Two Ways to Win a Korres Delight Your Lips Set ($27 Value)

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    Woot, woot, babes! Big kisses all around (mwah!). It’s time to show that kisser some love.

    Let the Korres Mango Butter holiday set in Delight Your Lips lavish you with TLC. πŸ™‚ I heart these four lovely lippies and how much softer and smoother they make my lips feel.

    Ready for a weekend giveaway?

    The prize

    One lucky lady will win the Korres Delight Your Lips holiday lipstick set (four individual lipsticks; a $27 value).

    It comes with four full-size tubes, each one packing plenty o’ shine, hydration and semi-sheer color (warm and earthy tones):



    How to enter…

    2ways2enterEntering is easy. There are two different ways, and you can do both of them for two chances to win.

    First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. In it, describe your favorite lip look tip or trick.

    For me, flawless lipstick starts with well-moisturized, healthy lips (no cracks or peeling). When I slather on the lip balm before bed (Philosophy’s Kiss Me Gloss is one of my faves), I wake up with a smooth, flake-free pout.

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    1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.
    2. Follow me on Twitter and retweet the following message:

      RT @karenmbb: RT to win a Korres Delight Your Lips Set ($27 value)

    IÒ€ℒll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, December 13.


    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


    • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. Cheng says:

    Love Korres, especially its eyeliner and pomegranate wipes, but I’ve never tried the lipstick, so this would be great!

  2. I am usually a gloss girl, but when I do wear lipstick, I use a lipliner to line and fill in my lips, because it acts as a base and helps my lipstick last longer.
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Smooth Legs for Santa…..Giveaway Time! =-.

  3. Carolina says:

    I line and fill in my lips with the color of my choosing and just skip the lipstick for some lipgloss!

  4. Jess says:

    I always feel like lip gloss either dries my lips out or makes it sticky, so I like to layer them with lip balm– lip balm first (I love Mission Skin Care’s Lip Balmers; they last forever and moisturize better than anything I’ve tried!), then a lipstick or stain for color, then another bit of lip balm and then gloss. Maybe it’s psychological, but my lips don’t dry out and I think I get longer wear.

  5. Kate & Zena says:

    I always apply my lip balm before fmy first application of lip gloss or lipstick so my lips are super smooth.

  6. Jenn says:

    I either apply vaseline or carmex on before I go to sleep. I also exfoliate with a towel once a week. Then when I apply my lipstick, I use a stiff angled brush to really define my cupid’s bow for that perfect pout.

  7. Carolanne says:

    I love dabbing a bit of light concealer on top of my cupid’s bow, and then lightly smudging some taupe eyeliner under my bottom pout. together, these two tricks make my lips much fuller looking!

  8. Theresa says:

    These are gorgeous! I gently buff my lips with a damp washcloth when I wash my face in order to exfoliate them.

  9. I use chapstick (actually, Softlips) constantly… my lips get so dry in the winter & I never drink enough water…

    Aside from that, when I do feel like coloring my lips, I love lip stains… I still haven’t found a lipstick that doesn’t feel sticky (plus my husband doesn’t like anything much sticker than chapstick, lol)
    .-= Christa Holland’s last blog post… Texas Winter Wonderland =-.

  10. Jamie Lynn says:

    I love using two lip liners, one slightly darker than the other, when doing a dramatic lip look. Take a darker line your lips as usual and then take a darker shade to emphasize the outer corners. It gives depth and makes your lips look really full!

  11. Yao says:

    My favorite way (not really a tip) of wearing red lipstick is just with a wash or two of mascara. That’s it. I think it helps when you have the attitude to rock a great red lip, too. πŸ™‚

  12. Carolyn says:

    Once a week I use a soft toothbrush and some lotion (usually Nivea Creme) to exfoliate my lips. I’m also kind of addicted to Blistex Deep Renewal and the eos smooth spheres.

    As far as color, most of the time I just use Burts Bees shimmer sticks on casual days. They are pigmented enough to look pretty and “done” but require so little effort compared to a similarly pigmented lipstick or gloss. I love lip products, but a lot of time I’m just lazy. Current favorites are Watermelon and Rhubarb. Recently I’ve been topping them with just a touch of the Sugar Trance lip glass from the Fafi collection.

    Loving the Russian…

  13. Amanda says:

    I’m a lipgloss girl, but when I wear lipstick I scrub down my lips with a soft toothbrush first to get rid of any flakes or whatever may be straggling along! Lame tip, but the only one I’ve got!

  14. Gauss says:

    I love the color in Mac’s Viva Glam VI – goes with everything and is very subtle on my skin tone. I usually just wear it by itself…

  15. NC says:

    I usually use a lip liner on my lips and use a lip gloss for a everyday neutral look . Once a week I exfoilate with a brown sugar scrub that I use for my body on my lips too ( It me . it leaves it super soft…

  16. Jane says:

    For some lipsticks that aren’t as moisturizing..i like to dab on some carmex first and do rest of my face and then add the lipstick..It really does the hydration part.

  17. Babybubblz says:

    Lipbalm 5 minutes before I apply lipsticks. This really helps smooth out the lips. Or exfoliate with Tarte Fxtion when on the go!

  18. Katie says:

    I exfoliate first, and then apply lipbalm. That makes the color not too bold for me:)

  19. Anh says:

    Just discovered NARS velvet matte lip pencils. They’re a quick way to get precise lips without using a lip liner AND lipstick.
    .-= Anh’s last blog post… girl crush =-.

  20. Catherine says:

    Nowadays, lipstick is for special occasions. My everyday wear is lipgloss, but when I do wear lipstick…this is my routine :):

    1. lip balm to moisten my lips
    2. blot powder onto my lips for staying power
    3. line the outside of my lips
    4. lipstick
    5. I intensify my lips by putting lipgloss over it

  21. Rebecca says:

    I use lots and lots of chapstick – an absolute necessity during New England winters! – and exfoliate every once in a while.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… M.A.C. Viva Glam Γ’β‚¬β€œ Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper =-.

  22. L says:

    Rosebud Salve! My secret weapon against chapped lips!

  23. Lisa says:

    I’m definitely obsessed with lip balm. The winters are so dry here, if I don’t use it all the time, my lips will crack! It works well under a layer of lipstick, too, to keep my lips happy.

  24. Susan says:

    I put on Burt’s Bees before bed, and throughout the day.

  25. Shannon says:

    I am all about layering. I start with the same Stila Convertible Color I’m wearing on my cheeks applied as a sort of lipstick base. Then I put on a neutral-ish lipstick, like Nars Dolce Vita. Then I add on a great lip gloss. Today it’s Sephora Bronzed Beauty.
    Have a great weekend!
    .-= Shannon’s last blog post… Time for Links =-.

  26. Shiny says:

    I always put a little balm on first, and when I want a natural look I pat on a little Body Shop gloss on as it’s highly pigmented and moisturizing. When I have time to put my makeup on un-rushed I make sure to line my lips first for even colouring – I find NYX pencils to do a good job and are dead cheap at $2.99 each.

  27. Anna Phylactyc says:

    When I’m feeling low-maintenance, I skip the lipstick and pigmented gloss and apply some thick, clear gloss. It makes the pigmentation of my lips look like the shade of the gloss, and I don’t have to worry about smearing, staining my glass, or precise application. I like Rimmel’s Sweet Jelly sheer lipgloss in Gourmet because it’s just the right viscosity (thick but not sticky), has a mild fruity flavor, and has a nice hygenic squeazy-tube applicator – plus, it’s cheap!

  28. Gina G says:

    I pile on burt’s bee’s chap stick a few hours before I plan on wearing lipstick – always have a few laying around the house.

  29. Gina G says:

    I pile on burt’s bee’s chap stick a few hours before I plan on wearing lipstick – always have a few laying around the house.

    Twitter: supergina

  30. Kypris says:

    Definitely need the lip balm to keep my lips from peeling (ew!) esp. during winter! Apply it before bed, in the morning, during the day… and under anything I put on my lips (lipstick, gloss, etc) to give a smoother application as well!

  31. Holly G says:

    I save my prettiest colors for nights out and weekends, so I keep my lips coated in SoftLips or Burt’s Bees while I’m at work. That saves money and keeps my look professional (I loooove playing with eye makeup, so that way I know I’m at least not overdoing it with the lips too! πŸ™‚ ) – PLUS it keeps my lips nice and moisturized all the time!!

  32. Molly says:

    Oh I have so many favorites- softlips for chapped/dry lips AND overnight (in french vanilla, a favorite since sixth grade!!) Favorite lip looks change probably every week with me. Right now I’m rocking sephora lush flush wine stain on my lips with hard candy STOP glitter gloss and Rimmel plumping gloss in… a color I can’t remember because the writing on the tube has worn off out of loooove, πŸ˜‰
    Those are such creamy looking lippies!

  33. bagaela says:

    My fav is lipfusion XL as overnight treatment, and carmex during the day. When I apply lipstick, I always start with a layer of carmex balm, and then the lipstick.
    .-= bagaela’s last blog post… New year, new brush πŸ™‚ =-.

  34. ellie says:

    I always use chapstick first (softlips, burts bees, or vaseline) as base and then use lipstick or gloss on top. I really like DuWop’s lip plumper glosses as well.
    .-= ellie’s last blog post… Riddle me this =-.

  35. Christina says:

    Love Korres! I think my best trick is just to layer on tons of Burt’s Bees lipbalm before applying lipstick. It doesn’t make it last any longer lol but it sure makes for a smooth application!

  36. Sandy Dibbell says:

    When I don’t have a lot of time I use a ton of Eco lip balm, then color my lips in with a long lasting lip liner. Works great! My lips aren’t dry and I get to work on using up lip liners that I never use anyway since I don’t line my lips.

  37. Lisa says:

    Burts bees are what i start with for a perfect pout!

  38. Maomao says:

    I love to use tons and tons of chapstick at night–i wake up in the morning with amazingly soft, smooth lips!

  39. Fifi says:

    Best way to get a defined without a lipliner is to use concealer around the mouth. The line created by lipstick is crisp, clean and the color is ascentuated.

  40. Liza says:

    lots of water, nude/beige lipstick πŸ™‚

  41. Ashley says:

    If it isn’t a warm nude, it’s hardcore red. I loooove to keep things simple & sometimes I loooove to look dangerous >:)
    My tip: Skip paying $20+ for lip scrubs, make one at home with cinnamon, sugar & EVOO!! Allergic to cinnamon? Skip it. All you really need is the sugar & EVOO. Add some poppy seeds, crushed mint leaves & you have a dupe for the Smashbox Lip Emulsion (total crap by the way…). That’s how I roll!
    .-= Ashley’s last blog post… Almost December! =-.

  42. Megan says:

    My lip tricks – exfoliate from time to time – especially in the winter. I use a lip exfoliator that the b/f got me from crabtree and evelyn. Then I always follow up with CLinique moisture Surge and some regular old chapstick.

  43. Vanessa H says:

    Happy Friday!

    My fave lip look is MAC’s Love Nectar gloss work on its own, it’s a sweet and pretty color that goes with everything and makes everyone look a little model pouty πŸ™‚

  44. onigiri says:

    I constantly apply moisturizing lip balm. Aveeno intense therapy is my winter fav while Burt’s bee pomegranate lip balm, which has a pretty pink color, for other seasons. Since I have severely chapped lips during winter, lip balm is all I can wear.

  45. yumi says:

    my lip trick is to wear smith’s rosebud salve every night before bed. i wake up with really smooth lips!

  46. Trude says:

    Love those Korres lippies! That brand has been one of my discoveries this year (thanks to you) and is fast becoming a favorite.

    My trick the past month (its been unusually dry around here) has been to slather on Aquaphor on my lips in the morning and at night after brushing my teeth. I’ve totally noticed a difference! And best of all its totally affordable! πŸ™‚
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… The Best =-.

  47. Rae says:

    Ooh, my fave’s obvious — brown liner under my red lippies!
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… “Chic” indeed! =-.

  48. Suji says:

    Every morning I use a lip buffer from C.O. Bigelow to exfoliate my lips. It helps get rid of any cracked/flaky skin and primes my lips up for any color or gloss I want to use! Couldn’t live without that stuff!

  49. Carol L says:

    My tip is to make sure that your lips are moisturized before you put any other kip product on your lips!

  50. Jenna says:

    During this time of the year, I’m addicted to lip balm. I make sure I have at least one in reach of me at all times! (including when I’m at work, at the car, at my desk, in the living room, bedroom, bathroom!)

  51. Kasey says:

    I use a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. After I exfoliate, I apply Vaseline to keep them nice and soft!
    .-= Kasey’s last blog post… Update =-.

  52. Margaret says:

    overnight with Kiehl’s lip balm and Softlips under lipstick during the day. I like wearing Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick, but it’s a bit drying without the balm layer underneath.

  53. Diana says:

    I like to use a lip balm before putting on a lipstick so they glide on easier.

  54. CC says:

    I pat my lips with just a tiny bit of lipstick to add color and then layer lip gloss over it.

  55. Toni says:

    Oh, I so need these! I am a lip product junkie! For my lips, I found that using Aquaphor has really helped with chapped lips. I found a good chocolate lip exfoliator on and use it to help make my lips smooth and then follow up with the Aquaphor. I usually use a gloss over that, but have started using MAC slimshine or Benefit Silky lipstick.

  56. knownever says:

    I don’t know if it’s a look but when dry winter weather sets in i’m never without my juicy loves sephora gloss. surprisingly the best balm i’ve ever used!

  57. savannah says:

    im not much of a lips girl because i’ve yet to find that my-lips-but-better color (these look worthy though!) but my one big secret is old school lip smackers! it doesn’t last as long as other chapsticks but goes on so smooth and creamy and makes my lips feel so moisturized. AND of course smells great! my fave is vanilla but love dr. pepper too πŸ™‚

  58. Lisa says:

    I found the key to making sure my lips always look good is to exfoliate them gently with my toothbrush when I brush at night. I also use C.O Bigelows (bath and body works) Lemon and pomegranate lip cream or one of the The Body Shops Born Lippys in the evening before bed and in the morning after I brush my teeth.Bbefore I put on what ever lip color I’m gonna wear for the day I gently remove the balm or gloss with a damp washcloth.

  59. Haley says:

    In the winter, I’m never without lipstick, so my nude looks are numerous. My favorite lip look is when I use ysl rouge pur shine in 24 natural pink. It’s absolute perfection!

  60. xtina says:

    When I get into the shower I usually stand in there for 15 mins (tops) and make it really steamy while washing my hair and what not. When I get out you can see where all the dead skin is (because it’s white) and I just scrub it off with an old toothbrush or my finger. I also Rose Balm (B&BW) a lot. It’s really good for my lips, and the extra it leaves on your finger you can rub into your cuticles! So it really does double duty. I also use Clinique Superbalm gloss when I can. Fantastic stuff, really.

  61. Julia says:

    I like to use Origins lip remedy before applying my lip glss because it makes my lips really smooth.

  62. jc says:

    if i have flaky lips i’ll do a pass with my exfoliator (origins modern friction, or even a washcloth in the shower) at night to get rid of the dead skin, drink a big glass of water, and goop on vaseline before bed. i wear vaseline on my lips all through these crazy east coast winters! (products w menthol like carmex or softlips can be weirdly drying for me.)

    i find myself mixing plum and red lately for a bright, fun daytime lip. bobbi brown cherry lip tint is light and pretty, on top of a plum stila lip glaze stick. i guess i’m not much of a heavy lipstick girl, which is why these korres lipsticks seem perfect!

    my daily eye is urban decay 24/7 pencils in zero and stash (karen, i know you love bourbon but stash is a gorgeous green-khaki that really compliments dark brown eyes!) w diorshow mascara.

    out the door in less than 10 minutes!

  63. maria says:

    I love love both Fresh sugar balms. One is the regular spf one and the other one is rose, it has a great pink tint. They are my goto balms!

  64. Rachel says:

    Apply lipstick and place a dot of clear gloss in the center of my upper and lower lips

  65. Nancy says:

    I too am a firm believer of lip balm before bed for beautiful lips forever. I think I read it years ago in a magazine while in high school, and have done it ever since.

  66. Brittany says:

    Hmm..lately I’ve been into MAC’s tendertones and applying it before bed. I always apply something, whether it be chapstick or vaseline before bed. My lips dry out quick!

  67. Lulee says:

    i like to exfoliate my lips with sugar and olive oil every week… it really works well and sloughing off the dead skin. if im feeling ultra lazy i will just use the back of my colgate 360 which has a tongue cleaner so it does a decent job.

  68. Katrina says:

    I’m for anything natural and light, that’s why I like the idea of these lipsticks. I’m a little afraid of color.

  69. Candace says:

    I’d loooove to win this. Korres is really hard to find in Quebec!

  70. jessiec says:

    Everyday before going to bed, I apply Aquaphor and It has saved my lips. They are always soft.

  71. Thom says:

    I always put on chapstick first. Then i would apply lipstick. If it still looks too dry, more chapstick.

  72. betty says:

    i moisturize lips first by applying chapstick then using lipstick afterwards

  73. Nina says:

    When putting on bold colours I like starting in the middle and moving the colour towards the sides of the mouth. Makes it a little more worn in and sexier

  74. Kelly says:

    I like to dab a bit of C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine gloss on top of my lipstick. It makes the taste of some of my lipsticks more bearable. It also moisturizes my lips for a long time.

  75. Carolyn says:

    Ooh I’ve heard great things about Korres iip products! My tip is to put concealer around the lips before putting on a bold color. It makes a HUGE difference when it comes to bleeding, etc.
    .-= Carolyn’s last blog post… Petit Break… =-.

  76. dip says:

    sugar scrub and olive oil πŸ™‚
    .-= dip’s last blog post… Trimapee =-.

  77. MarciaF says:

    I learned something interesting from a makeup artist. First line with a neutral YLLB lipliner. Then take a very dark lipstick and just use it on the very center of your mouth but not along the lipline. Next take a nude lipstick and with a brush paint the outer lips and blend in. You’ve created a unique color that’s dramatic without being over the top.

  78. elizabeth says:

    I use clear lipliner to stop my lipstick or gloss from bleeding.

  79. Marisol says:

    Burts Bees lip balm works wonders for my chapped lips during the winter time.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Gals Guide meet up =-.

  80. Ms. B says:

    I like to keep myself hydrated, make sure there’s a healthy coat of lip balm, then i opt to wear moisturizing l/gs and l/s. Shu Uemura is my favorite!

  81. Ebru says:

    I love bright colors – reds, pinks, berries etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen πŸ™‚

  82. Sarah says:

    I use an exfoliator the night before, and just leave it on my lips. Its Laura Geller, Lip Strip? It came in one of the Sephora Favorites. During the day I use Clarins lip… stuff? I am rubbish with product names…

  83. LauraJ says:

    lots of lip balm, and I rub my lips with a dry wash cloth if they need exfoliating/get flakey

  84. Ari says:

    If i want an awesome honey look, i’ll slap on some green/yellow tinted lipgloss. it makes my lips look huge and amazing!

  85. Shao says:

    In the morning I always start by gently exfoliating my lips with a wet washcloth, and following up with C.O Bigelow Lip Balm (in the black tube). Then I top with a gloss, or rub my finger on a lipstick and rub it on my lips to give a natural stained look (but if I’m going to actually slick the lipstick on I’ll use lip liner). Then I use a highlighter (Victoria’s Secret Sculpted Pout Invisible Lip Liner & Shaper, or if I’m in a rush, Sephora Nano Eyeliner in 09 Pearl Beige) to highlight above my cupid’s bow to make my lips look fuller. It’s a long process, but well worth it (I’ve gotten comments about how perfect my lips are!)

  86. Paula Rose says:

    These would be great for my redhead niece who doesn’t wear much makeup!!

  87. Gracie says:

    I love my CO Bigelow mint lipgloss, it tastes amazing, it’s a great color and it actually hydrates my lips. It keeps my lips feeling smooth even after it wears off.

  88. BeckBeck says:

    I don’t wear lipstick as much as I go for tinted balms or glosses, but what I used to do when i did lipstick was: wash face, remove any flakies with a gentle washcloth swipe, and then SLATHER on lip balm (Softlips was a go-to for many years; I also like Carmex Moistureplus and the Yes To Carrots butters these days). Then I’d do the rest of my makeup, leaving lipstick for last, and before I used liner or lipstick, wipe off most of the balm with a tissue. Smooooooth every time!

  89. Kristin says:

    I am all over anything red-orange (you hear me, Korres #52?!) and mostly go for glossy lipstick formulations since I hate getting my hair stuck in lip gloss. Glossy lipstick also provides a nice middle ground between lipbalm, color, and gloss, and since I am a college student I need a nice all in one product that I can throw on while I run out the door.

    On days I have time to do a full lip look though, I am ALL about rockin’ a full-on pin-up look: I fill in my lips with Rimmel’s Red Dynamite liner and top it off with MAC Lady Danger for a matte siren-red pout. Rawr! ;D kisses, Karen and Tabs!

  90. katie says:

    My favorite lip look is the YLBB look. Right now, I’m using a Laura Mercier gloss.

  91. jane says:

    i always put a balm on before lipstick/lipgloss so my lips are nice and moisturized :]

  92. Rachel says:

    For me, it’s all about the formulation. it doesn’t matter how pretty the color is if the texture isn’t just right. It can’t be sticky, drying, or too thick, just slightly shiny and soft. If I could find something that felt like chapstick, but had all the color payoff of a good lipstick, I just might die of happiness.

  93. AndreaMarie says:

    Moisturize with Kiehl’s lip balm!!

  94. Nina says:

    When I’m wearing red lips, I always dab on a bit of concealer to mute out the natural pigmentation of my lips. That way the true color of the lipstick would show up.

  95. Eunice says:

    hm, i love wearing a plummy lipstick and topping it off with a fairly dark gloss. and when i feel a bit ‘wilder’ (hehe), i add a dab of pale frosty pink gloss to the inner center of my lip and mush my lips together to create that gradient that goes from pale plummy pink on the inside to dark plum on the outlines. it looks amazing πŸ˜€

  96. Kizzy says:

    I like to switch it up a lot. Some days I do neutral lips, other days bold lips. That way your lips stand out more!
    .-= Kizzy’s last blog post… My hair over the years (picture heavy!) =-.

  97. hepkittenatplay says:

    I’m not sure that this counts as a trick, but I wear more tinted balms than “actual” lipstick, in order to keep my lips in good condition for when it really is time to break out the big artillery. Oh, and the importance of drinking water cannot be overstated.

  98. Jen says:

    I’m addicted to Chapstick’s Softlips. I slather it on constantly, so I never have dry lips πŸ™‚

  99. Kylie says:

    One word: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Okay, that was four words, but you get the picture.

  100. Jessica Lynn says:

    I love applying Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm all day and evening. it keeps my lips moisturized and it smells deliciously minty. When I feel like wearing color, I can put it right on top of the balm πŸ™‚

  101. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great giveaways! My favorite lip trick is to pat some loose powder (translucent is best) on my lips, underneath my lipstick, to make it last all day! (Retweeted by currigirl on Twitter, and I already follow you).

  102. Jenny says:

    gotta use some lipliner and set loose powder on the lips to keep lipstick lasting long all day! retweeted by homelessj0! πŸ™‚
    .-= Jenny’s last blog post… You know Santa’s a man when.. =-.

  103. samra59 says:

    i’m french and my english is not very good but i want to win a lipstick…
    so my favourite is the first one natural purple

  104. Chielle says:

    I first apply lip balm (or some kind of moisturizer) to protect them. Then a soft-colored lipstick. With a napkin or something, wipe evenly the color. And finally, a touch of lip gloss. It makes my lips plump and shiny!
    Retweeted and following you, username chielless.

  105. Bonnie says:

    I exfoliate with a toothbrush and always apply lip balm (which is my must-have beauty item on a desert island) after brushing my teeth.

  106. GeekyMacBoy says:

    I’m still a makeup newbie but I’d say a tip that works for me is just simply using a lipliner in order to stay in my lip line and use a very moisturizing lipstick. My favorite at the moment are the YSL lipsticks.

    I retweeted here:

  107. kumru says:

    I kiss my fiancee so often that I have to wear pale colors in order to not leave any mark on his cheeks. (sometimes I do it on purpose and he never notices that he has a mark πŸ™‚ haha) That’s why I use lots of very nude colors and sometimes only a transparent lipgloss. If I tend to have cracks, Body shop lip balms and nivea care lipsticks are the best. In the summertime if my lips get really dry under the sunshine I use a very little bit of Bepanthene at night.
    oh pleaseee let me have these beauties!

  108. 7deadlycyns says:

    Love Rosebud Salve every night before bed, have a tin right inside my nightstand drawer. I am notorious for having way too many philosophy lip glosses in my bag at one time, in addition to whatever lip color I’m actually wearing for the day, but I’ll never get stuck feeling dry, or chapped, or colorless in a pinch!

    Incidentally, never tried Korres lipstick before (have one cherry lip gloss), and I’d love to win! Soft & sheer lipsticks are my favorite!

  109. Lauren says:

    Clear lipliner

  110. emily says:

    I use a lip brush to apply my lipstick instead of straight from the tube πŸ™‚

  111. My favourite lip look is a pretty rosy lips look! I think for that look the color of the lipstick is important – I know it sounds trivial, but finding the perfect sheer red glossy lipstick is the hardest thing in the world! That, and keeping your lips well moisturized with balm, so that your lips are prepped for anything πŸ™‚
    .-= Musicalhouses’s last blog post… GOSH Holographic Nail Polish: NOTD =-.

  112. Tuhina says:

    My go to moisturizer for my lips is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. I layer my lips every night before bed to wake up with hydrated lips and always lightly layer my lips under gloss or lipstick to keep them hydrated and juicy! I haven’t found anything that hydrates quite as well, and it’s one of the cheapest things out there!

  113. Kaitlin says:

    I’m kind of just a chapstick girl. That is why these lipsticks look so appealing! They look pretty sheer, but have just enough color.

  114. Karen B says:

    The best tip for lipstick application? Enjoy it. I love how a slick of lipstick always makes me feel glamorous, whether it’s a sheer nude or a full-on red lip. Also I always do my lips last and before I start my make-up application I slather on the lip balm. πŸ™‚

  115. Lisa says:

    I use BE Buxom lip gloss every night @ bedtime….I swear my lip line is more defined and my lips are smoother.

  116. Brandy says:

    Are these as wonderfully moisturizing as the Korres lip balms? I love those!

  117. Ellie says:

    I like to use a lip brush for very accurate lining and filling in. Until I tried it, I thought it was ridiculous- but now I carry it EVERYWHERE!

  118. Ash B says:

    It’s all about a burt’s bee under layer. Then coat lips, blot, coat lips, blot, and one last coat and you are pretty good until your next meal!

  119. Joci says:

    My favorite look is a nude lip. I like to put foundation on my lips, then put lipgloss on. Then layer a nude lipstick over, then a little lipgloss again. It’s pretty sticky, but it looks good.

  120. Brinki says:

    Lately, I’ve been into nude lips. I swipe a bit of foundation over my lips and then follow-up with a high-shine nude colored lip gloss. This sheer and natural lip allows me to go bold with festive holiday eye color.
    .-= Brinki’s last blog post… Like This =-.

  121. Amanda says:

    hey karen,
    I have makeup A-D-D so it is very hard for me to pick a fave look. but one of the top is to use a lip stain, like stila’s crushes or pixi, then top with gloss. I was browsing sephora yesterday and saw the tarte version of this….now that’s one my wishlist I think.

  122. happybadfish says:

    Lip balm to prep the lips! And then a nice nude lip, I have been using Mac’s lip erase.

  123. Becky says:

    I always use a lip balm when beginning a makeup look, and do the rest of my makeup. At the end of the look, I pull out lipgloss or lipstick and apply–the balm sets the lip base perfectly!
    .-= Becky’s last blog post… Paul & Joe & Maquillag, Ipsa, Shiseido Spring 2010 =-.

  124. Lydia says:

    I like to prep my lips with something like chapstick and then put lipstick on over it! Then my lips don’t look flaky.

  125. sarahpuffy says:

    I exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush every morning, then apply Aquafina’s lip balm and lip oil. By the time I’m done with hair and makeup, my lips are ready for colour!

  126. Wendy says:

    My favorite lip trick is to scrub my lips with a mixture of carmex and a little bit of sugar especially before lip gloss because theres nothing uglier than chapped shiny lips.

  127. Carly says:

    If I’m wearing a nude lipstick, I’ll put on chapstick before I apply my makeup. Then, I’ll put a TINY bit of concealer over my lips before I apply my lipstick, so that it comes out really bright, like the color in the tube.

  128. Myrna says:

    I always exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub and then apply some lip balm before adding any lipstick. It’s the only way my lips don’t look flaky and dry!

  129. Vanessa S says:

    My favorite lip look is a nude/pink lip.

  130. tousledkitten says:

    My tip is to have a clear or skin-toned lip liner so that, whatever colour your lipstick is, you always have a liner to match to prevent feathering.

  131. Molly says:

    I like to use lip balm before bed to make my lips moisty moist for the hubster!
    .-= Molly’s last blog post… Nixons Birthday Party =-.

  132. Katherine says:

    My favorite look and the reason im known for having nice lips is Lip Stain. i wear it almost everyday under lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick.

  133. E.D. says:

    I use my salicylic or glycolic acid facial cleanser on my lips. Tastes terrible, but works really well.

  134. Valentine says:

    I love, love, LOVE pinky-coral lips on my super pale, very warm complexion. My favorite for day and night (and overnight) is Korres Lip Butter in pomegranate.

  135. DLAOKC says:

    I’d love to try this lipstick!

  136. Patrice says:

    My best lip look tip is to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. In the winter I run a cool-mist humidifer or warm-mist vaporizer while I sleep. Not only does it hydrate the lips but your face too. Occasionally I’ll use the toothbrush or a wet washcloth to rub off dried skin cells. I also have a few old treatment sticks from Bath and Body Works that have a brown sugar stick on one end and a colored balm on the other. I find that this works better than anything else to keep lips smooth. When those run out I plan to mix olive oil with brown sugar in a small travel container as an inexpensive home remedy. I always start with a lip balm base. I have a few Burts Bees and Trader Joe’s sticks that work well. Then I top with colored balm, sheer stick, lipstick and/or lipgloss depending on my mood.

  137. Lucia Wu says:

    I totally recommend Vaseline as lip balm. Vaseline is a perfect alternative to lip balm and it can act like a primer for lip sticks! Use it to moisturize the lip before applying any other lip colouring sticks.

  138. Sally says:

    I love Korres! Their lip balm is amazing, and I bet their lipsticks are too :]

    I use their lip butter every day for the color, but I apply Burt’s Bees about 20 times a day. I also use a sugar scrub from CO Bigelow at Bath & Body Works. It’s only about $7, but it sloughs off all the dead skin and kips lips smooth!

  139. Denise says:

    Lip balm is an essential part of my daily routine as well. I usually am o.k. with regular old vaseline at night and in the morning as well as under lipgloss but I recently discovered Smith’s Rosebud Salve in Sephora and I think I am in love! Fav. lipstick would have to be the Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes.

  140. leanne says:

    I like the orange red color a lot
    .-= leanne’s last blog post… Leannegip: WIN an ASUS Eee PC Netbook from FOLLOW @NetbookCentral & RT this! gives 1 away 4 Xmas #vidly =-.

  141. Shannon Tao says:

    My mom always told me honey was good for lips, so I would slather on some honey before I went to sleep, on my lips of course! The next morning they would be plump and moist! I also use a lip scrub, you can make your own using brown sugar and Vaseline, but I like to use Mary Kay’s Lip satin mask! And of course my favourite lip balm is Burts Bee’s, the pepermint one! I reapply at least 4 times a day! Hope you ladies all have a nice day !

  142. Judy says:

    I love to mix lip gloss and lipstick for both shine and colour!

  143. nada says:

    yep im definitely more of a gloss girl. But when im looking for more color i will slap on some lipstick but i always top it with lipgloss. i hate that dry look of lips that lipstick alone can give you. blegh. but these colors look amazing!!

  144. Antoinette says:

    My favorite casual lip look is using a tinted balm or a pink gloss…but if I wear lipstick I get rid of the flakes- use some lip balm, and then use a lip primer to make sure it sticks. πŸ™‚

  145. Mimi S says:

    Covergirl makes a great lip stain that looks like a magic marker. It has deep color and smells and tastes great. I like to layer that under a lipgloss or sheer lipstick to make it pop.

  146. Michelle says:

    I never ever apply lipstick without lip balm on first. Even if the lipstick is creamy in itself, many can have a drying affect over time, I find. Also, a lip balm will help the lipstick to lay smoother. It’s best to use a waxier lip balm over a thin one!

  147. Paula C says:

    Labello lip balm overnight. Other balms as needed. I stay away from lip pencils as they break out my lip line. I also skip the glosses and lipsticks that are drying.
    I love a sheer lipstick; the Korres looks great!

  148. My tip is to use Lucas’ Paw Paw ointment πŸ˜€ Love it!

    Twitter: xovintagelove
    .-= XOVINTAGELOVE’s last blog post… FOTD =-.

  149. Sasha R says:

    I woke up with flaky chapped lips today. Last week I ran out of Burt’s Bees lip balm so I knew I had to pick up a new tube. Flakes disappeared soon after slathering it on. In the meantime, though, I put on some shiny lip gloss – the reflective shine makes it hard to see that lips are dry, whereas lip color will cling to dry skin. My full lips are my favorite feature; I usually wear nude color (Korres lip butter in Jasmine and NARS lip gloss in Orgasm are my favorites) to make them appear fuller. That way I can also load up on the dark smudgy eye makeup, making my eyes look bigger at the same time! No wonder the smoky eye/nude lip is a classic look…

  150. Peggy says:

    What I usually do for my lipstick is apply it vertically on my upper and lower lips in short strokes, after that I do the back and forth motion with sweeping it across my lips!
    This helps to fill in all the lines (:

  151. Hmm, tip for feahering–use a reverse lipliner–I like Benefit D’Finer Liner. I love, love, love Chanel Wild Rose glossimer!!!!!!!!!

  152. Lisha says:

    I use Burt’s Bee’s lip balm and exfoliate my lips once a week with a warm wet washcloth.

  153. Alexandra says:

    I use lip balm,and if my lips are really dry i use blistex relief cream. I think thats what its called lol

  154. Crystal says:

    When I’m brushing my teeth, I always run my toothbrush over my lips when I’m finished, then when I’m puttin on my Creme de la Mer before bed, I make sure I get some on my lips.

  155. Kim says:

    My fav lip trick is to use olive oil and sugar to exfoliate my lips.. works great and is cheap πŸ™‚
    .-= Kim’s last blog post… Iheartredcherry haul =-.

  156. LRW says:

    chapstick every night before bed and before applying lipstick gives me flake free lips and a better lipstick application.

  157. styleezta says:

    I am obsessed with Nivea Lip care! I think it’s like lotion for the lips. you guys have to try it πŸ™‚

  158. Louisa says:

    So excited about this giveaway. My favorite thing to do if I want my lipstick color to really pop like bright red lipstick, I blend some foundation on my lips before applying the lipstick with a lip brush. The color is more true and bright.

  159. J says:

    If you’re using a lipstick, line your lips and then choose a similarly coordinated stain – that way when your lipstick fades you won’t look like a pornstar/Pam Anderson, avoiding that horrid dark lip liner outline

  160. Dria says:

    With winter coming, it’s important to have a daily defense against wind and cold. My little trick is using A&D ointment on my lips every night at bedtime…or even a thin layer when I’m going out. It works so well that I even have my boyfriend using it!

  161. Katrina says:

    Before applying lipstick or gloss, I always exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush – it keeps your lips super soft and minty πŸ™‚ Then I apply a moisturizing lip balm.

  162. Theresa says:

    I live the Northeast, so the wind and cold take their toll on my lips. However, I’ve found that using a good lip scrub in the evening followed by a rich lip balm overnight can do wonders. Lately, I’ve been using Sarah Happ lip scrub and lip balm, and both have been great.

    I also use a lot of lip balm during the day. Although I use a range of different products, I really like Kiehl’s scented lip balm in cranberry (perfect for the holidays) or mango.

  163. Mona says:

    i slab on some aquaphor healing ointment 5 mins prior to lipstick application, gives me smooth lipstick ready lips fast!
    .-= Mona’s last blog post… Givenchy New Impressions Spring Summer 2010 =-.

  164. Anastasia says:

    My fave lip trick is to scrub my lips with a mixture of oil/sugar a few times a week to keep my lips in tip top shape!

  165. sobia says:

    i use a bit of my facial scrub on my lips to exfoliate the dead skin, than vaseline before bed time to wake up with beautiful smooth lips !

  166. Brittnie says:

    The process of this is gross, but the results are amazing.

    Slather some Vaseline on your lips, leave it on for about five minutes, and rub an old toothbrush over your lips in a circular motion. Then wipe off the excess Vaseline and apply lipstick. Your lips will be amazingly smooth and plump.

  167. Catherine says:

    Oooh, what a fab giveaway!

    Ok, so I have *really* dry lips – they’re naturally kind of dry, I apparently sleep with my mouth open and I also have this awful habit of picking at the dead skin (which I’ve kind of been able to kick…) so I spent most of my childhood with really gross peeling, chunky, bleedy lips… for my first and second year of college I went through 40+ lip products trying to find something to remedy the problem and I think I’ve finally figured it out!

    My two HG products for keeping my lips in shape are the Physicians Formula Plump Potion and Soapalaya Soaps Green Tea Lip Butter (from etsy). The lip butter is what I use to keep my lips in good shape (I was actually allergic to chapstick, Blistex and two of the Burt’s Bees D:) but the Plump Potion – that’s my secret weapon! It sounds really weird, but it’s actually THE BEST LIP PEEL EVER. It’s lightly minty feeling, not tingly or painful at all, and it’s goopy and REALLY sticky, but once you put it on and leave it on for ~1-2hrs, it totally moisturizes, heals and dissolves all the chapped dead skin so you can just rub it off with your finger (which admittedly is a little gross) without any tearing or bleeding at all! And it’s the only thing that’s ever kept my lips totally moisturized all night. I actually almost started crying the first morning I woke up from using it because it was the first time I had ever woken up without dry chapped lips I could remember. It’s also totally not addictive at all. I’ve actually gotten to the point that I only have to use it once every month or so, when it’s super cold/windy or when I wear a more drying lipstick. =)
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… New NOTW – Gold Glitter Tips and Heart Gem on Zoya Ginessa =-.

  168. heatherzilla says:

    For me exfoliation is the key.

  169. Andrea says:

    My lip look also starts with lip balm, I lke Erno Laszlo 3-9 Lip Balm. I put this on early during the makeup routine with the moisturizing section. Letting that sink in while I put on foundation, eyemakeup, blush etc. Then I apply a lip stain. My favorite is the MAC one from the Emanual Ungaro collection. But depending on your look the stain that suits you. The lip balm you just used helps to counteract the drying of the stain. After the stain settles you can

    a) add more lip balm and call it good

    b) add some clear gloss and call it good

    c) add a nice moisturizing lipstick

    b) add a nice moisturizing lipstick and a companion gloss

    oh oh

    d) add a nice companion gloss

    e) any combination of the above.

    oh yeah then you can take the cream colored eye pencil or MAC facinating eye pencil and trace the outside of the lips to get a pouting lip.

  170. AAJ83 says:

    i use lipliner..and then lipgloss..lasts a lil longer than usual! πŸ˜‰

    i tweeted as well :

  171. Stephie says:

    I like to nude out my lips to make the most out of whatever pink or red lipstick I’m trying to rock that day.
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… It’s Raining =-.

  172. Nhung says:

    I like to nude out my lips before applying lip color because my lips are very pigmented.

  173. Alice says:

    I can not rave enough about Weleda Everon lip balm. I have incredibly dry lips and it is an amazing product, especially now that we are in the harsh winter months. Also before I apply lipstick or gloss I often will use Rimmel’s East End Snob Lipbalm, it is a tad darker than my natural lipcolor and it really helps with defining lips when you’re in a hurry.

  174. Apple says:

    Nude lipliner and lipstick – never fails! πŸ™‚

  175. Vy says:

    Every night before I go to bed, I always put Vaseline on my lips or chapstick so I can wake up with moist lips. I also always put it on before lipstick so it doesn’t leave the lipstick looking dry.

  176. Nicole says:

    I use my toothbrush to exfoliate my lips after I shower, then I apply chap stick. Now my lips are nice and smooth for whatever I want to put on them.

  177. Cherie says:

    I exfoliate my lips and face twice a week (Lush’s Ocean Salt is great for me) to get dead skin off and make my skin all glowy. Make sure to moisturize – I use a mix of heavy and light cream after exfoliating. Then I lather on the lip balm when I got to bed. Now your lips are healthy, happy and ready for some gloss or l/s in the morning πŸ™‚

  178. Amelie Michel says:

    I love to mix and match! I always play with the colors and mixing the textures. That is usually how I find the perfect shade for me. Also a good moisturizer before bed is a most to achieve perfect lips.

  179. Halifax says:

    I depend so much on lip balms, love to have some on all day. My lips are pigmented, so I normally go for coral/ plum shades. Love to have some sparkly gloss on top πŸ™‚

  180. Heather T. says:

    Def. lip balms and exfoliating with sugar & extra virgin olive oil.

  181. Nadine says:

    After applying lip color, I clean up the edges with a q-tip.

  182. Jenni says:

    I use jojoba oil (straight from the bottle) every night to keep my lips from flaking, especially during the winters!

  183. singrsling says:

    I prep my lips at night and before applying lipstick with Aquaphor and exfoliate when needed with a wet washcloth. I always line my lips before applying lipstick or gloss!

  184. Jenni says:

    I use Jojoba Oil (straight from the bottle) to keep my lips from cracking/flaking, especially during the winters!

  185. Jennifer says:

    I have severely chapped lips. I swear by Aquaphor. It’s amazing and gets the job done! My favorite lipsticks are by Benefit. They are so smooth and they make your lips look juicy!!

  186. Frances says:

    To get my lips smooth before applying lipstick, I use Tart Frixtion. The exfoliating side gets rid od any flakies and the moisturizing side makes it all smooth – not greasy.

  187. Tayma says:

    I always use Shiseido Benefiance lip balm underneath my lipstick for an extra hydrated pout. =]

  188. Jess says:

    I think the trick to pulling of either gloss and/or lipstick is having well hydrated lips, so the colour on top looks smooth. I always use lip butter at night before I go to bed and then the next morning, I let a layer of balm sink into my lips before applying a gloss or lipstick! =) ~ Works well enough for most days!

  189. Eva says:

    I love berry lipglosses (so pretty!) and I love red lips, especially with simple winged eyeliner. AND I love nude pink lips πŸ˜€

  190. brittany says:


  191. Sarah V says:

    I like to put on lip balm, then wait about 15 minutes or so before I put on my lipstick so my lips are soft and smooth, but the lipstick doesn’t slide around on top of the balm.

  192. sara says:

    i went to sephora to buy the korres lip butters.. and they sold out πŸ™

  193. karlenma says:

    i mix two shades of lipstick to get the “perfect” lip color

  194. karlenma says:

    i follow you on twitter and i retweeted. πŸ™‚
    twitter name: ilaybalilay

  195. pam says:

    I like to use my nivea chapstick before bed and a dab of it in the morning and it makes a big difference with the way my lips look πŸ™‚

  196. Sherry B. says:

    I am a total lip balm w/SPF junkie and a great believer in keeping my lips exfoliated! My favorite trick, however, is using a GREAT clear lipliner by Aveda that keeps everything in place no matter what shade I’m wearing.

  197. RLW says:

    I start with some Burts Bees Pomegranite lip balm, wait about 5 minutes, then take a neutral lipliner followed with MAC’s Fabby lipstick and top with gloss. I also keep about 5-10 lip balm stashed everywhere during the winter to combat any chappiness. (is that a word, lol)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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