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The Urban Decay Smoked Palette: Smoked Signals That Urban Decay Is Thinking About Jewels and Neutral Colors This Fall

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urban decay smoked palette

Vacations are synonymous with summer in many parts of the world, especially those parts that get downright chilly in winter, but I like to set aside some time for a quick trip or two each fall.

Temps are usually a little cooler, the crowds a little smaller, and, beauty weirdo that I am, I like being able to use the season as my rationale for wearing smokey eyes almost every day, and in all of my vacation pics. 🙂

LOL! I had a feeling you’d understand. Now let’s pinky shake for being makeup nerds 4eva!

Thanks to Urban Decay, I think I may have found a perfect palette to take on my next fall foray. It’s called Smoked, sells for $49, has smokey eyes written all over it, and arrives at Sephora and Ultra stores, Macy’s and the Urban Decay website later this week.

urban decay smoked palette

Comprised of mostly neutral colors with a few smouldering jewel-toned shades, lacking any electric hot pinks or teals, it seems almost subdued for Urban Decay, but not at all in a bad way.

These are colors a rock goddess might wear to a black-tie affair with fishnets beneath her formal gown and heels bristling with chains and spikes.

It’s as if a warlock took Urban Decay’s Naked and Naked2 palettes, dropped them into a boiling cauldron, added the Black and 15-Year Anniversary palettes, let that stew for a few hours, and then poured the mixture into the Midnight Emergency Kit’s packaging.

The sleek zippered case contains 10 Eyeshadows, five of them new and five repromoted, but all of them in Urban Decay’s new eyeshadow formula; one full-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion (repromote), an inky black the color of a starless sky at midnight; a travel-sized Primer Potion (repromote), and a booklet called the Smoked Get The Look Book, with 12 step-by-step smokey eye tutorials (new).

Truth be told, I’d probably leave out the Primer Potion, as I have a tough time blending shadows on top of it (I don’t think it’s “slippery” enough for me), but I do know many gals who swear by it. If I were going on, say, on a 10-day trip to Italy this fall (hi, El Hub! Hint-hint!), that’s the one piece that come with the palette that I might just leave behind.

Ah… I can see it now — traipsing across the country on a quest to find the perfect pasta, and eating plate after plate of fettuccine, fusilli, spaghetti, ravioli and linguine with clams, perhaps while wearing a look like the smokey cat eyes I’m wearing here.

And I wouldn’t even have to worry about having to reapply after having that second cannoli because these easy-to-blend shadows, which exhibit very little fallout, stay put for at least 12 hours without fading or creasing.

My lower lash and water lines, however, might need a quick touch-up with Perversion pencil after 5-6 hours, but I can live with that.

If I happen to be in a more dramatic mood, because lawd knows that nothing goes with bread, wine and cheese like two smouldering smokey eyes (LOL!), I could even follow one of the tutorials in the Get The Look Book, or line my lash and water lines with Perversion, and then smudge one of the shimmery shadows along the lash lines.

urban decay smoked palette

urban decay smoked palette k4
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Tonight on CSI: Novato, Urban Decay Fall 2012 Collection Pics and Swatches

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Urban Decay Smoked Palette Fall 2012

OMG! I was just on my way out the door for my lady date with my friend Marisol (gonna see Magic Mike!) when I heard the news…

Urban Decay’s new fall 2012 palette got smoked!

Fo’ reals! Here are some quick pics of the palette and other bits from the Urban Decay fall collection for 2012…

urban decay smoked palette
The $49 Urban Decay Smoked Palette, coming soon to Sephora and Ulta stores, select Macy’s stores and online to urbandecay.com (next week)

urban decay smoked palette

urban decay smoked palette
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Nails Are Taking a Bright Turn at Urban Decay With the Urban Decay Summer 2012 Nail Kit

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Urban decay summer 2012 nail kit box

Just a quick hi and some swatches of the Urban Decay summer 2012 nail kit to hopefully brighten your Tuesday.

It’s raining here today, and the forecast calls for more rain this week, so brightness is certainly something I’m hungry for.

I’m wearing two coats in each of the swatches below. Still not sure about pricing, but I’m assuming the kit will cost about as much as last year’s, probably around $28.

urban decay woodstock nail swatch

urban decay showboat nail swatch
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From A-Z With UD: 11 Alphabetical Ideas to Build Your Own Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Build-Your-Own Eyeshadow Palette
An almost empty Urban Decay Build Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

One of the first gigs I got after college was working in the filing room at a law firm, where I spent hours and hours alphabetizing case files.

Two years of that left me 1) bored out of my gourd and 2) with a chronic compulsion to put things in alphabetical order.

The condition even manifested itself earlier today, as I started sifting through Urban Decay’s newly revamped $18 Eyeshadow Singles (available in a whopping 68 shades).

Naturally, it just made perfect sense to me to place them in alphabetical order — ABC Gum with Asphyxia, Baked and Bender, and so on like that. And then I thought, what if I put them in alphabetical sets using the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette ($18; includes a six-pan palette, the exclusive shade Walk of Shame and a shadow brush)?

Wouldn’t ya know it? Organized alphabetically like this, I think some of these palettes actually turned out pretty darn cool! Another win for the alphabet. 🙂

Before we dive in, here’s some background on the shadows:

  • They represent the next generation in Urban Decay Eyeshadows, replacing the old shadows with a new formula and packaging
  • Among the 68 shades (there are 64 in the pics below), there are some totally new colors, some former bestsellers, and some fan faves previously only available in UD palettes
  • The shades are spread out among five different finishes in satin, shimmer, sparkle, duochrome and matte
  • Urban Decay says the new shadows are softer than the generation they replace, with richer pigments, a longer wear time and colors that distribute more evenly
  • Each of the shadows pops out of its packaging and can be placed into Urban Decay’s Build Your Own Palette ($18; includes a six-pan palette, a pan of Walk of Shame and a brush)
  • I felt that UD’s original eyeshadows were pretty soft and pigmented, but these new versions seem even more pigmented and buttery than before, yum!
  • If you don’t feel like building your own palette, right now on urbandecay.com, you can also find five palettes pre-filled with colors selected by bloggers and v-loggers

ABC Gum, Asphyxia, Baked, Bender, Blackout, and Blunt

urban decay abc gum blunt box

urban decay abc gum blunt palette
From the left, top row: Baked, Asphyxia and ABC Gum; Bottom row: Bender, Blackout and Blunt

From the left: ABC Gum, Asphyxia, Baked, Bender, Blackout and Blunt
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