Unsung Makeup Heroes: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

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The long-running Unsung Heroes series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog features some of our all-time favorite permanent collection products.

Blush was the last, most recent category of makeup I got into, because I’m really fair, and while I’d say that my skin tone is generally more neutral, I do still get rosy. Since I thought that the point of foundation was to even out your skin tone, and getting rosy plays into that, I guess I just figured that blush was sort of a contradiction and would work against my efforts.

So I rocked a pale face for a long time. Then, well, I found Luminoso.


I’m pretty sure it was the first blush I ever tried, too, and what a good choice it was. It’s not just pink, and it’s not just peach. I feel like it’s the color that was meant to be there, like its found a home on my face.

Milani’s baked blushes are wonderful, and they’re not just good for the price (around 7 bucks). They’re good across the board.

I feel like Luminoso, especially, is kind of a one-stop shop. It isn’t matte, and it isn’t overly sparkly. It’s just a healthy peachy glow with a slight and very fine white/gold glow.

I think it looks phenomenal with, like, a really flawless base down, a strong brow, loads of mascara, and a classic red lip. Luminoso just like brings it all together.

Bolder lipstick shades wash you out pretty instantly, and Luminoso brings the life back into my cheeks.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


It’s also incredibly versatile. It’s like the blush equivalent of the perfect leather jacket. If you’re near my skin tone, it goes with any and every look. I feel like on my skin, it’s the peak color.

With that said, if you have a solid base (foundation through to sculpting and/or blush) down, it gives you so much room to futz around and build intensity in other areas like your eyes and lips, or to do some intense strobing.

A good completed base serves as the backbone of a look. When I’m a little unsure about my makeup because it’s something I’ve never done before, with Luminoso, I can rest assured knowing that if all else fails, at least my base makeup looks dope.

Thank you, Luminoso! You my boo.

Nicole Fraser-Herron

Nicole was born a red-headed fairy child and nothing has changed. Ditching the mountains tucked away in East L.A. for the mountains in Oakland, she became a photographer with a flair for too much glitter. You can check out her work and follow her adventures on her website and @elephantinfantry on Instagram.


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  1. Katie says:

    This is one of my favorite blushes ever! Great for fair, warm skin.

  2. hanna says:

    This is such a pretty color.
    hanna recently posted … Review: Billion Dollar Brows Micropencils + Swatches!

  3. Blush was the first makeup thing I got into because I was so pale. I didn’t get rosy, so I desperately needed the color in my cheeks.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream

  4. Becky says:

    I’ve been trying to avoid the Luminoso hype (mainly as Milani is really difficult to get hold of in the UK!) but you’ve sold it for me. It is a really go-with-everything colour! It looks beautiful on you 🙂

    Beekeyper – Latest post – REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

    • Yay! If your skin tone is near mine, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can always return it if it just doesn’t work for you. But Milani’s baked blushes are so rad, there’s something there for everyone!

  5. jonirae says:

    hmmmm this is like the fifth stellar review I have seen of this shade just this week!! I don’t know why the sudden uptick in excitement surrounding this blusher, but this just further cements my intrigue! 🙂

  6. vanilla says:

    there are many reviews already on the web but yours makes it the perfect blush to own
    vanilla recently posted … Vote For Victoria Secret and Get A Forever Sexy Rollerball

  7. Nivedita says:

    Unsung? I thought it has already become a cult favorite. You look lovely. I started early with blushes, but, well, it wasn;t a staple as much as it is now.
    Nivedita recently posted … Nivea Richly Caring Body Milk (Shall the classic scent make it a classic too? )

  8. Haha, I love how you compared it to the perfect leather jacket. Sounds like a real keeper!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video | At-home callus removal

    • It really is, at least for me. Leather jackets are quintessential wardrobe pieces! They turn an outfit up instantly. When I’m feeling crummy in some sweats and a shirt, a leather jacket makes it look intentional & chic. Once I got a fitted (faux or not) leather jacket, my laziness became undetectable and now people just think I’m stylish. Lazy-chic, that’s me.

  9. Lancy says:

    It indeed is a versatility blush! Looks beautiful on you, Nichole!
    Lancy recently posted … My 7 Day Banana Diet for Weight Gain & Smooth Skin

  10. luminoso really is at least a must try; the other colors are also lovely. i personally like corallina a bit more – not as versatile but very pretty. bella rosa, a matte fuchsia, is also pretty.
    TravelingBlush recently posted … Makeup as Skin Care

  11. Tatiana says:

    I’m very fair and since I’m trying to even my skin tone and eliminate redness, I usually skip blush. I also don’t have very good cheek bones, so no matter how I apply blush it looks like my cheeks are sliding down my face. But this really is a pretty color. I need to look for it, as Milani doesn’t seem to be stocked in any of the drugstores nearby.

    • Ah, that happens to me sometimes too. I think it was because I was using too big & too dense of a brush, and also just applying too much. I usually restrict it to the outter apples of my cheeks so it isn’t too close to my nose, but also not too spread out over my cheeks. Have you tried that kind of a placement? Or maybe going back over with your foundation brush to clean things up?

  12. Rachel R. says:

    It seems everyone loves this blush except me. It looks gorgeous on other people, but I don’t feel like it does a lot for my fair skin. Maybe because I’m porcelain and have neutral undertones? I have to layer Luminoso over stomething darker and brighter for it to look good.

    • I hate it when that happens. Everyone was over the moon about the lightest shade of L’Oreal True Match, and when I put it on my face… I don’t think my foundation has ever looked so wretched. Shade was great but formula? Good god no way. What if you go back over it with your foundation brush to soften it up a bit?

      • Rachel R. says:

        It doesn’t really need softening, it’s not too dark. It just doesn’t really do anything for me, either. Thanks for the input, though, I appreciate it.

  13. Erin says:

    It’s quite lovely!
    Erin recently posted … Bite Beauty Spring Fling Set

  14. Susan S says:

    Rachel, you’re not the only one! It does nothing for me at all either–I even threw mine away, then almost bought it again when the hype started up–I figured I was nuts for being the only one who didn’t love it! Then luckily I read some other comments from others that don’t like it either, so I now know I’m not the only one! It looks so pretty in the pan, but on my skin…..nope!

  15. anusha says:

    What beautiful picture! Love your pose and the background. .

  16. Ashley Walker says:

    Looks gorgeous! What foundation or base are you wearing? It seems to pair really well with the Luminoso.

    • I’m wearing MUFE Ultra HD in shade Y205. I’m not wearing any bronzer or anything, just blush for the full effect. Let’s be honest, I just really wanted to look like the bougainvillea in the background.

  17. Kiran says:

    I am surprised you consider this an unsung hero, I thought it was massively popular. It is such a gorgeous blush, great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  18. Silvia says:

    I love these Milani baked blushes! With my skin being very pale I started with Luminoso for all the hype although it is a gorgeous color especially for Summer to me Rosa D’Oro is best to bring some happy color to my cheeks then I blend with my WetnWild stipple/slanted brush since is soft and not so heavy/full as my other brushes it goes on perfect. Also to apply a highliter above, with a light hand, these brushes turned out awesome. So I went back and collected 6 of them blushes! Awww so pretty! I got Bella Rosa, Corallina, Berry Amore, Deliciozo Pink and Luminoso. Loving all shades! I think Vino and the Bronser one would be way too dark for me.

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