Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, October 13

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  1. Mood:
  2. Cheerful 🙂

  3. Breakfast:
  4. Coffee and strawberry frosted Pop Tarts

  5. Fragrance:
  6. Lancome Miracle Forever

  7. Eye makeup:
  8. I’m still in my jammies, but I’m thinking about Mineral eyeshadow from the MAC Emanuel Ungaro collection.

  9. Momentary makeup issue:
  10. Dark circles, blah! I suppose if I look on the bright side, they give me an excuse to use products like the Pixi Neutralizing Palette and Clarins Instant Light Perfecting Touch.

  11. Eyebrow status:
  12. They aren’t always well behaved, but they’re being reasonable this morning. I pluck a bit each day to keep them under control.

  13. Last movie I watched:
  14. The first half of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, starring Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor. WOW, that man was handsome!

  15. Latest makeup or beauty find:
  16. Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation.

  17. Shoe crush:
  18. These boots by Seychelles Footwear. I really like them in Clay.

  19. Goals for the week:
  20. Think about going back to school for journalism, get Tabs a Halloween costume, find eye palettes to bring to Florida for Jen’s wedding next month, get in as much outside jogging as possible before it’s too cold and refrain from shoveling large amounts of brie down my gullet.

Your turn. Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Eye makeup:
Momentary makeup issue:
Eyebrow status:
Last movie I watched:
Latest makeup or beauty find:
Shoe crush:
Goals for the week:


Do you hear that, ladies? It’s the sound of trumpets heralding our arrival! Together, not even the dreaded Monday can stand in our way.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. ines says:

    Le list

    Mood: happy and well rested. canadian thanksgiving weekend, y’all!
    Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese, orange juice
    Fragrance: body shop cassis rose
    Eye makeup: nada
    Momentary makeup issue: concealing big red post-zit spot by my nose
    Eyebrow status: tweezed but not astoundingly beautiful either… just acceptable, i guess.
    Last movie I watched: the love guru on DVD
    Latest makeup or beauty find: layering body shop cocoa butter lip care stick under any insanely sticky lip gloss will curb the stickiness but won’t interfere with the gloss’ long-wearing powers.
    Shoe crush: rhinestone encrusted strappy latin ballroom shoes by prodance
    Goals for the week: find a costume for my exhibition in november… going for emerald green or sapphire.

    hi karen! happy canadian turkey massacre/columbus day!

  2. abigail says:

    Mood:happy 🙂
    Breakfast:milk and cereal
    Fragrance:escada moon sparkle
    Eye makeup:mac teddy eyeliner w/ nars earth angel brown colour
    Momentary makeup issue:how to find the PERFECT NUDE for my lips !
    Eyebrow status:au natural , haven’t done anything to them..yet
    Last movie I watched:the woman, last night, it was good XD
    Latest makeup or beauty find:a thick lotion that is a bit tacky , like aveeno daily oatmeal moisturizer , the one in the giant green and beige bottle, act’s as the PERFECT makeup primer, prevent powder from looking cakey, make it last a long time, moisturizing, and still prevents the oilies C=
    Shoe crush:OMG …these amazing grey suede ankle boots with a slight wooden heels , looks amazing with black high socks 🙂
    Goals for the week:to finish studying and score well on my social test, hope i don’t get distracted 😉

  3. YadiQ says:

    Mood: blah but ok for a monday

    Breakfast: bowl of raisin bran

    Fragrance: chanel chance

    Eye makeup: nars balthazar duo, with a touch of aqua blue shadow in the corners, and 2 coats of chanel exceptionnel

    Momentary makeup issue: the bane of my existence – dark under eye circles no matter what i try i look about 10 years older than what i am 🙁

    Eyebrow status: totally hooked up – i went just last friday to the anasasia brow studio for a touch up

    Last movie I watched: no movies these days but i have been netflixing rome

    Latest makeup or beauty find: anasasia brow highlighter opens up your eyes really good top off with a little nars albatross and your good to go

    Shoe crush: michael kors pumps in chocolate brown they small platform in the front and stacked heel i cant remember the name of the shoe though lol i saw it in a macys catalog

    Goals for the week: WOrk OUT WORK OUT WORKOUT!! start packing for vacation, make a list of things i need to prep before i go, prepare for a home made pizza party that i am hosting on saturday, organize my makeup cause these days its just a hot mess and i am tired of walking with a turkey in my purse, stay on budget and pay my bills !

  4. Ellery says:

    Mood: Shitty, I’ve been in bed for three days sick, my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t move. 🙁

    Breakfast: Nothing, I haven’t ate for three days!

    Fragrance: Christina Aguilera edp, my new favorite. I’m a celebrity scentaholic.

    Eye makeup: Nothing.

    Momentary makeup issue: Red cheeks, but I’m using Bio-Oil on them.

    Eyebrow status: Perfect, I waxed them last week and they look so sharp.

    Last movie I watched: The women, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Barry M Lipsticks, they’re soooo good and only £4.25 each! And they do black!

    Shoe crush: Christian Louboutin No Barre pumps, but I’m just about to spend all my money on spooky dvds and a Louis Vuitton bag so the shoes have gotta wait for a while. I need to get me a job.

    Goals for the week: Clean out the shed and pack away everything, also get a lock for the door since there was two guys in my garden last night trying to get into the shed! My dad scared them off though.

  5. GG says:

    Le list

    Mood: Euphoric, got back from a weekend shopping trip in NYC!

    Breakfast: Just woke up! My roommate just made some amazing Korean stew sooooooo I’ll have to eat some of that =)

    Fragrance: Nothing

    Eye makeup: Au naturale

    Momentary makeup issue: My mascara is drying up =(

    Eyebrow status: Too sparse! I wish I had thicker brows!

    Last movie I watched: Boondock Saints… for the 20th time

    Latest makeup or beauty find: The YSL rouge volupte in nude beige

    Shoe crush: Gucci babouska open toed sandals and the booties

    Goals for the week: No more spending money!!!!

  6. Tatiana says:

    Mood: scatterbrain (doesn’t really qualify for a mood but represents my current state of mind)
    Breakfast: 2 plain chocolate chip waffles and a cup of vanilla soy milk
    Fragrance: same vanilla apricot fragrance I wear everyday
    Eye makeup: my default work look, Too Faced shadow insurance, a wash of MAC Arena, Mulch & Carbon in the crease, Woodwinked on the lid, and Dazzleight as a highlighter
    Momentary makeup issue: I need more blush!
    Eyebrow status: so funny how this is on the survey because lately I’ve been not in the mood to pluck or do anything, usually I love plucking. I’m even considering, getting them professionally waxed (gasp).
    Last movie I watched: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (Disco break!!)
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Stila Rouge pot in Sweet Pea
    Shoe crush: bronze flats from Naturalizer, nude pumps from Aldo
    Goals for the week: get a Halloween costume together

  7. Tania says:

    Le list
    Mood:spaced out
    Breakfast:b-fas burrito and OJ
    Fragrance: dove waterlilly and freshmint body spray
    Eye makeup: none
    Momentary makeup issue:need an easy to apply stay put eyeliner. May have to go back to fluidlines.
    Eyebrow status: need a bit of work
    Last movie I watched: CHICAGO. The looks are beyond!
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Treseme Hairspray and their heat tammer spray. They both ROCK!
    Shoe crush: there were these plaid boots I saw somewhere online. Swoon!
    Goals for the week:Survive. Oh and not spend a lot at my Red She Said Color Collection MAC appointment on Friday. Those blushes look good extremely promising.

  8. Elena says:

    Le list

    Mood: Truth be told, generally annoyed at everything. The Santa Ana winds that awoke me this morning (pelting rocks against my window) did very little to help.
    Breakfast: Banana and a caramel macchiato from a campus shop.
    Fragrance: “Velvet Tuberose “ from Bath & Body Works.
    Eye makeup: MAC Fluidline in “Blitz & Glitz”, Maybelline Colassal Volume Mascara in “Glam Black”
    Momentary makeup issue: Trying to find a foundation to match my skin tone
    Eyebrow status: Right… they’re okay. Not bad enough for a threading, yet.
    Last movie I watched: Erm. I can’t remember. “Labyrinth”?
    Latest makeup or beauty find: L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation (blending N3 and N4 from a BOGO sale)
    Shoe crush: Manolo Blahnik’s
    Goals for the week: To survive and, at some point this week, be really happy. It’s all I ask. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re doing well today. 😀 I cannot wait to see the costume you get for Tabs. He’s gonna rock it, lol.

  9. Kate says:

    Mood: Tired
    Breakfast: wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese
    Fragrance: John Varvatos
    Eye makeup: MAC Talent Pool and Moth Brown
    Momentary makeup issue: Pregnancy pimple on my chin!!
    Eyebrow status: In severe need of upkeep
    Last movie I watched: Dan In Real Life
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Can’t wait for MAC’s Petticoat!!!
    Shoe crush: Ellen Tracy boots
    Goals for the week: To go to bed by 9 PM each night – pregnancy makes you soooo tired.

  10. Anna says:

    Le list
    Mood:Tired, but chirpy….got my chores done and bills paid today…got them out of the way.
    Breakfast: An apple, green Tea and a ricecake.

    Fragrance: Chanel Eau Fraiche….love the stuff and have a backup 🙂

    Eye makeup: Paintery painpot, MAC Blitz & Glitz liner

    Momentary makeup issue:I have a sty so simple simpl simple eye make-up only for the moment.

    Eyebrow status: freshly plucked this morning 🙂

    Last movie I watched:Ghost, love Patrick Swayze….

    Latest makeup or beauty find:Maybelline Colossal mascara….they stuff is amazing !

    Shoe crush: Ummm…….some killer black patent mary janes for my graduation, not sure if I should get the navy pair too…….

    Goals for the week: Work out to the max, I want to get my rock hard abs before xmas looms over us and we have to stuff ourselves silly wth xmas dinner at our parents house…..

  11. meimei says:

    Mood: Cautiously optimistic

    Breakfast: Egg-white omelet and potatoes with cheese and salsa

    Fragrance: None yet

    Eye makeup: Mascara (can’t decide between CG LashBlast and Bourjois Volume Glamour Black)

    Momentary makeup issue: HUMIDITY

    Eyebrow status: OK, but will definitely need some work tonight

    Last movie I watched: To Catch a Thief

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Still in love with LashBlast. 🙂

    Shoe crush: Frye boots

    Goals for the week: Stay optimistic even in times of trouble; eat healthier, and have a lot of gratitude

    meimei´s last blog post..Give a Little Bit

  12. tali says:

    Mood: Tired my eyes are drooping!!

    Breakfast: Chocolate bar and 2 glasses apple juice :/

    Fragrance: Cinema and mens deoderant which was more strong then i expected!!

    Eye makeup: Half way down my face and all smudgy.. but it was pink and from becca with chanel eyeliner and ysl mascara!

    Momentary makeup issue: Pompeii my spot is hard to cover as he is now in the scabby stages of exsistance

    Eyebrow status: Mercifully was born with perfect brows..never tweased in my life! Makes up for Pompeii

    Last movie I watched: Ps I love you. I wouldnt say i watched it. I more sobbed uncontrolably and peered over the tissue at moments.

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Ysl new eyeshadow palates!

    Shoe crush: Guess shoes! big boots!

    Goals for the week: not kill the boyfriend for leaving sock on the floor, on the table, on the chair, one in the bed.. one in the hall.. one in the toilet ( i think you understand my drift!)

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    Same to you! How is the dancing going?

    I will have to try your cocoa butter lip care stick trick!

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Abigail,

    Ahhh, finding perfect nude lip color is a quite a task! The journey is very fun, though. Have you found anything good so far? Good luck on your test this week!

  15. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    LOLOLOL! I am right there with you in the turkey-in-the-purse department. I’ve been trying to force myself to pack lighter by carrying a small purse. Instead, I end up bringing additional shopping bags to put more crap in, ha ha ha! It’s just so wrong…

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and sleep, my friend.

  17. Karen says:

    Hi GG,

    Fun! Did you do a major or minor haul?

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    HA HA HA! I almost picked up Zohan the other day. Did you like it?

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    I am tempted by those blushes, too. LE SIGH! MAC pretty much gets me every holiday season.

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Elena,

    LOL, El Hub is supremely against me getting the cat a costume but I don’t care. I want to get him something with a cape or perhaps a hat or head dress!

    It’s windy up here too… more than usual!

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’ve heard from friends that it makes you really tired. How far along are you? Are you tired of people rubbing your tummy yet?

  22. Xamich says:

    Le list

    Mood: Sleepy, but high on caffeine.
    Breakfast: A triple espresso and a slice of toast.
    Fragrance: The green dkny apple.
    Eye makeup: Shu Uemura anniversary eyeshadow thing in beige and brown, lancome cats eye liquid liner and lots and lots of clinique eye mascara.
    Momentary makeup issue: My power keeps drying my skin at the forehead.. maybe it’s time I bought some liquid foundation? It IS wintering up quite fast.
    Eyebrow status: Submissive.
    Last movie I watched: Not movie per se, but does a marathon of new adventures of old christine count? 🙂
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Nothing. Not unless counting down for the Chanel holiday collection counts! There’s nothing else on my mind. Except maybe that mac ungaro pink beauty powder…
    Shoe crush: Louboutin anything. A girl wore them to school and I want them so bad I’d jump her for them!
    Goals for the week:
    – resist catty, bitchy comments… for at least half a day. At school. During break. MSN and gossip don’t count. (High standards y’all!)
    – change my sheets. It’s been embarrassingly long.

    PS: Thanks Karen for the single eyelid makeup tips!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Anna,

    I’ve got working out on my list, too. Dunno if I’ll ever get the dream abs, as I hate doing ab work. Blech!

  24. Jessica F. says:

    Mood: Relaxed

    Breakfast: Large con leche with two sugars

    Fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Eye makeup: Mac Schroom all over lid, Bobby Brown Gel eyeliner & Cargo mascara.

    Momentary makeup issue: Cannot find a bright/dark red that suits me!!

    Eyebrow status: It’s bad. Really bad.

    Last movie I watched: Eagle Eye

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Physicians Formula shimmer strips.

    Shoe crush: YSL Tribute in pretty much any style.

    Goals for the week: Write!!

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Meimei,

    Yow! I love and hate humidity at the same time. Love it because my skin doesn’t get dry and hate it because my hair goes nuts.

    Have a good week!

  26. Karen B says:

    Mood: a tad tired
    Breakfast: chocolate bun and water
    Fragrance: Chloé
    Eye makeup: black eyeliner, black mascara (couldn’t be bothered this morning)
    Momentary makeup issue: I’m out of concealer and I can’t decide which one to buy. I also need a concealer brush.
    Eyebrow status: Erm same as always. I should pluck but can’t find the courage as I don’t have horrible brows or so.
    Last movie I watched: Star Wars Episode IV with my brother
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Makeup remover cloths are great for keeping your face and the back of your neck moisturized during flights.
    Shoe crush: (still going strong)
    Goals for the week: get through it without a major breakdown because of all the work to be done

    Karen B´s last blog post..Complicated? Nah!

  27. Michelle says:

    Le list
    Mood:Monday Blues
    Breakfast:English muffin w/cream cheese
    Fragrance: Just my B&BW lotion in Cherry Blossom
    Eye makeup: Revlon eye quad in Coffee Bean
    Momentary makeup issue: I need a better undereye concealer! I’m thinking of trying the one by Stila you seem to like Karen.
    Eyebrow status:Good. I plucked them last night.
    Last movie I watched:Eagle Eye. It was really good, Shia was looking kinda cute too.
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Hmm, I just ordered Mac eyeshadow in Woodwink but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m pretty sure i’ll like it though. Allure magazine said it will give me that “wide awake” look.
    Shoe crush:These grey booties I saw online at
    Goals for the week: Pick out a topic for my english final paper. The pressure!!!! And, of course, work out 😉

  28. Almira says:


    So far, so good =)


    Poptarts… xD


    Deoderant is too strong to use in conjunction with a perfume–good thing it smells WONDERFUL!

    Eye makeup:

    Same as always =) concealer and mascara!

    Momentary makeup issue:

    Ugh, my mascara always flakes D=

    Eyebrow status:

    As far as shape, my eyebrows are naturally perfect =D however a tinting is starting to fade, and one is notably lighter colored than the other! D=

    Last movie I watched:

    Haunted Forest. I was surprised that it actually scared me!

    Latest makeup or beauty find:

    Mmm, 3-2-1 Dry! Salon Nail Dryer =)

    Shoe crush:

    Some serious hooker boots I saw at a halloween store.

    Goals for the week:

    Survive it!? Haha! Bring grades up, def.

    Almira´s last blog post..My Roommate: The Alcoholic

  29. *Mood: Okay. I’ve been sick lately, but I think I’m getting better, so that makes me happy!
    *Breakfast: Oooh, I didn’t have any brecky today! 🙁 I usually just have a Starbucks frappaccino. I know, I know, but I have an 8am everyday! I just can’t wake up early enough.
    *Fragrance: I woke up late today, so I just grabbed a body mist. It’s in Passion Flower by Essence of Beauty
    *Eye makeup: CG Volume Exact in Very Black and CG Outlast liner in Onyx. Very light today. I was running late.
    *Momentary makeup issue: My only problem today is I never seem to have time in the morning to do a decent face. I don’t have any zits today! YAY
    *Eyebrow status: PINK! That’s right. I have pink and purple hair, so I’ve dyed my eyebrows pink, too. Unfortunately, they grow out REALLY fast.
    *Last movie I watched: RAMBO! Haha, last night.
    *Latest makeup or beauty find: All Beauty, which is a place where you can get MAC pigment samples for cheaper than!!!! My first MAC pigments! I’m so excited.
    *Shoe crush: Rebels Knit Boot; I saw it on the Victoria’s Secret Website. Guess which color I want? FUSCHIA!
    *Goals for the week: Make an A on my two tests this week; study study study chemistry; finish making the Psych Dept video database.

    StargirlHeuser´s last blog post..New VS Catalog!

  30. Brittany says:

    Mood: Kind of annoyed. Why is it my fiance must insist on keeping his phone off all freakin’ day? Grr.
    Breakfast: Apple Cider and a banana
    Fragrance: Nothing really. I rubbed a sample of Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust on my wrists from a mag. It’s surprisingly grown up smelling.
    Eye makeup: Ulta shadow in Luna, Ulta auto liner in Indigo, and CG lash blast.
    Momentary makeup issue: I really don’t have any. I wish I could make my nails grow faster. I freak out about 2 weeks ago and bit them all off.
    Eyebrow status: Surprisingly even right now 😛
    Last movie I watched: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
    Latest makeup or beauty find: NYX’s lipsticks. I bought 10 of them the other day for $1 each and they’re actually really nice. I have a problem with makeup 😛
    Shoe crush: I looove Christian Louboutin’s hermitage tall boots. They’re awesome..and like $1,500. I could find something similar for way cheaper, I’m sure.
    Goals for the week: Work on thesis. Work on thesis. Oh, and work on my thesis.

  31. Heidi says:

    Mood: Blah-I woke up to smokey skies due to the fires

    Breakfast: honey nut cheerios w/2% milk.

    Fragrande: none

    Eyemakeup: max factor volume couture mascara, l’oreal taupe eyeshadow

    Momentary makeup issue: My forehead’s been zitty lately and I’m so tempted to put on my bare ecensuals. Then I realized it’s best to let my skin breathe.

    Eyebrow status: A few strays that need to be banished immediately. I’m an eyebrow freak!

    Last movie I watched: Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist. This movie was really cute, funny, and just downright endearing. KAREN GO CHECK THIS OUT!!

    Latest makeup or beauty find: I’m refraining from buying any new makeup right now. But I do like the NARS the pretty.

    Shoe Crush: My vintage salvatore ferragamo oxford heels I purchased at salvation army!

    Goals for the week: Keep up schoolwork, exercise as usual, go to the library and get some books. I haven’t read in a long time.

  32. Daya says:

    Mood: Blah-blame it on the weather 🙁
    Breakfast: Coffee and pumpkin pie cake
    Fragrance: B&BW Sweet Pumpkin lotion
    Eye makeup: MAC’s Woodwinked, Rule and Swimming
    Momentary makeup issue: Pretending I don’t want to shop Sephora though it hasn’t happened in a long time
    Eyebrow status: A wax is needed ASAP!
    Last movie I watched: whatever was on Comedy Central last night
    Latest makeup or beauty find: NYX eyeshadows; I’m almost as bad collecting these as I am MAC 🙂
    Shoe crush: a pair of brown open-toed heels
    Goals for the week: Complete the remaining two units of my math homework and organize my closet

  33. Madeleine says:

    Le list
    Mood:bored and disappointed that tomorrow is already Tuesday,and I will have to go to work….
    Breakfast:raisin bran cereal / milk
    Eye makeup:UDPP,Quarrye/s and something identical in color but frosty in finish,make….Annabelle I guess;looks pretty good;Lancôme mascara Hypnosis
    Momentary makeup issue:something on my chin,something….that I don’t like ;(
    Eyebrow status:more or less satisfactory….I haven’t really decided yet whether is more or less…
    Last movie I watched:The Cinderella Story this morning on “W” network 🙂
    Latest makeup or beauty find:none
    Shoe crush:Swell chocolate nubuck casual slip on by Privo (nice casual shoes),I don’t want any boots,I am going to pretent that winter does not exsist 😉
    Goals for the week:to survive

  34. Tatiana says:

    Hi Karen,

    Zohan is worth watching especially if you’re having a bad day, it’s verrry silly, some raunchy parts too! Definitely do not rent “The Love Guru”, personally I thought that was a waste of time.

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    I love VERY SILLY! There are a few movies of that genre that I can watch over and over again. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen Night at the Roxbury – it’s almost shameful!

    Will definitely pick it up next time I go to the video store. 🙂

  36. Lorena says:

    Le list
    Greetings from México:

    Mood: Sleepy! I have not been abble to sleep well in weeks
    Breakfast: yogurth and strawberry
    Fragrance: allure by channel
    Eye makeup:loreal telescophic mascara in carbon black
    Momentary makeup issue: Waiting for next month trip to las vegas so I can go to sephora!
    Eyebrow status: I have very thick, dark eyebrows that need some wax!!
    Last movie I watched:A wonderful italian movie “cinema paradiso”
    Latest makeup or beauty find:honey and sugar can make a wonderful exfoliator
    Shoe crush: A pair of high heel black boots from nine west, I love boots!
    Goals for the week: Find a way to celebrate my birthday next month!,

  37. christine says:

    Mood: tired, and ready to go HOME
    Breakfast: strawberry poptart
    Fragrance: D& G light blue
    Eye makeup: tightlining w/ black e/l, shiseido mascara base, shiseido lifting mascara
    Momentary makeup issue: i havent washed my brushes in awhile…oops
    Eyebrow status: freshly threaded and filled in w/ MAC brow duo
    Last movie I watched: baby mama
    Latest makeup or beauty find: NARS blush in ‘sin’
    Shoe crush: knee high leather boots for the fall!
    Goals for the week: clean makeup brushes, do a face mask, pick up dry cleaning, go to the bank, get ALL my stuff done for work by thursday so it’s smooth sailing on friday!

  38. Lehea says:

    Mood: Sneezy

    Breakfast: Mint Milano cookies and milk

    Fragrance: Nada

    Eye makeup: None

    Momentary makeup issue: Got to get rid of stuff I don’t use anymore.

    Eyebrow status: Groomed

    Last movie I watched: Tropic Thunder

    Latest makeup or beauty find: None at the moment. I’m actually being good about not buying makeup for a while.

    Shoe crush: Slouchy flat leather boots

    Goals for the week: Get my rest so I can recover from my cold, work out, and do laundry.

  39. Louise Gray says:

    Hey there you sexy thing!!!
    Mood: Weary 🙁
    Breakfast: coffee and instant apple oatmeal from Trader Joe’s
    Fragrance: L’Artisan’s L’ Eau d’ Ambre
    Eye makeup: Chanel Blue Jean Quad, Marine eyeliner and Marine Mascara
    Momentary makeup issue: Just like you, honey-dark circles and puffiness
    Eyebrow status: Wretched. Needing a wax.
    Last movie I watched: The Big Lebowski
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Beige De Chanel Quad. Girl, I am in trouble having spent too much money at the makeup lesson last week with OP at Chanel. He is so charming and sweet. He told me that I had beautiful eyes. (I’ll bet he tells that to all of the girls.) I was so bold and told him that I could go for him (even though I know that “he plays for the other team” hahahahah.) He said, “Vamos.” It was a pleasure having him hand select particular colors for me even though it was a group lesson and that we had to smear our own makeup on our faces and do our own skincare. I was especially loving the Narcisse blush, the Pagoda glossimer, and also the Ardent Rouge Allure. Those would look very pretty on you as well. Alas, I need to save some money because I dropped too much there!!!
    Shoe crush: I am not into shoes.
    Goals for the week: Pay some bills and do some paperwork.

    Love to you from Louise

  40. lexi says:

    Mood:mellow – my baby keeps me pretty grounded
    Breakfast: vanilla almond special K
    Fragrance: Mangosteen lotion – Fresh
    Eye makeup:Mineralize duo – Love Connection – so great for not going anywhere but still made up – and molasses pearl glide liner
    Momentary makeup issue: after dropping some scrill at the Bobbi Brown counter i am putting myself on timeout!
    Eyebrow status: waxed to perfection – i was looking like a yeti!
    Last movie I watched: Vicky Cristina Barcelona – I’m even more obsessed with Barcelona!
    Latest makeup or beauty find: creamy lip color – bobbi brown in raisn berry – it’s a very grown-up raisin color – I love it!
    Shoe crush: I just bought a pair of seychelle boots last week! MY crush will always be a simple rounded toe Louboutin’s! I promise I will own a pair whether it’s the year on in 5 yrs but I will own at least ONE PAIR!!!!
    Goals for the week: Not to go hog wild at H&M when I exchange a dress I THOUGHT I liked – remind myself of the goal I have listed above!

  41. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    I love those Louboutins! Gorgeous!

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Woowinked is a MAC must have. It’s one of my faves, and I agree that it does give you a wide awake look. 🙂

    I always like to try new concealers… my faves are Stila, MAC Select Moisturecover and Dior Hydrating. I want to try the one from Clarins next. 🙂 Let me know if you find a good one.

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Almira,

    What kinda Pop Tarts did you have?

    Lucky you for having such great brows! I am so jealous. 🙂

  44. Karen says:

    Hi StargirlHeuser,

    That’s so cool that your brows are pink! I never realized that eyebrows grew out so quickly.

    Good luck on your tests this week. 🙂

  45. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    I will have to give that scent a sniff! I hope it works with my chemistry.

    I can never find Nyx up here! How do you like the lipsticks?

  46. Karen says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I saw it two weeks ago! I agree, it’s very cute movie. Both the leads were really likeable and the music was great!

  47. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    Yum! I’d totally eat pumpkin pie cake for breakfast, too!

    Have a great week. 🙂

  48. Karen says:

    Hi Madeleine,

    I am going to pretend winter doesn’t exist, either. Hope you have a good week! Hang in there!

  49. Karen says:

    Hi Lorena,

    Greetings from San Francisco!

    Happy early birthday! How old are you going to be?

  50. Karen says:

    Hi Christine,

    I thought about renting that movie at the video store. Was it funny?

  51. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    Sorry to hear about your cold! Feel better soon. 🙂

  52. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    I’m planning on going to another Chanel class soon so I’ll definitely put those shades on my list. I am loving that Chanel quad as well. How are you wearing yours?

    Big hugs!

  53. Karen says:

    Hi Lexi,

    🙂 LOL, Yeti! Welcome to my world!

    OoOooO which Seychelle boots did you get?

  54. NurseExec says:

    Mood: Relaxed

    Breakfast: Raisin Bran–my favorite since I was a kid

    Fragrance: Paloma Picasso

    Eye makeup: Black eyeliner, lots of mascara (loving Chanel Exceptionell!)

    Momentary makeup issue: to blush or not to blush–my cheeks are naturally ruddy. I went with none.

    Eyebrow status: Better than they’ve been in a while–I’m loving Anastasia’s eyebrow wax with a nice taupe powder

    Last movie I watched: Airplane! Not funny–was it supposed to be?

    Latest makeup or beauty find: ELF cream duos–better than I thought they’d be

    Shoe crush: I need new ballet flats BADLY.

    Goals for the week: No gallbladder attacks before my gallbladder surgery next Wednesday

  55. Chamayne says:

    Mood:stressed, drained, solemn
    Breakfast: mini bagel sausage
    Fragrance: hanae mori butterfly
    Eye makeup: laura mercier metallic cream eye color – gold
    Momentary makeup issue: getting my dark lipsticks on perfectly
    Eyebrow status: it’s time for a threading
    Last movie I watched: some of Zohan…
    Latest makeup or beauty find:coconut oil…an oldie but goodie
    Shoe crush: dior gray flat boots…ooh how I covet thee
    Goals for the week: destress—there are some things that I can’t change!!!

  56. Karen says:

    Hi NurseExec,

    I hope everything goes smoothly for your surgery next Wednesday. 🙂

    Exceptionnel is the *best*. I’m lemming more colors!

  57. Tiera says:

    Mood: Pooped!

    Breakfast: It was going to be a bagel with cream cheese, but I was in such a rush that I left it in the toaster on the way out!

    Fragrance: mark. Earth

    Eye makeup: Charcoal Brown for brows, Woodwinked on lid, Club in crease, Plummage in corner/to line, Carbon in corner/to line, Steamy to line lower lash line, Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara

    Momentary makeup issue: That I can’t seem to get some of my brushes to be as white as they used to be!

    Eyebrow status: Under construction fo shizz, I need to get to Paul Brown on the double!

    Last movie I watched: Henry Poole is Here

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara! It’s amazing!

    Shoe crush: I really need new workout shoes, I think I’ve had these Nike Shox since I was in high school!

    Goals for the week: Get my thoughts and inspiration together for my new press kit!

  58. Michelle says:

    Will do Karen, thanks! Now i’m super excied to get my Woodwinked 🙂

  59. Roxy says:

    Mood: relaxed
    Breakfast: crepe breakfast at iHop! yum
    Fragrance: none
    Eye makeup: cult of cherry spiced chocolate quad, i’m growing to love it more and more everyday lol
    Momentary makeup issue: foundation! the endless quest for the perfect color, perfect coverage, and lasting formula. lol
    Eyebrow status: i actually cleaned them the other day it looks pretty decent.
    Last movie I watched: nick & norah’s infinite playlist. it was too cute
    Latest makeup or beauty find: nothing at the moment =[
    Shoe crush: ahh there’s these oh deer! pistachio leopard print pumps that i want SOOOO bad!
    Goals for the week: study, study, study!

  60. ines says:

    the dancing is going quite well. managed to not piss off moody gay-man teacher two private lessons in a row – which means that i have done something right! to him everything is either horrible or acceptable, never astounding.

    the foxtrot choreography for november 22nd is going to be quite beautiful actually – i love the section where i have to do three pivots, glued to the man, into an arabesque (like a one leg balancing thingy, kind of hard to describe, but gymnasts do it all the time on the beam), into a spot turn and oversway (a move very characteristic of foxtrot). it’s about 3/4 finished, which means this week we’ll add the lifts and other acrobatics and the exit and entry into the song.

    there’s two other choreographies i will be in, one is salsa and the other one is argentine tango, so i’ll see how those go this week.

    thank you for asking how the dancing is going – i love blabbing about it ever second i get!

    love as always,

  61. Ditte says:

    Mood: Longing for vacation – which is months away
    Breakfast: Blueberries with yoghurt and toast with low-fat cheese
    Fragrance: None
    Eye makeup: DiorShow mascara (which sucks) and a Covergirl liquid liner (which is okay)
    Momentary makeup issue: That I paid 41 dollars (sales tax in DK is 25%) on a sucky Dior mascara
    Eyebrow status: Good – one stray hair, which will be plucked out later 🙂
    Last movie I watched: Time Bandits (total nostalgia)
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Loving Paula’s Choice liquid lipstick, which is glossy as well
    Shoe crush: None
    Goals for the week: Enjoy life even more, get some garden work done before winter hits for real and read more

  62. Karen B says:

    I know eh! They’re so so fab!

    Karen B´s last blog post..Complicated? Nah!

  63. Elle says:

    Mood: Bloated!
    Breakfast: Coffee, orange juice
    Fragrance: Vera Wang princess/The Body Shop Vanilla
    Eye makeup: Doirshow Iconic mascara, that’s it! :O
    Momentary makeup issue: Finding a large coverage red-ness concealer
    Eyebrow status: Need to be done this weekend
    Last movie I watched: Tokyo Drift
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Visine
    Shoe crush: Jimmy Choo tan buckle heals
    Goals for the week: Complete SS assignment, fake tan lots.

  64. Karen too says:

    Yey, I was looking forward to Le List today!

    Mood: Exhausted. I feel like this week has hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Breakfast: Toast with raspberry jam

    Fragrance: L’Occitaine Green Tea solid perfume

    Eye makeup: A sheer taupe on my lid, light neutral up to my brow and the green from Chanel’s Nymphea palette in the crease. Bobbi Brown matte espresso eye shadow as a liner, and Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara.

    Momentary makeup issue: Makeup storage! I bought some gorgeous see-through acrylic cases (hope the link works….) for storage this weekend, but they were a bit expensive, and with the eye shadow lust I’m developing from reading this blog I predict that by cases will be full in no time…

    Eyebrow status: Not too well plucked, but I have light brows so I can sorta get away with it (at least that is what I think). I’ll color them soon though, I do it about every other week.

    Last movie I watched: I watched “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” this weekend. I thought Penelope Cruz was the highlight of the film – soo crazy!

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Lately I have decided that I will avoid chemicals and preservatives on my skin, so I have started to use Silk Naturals mineral foundation and Juice Beauty skin care products. I have broken out significantly less since I switched, so I feel like I’m doing something good for my skin.

    Shoe crush: A pair of nougat leather pumps I got on sale this weekend!

    Goals for the week: Panic over the fact that my wedding is only one month away on Wednesday, then pull myself together and remember that not everything can be planned. 🙂

  65. Brittany says:

    I really like them. I thought they’d be waxy and cheap kind of like Wet N Wild, but these are actually really creamy. They have decent staying power too.

    I think I ended up getting 2 I don’t like, but that’s just because I ordered the wrong color.

    The have them at Ulta. I don’t know if you have one of those near you. Mine has a tiny little section mixed in with the drugstore stuff, but I think they mark up the prices there, so I usually end up buying NYX stuff online.

  66. sophia says:

    Mood: Happy because the school/work year is ending, and it means vacay time again! Tired because have to clear admin work before I get to enjoy.

    Breakfast:Wholemeal Bread with Olive Butter Spread, and 2 apples (that gave me a bad tummy run by lunch time…BOO!!)

    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy

    Eye makeup: I tried my new eyeshadow, the mineralised one, I used the Olive green on my lids, and Dazzlelights on my browbone…. that’s all. No eyeliner, no mascara/lashes.

    Momentary makeup issue: Messy brows!!! In need of a trim badly.

    Eyebrow status: Messy, unkempt, like a cave woman! If I draw them in, they can pass off as “neat” (the basic shape is still there), on the bushy side.

    Last movie I watched: At the movie theatre itself?? Hmmmm Dark Knight.. which is soooooo 5 years ago. It is my conscious choice not to go out and watch movies though, kind of getting too ex and I rather get the DVD. But I plan on watching Burn After Reading this weekend.

    Latest makeup or beauty find:My MAC stuff, especially the Lipstain in Not So Shy

    Shoe crush: Well, I am not a shoe gal. So I don’t develop crushes on shoes.

    Goals for the week: Lose another 2 kg, go for acupuncture session, jog another 2 times.

  67. Lydia says:



    Clinique Happy Heart

    Eye makeup:
    I’m still in my jammies, but I’m thinking about my new Carmindy Sally Hansen pallete

    Momentary makeup issue:
    Dark circles too.

    Eyebrow status:

    Last movie I watched:
    Wow I can’t even remember.

    Latest makeup or beauty find:
    Bath and body works black chamomile stuff.

    Shoe crush:
    These baby phat sneakers.

    Goals for the week:
    Get to pilates mat class tomorrow.

    Lydia´s last blog post..How to Find the Best Lipcolor

  68. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    I never thought to pair Woodwinked with Club. Those are two of my favorite colors so I will have to try that ASAP, so thanks!

    Hope you feeling better today. How is the site redesign going with Nubby?

  69. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Woot! I just read from Tiera’s comment above that you can pair it with Club. Dunno if you have Club, but it’s a fabulous color and one of my other (many) MAC faves. If you want a link to a FOTD let me know… I’ll dig around here for it!

    Have a good Tuesday!

  70. Karen says:

    Hi Roxy,

    I feel ya on the Foundation Quest. It’s like a never ending one. I really liked Laura Mercier’s, but am always down to try different things so I hop around a lot.

    Good luck with your studying this week!

  71. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    Ahhh, sounds like he’s a tough instructor. I’m sure he’ll teach you a lot, though, because you’ll always be striving for that one grunt of approval, LOL. I admire all the time you put into your art. I think it’s fantastic! If I were taller and 15 years younger, I think dance would’ve been a path that would have made me very happy, so on some level I am probably vicariously living through you. 🙂

    Oh! I love the Tango. I know very basic steps — slow, slow, quick, quick, slow! I can fake it if I have a good lead… and good heels. 🙂

    Have a great Tuesday!

  72. Karen says:

    Hi Ditte,

    Sorry to hear you aren’t loving the DiorShow. It’s one of those that you’ll either love or you hate…

    Have fun working on your garden. I missed the chance to grow tomatoes and strawberries this year and I missed being out on the deck and seeing the plants grow bit by bit every day.

  73. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    I sort of have shoe lust for them now, too. I could easily justify those because seriously, they’d pair with everything. Too bad they are way out of my price range!

  74. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Good luck on your assignment! How are you liking your DiorShow Iconic?

  75. Karen says:

    Hi Karen Too,

    Those cases look really handy. I like that you can see through them. LOL, eye shadow lust is a good thing!

    Wow, now it’s crunch time, girlie. Do you have all the wedding deets settled? I wanna see your dress!

  76. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    There’s an Ulta across the bridge that I just never get around to going there.

    The drugstore by my house only has Nyx shadows. They’re nice for the price, so hopefully I’ll be able to snag some lipsticks!

    Have a fab Tuesday!

  77. Karen says:

    Hi Sophia,

    Yay! Lucky you to be on vacay. How long will it last for you?

  78. Karen says:

    Hi Lydia,

    Oh nice! The Carmindy line is very nice. How do you like your palette?

  79. Lydia says:

    I love my pallete!

    Lydia´s last blog post..How to Find the Best Lipcolor

  80. ellalthea says:

    hi, I’ve never commented before, but I wanted to let you know that Lancome is phasing out Miracle Forever. I work for lancome, and I just got paperwork on it last week:( It bums me out because that is my favorite lancome fragrance.


  81. Karen says:

    Hi El,

    I am so bummed to hear that. I hadn’t worn the fragrance in months (it’s a fall/winter scent for me), and I was thinking yesterday about how much I love it — it’s my favorite Lancome scent, too.

    Looks like I will have to stock up. *tears*

    How long have you been working for Lancome? What are your favorite products from the line?

  82. Karen B says:

    I know! They are so so fab! I’m saving up for my pair of classic Louboutin investment pumps. they really are. You could totally give them do your daughter later and they’d still be fashionable!

    Karen B´s last blog post..Complicated? Nah!

  83. Aleks says:

    Le List

    Mood: excited (due to the new job), mad as hell (due to terrible customer service I got today), happy (I’m going to Stockholm on Thursday!)
    Breakfast: a cup of tea, a bread roll filled with tomato, ham and cheese
    Fragrance: none
    Eye makeup: light brown eyeliner, brown Lancôme mascara
    Momentary makeup issue: pimples… nuff said 😀
    Eyebrow status: I’m trying to grow them–> not quite working
    Last movie I watched: Once (LOVE IT)
    Latest makeup or beauty find: MAC Studio Fix Fluid
    Shoe crush: black leather ballerinas
    Goals for the week: enjoy life in Stockholm and buy some clothes


    I can really recommend cutting bangs for everyone! I feel like a new person now! I was a bit afraid that my hair would get greasy during the day but so far it’s been fresh and I haven’t needed any dry shampoo or anything to keep it clean. It was relatively easy to cut them as well. I wanted to save 16€ ($21.83) so I did it myself.

    I don’t know the precise amount of hours I’ll be having per week but I assume it’s something between 20 and 30, which is more than enough for starters 😀

    How’s your week started?

  84. Jo says:

    Hello All,
    Hope all is well!

    Le list

    Mood: Good, but tired! I think we should all vote for three day weekends!

    Breakfast: Home made club sandwich (Pouched Egg, ham, tomato, cheese and onion on whole wheat bread) and OJ 🙂

    Fragrance: Tommy Hilfiger- Freedom (aka. My Love Potion No.9 😀

    Eye makeup: Revlon Soft on Eyes in Sublime mixed with L’Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow in Gilded.

    Momentary makeup issue: under the skin bumps and just wont go away, using Proactive and skin is now kinda dry :-S grrrr

    Eyebrow status: recently plucked, in good shape

    Last movie I watched: 21, Baby Mama, Made of Honor (Had a dvd watching weekend for the movies I missed) and tonight will be Love Guru

    Latest makeup or beauty find: Thanks to You Karen (Rimmel Makeup remover) and now I want to try those wipes 🙂

    Shoe crush: Sam Edelman ‘Izzie’ Flats in Ash Matte Diamond Snake- So want them!!!!

    Goals for the week: To go joggin 3x for the week 😛

  85. lexi says:

    HAHAHA! Yeah I’ve always been a hairy monter – I fear for my little girl – she’s part Italian!
    The boots I got are called “at last” they have a bit of a wedge – adjustable buckles up top so you can wear them knee high or slouch them to the ankle. I got them in Tan -I have the biggest shoe crush on ’em! Also I just found a pair of super cute boots at Target for $35 – called Kinsey – gray and wedge heeled with two brass button up on the top. But since they are not real leather they probably won’t stretch much so I’m reserving them for leggings, tights and dresses. Sometimes I really curse my muscular calves!

  86. Erica says:

    Mood: Sick
    Breakfast: Bagelful and tea
    Fragrance: vic’s vapo-rub
    Eye makeup: L’Oreal HIP…the gold and olive/brownish duo but just the olive/brownish color
    Momentary makeup issue: find and easy to-do eye that doesnt make me look tired at the end of the day
    Eyebrow status: well-groomed
    Last movie I watched: i think it was dark knight (in the theater)…legally blond on tv
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Herbal soap I got from my day spa
    Shoe crush: i love my grey suede slouchy boots
    Goals for the week: finish my to-do list this week

    Erica´s last blog post..Mrs. Skincare

  87. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    That’s a good idea… now I only have to bear a daughter with a 7 shoe!

    BTW, I went to the beauty store and happened upon the OPI display and found
    Lunch at the Dehli.

    OPI Lunch at the Dehli Swatch
    It very coral, and pretty!

  88. Karen says:

    Hi Aleks,

    Can I just say I really feel your pain with the pimples issue? Aghh!

    I’m thinking I will have to go for bangs the next time I get my hair cut. I usually get long, side swept wisps because I have to have ’em long enough to tie them back easily. Maybe I’ll go bold and get some shorter fringe!

    My week has been quite crazy so far. The madness that was happening at work last week continues. There’s a bunch of big projects involving lots of $ and accounting stuff that I find very challenging. At least it’ll be over soon!

    20 hours is a good chunk of change, young lady! You’ll be able to make and save some good money! 🙂

  89. Karen says:

    Hi Jo,

    How fun! I love those DVD watching weekends. How did you like Baby Mama and Made of Honor? I think eventually I’ll end up renting both.

    And yay, I’m glad you like the Rimmel Makeup remover! Isn’t it super gentle, yet really effective?

  90. Karen says:

    Hi Lexi,

    Ha ha ha! If I end up having a girl I would fear for her, too. I am the hairiest chick in my family — so not cool. My mom doesn’t even have to shave her legs!

    I just googled your boots and saw them on the Nordies site. CUTE! You’ll be able to wear those all day long and look stylish!

  91. Karen says:

    Hi Erica,

    Feel better soon, girlie!

    BTW, I just picked up a HIP Duo… can’t wait to try it!

  92. Mood: meh
    Breakfast: Brown bread magically made into toast and a redbull 🙂
    Fragrance: Gucci
    Eye makeup: Max factor glittery brown
    Momentary makeup issue: Hmm mini patch of threatening spots aggh!
    Eyebrow status: Plucked, could be more plucked
    Last movie I watched:
    Latest makeup or beauty find: Essence Cosmetics
    Shoe crush: Missy Elliott Baselines
    Goals for the week: Walk some more, drink more water, speed clean my house.

    What a fun quiz. 🙂

    Vikki from CrazyAboutMakeup´s last blog post..I love Essence Cosmetics

  93. Michelle says:

    A link to the FOTD would be great, thanks Karen!

  94. ellalthea says:

    I’ve been working for Lancome about a year and a half. I love playing with makeup all day:)

    My fave products would have to be the definicils mascara, our color design eyeliners, and the juicy tubes lipglosses. All the stuff is fun:)

  95. lexi says:

    hey karen!
    Yeah what’s up with our moms being all smooth and we end up as the hairy monsters? that just bothers me!

    Yes, I love love LOVE my boots – I will have to buy another pair of skinny jeans from old navy to wear with them! It’s the best buy for Fall for me so far!

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