Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, March 9

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  1. Mood:
  2. Tired. My body’s all twisted from the time change. I couldn’t fall asleep and stayed up late reading Shake Your Beauty. Now I’m paying for it.

  3. Sippin’ on:
  4. Private stock! My bad — spontaneous Notorious B.I.G lyrical moment (he’s on heavy iPod rotation).

    I’m really sipping on a cup of borderline gross coffee. Due to the no-sleep thing I accidentally poured about half a cup of powdered creamer into my cup. Belch!

  5. Eyes:
  6. I don’t have anything on ’em yet, but I’ll probably end up going with Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Samba-dy Loves Me to perk up my tired eyes.

  7. Fragrance:
  8. Taking it back to the old school — uh, 1999 — with J’adore Dior!

  9. Current obsessions:
  10. Tevin Campbell (why, oh why?), 30 Rock, the daily Jumble, Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies

  11. Best moment o’ the weekend:
  12. Waiting at the movies to buy tickets for Watchmen and having George Lucas, who lives in the area, saunter up and stand right behind me in line. Sci-fi nerds that we are, both El Hub and were so star struck that neither of us could say anything. I felt so Six Degrees of Yoda.

    Is it too much to hope that some of G. Lucas’ creativity was transferred through proximity?

  13. Outfit:
  14. Currently rocking the suburbs in a fetching outfit of white shorts, a pink long-sleeved top and black zip-up fleece, aka my jammies

  15. Mascara:
  16. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

  17. _____ makes me happy:
  18. Kind people, sunny late afternoons and lavender-scented body products

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Resist the temptation of junk food, do stomach crunches at least three times this week, catch up on my endless stack of things to read

Girls, you know how we roll on Mondays! Let me know what you’re up to by coping the empty list and pasting it with your answers in the comments.


Le list

Sippin’ on:
Current obsessions:
Best moment o’ the weekend:
_____ makes me happy:
Weekly goals:

Let’s kick this week off to a great start. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tali says:

    Mood: Upbeat but I have this awful pressure headache that right between my eyes…horrible!!

    Sippin’ on: Ice cold apple juice!

    Eyes: Nothing so far but i bought my staple hypnose mascara in brown…so we will see!! Today will be the brown lashes day!

    Fragrance: I stink of body cream.. i used about 5 different ones.. too much scent!!!

    Current obsessions: Painting my nails then peeling them off.. The City (mtv show) I just got into it.

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Food poisioning!! That deffinately caught me off guard!!

    Outfit: Blue super skinny jeans from mango.. a black tight top and a loose primark sweater.. shoes are still being selected. Probably snakers for the day!

    Mascara: It will be hypnose. Although i did buy YSL Faux cils and for some reason it was so watery.. BIG dissappointment. I used to always use it!

    Good music and sunshine pouring through the window.. makes me happy!

    Weekly goals: 1. Remember spring is NOT here in london and to always take spare clothes when i go out so i dont get cold.
    2. Pack for paris…
    3. Study 🙁

    Hope you have a great day Karen!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tali,

      You have a great day, too!

      Are you excited about The City tonight? What do you think of last week’s ep? What Olivia did was so not cool.

  2. Kristen says:

    Mood: tired, the hour through me off too, i ended up staying up late watching my OC dvds
    Sippin’ on: apple juice!
    Eyes: some random almay trio i found and bronze stila smudgepot liner
    Fragrance: body lotion…not much else
    Current obsessions: the oc and chelsea lately…but i never make it up late enough to see it
    Best moment o’ the weekend: seeing watchmen and getting to see my best friend on friday!
    Outfit: striped top and jeans and red zip up sweatshirt
    Mascara: max factor 2000 calorie, really need to buy something new :/
    _____ makes me happy: my boyfriend 🙂
    Weekly goals: survive this week’s school work load, get back into my exercise routine!

  3. Brittany says:

    Mood: I’m being trying to conquer my laziness right now, but other than that I’m happy.
    Sippin’ on: Cranberry Peach Juice. Yum!
    Eyes: I bought these little 99 cent eye shadows from Sally Beauty yesterday, I think they’re called Sally Girl, they snap together. So cute. Anyway, I have on Auburn, Coral, and Espresso.
    Fragrance: I was so tired this morning I just grabbed something from Bath and Body works out of my cabinet. I think I put on Rain Kissed leaves or something like that?
    Current obsessions: Egg rolls. Seriously. I’ve been craving them like mad.
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Hmm..Went home. Got to see my mom and went shopping with her in Pittsburgh for the day.
    Outfit: Yoga pants from Old Navy, an ESU teeshirt, and a gray zip up.
    Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous, I think.
    _____ makes me happy: Sunshine, spring, warm temps 🙂
    Weekly goals: Do well on a test, actually get some reading done for class, look for jobs. Same old.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Brittany,

      How cool do those 99 cent shadows sound? I will pop by Sally this week to see if I can find them. 🙂 Do they have testers at the store? Or is it grab-and-go style?

      LOL, now I’m hungry for egg rolls with lots of dipping sauce.

  4. Katrina says:

    Mood: energetic

    Sippin’ on: nothing, I just finished my coffee

    Eyes: nothing, I’m heading to the gym

    Fragrance: Victoria’s Secret Pink

    Current obsessions: Counting down the days to my Florida vacation and buying new clothes for the trip

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Watching my cousin’s cheer team compete at the state finals

    Outfit: black athletic pants, adidas running shoes and black tee

    Mascara: Clinique lash doubling mascara

    _____ makes me happy: Seeing the sun shining

    Weekly goals: To work out as much as possible, to have a great day of shopping, to spend some time in the kitchen baking bread and cooking, to get my cousin’s wedding shower card made.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katrina,

      I’m jealous of your upcoming trip! Whereabouts are you going? I was just in FL in November for a wedding in Boca. After the wedding I headed down to Key West. I loved it!

  5. Kristen says:

    i like it, thought it was really long tho 🙂 me trying to sit still two nights in a row does not end well lol

    i wanna try those shadows now too!

  6. Sarahc says:

    Le list

    Mood: Not bad. Sleepy but doing alright.
    Sippin’ on: Starbucks house blend
    Eyes: Naked
    Fragrance: Go fresh body wash
    Current obsessions: The Watchmen, The Office, doodling
    Best moment o’ the weekend: EAting a big greasy burger for lunch
    Outfit: jeans and a pink t-shirt
    Mascara: Nope
    Art makes me happy
    Weekly goals: Try not to get so busy that I forget to stop and smell the flowers

  7. Candice says:

    Mood: Tired, but happy it’s warmer!
    Sippin’ on: Canada Dry ginger ale
    Eyes: Nothing *gasp*
    Fragrance: Nothing *gasp* Losing this hour has destroyed me today.
    Current obsessions: Bathroom rugs and coffee tables
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Chilling and malling with my friend
    Outfit: Green sweater, black pants
    Mascara: DiorShow Blackout (now that I couldn’t forget, even if we lost 4 hours)
    Sunshine makes me happy:
    Weekly goals: Finish redecorating my bathroom

  8. Casey says:

    Mood:Tired – I am not a fan of the time change

    Sippin’ on: My second cup of coffee

    Eyes: smokey quartz by Bare Escentuals

    Fragrance: Burberry The Beat

    Current obsessions:Nail Polish – especially the OPI France collection

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Sake and Sushi with friends

    Outfit: Trouser Jeans, chocolate sweater and gold flats

    Mascara: Maybelline Lash Discovery

    _____ makes me happy: Sleep!

    Weekly goals: Clean out my closet

  9. MaryJane says:

    Sippin’ on:
    Current obsessions:
    Best moment o’ the weekend:
    _____ makes me happy:
    Weekly goals:

  10. Luv J says:

    Le list

    Mood: “It’s just another manic Monday..

    I wish it were Sunday..

    ‘Cause that’s my funday..

    My I don’t have to runday..

    It’s just another manic Monday”

    Sippin’ on: Triple Shot Espresso Yo! To really “Spring Forward!” 😀

    Eyes: Chanel Inimitable mascara.. I can barely keep them open to put anything else on 🙁

    Fragrance: Don’t be a ‘biter’ (oh yeah that’s 1999 too ) Karen! J’Adore for a whiff of Spring

    Current obsessions: Golf. Can’t wait for Tigerrrr Hotness Woods to play!

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Seeing two of my old bestest guy friends at the golf store at them same time. I haven’t seen them in 2 years!

    Outfit: a pair of jeans, white shirt and Hellz Bellz Jacket

    Mascara: Chanel Inimitable

    Getting good news in the morning makes me happy:) Thanks Karen 😉 wink wink

    Weekly goals: Go back to the driving range and work on my swing. Visit the old lady who collects recyclables from the garbage (to sell) and bring her some food. She walks around my local shopping center. This lady never asks for change.. she lives on the streets yet tries her hardest to find empties to bring to the recycling center to make it through the day. I still feel blessed…

    • Karen says:

      Hi Luv J,

      LOL! When I think of 1999, I think of: J’adore, MAC Spite lipgloss (I wore it non-stop), Prince’s song 1999, stick-straight Jennifer Anniston hair and how nuts everybody seemed to be about the upcoming new millennium. 🙂 Ah, good times.

  11. MaryJane says:

    Mood: Happy!
    Sippin’ on: about to sip on a diet coke!
    Eyes: Just MAC paintpot in barestudy. I’m doing this “very little makeup” thing this week. Only necessities.
    Fragrance: Bond No. 9 Union Square
    Current obsessions: Twitter!!!!
    Best moment o’ the weekend: We went camping (Which inspired the “little makeup” trend of the week)! We hiked up to a waterfall! It was so much fun!
    Outfit: Hudson Jeans and a VERY cute pink plaid top from Anthropologie.
    Mascara: Chanel Exceptional
    _____ makes me happy: Warm Weather!!
    Weekly goals: Write a couple of papers… boooo! It’s my spring break and I need to catch up!

  12. Liz says:

    Mood: super full,, after devouring something like 1kg of salad
    Sippin’ on: evian (tap water is a big nono in Paris)

    Eyes:HM “Paris avec moi” *LOOOL* pink eyeshadow + MAC Magnetic Fields + Bobbi Brown Chocolate sparkle gel liner

    Fragrance: Armani Black Code

    Current obsessions:

    Best moment o’ the weekend:

    Outfit: Zara LE pearled grey trousers & new MNG crocheted top – Sasha London open pumps

    Mascara: BadGal Lash 🙂

    _____ makes me happy: thinking of Vacations in my Miami home 😀 2 weeks of sun! Cant wait till d 2nd of April 😀

    Weekly goals: Start reading Eclipse, sleep before 1am & go to the gym at least once! 😀

    Liz´s last blog post..Staff Party!! @ Marriott Champs Elysees

    • Karen says:

      Hi Liz,

      So jealous! The sun’s finally out here in the Bay Area, but it’s nothing close to warm.

      I’ll have to vicariously live through you!

  13. Liz says:

    Mood: super full,, after devouring something like 1kg of salad
    Sippin’ on: evian (tap water is a big nono in Paris)

    Eyes:HM “Paris avec moi” *LOOOL* pink eyeshadow + MAC Magnetic Fields + Bobbi Brown Chocolate sparkle gel liner

    Fragrance: Armani Black Code

    Current obsessions: getting my newcut bangs to behave! –U

    Best moment o’ the weekend:

    Outfit: Zara LE pearled grey trousers & new MNG crocheted top – Sasha London open pumps

    Mascara: BadGal Lash 🙂

    _____ makes me happy: thinking of Vacations in my Miami home 😀 2 weeks of sun! Cant wait till d 2nd of April 😀

    Weekly goals: Start reading Eclipse, sleep before 1am & go to the gym at least once! 😀

    Liz´s last blog post..Staff Party!! @ Marriott Champs Elysees

  14. Kate says:

    Mood: Confused and tired. I adapt pretty quickly to time changes, but for some reason it always takes me a week to adjust to DST. I’m completely wiped out! I feel as if I need a nap.

    Sippin’ on: My stand-by Coca-Cola. I can’t stand coffee!

    Eyes: Nothing yet but I’ll probably go to my standard light brown eyeshadow from HiP’s “shady” with eyeliner.

    Fragrance: None. Too sensitive for the stuff.

    Current obsessions: Sherlock Holmes, Kerli, Zena and sleep

    Best moment o’ the weekend: My migraine going away! Yay! Not big for some but for me it’s a good thing.

    Outfit: Currently sporting my Old Navy red fuzzy robe and “I Love Snoopy” pajamas. Can’t you tell I love that pajama set?

    Mascara: Almay Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect in Black. It’s not the waterproof formula (which is a pain to get off) but the non-waterproof formula is practically waterproof as I’ve watched three chich flicks that ended in tears and cried a bit when I found an old photo of my previous dog on my phone and that mascara doesn’t budge. I highly recommend it.

    _____ makes me happy: Nutella, Zena, White frosting (as in cake frosting), books and the sun make me happy.

    Weekly goals: Adjust my internal clock to DST.

  15. Karen4 says:

    Mood: Tired–just like everyone else, it seems! LOL!

    Sippin’ on: Sobe Lifewater yumberry pomegranate, one of my new no-cal favorites!

    Eyes: MAC Painterly paint pot, BB chocolate eyeshadow as liner, and MAC Boom Brown mascara

    Fragrance: philosophy’s “Amazing Grace” body spritz

    Current obsessions: facial products

    Best moment o’ the weekend: had to work all weekend, so I guess going out to dinner with Hub after a long day at work!

    Outfit: The weather’s cold, snowy/rainy today so I went for comfort–mocha velour tracksuit, wool socks, and slippers. Such are the benefits of a home office!

    Mascara: MAC Boom Brown

    _____ makes me happy: Sunshine and warmth; seeing friends and family

    Weekly goals: finish sales literature project for work, prepare a presentation I have to give over the weekend at a conference, and start packing for my trip to Charleston.

  16. Jess says:

    Mood: Hectic

    Sippin’ on: Diet Coke, the exilir of my life 🙂

    Eyes: MAC Yogurt and Anastasia Highlighting Shimmer

    Fragrance: Burberry London

    Current obsessions: Essie’s new spring polishes, choosing photos for our wedding album and Barefoot Contessa’s new recipes

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Realizing it was daylight savings time (boo!), but not having any reason to wake up early anyway (yay!)

    Outfit: Black high waisted pencil skirt, printed blouse, kitten heels

    Mascara: Diorshow

    Jay’s laugh makes me happy 🙂

    Weekly goals: Cook dinner four nights, exercise and leave work each day no later than 6pm. Maybe this should be in the “weekly dreams” category…

  17. Jacks says:

    Mood: Cranky/sleepy because of daylight savings, I really wish I had that extra hour of zzz
    Sippin’ on: nothing at the moment, but maybe some peach-mango white tea later on
    Eyes: just did my brows with Benefit BrowZing
    Fragrance: nothing spritzed but I can still smell my freshly-washed hair (good ol’ Pantene)
    Current obsessions: HBO’s ‘The Wire’, grilled chicken recipes (I’m running out of variations!), Nintendo Wii
    Best moment o’ the weekend: baking a batch of peanut butter cookies on Sunday afternoon. It just got insanely cold and snowy here again…BOO!
    Outfit: white AE hoodie, pink wool scarf, dark wash jeans, Nike running shoes
    Mascara: MAC Plushlash. So far I haven’t found anything better but I’m still searching
    _____ makes me happy: Sunshine, kittens, freshly polished nails, photography
    Weekly goals: get to the gym 3 times this week (I succeeded with this goal last week, yay!), read a book, work on my eyeshadow application skills

  18. Kim says:

    Mood: Very chipper… the food gods rewarded my poor booty with some free and delicious left-over & delivered food from a great deli. I guess someone had a meeting and catered food but not everyone was hungry! I had a measely lunch consisting of water and watching my 7 coworkers eat because I wasn’t able to pay for food =/

    Sippin’ on:
    Coffee, dashed with some hazelnut liquid creamer and hazelnut torani! de-lish!

    nothing but UDPP and mascara today! i went bare for the nice 73 degree weather:D

    kuku cocobut butter body mist from Secret!

    Current obsessions:
    trying to fix my oily eyelid problem even with using UDPP. ugh! damn you, oily skin!

    Best moment o’ the weekend:
    grilling with my buddies from out of town!

    dark blue jeans, a green horizontal-striped shirt, and fleece sweather for the office

    covergirl fantastic lash

    _____ makes me happy:
    having extra money to buy delectible goodies

    Weekly goals:
    finish reading brave new world (one of my high school reads that i always loved)

  19. Sarah says:

    Mood: tired with minor headache =(

    Sippin’ on: some gross coffee as well with a smitch of Irish Cream creamer (which didnt make it any better)

    Eyes: ricepaper, vanilla & handwritten in the crease

    Fragrance: takin it old school too, its burberry by burberry! hahaha i think thats what its called

    Current obsessions: samoas (girl scout cookies = dangeroussss), earrings and zac efron hahahah 😛

    Best moment o’ the weekend: enjoying my Match Green Tea Mist at Jamba Juice. O’ so delicious! havent had one of those in a while haha

    Outfit: its cold in the office today, so black tights with a navy blue buttonup shirt-dress, with some black suede pumps & a black pea coat 🙂

    Mascara: Dior Blackout

    _____ makes me happy: summer weather, sunshine & diet pepsi

    Weekly goals: re-focus, go to the gym more & switch up the routines!

  20. Rennah says:

    “The Watchman”? … Did you mean “Watchmen”?
    I really want to see the latter.

    I probably would have asked Jedi Master Lucas to sign my lightsaber. LOL!

  21. Jess says:

    Yep, I love the blue one! I’ve got it on my toes now because I work at a pretty conservative office, but I’m very tempted to rock a mani in it anyway 🙂

  22. Brittany says:

    Unfortunately, they’re just grab and go. They’re not the best shadows in the world, but they’re not bad either!

  23. Rachael says:

    Mood: Sleepy! And Optimistic – I am planning on starting and finishing an essay today! (Maybe a bit too optimistic? lol)
    Sippin’ on: Water!
    Eyes: Shroom on lid and Cork in Crease, Annabelle Smoothliner Eyeliner in Brown (So Cheap, but sooo good)
    Fragrance: Fresh, outta the shower smell (Thanks to Lush Honey I washed the kids soap)
    Current obsessions: Solitaire for iPod touch, Doritos, and home fragrance oil burner thingies from the body shop
    Best moment o’ the weekend: My College’s formal! Especially the chocolate fountain, mmm.
    Outfit: Gap skinny Jeans and American Apparel V-neck tee
    Mascara: Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara… the best/cheapest mascara I have found that doesn’t clump my eyelashes!
    _____ makes me happy: Sunny Mornings and getting things in the mail (except for bills, of course)
    Weekly goals: Keep up with my weekly readings, wake up earlier, and hit up the gym at least 3 times per week!

  24. Michelle says:

    Le list

    Mood: Stressed. My nephew’s in the hospital. He’ll be fine, he had a bad asthma attack but I hate that he has to spend his Spring Break there.

    Sippin’ on: H2O

    Eyes: Clinique cream shadow in Sparkling Nude, Clinique e/s super shimmer in Daybreak, MAC Fluidline in Rich Ground & 2 coats of Avon Uplifting mascara in black

    Fragrance: Bvulgari Omni Amethyst

    Current obsessions: Old movies, pop corn with powdered cheddar sprinkled on it, tuna sandwiches.

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Going to the Renaissance Festival. We had a lot of fun 🙂

    Outfit: Black slacks, SJP Bitten pink button down shirt, Guess black pointy toed slingbacks.

    Mascara:Avon Uplifting mascara in black

    _Sunshine, a cool breeze, reading, spending time with the family, watching movies with my husband____ makes me happy:

    Weekly goals: Move the treadmill to my living room so I can actually start using it! Gather everything I need to file my taxes. Catch up on the house work.

  25. Rebecca X says:

    Mood: hopeful
    Sippin’ on: black tea
    Eyes: an experiment with Club–did not quite work! Please, advice which two or three colors go with it. On me, it looks kind of a strange shade of brown–not quite brown. Could it be… dirty gray? Please, advice.
    Current obsessions: makeup, of course!
    Outfit: running shorts, t-shirt, running shoes (to run inside the house 🙂
    Mascara: MAC’s Mascara X
    Thinking about graduation makes me happy:
    Weekly goals: to write 50 more pages of my thesis

  26. Joanne Marie says:

    I noticed there’s another Joanne posting, so I think I’ll go by Joanne Marie to not confuse us as the same person.

    Mood: Soo tired. I didn’t sleep until 5 am and had to wake up @ 9 for school. Ahh I was almost late for class

    Sippin’ on: nothing at the moment

    Eyes: bare for now, I didn’t have time because I was running late. Maybe some mascara later

    Fragrance: Victoria Secret dream angels in Desire

    Current obsessions: gladiator sandals, HK MAC, facebook (just finally got the used to it)

    Best moment o’ the weekend: watching Watchmen with my boyfriend and going to a kids party with filipino food and birthday cake

    Outfit: red with a little pink, green, white, and black sleeveless floral top with waist tie, and my uber comfy American Rag bootcut jeans because I haven’t done laundry all week, and a black cardigan

    Mascara: L’oreal voluminous in black

    _____ makes me happy: Sunny days, sleeping until noon, perfume, getting text messages from my friends, going to my hometown and hanging out with my friends

    Weekly goals: 1. Do laundry, 2. Pay bills, 3. Study for midterm

  27. Daya says:

    What’s up Karen!!! 🙂

    Mood: Eh. I have to spend my Spring Break studying 🙁

    Sippin’ On: H20

    Eyes: EL’s Citrine Duo with MAC’s Evening Aura to highlight and brown eyeliner

    Fragrance: BB&W Cherry Blossom lotion

    Current Obsessions: Spring e/s palettes, China Glaze nail polish, and ice cream!
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Saturday’s glorious weather (81).

    Outfit: jeans, a peach tee, and bare feet!

    Mascara: Rimmel

    Warm sunny weather, sleeping in, and no class makes me happy

    Weekly goals: Study, organize my closets/MAC stash, and walk my neighborhood every night

  28. Holly says:

    Mood: eh.
    Sippin’ on: water
    Eyes: MAC holiday collection smoky eyes palette, Kat von D silver liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay black liquid eyeliner
    Fragrance: Dolce and Gabbana, light blue.
    Current obsessions: MARK cosmetics, cute cafes, beachy sandals.
    Best moment o’ the weekend: being with my grandma and buying cute sandals!
    Outfit: jeans, white v neck button down tank, salmon colored cardigan, leather flip flops.
    Mascara: Diorshow
    _____ makes me happy: starbucks, pretty eyeshadows, sleeping, blueberry muffins, weather thats not too hot but not cold, sunflowers.
    Weekly goals: Find my Tiffany’s necklace, catch up on all my work, eat healthily.

  29. SMarie says:


    Sippin’ on: Lifewater Passionfruit Citrus – Yummy!

    Eyes: Tarte Day to Night Eye Couture Palette, Tarte Eyeliner, and Clinique Lash Doubling Macara

    Fragrance: Philosophy Amazing Grace

    Current obsessions: My Tarte Day to Night Palette, cooking, my new Asics running shoes

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Driving with my sun roof down, the cold New England weather took a turn for the better this weekend!

    Outfit: Pink top with ruffled sleeves from Kohls, black pants, black high heels

    Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

    _____ makes me happy: Chocolate

    Weekly goals:
    1) Finish week 3 of Couch to 5k program

    2) Clean my spare bedroom so my Mom will have somewhere to sleep when she visits

    3) Go to bed an hour earlier to make up for time change…lol

  30. RetroRiotGrrrl says:

    Mood: depressive and nauseated
    Sippin’ on: water
    Eyes: red and puffy currently producing a lot of tears
    Fragrance: the stink of sadness
    Current obsessions: him
    Best moment o’ the weekend: umm illegal activities lol
    Outfit: blue pj pants plain black t shirt
    Mascara: i’m pretty sure i could cry off the waterproof kind right now
    _____ makes me happy: he
    Weekly goals: get him back and over get over him

  31. Joanne Marie says:

    Omg, I just wanted to add that watchmen was such a long movie. Did you enjoy it?? I was lost a lot of the times because I don’t know anything about watchmen. I think it was probably long because I was sleepy when I watched it

  32. Stef says:

    Mood: Content and energized from my workout!
    Sippin’ on: Bottled water, bad for the environment I know, but soooo convenient!
    Eyes: Nothing except moisturizer with SPF 30.
    Fragrance: Kinda sweaty right now.
    Current obsessions: Low fat low carb diets, Dropkick Murphy’s, cinnamon! Oh and Karen, Tevin Campbell is freaking awesome! I love the Strawberry Letter 23 song of his!
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Planting bulbs in the backyard with my two daughters, digging up a frog, and our kitty “stalking” my kids through the grass!
    Outfit: Black yoga pants, a teal sports bra, a white tank, a pink hoodie, socks and sneaks. I’m feeling colorful today!
    Mascara: None at the moment.
    _____ makes me happy: Food!!! All I want is cookies, but I worked too hard in the gym! Also, finally being able to run a mile on the treadmill, that has made me extremely happy!!!
    Weekly goals: Exercise every day, finally vacuum the living room (!), moisturize my cuticles! And eat healthy!

  33. Faye says:

    1. Mood:
    Sleepy – I had very bizarre dreams last night and didn’t sleep well.

    2. Sippin’ on:

    3. Eyes:
    Estee Lauder eye shadow duo from holiday 2008 – Sapphire, I think it’s called?

    4. Fragrance:
    Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne (purchased today from the new Jo Malone boutique at our Nordstrom’s – yay!)

    5. Current obsessions:
    Damages, Christian Louboutin shoes, my quest to find pink sunglasses (God knows why)

    6. Best moment o’ the weekend:
    Being able to jog in 77 degree weather (very uncommon for Baltimore)! And I am so in awe of your George Lucas story. Did you say anything to him? 

    7. Outfit:
    Taupe-beige suit with navy and white striped sweater

    8. Mascara:
    Guerlain Le 2 Mascara in Brown

    9. _____ makes me happy:
    Warm weather, fruit sorbet, and of course makeup!

    10. Weekly goals:
    Not get too stressed out by work; catch up on my email correspondence and unreturned phone calls

  34. Stef says:

    Ps. RetroRiotGrrrl, any man that would make you feel as bad as you are feeling, isn’t worthy of you!!!

  35. cloudburst says:

    Mood: TIRED
    Sippin’ on: Rooibos tea
    Eyes: Nothing but concealer
    Fragrance: None
    Current obsessions: Chris Sharma, LOL
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Having dinner at a mexican restaurant Sat night
    Outfit: Grey cords, long sleeve t
    Mascara: Covergirl Lash Exact mascara, its ok
    _____ makes me happy: Sleeping
    Weekly goals: Seriously? just make it through the week!

  36. Catherine says:

    Mood: Ugh. I’ve been a little sick and my allergies have been acting up all weekend. On top of that, I’ve got a canker sore back far in my throat again which is bad enough by itself, but the nasal drip is killing me this time. Also… I woke up around 10 minutes ago even though I meant to wake up at 10:30am… so I’m a bit annoyed and disappointed.
    Sippin’ on: Nothing yet, (eating porridge) but it will be copious amounts of peppermint tea.
    Eyes: Nothing yet, but I’m going to try out my new EDM pressed spring shadow trio today. I think I’m more excited to try out my new flat top buffer though, lol.
    Fragrance: Will be TBS Moroccan Rose edt.
    Current obsessions: NAIL POLISH. OMG. I always sort of knew of Essie and Zoya, but finding Essie minis at Sally’s for $3.25 and Zoya’s polish exchange have got me totally obsessed lol.
    Best moment o’ the weekend: I made an excellent Chinese seafood porridge over the weekend with mushrooms, Japanese sweet potato, scallops, fried tofu and green onions. SO and I added surf clams, pickled squid, spicy pollack roe and barbequed eel on top. It was pretty amazing. Even more amazing was realizing I’d made enough food for the next 3 days lol.
    Outfit: Ha ha ha… that reminds me, I need to do laundry. I’ll probably just wear jeans and a T today.
    Mascara: Will be Maybelline Full and Soft.
    _____ makes me happy: Hot tea, bright colors, good ice cream make me happy.
    Weekly goals: Get myself ready for finals!! And get at least 1/2way done on that BENG final project before finals start.

  37. beautifuldae says:

    Hey Karen!

    Le list

    Mood: Fresh and upbeat. Spring is in the air today, my door is open, and I’ve got a new makeup plan for the next year so I’m BOOSTED!!

    Sippin’ on: Ruby Tuesday Strawberry Lemonade

    Eyes: No shadow, but a little petroleum jelly (for texture) and Mascara

    Fragrance: Dove Body Wash today, no Hana Mori on Mondays yo!

    Current obsessions: The Dream “Rockin That Thang”, Netflix Instant Queue, and figuring out how to get a gig at Stila or Smashbox Studios

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Walking thru the mall on my way to brunch with a girlfriend, i see this tres’ fab chica eyein my boots lustfully. It was the hugest compliment!

    Outfit: Black Skinny Jeans, Ballet Flats, and a cute peach flutter sleeve top.

    Mascara: Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara in Ebony

    _____ makes me happy: Simply Lemonade, Snow Falling, and dreaming of visiting L.A….lol.

    Weekly goals: resist the urge to eat out EVERY DAY, plan my move back to the west coast, look for a job at a makeup studio, and key another photo shoot for this month.

  38. Tatiana says:

    Le list
    Mood: frazzled
    Sippin’ on: syrup (jk), just water
    Eyes: curled lashes with some Lash Blast (just one of them days)
    Fragrance: nothing!
    Current obsessions: raspberry/magenta color especially in nail polish form (OPI Miami Beet)
    Best moment o’ the weekend: eating at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with my boyfie!
    Outfit: cream blouse with raspberry colored cardigan & khakis
    Mascara: CG Lash Blast until it starts to smell funny
    _____ makes me happy: chocolate hazelnut croissants from La Boulange and yoga
    Weekly goals: find out why my damn doctor gave me a bill and buy Euros (for Spain, weeee!)

  39. Lady V says:

    Le list
    Mood: Complacent
    Sippin’ on: Umm water
    Eyes: Miss Hazel with her working makeup up…Light but sophisticated…
    Fragrance: Orchid bath and body works
    Current obsessions: Eye shadow
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Seeing my daughter smile all weekend…
    Outfit: Navy camy’s
    Luv makes me happy…
    Weekly goals:
    Staying positive in shape and working with these goons!!! LOL

  40. ines says:

    hey karen! it’s been sooo long.
    been totally caught up with school and been preparing for two shows, in which i’ll be dancing a paso doble, a jive, and a tango.

    Le list
    Mood: motivated now that the week of hell is over.

    Sippin’ on: korean barley tea. we always have a big pot of it on the stove.

    Eyes: nars the multiple in copacabana along brow bones and cheekbones only.

    Fragrance: clean by clean

    Current obsessions: lululemon trackpants. only thing that keeps me sane, since i have to change my pants from school to work to dance (so i got the pinstriped ones to cheat the changing process).

    Best moment o’ the weekend: sleeping, finding that my paso doble costume fit on the first fitting, saving me tailor pay.

    Outfit: charcoal lululemon groove pants (these are nifty, they reverse to black), black tank, my “ballroom star” customized hoodie, black lululemon windbreaker, scarf, hat, nike shox, gloves.

    Mascara: cover girl lashexact in blue black

    _____ makes me happy: felix, the cat that rules my desk at my workplace

    Weekly goals: get back to dance practice, sleep regularly.

  41. e. smith says:

    Mood: Ambivalent.

    Sippin’ on: Air.

    Eyes: Bare.

    Fragrance: J’adore by Dior.

    Current obsessions: Fashion.

    Best moment o’ the weekend: It worries me that I can’t think of one.

    Outfit: Grey sundress, black tights, black belt and purple pumps.

    Mascara: None.

    _____ makes me happy: A good movie.

    Weekly goals: Actually work out this week. No more excuses!!!

  42. Anne Marie says:

    Mood: Tired
    Sippin’ on: Diet Coke
    Eyes: nothing today; home with two sick sons :o(
    Fragrance: Estee Lauder Pure White Linen
    Current obsessions: cleaning
    Best moment o’ the weekend: my husband called me from Iraq on my birthday Saturday at 10pm. I’d been bummed thinking I wouldn’t hear from him… but he came through before midnight.
    Outfit: Jeans & red sweater… it’s chilly in Hawaii today!
    Mascara: Maybelline Lash Stiletto
    _____ makes me happy: Running
    Weekly goals: Clean out my closet

  43. Karen B says:

    Le list

    Mood: tired (and a bit cranky)
    Sippin’ on: sprite
    Eyes: concealer, blacktrack fluidline, mascara
    Fragrance: Coco Mademoiselle
    Current obsessions: MAC Fafi (I’m getty Strawbaby!!! whooooo) and my recently purchased Vendetta nailpolish and Gipsy Scarlett lipstick
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Going to a rock gig on Friday evening
    Outfit: black dance trousers plus stripey black/white top
    Mascara: Lancôme Onyx Hypnôse
    _____ makes me happy: make up
    Weekly goals: finish all my work on time and give good lessons

  44. Kiran says:

    Mood: tired, upset that its snowing in march in vancouver 🙁
    Sippin’ on: honey lemon green tea
    Eyes: nothing yet
    Fragrance: victoria secret pure seduction lotion
    Current obsessions: shopping for spring dresses!
    Best moment o’ the weekend: hanging with the bf
    Outfit: pink plaid shorts and corona t-shirt (i skipped school so im bumming it at home)
    Mascara: none yet but loreal voluminous carbon black
    _____ makes me happy: sunshine, milk chocolate!
    Weekly goals: catch up with school, workout 3 times this week and not worry so much 🙂

  45. Liliana says:

    Mood:UPSET my boyfriend and me are always fighting
    Sippin’ on:DEJA BLUE WATER that’s all i drink at work
    Current obsessions:MAKE-UP
    Weekly goals:PAY MY CURRENT BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. MiMi says:

    Hola Karen!

    I soo enjoy these le lists!

    Le list

    Mood: Ti-Red just as its spelled!
    Sippin’ on: well a lil pinot grigio arbor mist lol it is 5pm!
    Eyes: UD lid primer and Rimmel London Three Sum in Naughty…love these colors!
    Fragrance: Valentino Rock n Rose
    Current obsessions: Camila Alves Muxo handbags! I can’t afford,Rock n Republic makeup, and Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Went to Olive Garden and picked up some bruschetta…mmmm good!
    Outfit: black slacks, black ballet 3/4 sleeve top and joey o shoes…had some training at the Int Dermal Institute
    Mascara: Loreal Voluminous…what else?!
    _____ makes me happy: Music!, I put on some ole school Mary J Blige…My Life
    Weekly goals: Stay positive and focused…anything worth having is worth working for…what a learning process

    Have a great week all! =)

  47. AbbyL says:

    UMMM a little off topic i know. but O.M.G.!!!! You were standing in line next to George Lucas?????? I probably would have lost control of my voice… or maybe i just would have said “the force be with you.”

  48. Bj says:

    Mood: blegh, its really hot here today and my makeup melted earlier, so i had to re-do but i went to sephora today so that was fab

    Sippin’ on: diet coke aka my crack

    Eyes: a bronze-matte brown smoke out courtesy of the sephora counter

    Fragrance: daisy by marc jacobs

    Current obsessions: lots of mascara, hello kitty by MAC, and barbie by stila tins in malibu barbie

    Best moment o’ the weekend: hanging out with a crush, ooh la la

    Outfit: dark skinnies by rich and skinny, purple v-neck t from urban outfitters, loads of jewelry

    Mascara: Diorshow, and lash blast
    ____makes me happy: Makeup, Love, and Karen for doing this amazing blog

    Weekly goals: Actually exercise, keep up my healthy eating, clean house hardcore

  49. Meredith says:

    Mood: happy!
    Sippin’ on: water, it’s nice and hot here 🙂
    Eyes: Urban Decay Oil Slick as eyeliner, and a little bit of MAC Grand Entrance on the lids. Dior Iconic mascara.
    Fragrance: Burberry The Beat
    Current obsessions: eyeshadow as liner, the beautiful weather, re-reading the fourth twilight book, riding with the top down!!
    Best moment o’ the weekend: spending time with my best friends, and meeting this new guy 🙂
    Outfit: tank top and shorts, it’s gorgeous outside
    Mascara: Dior Iconic mascara
    _____ makes me happy: sunshine and summertime!
    Weekly goals: understand calculus, get to know new boy a little better, keeps tabs on my spending, run at least once

  50. Jess says:

    Le list

    Mood: tired, dumb time change! but happy
    Sippin’ on: nothing but now i wish i had some water
    Eyes: mac shroom with revlon colourstay black pen eyeliner
    Fragrance: nothing
    Current obsessions: BOSTON PIZZA, my new juicy tube in rasberry ice
    Best moment o’ the weekend: going out with my friends and eating at boston pizza LOL
    Outfit: brown cardigan, beige lacy tank with jeans
    Mascara: waterproof lashblast
    _____ makes me happy: a certain boy, new makeup, sunny warm days, happy and kind people, wal mart and food
    Weekly goals: understand science, sleep earlier & drink more water

    Jess´s last blog

  51. Renee says:

    Mood:Stressed (as always!)My best friend’s birthday is THIS Thursday and I have yet to get her a gift.
    Sippin’ on: (was) Lipton tea
    Eyes:Just regular black liner with seashell pink eyeshadow from clinique
    Current obsessions:Japanese rice crackers
    Best moment o’ the weekend:Watching a lot of CSI episodes
    Outfit:Long sleeve gray tee and jeans
    Mascara:Clinique high impact mascara (represent!)
    _____ makes me happy: Getting good grades! I got two tests back. 92% on my AP U.S. quiz and 95% on my psychology test!
    Weekly goals:Finish any reading I have this week! And maybe start preparing for my examss in may/SATs in June :[

  52. redhead says:

    Mood: Dreading my period……
    Sippin’ on: a yummy mango smoothie from panera 😀
    Eyes: mac paint in bare canvas for a nude shimmery base, shroom on browbone to highlight, greensmoke allover lid (on me its a brown-to-green duochrome!), carbon in the crease and outer v to smokify the eyes, powerpoint pencil in black on top and bottom smudged with the greensmoke and carbon, mascara x in black, lingering brow pencil.
    Fragrance: Bath n Body Works mango tangerine body splash
    Current obsessions: my best friend who I LOVE but he’s dating the wrong girl, not me, if you can relate 🙁
    Best moment o’ the weekend: going to the local candy shop! 😀
    Outfit: Gray tee with black and gold miscellaneous music symbols on it, bright green tank under it, and dark blue skinny jeans
    Mascara: black mascara x, I wear no other! 😀
    _____ makes me happy: my best buddies 😀
    Weekly goals: Smell better in the feet area. 😉

  53. Katrina says:

    Hi Karen, I’ll be in Ft. Lauderdale for one week and then Westin the second week. I haven’t been to either location so I’m really looking forward to it. But I’m really trying to hit the gym hard so I look my best at the beach!

  54. MaryJane says:

    We went camping in the mountains in Alabama. It was actually alot of fun! I was surprised!!

    MaryJane´s last blog post..For Entertainment Purposes Only:

  55. Lauren says:

    Mood: Relaxed, if only for the moment! I just got back from a workout… mm, endorphins. 🙂

    Sippin’ on: Nothing. About to snack on some Honey Nut Cheerios.

    Eyes: Nada. Woke up too early to care… haha.

    Fragrance: Ralph. My new favorite.

    Current obsessions: The song Mr Carter by Lil Wayne, thinking about my new tattoos I’m going to get once spring quarter starts!

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Having a blast with my friends at a party on saturday, and having one of my guy friends tell me that I’m beautiful and that he really cares about me. I don’t feel that way about him romantically, but it was still really nice.

    Outfit: Right now, an Ohio State tee and leggings from working out. Ew, sweaty…

    Mascara: Nothing right now. My favorite is waterproof Lash Discovery… the teeny brush is the only thing that doesn’t make huge clumps in my thick lashes.

    _____ makes me happy: Working out, my friends, the warm(ish) weather we’ve been having here!

    Weekly goals: Write the draft to my final paper, study for finals, just make it through the week in one piece basically. The week before finals is never fun.

  56. lily says:

    Mood: tired
    Sippin’ on: good ol’ h2o
    Eyes: plain, and tired! hah
    Fragrance: victoria’s secret very sexy 2
    Current obsessions: nail polish
    Best moment o’ the weekend: I painted a plate 😀
    Outfit: purple/black striped long sleeved shirt, dark wash jeans, flip flops, and a black VANS hoodie
    Mascara: I was wearing cover girl’s lashblast
    _____ makes me happy: finishing this stupid paper would make me very happy.
    Weekly goals: don’t slack off!!!

    lily´s last blog post..In the Mood for Paint-ing.

  57. Stephie says:

    Mood: Excited [cuz I’m gonna try out a choco muffin recipe] Stressed cuz I have midterms
    Sippin’ on: “gin and juice, laid back” haha. JK. just water 😛
    Eyes: just some TFSI, black liner on top, dark brown from Lucky Tom palette on the bottom and tons of Clinique Lash Doubling mascara
    Fragrance: none but lately, CK Euphoria
    Current obsessions: Detective Don Flack [Eddie Cahil, the guy from Sex and the City who took Carrie to the party where she kissed Alanis!!] from CSI:NY [ I shamelessly admit, I am now watching it religiously to oogle at his hunky-ness 😛 ]
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Having lunch w/ my family at the Japenese marketplace I frequent (surprisingly a good experience)
    Outfit: My FAV white shirt from Express with these really cool flutter sleeves made of sleeves and my FAV black jeans [also from Express] haha.
    Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
    _____ makes me happy: Chocolate
    Weekly goals: Study, read my books, clean up my room a bit

  58. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Mood: Calm-ish.
    Sippin’ on: Milk.
    Eyes: MAC Chrome Yellow and Paradisco, as well as some pale buter-yellow Lancome eyeshadow
    Fragrance: None
    Current obsessions: I just watched the latest Flight of the Conchords episode, and that might count for something. Pity that the season (and possibly the series) is ending in two weeks.
    Best moment o’ the weekend: Walking through the markets and sampling the fresh local produce
    Outfit: Yellow top with green contrast stitching, jeans, snow boots, guitar-shaped earrings (Who likes to rock the party? 😀 )
    Mascara: None
    _____ makes me happy: A good cup of tea, music, family.
    Weekly goals: Get some assignments in on deadline, try not to stress out too much, get enough sleep, and wake up early enough to do my makeup (I look pasty and dead without it).

    Oh, and Karen, if you love lavender-scented products, I highly recommend the Quebec-based brand Bleu Lavande. (I’m obsessed with it myself…organic and lavender, what more could anyone want? I’m planning to try a tin of their lavender candies sometime soon.)

  59. Charm says:

    Mood: Drained

    Sippin’ on: Green Tea

    Eyes: Stay at home day, all natural baby!

    Fragrance: Japanese Cherry blossom

    Current obsessions: Spring break fun!

    Best moment o’ the weekend: Getting a chance to relax

    Outfit: Shorts and T

    Mascara: none at the moment

    _____ makes me happy: Makeup

    Weekly goals: Have fun over my spring break

  60. Erika says:

    Hey Karen! I have to admit I was looking forward for today’s poll. Hard to believe considering I’m not doing it till 11pm! I was in the shower and thought “I hope I get a sec to do the poll before the kids wake up” Unfortunately, they were awake by the time I got out! 😉 At any rate, here are my answers 🙂

    Mood: exhausted!
    Sippin’ on: hot tea
    Eyes: none
    Fragrance: none
    Current obsessions: shopping
    Best moment o’ the weekend: hanging out at the park w/an old college friend…catching up
    Outfit: pink sweets w/tank top
    Mascara: nope
    My babies giggles makes me happy
    Weekly goals: catch up on laundry, read for school, and catch up on sleep

  61. alli says:

    Mood: excited about buying my first home soon!
    Sippin’ on: ice water
    Eyes: MAC femme fi eyeshadow all over lid, MAC typography eyeshadow as liner on upper lashline, MAC blacktrack fluidline on waterline, urban decay baked 24/7 liner on lower lashline, maybelline lash stiletto black mascara
    Fragrance: burberry beat
    Current obsessions: buying a home! 🙂 and getting another tattoo hopefully this friday.
    Best moment o’ the weekend: art show and wine with a ton of friends friday night
    Outfit: bright green longsleeve deep v-neck tee over a dark green tank, jeans, sparkly gray nine west flats
    Mascara: lash stiletto – i love it!
    _____ makes me happy: iced tea with lemon
    Weekly goals: talk to my tattoo artist and make an appointment to get it done

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