What’s the Craziest Eye Look You’ve Ever Worn?

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crazy cat lady costume

I like to think of myself as pretty adventurous when it comes to eye makeup…especially when I know I’m only going to be modeling something for Tabs (it’s a different story when I’m out and about).


But seriously, I’ll try anything once, although generally, for regular day wear, I like glam eye looks that don’t go totally over the top.

The gloves come off, though, on Halloween! It’s a license to go all out (crazy cat lady says what??).

Well, all out for me, I guess… Plenty of purple, glitter and, of course, cats (because cats make everything better).

crazy cat lady costume

I like this one the most because it was also part of an ensemble.

What’s the craziest eye look you’ve ever worn? Tell me about it in the comments. And do you have any pics?? Please share (link them in your comment or email)! I want to see! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. It’s like Paranormal Activity up in here! I’m serious, my house sounds like a horror movie set right now.

We’re having our siding repaired this week and probably also next, and the noise is deafening. It’s like a cacophony of hammering, guys yelling (“Bring that 2×4 over here!”) and the next door neighbor’s dog barking like Cujo.

I apologize in advance if I sound distracted or type a lot of T699nmk;q5u48pbuiofdj%huibo8u#bg! — nonsense over the next few days. I’ll do my best to make sense, but I can’t guarantee it’s going to work out, LOL!


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  1. Haha yeeees I loved that look! The craziest look I’ve ever worn? Probably when I was the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween.
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  2. Alison M says:

    It would definitely be a Halloween look. I went as the Phantom of the Opera when I was 10. Lots of darkening around the eye and fake skin. Recently I dressed as Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth. Lots of no-no’s to create that look. And when I was 14, I had a smoky plum eyeshadow with a horrible texture that I wore as a wash of color. It looked more like two black eyes. Yeesh!
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  3. Jax says:

    Oh that’s an easy one, about 20 years ago I was planing an alien at a LARP, I had 2 days notice to come up with a costume and was away too so it was more than a little thrown together.

    Black eyebrows extended out to the hairline,
    Black eyeliner meeting eyebrows at the hairline
    Bright orange eyeshadow all the way to brow and out to hairline,
    Purple blusher more as a contouring effect
    Green lipstick
    On top of that mad back-combed hair and a chiffon, leather and chain mail outfit 🙂

  4. Cassy says:

    I suppose technically it was a Halloween look where I did half beauty makeup and half special effects wounds and was a half-mutilated prom queen. I’m sure even my normal makeup would be considered “crazy” by some, though. I have no problem wearing red eye shadow or purple lipstick in my everyday life. Or rather my weekend life. I’m too lazy to put on makeup for work.
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  5. Katherine M says:

    My craziest eye makeup look was probably when I discovered Make Up For Ever in Sephora – I saw that they had bright, neon eyeshadows and saw a look using bright yellow, neon orange, and neon pink. I bought all 3 and copied the look at home. I still have the eyeshadows even though they are a few years old now. It was pretty crazy and that’s where I learned blending was key, since the shadows are super pigmented.

  6. Majick says:

    Yes, Halloween is the BEST! I love your cat lady ensemble!
    My craziest “eye” look would have to be either the witch or the widow.
    THe witch costume was complete theatrical makeup complete with sick green contacts and lots of green and wrinkles. LOL
    THe widow was when I was much younger and I did 3D makeup with skin covering one of my eyes and it kind of looked either melted or scarred. THe funny part was I wore a hat with a big black veil and when people finally guessed who I was I would throw the veil back and watch them scream. LMAO I should do that one again. that WAS really FUN. LOL

  7. Denise says:

    It’s true, cats do make everything better! If they’re not around, you might not miss it, but when they are there, there’s that wonderful quality that can’t be denied– <3

  8. Kalli says:

    I love fun eye makeup too! But I don’t usually wear it much, since I work an office job during the day and take it easy most weekends. But Halloween is the best time for fun looks! A few years ago, I replicated Lady Gaga’s Telephone look, complete with Diet Coke can curlers and her over-exaggerated brows, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=827536942467&l=3e68ec0ef5 (I hope this link works!) In my blog post link below, I did a super dark, glittery eye look that I ended up wearing to the movie theater that night with my mom, haha!
    Kalli recently posted … New Year’s Eve Double Feature Smokey Eyes!

  9. Iris says:

    I haven’t done many crazy eyeshadow looks. The most is I’ve worn very bright eyeshadow.

  10. Meghan L says:

    Totally was Edward scissor hands for Halloween one year…then I was in a hair show for a local salon….I had red eye lashes.

  11. Niki T. says:

    I love that last photo of you! Haha! The craziest look I ever wore wasn’t on Halloween lol. I was experimenting with my Coastal Scents palette that I had just got and I did a smokey teal look and didn’t think it looked that bad at the time. I went to the store with it and when I came home and looked in the mirror I was like OMG what was I thinking?!!?!?! Haha. I don’t have any pictures though (fortunately for everyone lol!).

  12. auroragyps says:

    That would be from ages 12-14 during the late 80’s. 😉 Just trust me that it was all sorts of bad color combos and no blending from eyelid to eyebrows. OMG, what was I thinking? O.o

  13. Chelsea says:

    Went to a punk rock themed party, and did some pretty intense black and green eyes. It did not look good on me, LOL.

  14. Sylirael says:

    Probably super dramatic, thick, all the way around lined eyes with winged black liquid liner – given how pale I am, it was a real disney villainess look! Complete with dark blood red/purple lips…
    Sylirael recently posted … Give ‘em Lip – Dior Universal Lipliner and a Rogueworthy Purple Look

  15. Erin says:

    Oh I like. You should go crazy more often!

  16. Kim says:

    I’m totally a fan of that costume. 🙂 Seriously, you should do a crazy bird look for this year – the cats can be trying to eat you. HAHA! I’m pulling for the blue lips in your next wild look!

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