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Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup

Rise and shine, morning glory, and show the world those beautiful eyes!


Did you sleep well? I went to bed pretty late because I’m still hooked on The Shield. Right now I think I’m on the fifth season (reruns; it ended filming in 2008), and just when I think things can’t get any worse for Detective Vic Mackey and the cops at the Barn, they do!

I love that show… It’s like The Sopranos and Law & Order rolled into one.

Doing anything fun this weekend? Mine’s been pretty laid back, but I did catch a movie last night with El Hub. We went to see Salt with Angelina. Can’t say either one of us were all that impressed, but it had its moments (like when she dyed her hair black).

What did you think about the worlds of makeup and beauty this week? Did anything catch your eye? The more I see of the new NARS fall stuff, the more I like it (and Dior’s impressing me too). Here’s a quick look back at some of my favorite (and in one case least favorite) products of the week…

Becca Glossy Lip TintBECCA

Okay, where’ve the Becca Glossy Lip Tints ($23) been all my life? Seriously, did you know about these? I guess they’ve been around for years, covertly gliding under my radar with their non-sticky, long-lasting and oh-so-shiny texture, and I’ve been woefully out of the loop.

Wet like juicy jelly, they should be perfect on days when all I want is a sheer (but not too sheer) wash of color.

This week I tried three of the 25 shades on for size, and you know the MAC Lip Gelees (LOVE THOSE!)? I think these have a similarly wet finish and that same cushiony feel on the lips. Read more…

NARS Daphne EyeshadowNARS DAPHNE

Oh, she’s quite the charmer… If you like sheer purple matte shadows, beware; she could rock your boat. I took her out for a spin today, and now I’m smitten.

The first thing I did was find my flat eyeshadow brush…which turned out to be the hardest part of this look (it was hiding in a purse)! With the brush (a MAC 239), I packed several layers of Daphne on my lids, drawing the color up into the crease. Next, I swept the shimmery golden brown side from the NARS Rajasthan duo, another new product for fall, into the crease and up a bit to the brow bone (I like how the shimmer contrasts with Daphne’s matte finish).

Then, to define the whole eye and tie it all together, I lined the upper lash line with the shimmery dark blue shadow from the same duo (Rajasthan), and lined the lower lash line with Coconut Grove (another eyeshadow from the fall collection). Read more…

NARS Mangrove EyeshadowNARS MANGROVE

Even if someone at NARS had foliage in mind when they named this golden green eyeshadow, I can’t help but picture something else.

Mangrove bloomed as an eyeshadow single with the NARS Fall 2010 collection. Francois (first name basis, yo!) loves unexpected colors and textures, and Mangrove fits the bill.

My first impression? — pureed vegetable baby mush. As an eyeshadow, it doesn’t jump out of its pan as something traditionally pretty, but like the plant from whence it draws its name, it just needs a little time to grow. Read more…

Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing TowelettesKIRKLAND DAILY

Ladies, I’ve seen the light! They’re big, bright, and high above the beauty section at your nearby Costco store.

Do you do Costco? On a recent trip I picked up a $12 pack of their Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes, and now I’m kicking myself for not trying them sooner.

I’d been hearing raves about them for years but just never pulled the trigger before. The soft (softer than the first kiss from a shy boy), moisturizing pre-moistened towelettes remove my makeup (even waterproof mascara) in a flash — and they do it without leaving behind a sticky film. The light, vaguely floral scent (roses?), which I don’t mind at all, fades quickly, so it doesn’t conflict with any other scents I may be wearing. Read more…

Dior Misty Mauve 5-Colour Eye PaletteDIOR MISTY MAUVE

I know it’s a little unusual to start a Dior review with a question about MAC, but here goes: do you do MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow? It’s a shimmery purplish taupe in MAC’s permanent line and a staple in a great many makeup bags (I it too).

If it’s also a favorite of yours, take a gander at the new Dior Misty Mauve 5-Colour Eye Palette.

This $58 princess is one of two new eye palettes Dior released with their fall collection (the other being Pink Design), and it shimmies onto lids with five cool-toned shades — a shimmery light pink, a shimmery white, a shimmery purplish taupe, a matte taupe and a shimmery mauve — that MAC Satin Taupe should get along with quite nicely. Read more…

Dior Pink Design 5-Colour Eye PaletteDIOR PINK DESIGN

How do you feel about purple eyeshadows? Or pinks? If you’re not a fan, I totally get it. I love ‘em now, but I used to avoid both because I thought they made me look kinda trashy and tow up…like I just lost the kind of cat fight where girls remove their big hoop earrings and bust out the Vaseline before going toe to toe in the schoolyard (NOTE: violence is not the answer, kids).

But if you’re even a teeny, tiny bit curious about pink and purple eyeshadows, Dior’s $58 Pink Design 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette might be an elegant (albeit expensive) way to get to know them better. Read more…

Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Conditioning SticksLIPFUSION LIP

Ya know, it’s true what they say — there’s nothing like two Eggo waffles, a cup of coffee and a heaping scoop of Amplifat to start your day.

Yes, boo, Amplifat.

It might sound like something muffin tops contract (blast you, Nutella!), but it’s actually the star plumping ingredient in Fusion Beauty’s new LipFusion Conditioning SPF 15 sticks ($22). Read more…

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye DefinerRIMMEL EXAGGERATE

Before going nowhere fast on the treadmill the other day, I lined my lids with Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Deep Ocean.

Like the great Billy Idol once succinctly sang, it was nothing but “SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!” After 40 minutes of running like I was being chased by aliens, I could have filled a bucket (eww!).

One of five shades in a new line of eyeliners, Deep Ocean has an automatic twist-up pencil tip (no need to sharpen, yay!), a striking rich blue tint and a great $6 price. Read more…

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