Add Chanel No. 5 Essential Bath Oils to Your Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives Lust List

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It’s always been my master fragrance plan to wear Chanel’s classic No. 5 perfume — a floral aldehyde with notes of neroli, jasmine and vanilla — when I turned 55.


By then, I hope to own a small army of Chanel tweed suits, quilted pocketbooks and “sensible” flats. Of course in this fantasy I’d also live in mansion on Lake Como (complete with a hot pool boy), but I digress.


Right now I’m tempted to abandon the master plan because the No. 5 Essential Bath Oils ($75), one of the Chanel exclusives available at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale next month, look too frickin’ cute.

Forget being all up in the club; I want to be all up in my tub! Scented with Chanel No. 5, the three layers of pink-hued bath oils contain Ylang-Ylang (a small flower native to the Philippines and Indonesia) and almond extract to moisturize and scent the skin. Heavenly!

Bottles of No. 5 Essential Bath Oils are currently available now for pre-order at Nordstrom fragrance counters. If you buy it now you can pick it up when the Nordie’s Anniversary Sale kicks off on July 17.

I love the pink oils and the minimalist packaging, but the $75 price tag hurts. It might be a nice treat if you’ve got some gift cards laying around, though. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tali says:

    Oooo that looks fabulous!!
    .-= Tali’s last blog post… ILLAMASQUA: Soul Lipgloss =-.

  2. Glosslizard says:

    *Love* Can’t buy, but love! The layered pinks just push it right over the edge for me lemming-wise!

  3. Katrina says:

    Hi Karen, I’m only 29 and I’ve been wearing Chanel No.5 for years. My husband bought it for me back when we were still dating and I’ve worn it ever since. So I don’t know that you have to wait until you’re 55.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Dang it Karen! Haha I fell in love with Chanel No. 5 Eau De Toilette about 2 years ago (have yet to get my hands on a bottle), and I keep telling myself that is going to be my next big perfume purchase, but I’m such a sucker for bath items. This could get dangerous! But I am sooo excited for the Anniversary sale… *drool*

  5. ines says:

    i’m sorry to say that i hate aldehydic florals. ew. too synthetic-y for me. i prefer incensy/florientals (e.g. etat libre d’orange rossy de palma eau de protection, bulgari blu) or white florals (e.g. marc jacobs the perfume, estee lauder private collection tuberose gardenia)…

    chanel number 5 has never rocked my boat.

    on a completely unrelated note (continued from the MAC post) – i prefer using NW shades (20 in the summer, 15 in the winter) to conceal purple shadows. i prefer NC’s for redness (like around the nose – 10 in the winter, 15 in the summer). the difference is subtle, but noticeable when i take pictures.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ines,

      They’re not for everybody… have you tried the Eau Premier? It smells less synthetic than the original No. 5.

      Interesting about the concealers! I’ve been hearing more and more from people that they use different bases when certain colors are involved. I’ll have to see if it makes a diff when I wear cool shades. Experiment time!

  6. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. The bottle looks lovely. How do we use bath oils? I have no idea. 😀

  7. Meream says:

    Haha love your fantasy, especially the hot pool boy part. 🙂
    .-= Meream’s last blog post… 13 Bourjois Mascaras – Reviews … =-.

  8. Alison says:

    I think the bath oils look gorgeous, so gorgeous that I couldn’t imagine using them I would end up just keeping it on display in my bathroom! I’m also not too keen on the no5 scent I much prefer coco mademoiselle and chance from chanel, a little lighter fragance than no5. It’s a good job it won’t be arriving here in the UK because I would have been very tempted!

    Have you seen the gorgeous highlighter powder from Chanel that has been released exclusively in the UK? It’s the union jack flag in the powder, it’s from a London Madness collection comprising of the pearly banner powder, Rouge Allure in Enthusiast and Le Vernis in Enthusiast. You can see pics at

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      Yup, I saw ’em. So pretty!

      I am a Coco Mademoiselle girl, too. Have you tried the Eau Premier version of No. 5? I actually love it!

  9. Sarahc says:

    MissQQ to use bath oils you just put a little bit into your bath when the tub is filling up and then soak in it. It makes your skin super soft! 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    That bottle looks lovely…unfortunately I do not like Chanel No. 5. I give it a re-sniff ever so often, thinking maybe my dislike has changed…and…nope…still don’t like it.
    .-= Amy’s last blog post… Grace in Small Things, Part 24 =-.

  11. Louise Gray says:

    Dear K.
    You have enough makeup. Get the Chanel Bath Oil and don’t wait until you’re 55 as I am. Life is too short. Louise

  12. Alison says:

    Hi Karen,

    No I haven’t tried eau premiere yet, unfortunatly the Chanel counter that was only 30 minutes away was removed now I have to travel over an hour to my nearest one! But the next time I am in York I will check it out.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      I hope you do… it really changed how I felt about the fragrance. A lot of other young women I’ve spoken with also didn’t love it until they smelled the Eau Premiere version. 🙂 You never know!

      That’s a bummer your counter is so far now, boo. Mine is ten minutes away now but after we move (probably by the end of summer) it will be 30 minutes away. That’s kinda stressing me out, LOL!

  13. anders says:

    love the no 5 – use it all the time
    .-= anders’s last blog post… HÃ¥r rÃ¥d – rÃ¥d om tykt hÃ¥r =-.

  14. TerriB says:

    Not sure what the size of the Nordstrom one is, but I buy the Chanel 5 Essential Bath Oils from Ulta for $50.00 (6.8 ounces). Looks the same but not pink (you shake it up before using to disburse the oil). I use it as perfume oil on my arms and neck. Love the perfume, but it doesn’t last on my skin–the oil stays all day, moisturizes, and smells softer and lighter. HIGHLY recommended!

  15. Alison says:

    Luckily, there is a website in the UK that sells them (the Chanel website here doesn’t, boo) but I generally buy from them after seeing your amazing swatches and reviews, its just stressful when I have to go on the hunt for a new foundation when I have to travel so far.

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