Are You a Eye Shadow Palette Purist?

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Estée Lauder’s New Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow Palette in Batik Sun

Wearing Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow Palette in Batik Sun (from the new Bronze Goddess collection) on my eyes

When I was getting ready this morning, I grabbed my eye shadow palette crush o’ the moment, Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow Palette in Batik Sun from the new Bronze Goddess summer (!) collection, and I wondered about how other makeup lovers like to wear eye palettes.

Par exemple, when you grab a palette, do you usually stick to the shadows in that palette, or do you like to mix and match them with other shades?


I’m not really strict about sticking to the colors in a single palette; it’s mostly about proximity, LOL! If something’s close by and will work with the palette I want to wear, then I’ll add it into the mix. But if I’m traveling and only have room in my bag for a single eye palette, then I’ll just stick to those colors.

A few of my favorite spring and summer palettes…

What about you? When you wear an eye shadow palette, do you tend to stick to just those colors? Are you an eye shadow palette purist, or do you like to mix it up?

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  1. Mandy says:

    I always stick to one palette, never mix & match really.

  2. Kim says:

    I usually stick with one palette, too. If I reach for an outside color, it’s usually white for the inner corners. I figure that the makeup experts know which colors and finishes combine better than I do. I’m thinking even grade schoolers know that better. HAHA!

  3. Vineetha says:

    Coming to think of it I guess I am purist, I usually stick to the palette Karen! and my fav is the Chanel pearl river one

  4. Agata says:

    Usually when I get a new palette I will use only that one but after a few weeks I will mix and match my favorite shades from a few palettes. I really like this Estee Lauder palette….but I am still trying to stick to my “no eyeshadow buying policy for 2013” lol.

  5. I tend to stick to 1 palette, but sometimes I do like to mix various palettes up if I really need a color that’s not in the palette.

  6. Oooh, loving the Chanel palette! Gorgeous.
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  7. gio says:

    I’m always mixing and matches shades from different palettes, unless I’m travelling. In that case, I’ll bring with me a palette with both neutral and colourful shades and stick to it.
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  8. Justine says:

    I usually stick to one palette, unless it’s missing a certain eyeshadow I need for a look. Like I always have a matte pale beige on hand as a brow bone highlight or blending color!
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  9. Megan says:

    I constantly mix and match shades from the Stila “In the Light” palette and Too Faced’s “Romantic Eyes” palette. Kitten goes with anything, pretty much!

  10. Kimmwc03 says:

    I do both. Sometimes I will just carry around one palette and use that by itself. Sometimes I will have a palette or two and a few singles/duos/trios that I mix the palette (s)with. It just depends on my mood and how big my makeup bag is that week. 🙂

  11. Generally, I like to stick one palette, especially when I’m wearing neutral shadows, but sometimes I also like to mix it up a little and mix and match colors from other palettes to create the prefect look. =)
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  12. Laura says:

    Personally, I like to stick to the one palette I decide to use in the morning. I mean I try to use the shadows of the same palette, and not to go through my stock to find that one color I have in mind, unless it is to create a certain look. I just try to be creative with what I have in front of me. Usually I think the colors in a palette are meant to be used together, they’re supposed to match or be complementary. If not, then it’s not a palette worth buying. As I grow older, I find less and less interest in single eyeshadows, they’re just a pain to store and it’s not practical.

  13. Lauren says:

    Yeah I would say I am! Just for simplicity since I don’t have too much time in the mornings to pull out several palettes and pull shadows from each. But if I have time then I like to try different things 🙂
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  14. Sunny says:

    I tend to be an eyeshadow palette purist, but mostly because I’m lazy like that! I love palettes because good ones have everything I need, and I don’t have to try to do any pairing (not too good at it). I think the most I do most of the time is reaching for a different shade for inner corner and brow bone highlight, and that’s about it!
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  15. Hali S. says:

    I PREFER palettes. It makes organizing so much easier and it’s all right there when you need it. I hate rifling through all my cream shadows to find the one I want, or my loose MAC shadows. Love having my Z Palette for things like that!

  16. Kalli says:

    If it’s a small palette, I’ll usually stick with the colors in that particular one, unless I need a brow highlighter or something like that. But I’ll mix and match between my larger Urban Decay palettes. The Book of Shadows (in all its various forms), Vice Palette & 15th Anniversary Palette all sort of have random color combinations anyway!

  17. Kate says:

    I have to admit, I’m a purist. Although I’ll sometimes reach outside (particularly for a highlight shade, since not all palettes have one), when I reach for a palette, I want to use all its colours and only its colours. If I mix the shades, I somehow never feel “right” about the end result. I’m sure that’s just a little bit of the OCD kicking in.
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  18. Adriana RP says:

    Like most of the girls I need to admit that I’m a purist! It’s weird think about that, but my OCD don’t leave me use palettes in a mix and match way. The only color that I use to “add” is a neutral color like brown when I think it is extremely necessary.
    But I’m trying to stop buying palettes because I have enough eyeshadows to all eyes of the Medusa snake hair… one snake = two eyes –> two eyeshadows per snake… =P Ok… let’s go because it’s getting weird!!!

  19. Katherine G says:

    I will typically stick to one palette unless the colors/shades are similar enough in texture and tone that I need something darker/brighter to add to it. The Kat Von D palettes (such as Beethoven or Ludwig) have so many colors that you usually don’t need to reach for another eyeshadow or palette to work with them. Sometimes, if it’s palettes of 2 or 3 shades, I will add one of my single colors to it to amp it up.

  20. LauraA says:

    I am so in love with the Chanel palette. Looking forward to getting it for my birthday.

  21. Stephanie Smith says:

    I’m a purist! I thought I’d be in the minority, but it looks like just about everyone feels the same way! And FYI, I was never a palette person until I started reading this blog, now, it’s pretty much all I buy! Yay for Urban Decay and their amazing palettes!

  22. Julia Alkaseltzer says:

    I’m not a total purist, because there are some instances where I use colors from different palettes. Proximity and easy access usually helps me decide which eyeshadow colors to wear for the day, and they’re usually conveniently all in one palette!

    That Guerlain palette by the way — beautiful!! Love the gray and the pop of pink. 😀

  23. Bessie says:

    The palettes I use are on the larger side so I tend to stick with just that palette. I don’t even mix naked basics with the other nakeds lol. But I think it’s more out of laziness to grab another one than out of ocd.

  24. I’m generally a purist, mostly out of laziness I think. Sometimes I’ll mix and match though – a lot of UD palettes go well together so those seem to be the main ones I’ll mingle together.

  25. Tanya says:

    I think it depends on the day and where I am going whether or not I use a single palette or mix. Usually for just an reglular day I like to use my Tarte Call of the Wild Palette (which I love!), But if I am going out I sometimes mix the naked palette with my Lorac Propalette and my own homemade mac palette.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’m a purist. The type A in me can’t fathom mixing. Now… the Naked Palette’s I can mix between each of them but I get by with that because they have the same name. Do you see the crazy peeking out yet?

  27. Dominique says:

    Yes ! I love ( and need ^^ ) the Dior Oiseau de Paradis summer 2013 quints, the Estée lauder is beautiful but I’ll skip, just purchased the Hypnôse Palette from Lancôme in ” Lumière d’Azur ” so pretty. I am very glad I purchased the Laura Mercier spring one after seeing your swatches, it’s pastel and very classy.
    Thanks Karen !

  28. Jennifer L says:

    I do a lot of mixing and matching. For whatever reason I’m never 100% happy with all the colors in one palette.

  29. I really want that Too Faced palette, I wanted it last year, too. But this time should definitely get it.
    Marina(Makeup4all) recently posted … Birthday Beauty Purchases

  30. BooBooNinja says:

    I’m not a purist because I have yet to find the “perfect” all-in-one eyeshadow palette. I don’t mind looking in my stash for a matte blending shadow and/or matte/satin brow bone highlight.

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