always wears amazing eye looks like that! And I bet it also helps that Berenice has killer cheekbones..

    • Karen says:

      Hi Advah,

      I’ve noticed that about K-Stew too. She takes some risks with her eye makeup, which I think is really cool.

      How’s the search for the new place going? Get any good leads?

      • Advah says:

        Ditto! Guess she has some brilliant makeup artists to help too!

        Gah, flathunting is NOT fun. I haven’t found anything yet that is clean, not a boxroom, and a place I can afford. Deep breathe, something will work out eventually.. Thank you for asking! 🙂

  5. Me likey! She actually wears a look with these eyes and dark lips in the film. Definitely not something for everyday life but very dramatic on screen for sure!

  6. Love the look, and you would make one hell of a bond girl 😀

  7. Agata says:

    I absolutely love this look! Going to see Skyfall on Saturday. Would it be inappropriate to wear such look to movies? 🙂

  8. Lanny says:

    Your hair looks really good in these pictures, Karen. Love! 😀

  9. Nina says:

    I LOVE x 100 this look that you did!

  10. Alison says:

    STUNNING! Wow, what a look! You look luminous. The shape of the eyeshadow and the grey tones is to die for. I hope you ran out for a martini with El Hubs after you too these pics, Karen!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Alison. I wish I could say that I went out for a drink…El Hub worked late and I ended up doing laundry, LOL!

      Did you do anything fun last night? I’m so ready for it to be the weekend that it’s not even funny…

  11. Emily says:

    Love the nail color! And the cat eye shadow. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see Skyfall!


  12. Jas says:

    Love that grey eyeshadow!!It looks great on you.
    Jas recently posted … L’occiatane Repairing Shampoo

  13. GIGI says:

    really pretty look! love how it wings out like that perfect! and the nails are great too. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  14. gio says:

    You look gorgeous! Love the cat eye look!
    gio recently posted … QOTW: Did You Get Acne As A Teenager?

  15. Chelsea says:

    Fabulous! Silver and grey are definitely not my colors, but I love it on you, and I might try the shape/general idea in other colors!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      I think you should rock this look to class. 🙂

      I bet it would look really neat with dramatic shades, like bright purples or maybe even blues or greens. 🙂 Of course a mellow brown would be cool too… you could even pair it with a bright lip, ooh la lah.

      • Chelsea says:

        I have one cocktail-y event this month, and another black tie, so I’ll have to think of something fun to do with my makeup!

  16. Fieran says:

    OK, you probably already know I’m crazy about Grey shadows. This is gorgeous on you 🙂

    Skyfall opened on the last week of October here and I managed to catch it. I think you’ll like it. I took your suggestion and watched Looper. It was quite interesting.

  17. You look gorgeous. Gray shadow adds you an extra value for your charming face. I don’t prefer these types of colors but I thought of trying as per your instructions.

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