Set Sail for the Isle of Sheer Cheeks and Lips with the New Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection

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bobbi brown nautical collection final

Bobbi Brown plans to deck you out this summer with her new Nautical Collection.


The new line includes blushes, glosses and a mascara in a variety of sheer colors. The look itself features flushed cheeks, shiny lips with a hint of color and a clean, defined eye. It’s a breezy, simple summer look oozing classic Bobbi style — understated, natural and elegant.

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color cheek tint all
The entire batch of Sheer Color Cheek Tints

Bobbi stoked the 11-piece collection with six Sheer Color Cheek Tints ($22 each), four Sheer Color Lipglosses ($20 each) and a new mascara called Perfectly Defined Mascara ($22).

The blushes and mascara are permanent additions to the line, but the glosses are limited edition.

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color lip gloss official
All of the Sheer Color Lipglosses

bobbi brown nautical collection perfectly defined mascara
Perfectly Defined Mascara

I’ve been road testing four of the Nautical Collection products…

1. Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Coral

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color cheek tint sheer coral

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color cheek tint sheer coral fotd

2. Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Pink

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color cheek tint sheer pink

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color cheek tint sheer pink fotd

3. Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Popsicle

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color lip gloss popsicle

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color lip gloss popsicle lip swatch

4. Perfectly Defined Mascara

bobbi brown nautical collection perfectly defined mascara wand

bobbi brown nautical collection sheer color perfectly defined mascara eye


bobbi brown nautical collection swatches
From left to right: Sheer Coral, Sheer Pink, Popsicle, Perfectly Defined Mascara

Sheer Color Cheek Tints in Sheer Coral and Sheer Pink: Sheer Coral applies as a shimmery, creamy pinkish coral, and Sheer Pink as a creamy cool pink. Their texture feels a lot like the NARS The Multiple cream blushes to me — moist, and somewhat thick.

Two layers delivers sheer but noticeable color that stays put on my combination oily/dry skin for about half the day. Good thing theise chubby lil’ sticks travel well, too, which means convenient touch-ups on the go.

I have a feeling the blush would be great for color shy beginners or those with dry skin. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B+

Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Popsicle: Creamy hot pink in the tube, this gloss applies as a transparent medium pink. I like how thick it feels, yet despite the texture it isn’t sticky on my lips.

I think it’s a nice color, albeit one that isn’t particularly unique. I do appreciate the absence of a strong flavor or scent, but I think the 0.14-oz tube is waaaay small for $20. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: C

Perfectly Defined Mascara: It lengthens lashes dramatically and adds a lil’ bit of thickness, but it doesn’t go far enough for my tranny lash-loving self, LOL!

I don’t think it’s the world’s greatest mascara as far as holding the curl, either, but I like the glossy finish it leaves, how the skinny brush extends even my wimpiest lashes and how it washes off quickly with warm water. If you’re primarily concerned with lengthening, I think it’s worth a try. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

I bet the Nautical Collection will pair well with casual summer clothes and jewelry, so I’m a fan. While sheer isn’t always my thang, I do like transparent pops of color here and there.


A Final Destination freak out!


The old Tivo has been on a teen film roll lately, recording up a storm of late-’90s B-movie schlock. Last night I saw Final Destination, starring a very young Ali Larter, the same Ali Larter from Heroes. She plays an artsy/emo girl who manages to cheat death, score!

Note to file: Do not stay up late watching Final Destination unless you’re cool with insomnia. It’s not exactly the most soothing thing to watch before bed…

How’s it going today? What are you up to? I’m chugging along, albeit a little slower than usual. I have to get some reading done before the end of the day and catch up on some freelance stuff.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nikki says:

    hello hello! You know, I don’t think I’ve FULLY ever seen Final Destination–I’ve seen the sequels or some of them but I don’t think I’ve ever fully seen the first!

    Good luck with all of your reading and whatnots!

    My day is going alright–thanks for asking! XD I have finished up with classes and working out (ran most of my mile yay!) and now I embark on a butt-load of homework. That and I also have to work tonight. Sad but true!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nikki,

      The first one is SCARY! I don’t know how it through the entire movie. I think I was too paralyzed with fear.

      Have fun at work tonight. What kind of job do you have?

  2. cloudburst says:

    I love how BB does a Nautical collection a whole year later than MAC – the cheek tints look nice…I dunno lately I’ve been neglecting BB in favour of my (regular) MAC splurges.

  3. Stacie says:

    Ooh, I’ve seen parts of Final Destination. Super disturbing! I’m not really a fan of horror movies, but the hubby loves ’em! I think I’ll probably skip the Nautical collection. It’s pretty enough, but I don’t see anything that rocks my world. I’ll save my limited makeup budget for something I can’t live without!

    I also have to go to work tonight. Gotta love night shift! (I actually do love it, even though it means my naturally fair skin stays completely white! The preacher that officiated my wedding took one look at me the first time we met and asked if I work a lot of 3rd shift. I had to try really hard not to be offended!) I’m training a new nurse, and she’s super competent. So that means I only take one patient for myself, answer any questions she has, and usually have a pretty easy night! (Knock on wood!)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stacie,

      El Hub loves horror movies too. I can handle them if it’s daytime but at night they freak me out. I’m going to have to watch something light and fluffy tonight to counter last nights trauma. Hopefully the Tivo records something like Clueless!

      How long have you been a nurse? Do you like it?

  4. Nikki says:

    I most definitely belive you Karen! haha (might be why I’ve only seen bits XP ). I’m just a sitter at the hospital but I usually work night shifts since I have school during the day. I’m also a server at an Italian restaurant but I do that job on the weekends usually.

    Stacie! Have fun at work tonight! lol I LOVE pale skin so…yay for you! I also love my skin too haha (I’m an tan girly). Then again…I grew up loving Little Mermaid so I also love red hair despite the fact that red hair will NEVER go well with me…at least not Ariel’s. I hope your night goes well! It’s awesome your a nurse…I hope to make it there one day too!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nikki,

      Sounds like you are working hard! How do you like your jobs? Once I volunteered at a hospital (I wanted to be a doctor way back when), but after working there I decided it wasn’t for me. I can’t hang with blood…

  5. Vanessa H says:

    Thanks for the swatches Karen! They look lovely, I think I’ll check out the blush and lipgloss for sure.

    The ad looks a little off though, I think the airbrushing was taken a little far, the poor model looks like plasic.

    I hate those movies because I get too scared lol..

    • Karen says:

      Hi Vanessa H.,

      You’re welcome! I hope you like the blushes and the lipglosses. Let me know what you think of ’em after you check ’em out.

  6. Tali says:

    So glad you did thir review..i shall be picking up nothing!
    Hehe, more to spend on Rose Romance fix sprays when it comes to the uk!

    Tali´s last blog post..LUSH haul & Sugar Scrub review

  7. Citrine says:

    Ha…I watched all three (?) movies from the final destination a year ago and I fast forwarded all the scary scenes…

    Citrine´s last blog post..Jemma Kidd Eyeliner

  8. Indian Girl says:

    Hey Karen !

    I love how Sheer Pink looks on you. So fresh and dewy ! Have you tried Sheer Raspberry ? It is a little more warm than pink but totally gorgeous. I love sheer mauve on my lips – beautiful nude color. I donno why its called mauve …on me it is a very pretty beige / nude color !

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Biore Skin Preservation Giveaway : Winners !

    • Karen says:

      Hi Indian Girl,

      Thanks. I haven’t tried Sheer Raspberry — sounds yummy though.

      The lip color surprised me. I would’ve loved it if it were as bright as the tube, but I guess that defeats the whole sheer thing, LOL!

  9. Sal says:

    Dude, I think I’ll be spending birthday moolah on the tints! heheh. Another perk for finishing first year of med school yay!
    Meanwhile, I wish that model wasn’t photoshopped so much. I always liked how Bobbi’s models look natural, but this one’s just a bit.. plastic.
    Also, I remember a model she used sometime ago for a previous collection that had a gap in her front teeth. She was happily smiling in photos and posters here in Australia. I went to Malaysia and they’ photoshopped the gap away! I asked the girl at the counter and she said the local women weren’t too receptive of the ‘flaw’ so they had to photoshop it.
    Interesting how one tries very hard to push the ‘au natural’ angle but at the end of the day it’s all up to the consumers and what they think.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sal,

      I liked that girl — I think she was the model for the last year’s Pink Raspberry Collection. She was totally cute!

      Congrats on finishing your first year of med school. Do you guys get a lil’ break, or will you be jumping right back in soon?

  10. Jenny says:

    Hi Karen,

    I was wondering what face products are you using. Because you look so pretty and fresh with flawless skin.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I’m wearing Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation and MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder. πŸ™‚ LM’s foundation covers *everything* and photographs really well!

  11. TaLaisa says:

    Those lipglosses look promising in the tube but not so unique on. Disappointing, I’ve been searching for the HG of clear or cream (non frosty OR sparkly) RED or Berry Lipgloss. Without success, I must add. I may have to check them out anyway and see if any of them work when I go to swatch the MAC Russian RED lipglass. Wish they’d done a cremesheen lipglass in red, I’m thinking I would love it.

    Those cream blush sticks remind me of my mother’s rouge stick, I loved to borrow it and play make up with it along with her Revlon silvery red lipstick and a periwinkle eyeshadow crayon. Sigh. Memories. I may need a cream blush stick just for nostalgia sakes, but I’m leaning more towards the NARS Orgasm (for color).

    TaLaisa´s last blog post..Happy Valentines

    • Karen says:

      Hi TaLaisa,

      I have big time old school Revlon makeup memories, too. My Grandma would always have a tube of Revlon Orange Flip lipstick around… ahhh, memories!

      Anyway, onto the blushes. I like each for different reasons. Bobbi’s is more portable and a touch easier to handle when I’m really rushed because the color is so sheer. I do like NARS Orgasm for color, though, plus, you get more product.

  12. I think Bobbi Brown must design makeup just for your face Karen because everything you put on from her line looks amazing! Remember Heather???

    Melissa Street´s last blog post..Last Looks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Yah! I have my pot of Heather here on my desk with me right now, LOL! Sometimes I just like to be surrounded by makeup. πŸ™‚

      Will you be picking up any of the Nauticals collection? How do you feel about all the sheer stuff that’s coming out?

  13. Catherine says:

    Ooooh, those cheek tints look so cute!

    Catherine´s last blog post..butterflies and shooting stars

  14. Nikki says:

    im loving those cheek tints colors!

    and final destination movies are great. i actually saw the 3rd one first and it just reinforced my fear of amusement parks and im kinda afraid of my tanning bed now too!

  15. jess says:

    how does the sheer color cheek tint compare the nars one. As per yesterdays discussion i was going makeup shopping this weekend? Which one is the better buy?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jess,

      I like both for different reasons. These are small and very portable (so easy to pop in your makeup bag!). The NARS Multiples are bigger, though, and I think you get a little bit more bang for your buck. I also think the NARS blushes have more pigmentation and are less sheer, which I like because I don’t have to use as much product.

  16. Kypris says:

    The sheer cheek colours look very tempting! I still need a cooler-toned blush to match some makeup, as I already have a peachy-toned one…

    The lipglosses look maybe a little bit more disappointing, and also a little painful on the wallet, as you said!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kypris,

      You might like the pink blush, then. It’s a cooler pink without any shimmer. πŸ™‚

      Which peach blush do you have? Do you like it?

  17. Wenvers says:

    The cheek colors are really nice, they look great on you!
    I don’t like the BB promopic, its photoshopped too much! A couple of days ago I have ordered a BB manual, as a MAC addict thats a big step for me πŸ™‚

  18. Alison says:

    Those cheek colours look lovely, I prefer a cream blush if I’m going away as they seem to stay on better and are very easy to apply. I’ve never used the Bobbi Brown line before and was curious about the glosses. Are all of them thick but not sticky? I hate sticky gloss and have been loving Chanel Aqualumiere glosses since they were released, but being a make-up junkie I’m always trying new things!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      They are much thicker than the Chanel Aqualumieres. I’d say they are closer to the Glossimers in texture — maybe even a little more thick. They aren’t sticky though, which is nice, and don’t try out my lips. The only thing is the tube is SO SMALL!

  19. Kelley says:

    Thanks so much for reviewing these. All of it is on my Mother’s Day wish list. After reading your review, I think I’ll edit my list. Maybe just the cheek tints instead of cheeks tints and lip glosses. I know they are supposed to be sheer, but that looks a bit too sheer. Right now I am in love with my clinique long last spf 15 gloss in clearly pink, I think it will pair perfectly with the cheeks from this collection!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelley,

      Sure thing! πŸ™‚ I hope you get a couple of things on your wish list for Mom’s day.

      Isn’t Clinique Long Last the best? I can’t live without it, either.

  20. nina says:

    you look so beautiful!!!!!!!! you are basically wearing my daily face except I hope I look half as cute! really less makeup is more — you look really young and glowing!

  21. Erin says:

    The cream blushes look pretty! I’m a fan of layering cream blushes under powder blushes for longer lasting color. But the gloss seems a little pricey and not too colorful and the mascara is definitely not my style. I may check out one of the blushes though!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Erin,

      The cream blushes are super pretty and totally worth a look. πŸ™‚ Do you have a fave cream blush? Or do you skip around to different brands?

  22. Amanda says:

    heya Karen-thanks for the swatches. I’ll be passing on this collection I think. too similar to other stuff I have. But did want to say that you look absolutely fabulous in these two photos today! you just look glowy. πŸ™‚

  23. Anastasia says:

    Me? I’m supporting emergency management agencies preparing / responding to H1N1 flu… I think my eyes are starting to look like those in your poster LOL

    I may try those blushes – I am a bit blush shy and am in desperate need of some colour right now πŸ˜€


    • Karen says:

      Hi Ana,

      If you’re color shy then these colors would probably be perfect for you. I really liked the coral… it has some nice hints of gold that aren’t too over the top.

  24. Rachel says:

    I love the look of this collection esp. in the ads and love the model Renata Maciel dos Santos. I do agree with plastic-y comments, though. She doesn’t look real any more, which is unfortunate bc she is so pretty. Oh well ha. The navy shadow used in the promo pic seemed to express the nautical theme. I like.

    Karen, I like both cheek tints on you. I couldn’t see much of a difference on the skin as they are both so flattering. That lip gloss isn’t a pleaser for me. It looks so bright but doesn’t do much on the lips. Then again, I’m not one for bright colors anyway… but I guess I was expecting something different? I agree that .14 sounds small for $20! The mascara.. it does define… but boy, I think I definitely prefer much more thickening! Must be the tranny in me.

  25. Rachel says:

    **I meant a difference between the two cheek tints on the skin since they are so flattering on.

  26. Lori says:


    I think you look fab in the BB Nauticals! Very clean and natural!

    Also, I LOVE your baby Tabs!!!! What a sweetie!

  27. Linda says:

    Cookies n’ cream please! =D

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