Nars Mounia Blush: More Wearable Than It Looks

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” says the English proverb. And why shouldn’t we? Answer: because looks can be deceiving, as they are for Nars Mounia powder blush ($25).


When I swatched this shimmery reddish brown coral with golden pearl before I left for Florida, I was convinced it was going to cause crazy clown cheeks. It looked almost like bright paint in the pan and on the back of my hand.

Undeterred, I busted out my Shu Uemura 7.5EX fan brush ($35). Because Mounia was so intense in the pan, I applied slowly, shooting for very thin, sheer layers.

To my surprise, the shade didn’t look anywhere near as bright on my cheeks. It delivers a bright yet natural, just-pinched flush — not at all what I expected.

That’s Mounia on my cheeks and colors from the JK Jemma Kidd Fashion Palette on my eyes and lips.


With bright red cheek colors like Nars Mounia, I like to wear neutral lips and eyes because if I don’t — if I wear too many bright colors at the same time — it looks like there’s a party on my face, LOL!

Nars Mounia Powder Blush

Price: $25
Use: A bright yet natural red blush
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

Nars blushes cost an arm and a leg, but since Mounia packs such a pigment wallop, it should last a little longer than the average blush.

Do you remember the last time a blush or eyeshadow surprised the heck out of you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Roxy says:

    i’m falling in love with nars blushes! i need to pick that one up lol is there a cheaper alternative to that fanbrush do u know?

    Roxy´s last blog post..Eyeko – get TWO free gifts with purchase!

  2. Fie says:

    Wow it looked so bright in the swatch but looks gorgeous on you! It reminds me sort of a more bling version of MAC’s Devil blush. You look wonderful, btw! 🙂

  3. Roxy says:

    I love bright pink or red blushes especially from Nars or Shu. It really looks great on you too!

    I love the color palette of your make-up. I think it looks very festive yet natural.

    Stay pretty!!!

    Roxy´s last blog post..Me at work…

  4. Nars Desire scared me when I first got it. It’s such a bright PINK pink, but it’s really nice on cheeks not clown-ish at all on me and I’m pretty fair. This looks great on you!

  5. victoria says:

    omg, i just purchased this TO-DAY. i’ve been so curious about this and because i can only find it at nordstroms made me wanted it even more. i thought i was crazy to want this scary blush but omg, when applied with care its like pinched my cheeks color and i don’t even notice the shimmer.

  6. nosh says:

    Naaaaaars… *drool* I don’t have this one. But I have ‘crazed’ which I think is very similar when applied. So I am trying to convince myself that I don’t need this one =)

  7. cloudburst says:

    Don’t you love the Shu 7.5EX brush? I don’t own Mounia but you’re making me want to check it out. Do you have Crazed? That is another bright one in the package but so pretty on.

    Also I read somewhere that if you apply Super Orgasm with a skunk brush you can avoid the chunky chunk glitter.

  8. beautytalk says:

    I love bright blushes! I gotta get my hands on this one.

    beautytalk´s last blog post..The Recession Can’t Stop Me! The Sephora Edition

  9. Tine says:

    Nars Exhibition A blush. It looks so orange, it scared me. But when I tried it on, it looked so good on me 😛 I snapped it up right away.

  10. Laura B says:

    MAC Ambering Rose Sheertone Shimmer. It’s a really deep rose in the pan but the formula really is sheer and lovely, especially when applied with a duofiber brush. I have porcelain skin and I love how natural it looks. It’s my go-to blush!

  11. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. You look gorgeous! I can’t wait to try Nars blushes! Sephora is opening here soon and I may have the chance to buy these blushes there. 🙂

  12. Karen B says:

    For me Dollymix was a very pleasant surprise 🙂 It looked so so scary to me but as you recommended I did buy it and I love it now 🙂

    Karen B´s last blog post..What colour today?

  13. jeannie says:

    You are SO right! It’s way more wearable than it looks!!

    jeannie´s last blog post..Star of the Color

  14. J-Money says:

    ooooooh pretty!!!

  15. Jian says:

    Wow that’s such a pretty flush! =D

    I usually get completely deterred by really bright colours in pans..maybe I should take a second look next time. =)

  16. Lilan says:

    You look RADIANT, Karen!! This NARS blush looks great on you.

    After I tried MAC beauty powder in Sweetness, I realized that blush doesn’t have to look like the color in the pan if you don’t want it to. Since then I haven’t been afraid to try bolder shades.

    Lilan´s last blog post..Parlez Vous OPI? Qui, Madame!

  17. Katee says:

    Looks great on you but it would not work for me

    Katee´s last blog post..Lippmann Collection – Party Like A Rockstar Set

  18. Jennifer says:

    ooh.. u look so pretty in this pic.. the blush definetly fooled me.. i was thinking really red cheeks but after u put it on u just look a lil flushed. interesting

  19. tali says:

    You look beautiful! And what a suprise about the blush!!

  20. You are looking fierce than ever ma! I LOVE your long hair. So seeexay! And that blush looks fantastic on you. Way to rock it chick 😀

  21. Tatiana says:

    “Party on your face”-hahahhaha! I’ll spare you the perv comments. It’s a beautiful blush though, I think I’ll buy it! I’ve been wanting to get another NARS blush, something in the coral/red family. It looks great on you! I ought to get a fan brush too but probably from Sonia Kashiuk. I won’t be scurrred.

  22. Stephie says:

    When I saw the picture of the Mounia blush I literally became wide eyed. I can’t believe how natural it looks on your skin. I am really interested in buying some NARS blushes. I have brown filipina skin like you and I was wondering which shades you would reccommend. Thanks!

  23. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    I totally know what you mean with this blush I have a MAC one called Breezy which is terrifying in the pan but looks amazing when applied in sheer layers however, I dont really know why but I love applying blush that I can really load on like NARS Orgasm, I think because I like to really blend it into my skin.

  24. Ellery says:

    It looks gorgeous on you! I wish it would have shown up bright clown red though, I’m in the mood for crazy makeup right now.

  25. Marisol says:

    Wow that looks great on you Karen. I definitely would have been skerred.

    A blush/shadow that surprised me? hhhmmm MAC’s Parrot. After all the hype, I was let down. I prefer Freshwater.

    Marisol´s last blog post..Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. lyn says:

    oh this looks nice on you! i’ve been tossing between this and taos but ended up getting Gilda instead. talk about diversion.

    is this as pigmented as crazed? i find crazed to be very difficult to use.

    lyn´s last blog post..was i a better girl in november?

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