Fabulously Feline Cat Eyes for Only $3? With These NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliners, I’ll Say Meow to That

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NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

It’s all about the cats and makeup (the C&M).

Tabs actually wanted to tackle the pics for this afternoon’s post, and who am I to argue with Tabs? He’s a world-renowned plus-size kitty supermodel, actor and entrepreneur, and I’m just a makeup-obsessed girl with a cat…


…and strong cat lady tendencies.

And a deep abiding love for beauty bargains and cat eyes, like the kind you can do with the new $3 NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliners in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple.

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

At this very moment, both of these liners and the rest of the NYC New York Color Fashion Predator Collection are running wild in drugstores like feral cats!

Did you just picture a gang of feral cats running around inside a drugstore? Because I just did. πŸ™‚

The limited edition release features nail polishes and makeup inspired by predatory animals, with colors like purple, green and brown.

The two shiny liquid liners Tabs is modeling here today make for a fun twist on traditional black cat eyes. Colorful golden brown Leopard Print and amethyst Serpentine Purple have a metallic finish that draws attention to your lids without taking you down the glitter route.

Perfect for a budget-friendly night on the town.

Like my cat’s haunches, the included brush is on the thicker side, so I like to swipe the liquid on the back of my hand first. Then, I use my trusty Sonia Kashuk Bent Liner Brush to pick up the product from there, and draw thin lines along the base of my upper lashes.

After giving that a minute to dry, I repeat the process one or two more times to build up the color.

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print (leftO and Serpentine Purple (right)

NYC New York Color Metallic Eyeliner in Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

Swatches of Leopard Print and Serpentine Purple

As long as I keep my paws off my lids (and remember to not rub my eyes), both of these liners will last all day long. If I forget, though, and rub, the color flakes and falls away.

These kinda remind me of getting emergency, last-minute party clothes from Forever 21 (which I haven’t done in a looong time). You know, like those sparkly, $10, low-cut tops that fall apart after the third wash, but they’re inexpensive and fun while they last? πŸ™‚

That’s what I think of these Metallic Eyeliners.

PRICE: $3 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores

In case you were looking for something to liquefy your brain…

I’m still not completely over Friday Night Lights… It was such a great show, and I miss the characters so much. I keep wondering what they’ve been up to, like they’re real people. (Did Tim Riggins ever finish building his house?? I wonder how Jason’s doing in New York.)

I guess that’s what happens when you watch 73 episodes of a show in less than three weeks…

I’ve been trying to fill the void with a show called Revenge. I like to stream it to my Kindle when I’m running on the treadmill.

It’s no Friday Night Lights, but it has its moments. It’s about this young woman who’s out to get revenge against the wealthy family that framed her father for a crime he didn’t commit.


It’s big time soapy and easy to digest, but at least once or twice an episode I shout out, “OH, NO THEY DIDN’T!”

What have you been watching these days? Anything good?

(Guess what? The zombies are back on Sunday. )

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kelly says:

    My very favorite series right now is Parenthood. It’s so good! I cry every episode. But don’t let that turn you off to the show. πŸ™‚

  2. IsabelG says:

    OMG I totally can’t wait for The Walking Dead to return!!!! Im soooooo pumped!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jennifer s says:

    Ugh…. im in a slump. Vampire diaries starts again today so yay for that. Ive been watching the black donneleys to fill the time. Irish gang type brothers get into trouble and so on… its ok.

  4. TrippyPixie says:

    Warning, very long list ahead! There are so many TV shows I love.

    The shows I’m currently watching this season: “NCIS” (my favorite show that’s currently airing), “Modern Family”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Major Crimes”, and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. (Also, I watch “Jeopardy!” every day. It’s an obsession.)

    Shows that I watch during other seasons: “Psych”, “Leverage”, “The Borgias”, “Royal Pains”, “Necessary Roughness”, “Suits”, “White Collar”, “Doctor Who”, “The Newsroom”, and “Flashpoint”

    Old shows that I watch on DVD: “Homicide: Life on the Street” (my favorite show of all time), “Oz”, “The Pretender”, “Monk”, “The Closer”, “Taxi”, “Scrubs”, “The Muppet Show”, and “The Wire”

  5. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE Revenge!! I need to go back and watch all of the first season, I missed some things.

  6. Priya says:

    My raves: Revenge, Big Bang Theory, Vamp Diaries, Sons of Anarchy (for my bad boy fix), Castle

  7. Heidi says:

    Those two shades look so pretty!

    I just watched the first episode of Nashville last night. I stars Connie Britton (sp?) who was in Friday Night Lights and it promises to be good soapy fun.

    I’m also obsessed with and slowly working my way through all seasons of a British show I caught on PBS a few times called Doc Martin. It’s about this cranky doctor with absolutely terrible bedside manner who develops a blood phobia and has to leave is swanky London job and set up practice in a clinic in a small English village by the sea. It’s a great mix of drama and comedy, the characters are fun and quirky and the scenery is gorgeous.

  8. Jeney says:

    I’ve actually just finished up season 1 of Revenge on Netflix. I’ve started the new season. It is definitely soapy but I really like the main character.

  9. Those eyeliners look kind of awesome! Wish they didn’t flake though. I’m an eye rubber. πŸ˜‰
    SO EXCITED for Walking Dead! :)))) I’m halfway through rewatching Lost, but I’ve totally fallen for Once Upon A Time. It’s so character driven and I can hardly wait for Sundays. I’ve started watching that new 666 Park Avenue because Terry O’Quinn from Lost is on it. Kind of slow right now, but I’ll still give it a chance. πŸ™‚

  10. That purple is actually really pretty! And my guilty pleasure is definitely Revenge–you took the words right out of my mouth when you called it soapy. That’s how I explained it to my bf the other day. “Soapy” and “juicy” πŸ˜€
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: Jouer Mineral Powder Blush in Peach Bouquet Review & Swatches

  11. Nina says:

    Verry nice! Im going to hunt these babies down. πŸ™‚

    TV wise, my current obsession is Grimm. Cannot get enough of it.

    I also watch Once Upon a Time, 666 Park Avenue, The New Normal, Raising Hope, Law & Order SVU, Person of Interest, Elementary and Fringe. πŸ™‚

    There’s also Walking Dead, Game of Thrones & True Blood.

    I may or may not watch too much TV. πŸ˜€

  12. Jennifer says:

    I like them but so wouldn’t know how to apply them properly!
    Jennifer recently posted … Testtube Fall 2012 Edition

  13. Wow, people watch so many TV shows! I only watch Masterchef Australia!
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … GlossyBox August 2012 (Swedish beauty box)

  14. Tennyoceres says:

    I am always down for a good drugstore makeup find. Gonna add these NYC liners to my ever growing ‘HOARD!’ list.

    I laugh that I am lusting for colored (not black/brown) liquid eyeliners. I only started getting into brightly colored liquid eyeliners this year. You’d think I would have done this years ago if you saw the crayon box that is my eyeliner pencil collection. I saw Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeliner in two of my favorite colors, magenta (Around the Clock) and teal (BFF):


    Makeup experiments for cheap and Internet says it’s good?! MUST GET. And sure enough it is. I use them for work when I don’t feel like going full face makeup. A line of crazy color on my upper lash line, maybe some powder on my T-zone. The best part? I only notice fading around my tear ducts towards the last part of my work day. It’s like I did that on purpose!

    Enough rambling, let’s get to TV shows. My fiance and I binged on the recent Korean drama hit, Answer Me 1997. We started on Saturday and finished it Wednesday. You watch a group of friends grow up from 1997. Period perfect and such a slice-of-life K-drama. AHMAGERRHD look at those cell phones! You’ll learn that American boy band clubs got nothing on the Korean ones. It’s only 16 episodes. Highly recommended. http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4137/1/Answer_Me_1997/

  15. musical says:

    Ahem, but it’s tough to look beyond Tabs :). Lovely colors! I love metallic finish eyeliners!

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