If Your Pets Could Talk, What Would They Say About Your Sense of Style?

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Anthropologie Panthere Dress with Halogen Katrina Booties

A talking Tabs would have plenty to say about this subject.


First, he’d voice his strong displeasure about my penchant for stretchy pants, and then call Karl Lagerfeld on his iPhone to vent. “The leggings in her closet are multiplying exponentially! Something must be done!”

I’m sorry, Tabs, it’s not my fault that the Zella Live-In Leggings are, in fact, so comfortable that I really do want to live in them. πŸ™‚

Next, he’d give me grief about my footwear choices. In particular, these boots, which he attacks every time I wear them (I think that he thinks they’re cats making a move on his territory).

Then, after listing all of the many fashion faux pas I commit on a daily basis, he would hopefully give me a little props for the kitty-themed clothing in my closet.

Of course, he would do this begrudgingly, since cats never, ever let their assistants know that they’re actually doing something right.

Babes! What kind of cattitude would you get if your pet could talk, and what would they say about your sense of style?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Happy National Cat Day!

Although, really, every day here at Tabs the Cat Industries LLC is National Cat Day. πŸ™‚

While the neighborhood shows its support for the San Francisco Giants with lots of sporting memorabilia, I choose to announce my pro-cat position and how committed I am to Team Feline with this nifty Halloween black cat door decoration.

Go cats!

In other ornery animal news, cat lovers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle and Phoenix can now order in-home cat delivery thanks to car service Uber.

For National Cat Day, Uber will deliver an adoptable kitten to your office for 15 minutes of playtime for $30, with all of the proceeds going to shelters in the participating cities.

Now that’s just (bad pun time) Uber cool.

Shoot! Why isn’t Novato, California, on the list of cities? It’s a thriving metropolis of 49,000 people! We even have a Chipotle for crying out loud!!


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  1. Kim says:

    I’m sure Tabs would totally give you props for your cat-themed wardrobe pieces and accessories (AND home decor – love the door!). My brood wouldn’t even need to talk. They could just shake their heads with sad disapproval. Or maybe not. I’m almost never wearing anything that I need to shoo them off of, so they can always sit on me and snuggle. Thankfully, they don’t seem to have an eye for fashion. HAHA!

  2. Estefania says:

    I do not have a cat, but if my schnauzer could talk, she would probably just yell “CUDDLE CUDDLE CUDDLE CUDDLE!” and climb on top of me. She loves this one sweater I have; it’s big, warm, and fuzzy, so I think she thinks I’m like a walking nap spot when I wear it.

  3. Agata says:

    Since my kitty is in Poland I am not sure what she’d say about my fashion choices. I know that when I still lived at home she peed on my shoes a couple of times…SMH…But I do love all of your cat print clothes, they suit you so well!

    I love your cat door decoration!
    Agata recently posted … Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna

  4. MonicaP says:

    I don’t have a cat (spouse is allergic), but the dog would just say “gimme a treat” or “take me for a walk” momma. I don’t think he cares much for my ‘fashion’ sense .. lol.

    I checked out your last years post – what cute clothing – I hope you bought it all !!

    Monica and Taylor the cocker spaniel
    MonicaP recently posted … Fresh, Raw, Organic Skin Care by The Body Deli

  5. Haha, I love that Tabs attacks your boots, haha πŸ™‚ ‘INTRUDER ALERT!’ Seriously though Karen, I really like your style, I love your on-the-phone outfit.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Revlon Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara by Grow Luscious

  6. Allison C says:

    I love both dresses you’re sporting! I don’t have any pets at the moment. But I love how Tabs attacks your boots and how you have been inspired fashion-wise because of him. He is your muse in so many ways
    Allison C recently posted … Foxbrim Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  7. My parents cats (the closest I am to pets right now) would probably congratulate me on wearing sturdy jeans they can easily use to slowly climb up my leg… Outch!

  8. Karen! Oh dress so effortlessly really dig your second look And I love your furry boots.

  9. Rachel R. says:

    We don’t currently have a kitty. πŸ™

    My younger son has a bunny, who would probably say that we don’t give him enough berry-flavored yogurt chips.

    Per my style, he’d probably say I need to weed out my closet some more. He would give me props for getting rid of my “mom” clothes and becoming more stylish again.

  10. Ruchita says:

    I love the cat themed dresses! Very cute. All my cats seem to approve of my clothing because they always rub up against my legs – especially when I’m wearing black! I picked up my black cat kitty ears for my Halloween costume. Hopefully I will get their paw of approval πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I can’t wait for the face off (paw off?) with Nina! I’m sure you’ll give her a run for her money, LOL. What kind of ears did you get? Lacy, furry?

      Oh, totally random, but I went on a walk this afternoon and met a new kitty friend! There’s a new tortie who lives down the street. I’ve named her Elsa.

      • Ruchita says:

        I just went for some basic fuzzy ears. Nothing too fancy. And I’m definitely not going as a sexy kitty, which is practically what every other costume was. There was even a sexy nun outfit!

        Tortie cats are so cute! They have such cool markings.

        • Karen says:

          UGH, nothing beats the Sexy Clown outfit. I mean, really? How can a clown be anything remotely “sexy”?

          I’ll see if I can post a pic of her. She’s very tiny and has a raspy meow. The cutest part was that I saw her right at the end of my walk, just sitting on the stairs that lead up to my complex. She was just chilling, like she was waiting for a cat lady to come and say hi to her.

          • Ruchita says:

            Sexy Clown?!? That is pretty ridiculous. I would love to see a pic of Elsa. Seems like she’s a sweet girl. πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah Lowes says:

    Our two Siamese cats, (Odin and Freya) would probably look at me disdainfully. Freya looks like a nightclub singer in long chocolate brown evening gloves and Odin is the handsomest, blonde Nordic type – like Alexander Skarsgaard in TrueBlood. Their mama has neither the looks nor the outfits…

  12. Sylirael says:

    Augh! Those BOOTS! πŸ˜€

    You and all your fun dresses are too adorable! I wish I was so chic πŸ˜‰

    If I had a talking pet, it would be a samoyed dog, or a Russian blue cat, who would probably tell me to stop worrying about my coat so I could spend a bit more time taking care of her luxurious fur!

    As it is I have to settle for a husband, who, in fairness, compliments me no matter what I wear πŸ˜‰
    Sylirael recently posted … Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll #5

    • Karen says:

      Oh, I love silky samoyed dogs! I had a teacher who had one and would bring her to class. Those days were the best!

      How long have you and your hubby been married?

      • Sylirael says:

        Just a little over a year ^_^ (n00bywed status still fresh?). We did date/live together for 4-5 years before that though. It’s funny when people ask me: ‘So how has the adjustment been to married life?!?!’ and I’m all: ‘Uh…well, we haven’t ended up on Dateline yet, so I guess we’re doing OK?’ when what I *really* mean is ‘well, we lived together for a long time beforehand, so…nothing’s changed?’ πŸ˜€
        Sylirael recently posted … Answer Me These Questions Three! – A Suitably Geeky Makeup Poll #5

  13. Jenny says:

    These dresses are so cute. I have such a hard time trying to figure out how to wear fancy/dressy dresses during colder months. Could you do a post on that? Some of my dresses look fine with a cardigan or jean jacket, but others are too fancy looking to be paired with that, imo. What would you suggest?
    Jenny recently posted … Review: Perricone MD Science of Cold Plasma

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jenny,

      How cold does it get where you live? Here in Nor Cal it dips into the 40s, which is about the lowest in the middle of winter.

      Anywho, when it gets cold and I want to wear a dress, I usually do layers. I’ll wear tights, and then maybe even another pair of long socks underneath my knee high boots. If the dress has a little room up top, then I’ll layer a snug long sleeve shirt underneath the dress. And perhaps a chunky sweater on top of the dress if it’s extra cold.

      If your dress is on the fancier side, you can always invest in something like a button up cashmere cardigan. They are luxe, lightweight and very warm.

      Of course, there’s always scarves, too!

      You have a lot of options. πŸ™‚ Let me know how else I can help!

  14. Icequeen81 says:

    IIIIIII Neeed that poster the whole year looooong

    My pets? umm 2 puppies and a rooster…
    No idea

    But now that I am thinking I can hear mom moo I hate your black shoes I am gonna kill them ,they are monsters
    She hates everything I wear on my feet that is black she used to chase my feet when I was wearing anything black on my feet, when she was a few months old and the ironic part of it was, that she is pitch black dog , no trace or other color in her fur. Now she turned one year she stopped chasing my feet, but, being honest I don’t wear black on my feet near her anymore.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Icequeen81,

      RIGHT?! If I could, I’d paint a kitty on the door. I don’t think the housing association would let it fly, though.

      Wait… I didn’t know you had a rooster. What is his name?

      • Icequeen81 says:

        It is so pretty that black cat πŸ™ , they are boring then, but I understand

        Yeah, I mentioned a few times πŸ™‚ , His name is Joe, he is rescue, He come onto our yard one December, when we come back home that day ,he was still there, I decided to give him some food and water , and he stayed with us. Being our first pet,
        He is funny,He is very intelligent, and respond to the name we give him,even he is not young. He waits for his food every single morning in front of the kitchen door, if we fail to wake up later ,on a day off or weekend he comes and sing under our bedroom window πŸ™‚ He really knows his ways.

        • Karen says:

          I would love to have a crazy cat lady door! Someday, maybe.

          Pets that come into your life unexpectedly are the best kind. Joe sounds like a character! I’ve never had a rooster before but I can imagine it being fun, especially if he’s interactive like Joe. So, does he stay in the yard all day long? Or does he have an enclosure? I hope that no other animals can get to him.

          • Icequeen81 says:

            We got all of them unexpectedly,
            Joes is really a funny Rooster,He really interacts if we are outside in the yard he come and sit beside us to watch what we are doing, he keep an eye on us.and also on the pups (he spies on us).
            No, for the dogs we build a 5 meter play pen, made of wood and chicken wire, they have enough place for themselves, the playpen is build between the porch and the kitchen door, so they have a roof too, and Joe walks outside their playpen.Joe is the only one in the yard, He sleep on a tall tree, Normally he goes to bed at 6:30 when we arrive home and he wait for us to eat. But these days he is going to bed earlier before we arrive home cause is turning dark earlier.

          • Karen says:

            Those are the best because they pick you! πŸ™‚ You are so lucky!

            Joe sounds very smart. Do you guys ever give him toys to play with? I bet he’d get a kick out of something that stimulates his brain.

            Oh, and it must be nice to have an alarm clock that you never have to set!

            Good thing that Joe is separated from the dogs, as some dogs have a very strong hunting drive. Our dog Shauna was like that. She would try to hunt birds in my parents’ backyard!

          • Icequeen81 says:

            Yes we feel lucky with them.

            Not really we don’t have any idea what to give him, I tried ones with a cat ball those with the Lil bells, he was pushing it , I never saw it again. He spend the day making holes bathing himself, or laying in a broken kennel we have in the yard he likes to sit there and watch around. Like I said he is a spy.(Secret society of backyard chickens)
            True, we don’t trust the dogs with him, so we separated them in a way they cant touch each other but they can see each other everyday, they are used to each other in some way.

          • Karen says:

            Haha, I kind of want to hang out with the Secret Society of Backyard Chickens. I bet their meetings are fun! I think that a Secret Society of Wild Turkeys meets in my front yards. They are such thugs! They poop all over the place without any regard… sigh.

            Hey, maybe more pets will come and decide to live with you!

          • Icequeen81 says:

            Lol it is kind of fun , he thinks he is hiding behind some plants, but you can clearly see his crest and his long feather tail behind them, He observe the dogs, Or observe us, that’s why we come with the Joke that he is in a secret society of backyard chickens, he communicate with other chicken, while singing, in other yards in the neighborhood. Joe poops al over the place,
            my hub is more alert than me with that, he sees them sometimes I am in a such hurry I don’t.
            haha I hardly think more pets will join us, hubby thinks we have enough with those 3 .

          • Icequeen81 says:

            Once when hubby was outside working at his car he come very close to have a close look at what he was doing, he looked first with his right side of his face and then , the left, he sat down , watching, It was kind of what are you doing? is that food?

  15. Chelsea says:

    I think Quincy, with his tuxedo coloring, would scold me to ditch the jeggings and dress up more often (I’m wearing a skirt today, so he’s licking my knees…). Jiji has a tendency to get my clothes all furry, so he likes all-black πŸ˜€

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      I’m wearing leggings as I type this, LOL! All my pants are gray because it hides Tabs’ fur the best, haha!

      Will Quincy and Jiji be dressing up for Halloween?

      • Chelsea says:

        Probably not! I was trying to find antlers for Quincy to turn him into a jackalope, but I can’t find them in town! I’ll have to wait until Christmas. And Jiji is already a black kitty, perfect for Halloween.

  16. Montrealaise says:

    I have no idea what my Golden Retriever thinks of my fashion style – but she definitely can tell my looks apart. When I get dressed for work on weekdays her reaction is boredom (“she’s going to work, ho-hum”) but whenever I put on my jeans, she gets super-excited. She knows that jeans mean we’re going to do something fun, like visiting dog park or going for a drive. She watches me very closely when I get dressed in the morning to see whether I put on work clothes or fun clothes. She’s so smart!

  17. Fran says:

    Natasha, my dwarf Winter White hamster, would like me to wear more fuzzy slippers she could pull tufts out of to line her nest, and more button-up shirts for her to hide inside and poke her little face out of. She is in the process of changing her own wardrobe from her summer gray coat to her winter white coat — right now her silky-soft fur is gray all over her back, white on her belly, feet, and nose. In the middle of winter she is pure white all over, in summer gray with a darker stripe down the back. So cute! And so soft! Like a chinchilla! She loves to eat dinner with us, loves to be petted, and gives lots of kisses. Who knew a creature you can hold in the palm of your hand could be such a good little friend?

  18. Charlotte says:

    My black kitty, Charm, would say, “Too many colors. Wear black. I like black.”

  19. Michele DiCola says:

    Hi Karen ,
    I always enjoy your posts !
    When my husband was stationed in North Carolina, his friend had & his wife had a Siamise Cat named : Millie. Millie always knew when Chris , her husband was coming in the door because she would just sit and pose until he opened the door!
    What a beautiful thing !
    However, this was not a fashion story but the best cat story I knew !
    Enjoy your week ,

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