Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, July 21

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  1. Mood: Optimistic 🙂
  2. Eyes: A really simple, neutral look today with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Love Connection Mineralize Eye Shadow, Lancome Le Stylo Noir eyeliner and MAC Mascara X.
  3. Fragrance: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
  4. Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk, sugar and fresh blueberries
  5. Lips: Chanel Candy Glow Aqualumiere Lipgloss
  6. Eye Shadow Lemming: Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Pink Idol 770
  7. Outfit: Dark skinny jeans from J. Crew, white tank top, striped tan and white sweater and black strappy high heel sandals
  8. Two cents of advice (makeup related): Swipe your mascara brush against a tissue to remove excess product before applying it onto your lashes.
  9. Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):The glass is half full, girlfriend.
  10. Goals for the week: To make an appointment to try a Bar Method workout, eat a bunch of salads, read a good book and go to bed early

Your turn! Just copy the list, insert your answers and leave ’em for me in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Eye Shadow Lemming:
Two cents of advice (makeup related):
Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):
Goals for the week:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Elle says:

    Mood: A bit upset about being roped into a situation that is really *not* my problem, but…isn’t that what families are good for? 😉

    Eyes: MAC’s Rubenesque paint pot, Stila’s gold glow baked eyeshadow trio, MAC kohl eyeliner in Powersurge

    Fragrance: Au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

    Breakfast: A banana and some water

    Lips: MAC’s Pink Grapefruit lipglass

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Some more of MAC’s ElectroFlash mineral eyeshadows…I already have 2, but some of the other ones are shouting my name…

    Outfit: magenta dress, denim jacket, brown sandals, hoop earrings

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): That whole “wrapping your lips around your finger and pulling it out” trick after applying lipstick really works. And hey, it will at least get you a few interesting glances if you do it while on your train. 😉

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Never let a kiss fool you or a fool kiss you. (Easier said than done! Well at least for me!)

    Goals for the week: Getting family drama sorted out, cleaning, getting the four pairs of jeans I bought shortened (I hate being so short…), and possibly heading to the IMAX downtown to catch The Dark Knight…even though it totally got under my skin when I saw it on Saturday. When else am I gonna see an IMAX’ed Bale??

  2. Laurie says:

    Mood: Content

    Eyes: NARS eyeshadow duo in Cordura

    Fragrance: Estee Lauder Sensuous (sample – but considering buying, smells great!)

    Breakfast: Nature’s Valley granola bar

    Lips: NARS Velvet Matte in Cafe Con Leche

    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC Smoke & Diamonds (coming soon – Starflash!)

    Outfit: Khaki capris, navy tank with sequined neckline

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): When filling in your eyebrows, keep in mind they’re sisters, not twins

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): If you have nothing to nice to say, don’t say anything at all

    Goals for the week: Keep my puppy out of trouble. She got spayed Friday and has to lay low because of the stiches.

    Lauries last blog post..My Husband Deserves a Patience Award

  3. Laura B says:

    Mood: Exhausted after spending 8 hours drafting a commercial contract…phew
    Eyes: My old favourite – MAC nylon, soft brown and embark e/s
    Fragrance: Maybe Baby by Benefit
    Breakfast: Not a morsel 🙁
    Lips: MAC touch l/s and Stila Apricot lipgloss
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Black Ore Solar Bits (I know I’m late)
    Outfit: Green wrap cardigan with fierce matching green shoes
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Even if you use liquid foundation, blend your foundation out with a kabuki brush for really nice finsih with no tell-tale lines.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Lost Sundays because of too much wine / vodka / port on a Saturday night make you feel bad.
    Goals for the week: Get rid of the rest of the crap from upstairs and enjoy my clutter free home!

    Have a great week ladies!

  4. Fie says:

    Mood: Wishing that periods don’t come hand-in-hand with cramps

    Eyes: Nothing. I just washed off my makeup and ready for bed 😀

    Fragrance: DKNY Be Delicious

    Breakfast: Chocolate milk

    Lips: Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry Kiss

    Eye Shadow Lemming: None. I’m lemming for the mineralize blushes though 😉

    Outfit: Shorts and a baby tee as sleep gear

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Put on chapstick on your lips before you to sleep. 😀 It helps condition your lips for the next day!

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Don’t skip meals when your period is here

    Goals for the week: Get my UK Student Visa done. Not break down due to stress. Control diet.

  5. Rowena says:

    Le list

    Mood: Somewhat achy, but I’ve finished work and I feel ok!
    Eyes: Twas Bobbi Brown Raspberry Palette
    Fragrance: Armani Code
    Breakfast: Nothing! I don’t eat breakkie
    Lips: RMK Lip Essence
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Portobello or Alhambra (nars)
    Outfit: In my knickers at the moment. I’m at homeee!
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Armani Face Fabric is AMAZING
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): It’s ok. We’ll all die anyway.
    Goals for the week: Sort out some financial stuff, start writing, make more money. Eat less carbs.

  6. Lisa says:

    Le list
    Mood: Hopeful
    Eyes: Mac soft ochre paint pot, Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pallette, Bobbi Brown gunmetal gel eye liner, Chanel mascara
    Fragrance: Hermes 24, Faubourg
    Breakfast: Some healthy oat thing, even if it kills me
    Lips: Estee Lauder pure color carmel swirl lipstick and gloss, Chanel nude lip liner
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Guerlain fall shades
    Outfit: Black crepe trousers, magenta and black print shell and cardigan, magenta heels
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): search high and low until you find the perfect foundation match for your skin type and coloring, both for summer and winter
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): be prepared
    Goals for the week: to take control of each situation as it arises this week, rather than letting the situations take control of me 🙂

  7. Victoria says:

    Le list
    Mood:anxious ready for the weekend -one of my best girlfriends is coming into town..
    Eyes:unearthed( light golden brown) by laura geller, lined with naval blue pigment( i think) from the pigments cool selection from the MAC Christmas collection.
    Fragrance:Hard Candy
    Breakfast:granola berry stuff from south beach
    Lips: viva glam v and oversexed gloss from MAC
    Eye Shadow Lemming: both pallettes from KAT VON D on sephora
    Outfit:grey slacks and a lavendar tank with a matching short cardigan
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):sun screen baby – use it- I wish i had been so dilligent in days of my youth 🙂
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): in times of trouble ask yourself ” will this matter in 10 years” this offers a great prespective in how you decide what is worth worrying about…
    Goals for the week:
    Eat better – doc says i need to bring my cholestoral down and my blood pressure – which is code for the numbers on the scale need to go down not up. Increase the cardio, clean the guest room.
    Have a great week ladies!!

  8. TUPRNUT says:

    Mood: Content
    Eyes: Chanel Spices quad, Clinique sparkly brown eyeliner, Clinique mascara
    Fragrance: Victoria Beckham’s Intimately Beckham
    Breakfast: Special K cereal
    Lips: Chanel Candy Glow Lipgloss
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Fall Dior
    Outfit: Jean shorts, Gap sleeveless gray t-shirt
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): blend, blend, blend… don’t leave the house looking like a painted-on doll
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): live within your means
    Goals for the week: Exercise, work on potty training with the little one

  9. Tania says:

    Tania’s List!
    Mood: reflective
    Eyes: Painterly Paint Pot as a base, Claire de Lune on Lid, Soft brown in crease, Hey from Fafi 1 on browbone
    Fragrance: I’m wearing DKNY Be Delicious but I want to just put on my Johnson’s Lavender Baby Oil and snooze
    Breakfast: a Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast cookie and a Dr. Pepper. I really do love b-fast its just if eat alot I’ll snooze at work.
    Lips: Strobe Current Lip Cond and Coconutty Lipstick
    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC Cloudburst eyeshadow will…be…mine….I also saw the Color Forms Collection on Nordstrom’s page and I want the warm eyes one!
    Outfit: Khaki pants and longsleeve brown shirt from Old Navy. My fav brown Mary Janes
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): To make your makeup last use a primer for face and something like MAC Paint pots for eyes. Do this and your makeup will last from 9-5 or longer!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Have faith
    Goals for the week: No freaking out this week. I have meetings, deadlines, plus I’m having surgery on Aug 1 (minor but requires lots of healing time). Need to remember to breathe….breathe…

  10. Michelle says:

    Le list

    Mood: A bit tired. It’s always hard to go to bed early on Sun. night

    Eyes: MAC De La Luna(LE)eyeshadow, Stila Kitten eyeshadow, Jane Mascara

    Fragrance: Escada Moon Sparkle

    Breakfast: Low carb. bagel with cream cheese an coffee

    Lips: Rimmel Vinyl gloss in Snog

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Smashbox’s Wicked Lovely eyeshadow trio

    Outfit: Brown paisely print halter dress, brown cropped cardi & Bongo brown & gold wedges

    Two cents of advice (makeup related):When lining lips, fill in entire lips so you don’t end up with visible lip liner when your lipstick wears off.

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Don’t stress over the small stuff. Deep breaths people! 😉

    Goals for the week: Walk/jog on my treadmill at least 3x, lay off the junk food, finish reading my book, H.R.H by Daniel Steele.

  11. Lucy says:

    Le list
    Mood: Happy go lucky
    Eyes: MAC Painterly and Bobbi Brown Black Mauve Gel Liner
    Fragrance:Prada Tendre
    Breakfast:Oatmeal made with Vanilla Soy with brown sugar
    Lips:Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Mauve
    Eye Shadow Lemming:
    Outfit:Black Jcrew tissue Vneck and BR grey Martins BR grey bronze sandals
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):Always use SPF before anything else….Age and skin damage prevention is now!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Eat more fruit
    Goals for the week: Be proactive to the best of my ability

  12. Lucy says:

    Le list

    Almost forgot
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Chanel Reflets Dombre -Quad ( I got it last weekend!)

  13. meimei says:

    Mood: A little more hopeful than usual.

    Eyes: MAC Hot Contrast – I am officially hooked! The black goes in the outer corners and the swirly gray stuff is applied with a wet brush on the rest of the lid.

    Fragrance: None so far, unless you count my deodorant

    Breakfast: Shredded Wheat and soy milk

    Lips: Maybelline Shiny-licious Gloss in Banana Pudding

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Damn you, MAC! I have an upcoming Sunday appointment at Nordstrom because of the (Nordie-exclusive) Colorforms – and I want the Warm Eyes palette!

    Outfit: Gap jeans and a pink tank top

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Using a wet brush on those MAC Mineralize eyeshadows really works – especially if you’re one of the few who have complained about the flaking issues!

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): You can’t go wrong with having faith.

    Goals for the week: Breathe deeply, read more books, and smile more often!

    meimeis last blog post..About That Banner…

  14. Mimi says:

    Le list
    Mood: EEEzzzy Breezy

    Eyes: Real simple, sexi…I did Nars ashes to ashes eyeshadow, with black liner thick at the ends like Audrey Hepburn

    Fragrance:Valentino Rock N Rose (love this stuff!!!)

    Breakfast: i wish…

    Lips: My H.I.P lip gloss in “pretentious”

    Eye Shadow Lemming: “HUH?”

    Outfit: Black one shoulder Bebe shirt, white capris, and cute black platform Michael Kors sandals I p/u over the wkend

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): (today) Less is More

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Keep your friends close and ur enemies closer!

    Goals for the week: Contact the NJ State Board to retake my written that I failed =(, and ace my interview for a 2nd job and pay these damn cc bills!!!! hey I love to shop

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    That movie got under my skin too. The ending… so bittersweet.

    Hope the family drama gets sorted out. 🙂

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Laurie,

    What kind of puppy do you have?

    Oh yeah, I thumbs up the Sensuous from EL. Review to come up shortly. 😉

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Laura B.,

    Great foundation advice. One thing I also like to do is to spray the brush first with some water or Fix+. It gives foundation a really natural, barely there look.

  18. Lehea says:

    Here’s my list

    Mood: Chill

    Eyes: Bare

    Fragrance: None

    Breakfast: English muffin with jam and butter

    Lips: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Bonfire

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Surprisingly none at this time

    Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt, and black hoodie

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Moisturize before applying foundation for even coverage.

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Drama free is the way to be!

    Goals for the week: Look for a dress to wear for the wedding in Hawaii, pay bills, do laundry, start packing.

  19. Laurie says:


    We have a Boston Terrier female. She’s 5 1/2 months – full of personality! I know you like cats, but are you a dog person too?

    Lauries last blog post..My Husband Deserves a Patience Award

  20. Brittany says:

    Mood: I’m feeling motivated!
    Eyes: I lined my eyes with L’Oreal Plum Royale shadow and have MAC pigment in Fairylite as a shadow. CG Lash Blast mascara.
    Fragrance: Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton
    Breakfast: Ummm..I had some pomegranate tea and a Peanut butter South Beach bar of some variety.
    Lips: Elf Candy Shop lip tins in Melon Mayhem. It’s a pretty shimmery pinky coral gloss.
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Mac Electroflash in Sea and Sky. I’ve been wanting to rock bright colors lately.
    Outfit: Jeans and a graphic tee from American Eagle. Nothing special.
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Don’t be afraid to try something you think might look crazy, if it does wash it off. Don’t be afraid of color either 🙂
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Quit complaining, suck it up. haha.
    Goals for the week: Um…I don’t know. Being happy.

  21. Jessica says:

    Mood: proud of myself (accomplished work goals)

    Eyes: Rimmel Jungle Green (thanks for the rec.!), Diorshow Blackout, Korres eyebrow pencil

    Fragrance: none, sadly

    Breakfast: SBUX egg salad sandwich and tall Pike Place in a grande cup — I didn’t get my food together last night and I left my half-and-half at home (usu. bring it to work for the week)

    Lips: MAC Viva Glam VI

    Eye Shadow Lemming: the Lancome India palette with the plum and taupe shadows (not the warm palette, the other one)

    Outfit: gray knit/jersey shift dress, yellow cropped hoodie, Born flipflop-style sandals

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): a metal lash comb just can’t be beat — don’t be afraid!

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): It all turns out okay in the end.

    Goals for the week: work out every day and catch up on personal finance paperwork (spreadsheet, checking account, etc.)

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Yup, I am. I grew up with all kinds of animals — birds, cats, dogs, a hamster, mice and a rabbit named Pablo.

    I really like terriers. They are so smart! In my neighborhood there’s a Jack Russel who chases me on occasion. I don’t know his real name but I call him Shifty McIntyre.

    What’s your dog’s name?

  23. Karen says:

    Awww, Fie! I hope your woman pains subside soon. Eat some chocolate, lady!

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Rowena,

    What’s Face Fabric? Why do you like it?

  25. Laurie says:

    My pup’s name is Betty. She’s a smushnosed pup and is a serious snorer!

    She actually has a Jack Russel boyfriend named Mr. Bigglesworth. Like from Austin Powers!

    Lauries last blog post..My Husband Deserves a Patience Award

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Lisa,

    That’s great non-makeup related advice. I will have to really try to do that this week.

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Victoria,

    My friend, Mark, introduced me to the “Will this matter in 10 years” concept a few years ago. It really puts things in perspective. Thanks for reminding me of that one… it’s a good one to have in your arsenal when you’re tempted to freak out (I use it often, LOL).

  28. Karen says:


    We are lipgloss twins today. 🙂

  29. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    Will be thinking of you on August 1st. Are you gonna have to stay in the hospital?

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Great lip liner advice! Do you have a favorite liner?

  31. Karen B says:

    Hello dear

    Le list

    Mood: tired (training again this evening)
    Eyes: Rien, nada, nil.
    Fragrance: During the day Very Irrisistible, now after my bath just my deodorant
    Breakfast: two slices of bread with chocolate (mmm)
    Lips: lip balm, Labello
    Eye Shadow Lemming: that Lancôme palette!
    Outfit: pj’s (it’s 10.30 pm)
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Wear whatever you want and what makes you feel beautiful.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Be who you are
    Goals for the week: Finish two chapters on my fic and finish one of the tasks for school.

    Karen Bs last blog post..♥ meme

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Lucy,

    I am so with you on the SPF! I never leave the house without it.

  33. Karen says:

    Hi Meimei,

    I’m going to have to borrow one of your goals — I’m going to try and smile more often this week, too!

  34. Karen says:

    Hi Mimi,

    I love Audrey Hepburn and her classic style. Did you use a gel liner or a pencil liner to get the look?

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea!

    When do you leave for the islands?

    I am with you on the moisturizer before foundation trick. I also use a good moisturizer before I apply eye makeup. It seems to make a difference in payoff.

  36. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Great advice (both makeup and non-makeup). 🙂 How are you liking Sea and Sky? What have paired it with?

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Jessica,

    You’re welcome. Jungle Green is so fab… every woman should have one!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Good luck on your tasks this week! Oh, and that Lancome palette shall be yours soon, hopefully. 🙂 G’night!

  39. Madeleine says:

    Le list

    Mood:I got a new job today,so I’m kinda happy….
    Eyes:mascara, MAC Plushlash in black
    Fragrance:no fragrance,still on vacations,working on our laundry room;
    Breakfast:banana (was handy)1/3 cup bran buds,some milk (I eat my 12 grams of fiber for breakfast everyday,and I’m not bored,somehow)
    Lips:nothing,at the moment I’ve got enough of my own color;people often ask me what color I wear…no color,or my color…
    Eye Shadow Lemming:I just mixed my home made mixing medium so I did right eye e/s eyeliner for a try…well,who really sees me? my busy practicing piano husband?
    Outfit:2 years old khaki cargo pants from GAP,touch of time…visible and almost matching (in color) T-shirt – just love it – seriously 🙂
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):past Thursday spent 750 $ on makeup in 60 minutes – just a little treat since I had already known that I would be getting the job,yah!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):Never give up! Things have a habit of working out.Always.
    Goals for the week: survive another 2 weeks in old job…..should be fairly easy 🙂

  40. Dao says:

    Le list

    Mood: Starving!
    Eyes: mascara
    Fragrance: Sephora cupcake body wash (I think that’s what it’s called!)
    Breakfast: rice and vegetables
    Lips: lip balm
    Eye Shadow Lemming: I don’t know, maybe the Lancome palette?
    Outfit: relaxed outfit
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): get a good eye makeup remover
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): drink lots of water!
    Goals for the week: get organized!

    Let’s hope I can post my reply because I couldn’t do so since the glitch.

    Daos last blog post..MAC Solar Bits: an intriguing experience

  41. Karen says:

    Hi Madeleine!

    Congrats on your new gig. Are you excited? What will you be doing?

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    I’m starving, too. I gotta hold on for an hour and a half, though!

    How’s your Monday been?

  43. Aleks says:

    Le list

    Mood: thrilled
    Eyes: brown Lancôme mascara, Clarins Waterproof Eye Eencil in Bronze
    Fragrance: Emerald Dream by Estée Lauder
    Breakfast: rye bread with cheese, a cup of tea, a banana
    Lips: Revlon ‘Nude Lustre’ l/g
    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC ‘Romp’
    Outfit: navy linen pants, white and navy striped cardigan, navy ribbed tank top, white low-top Converse All Stars, pearl earrings
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): less is more
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): never call your pal a friend until you’ve spent a weekend with them (lol)
    Goals for the week: meet a bunch of people and organize all the meetings, write letters, exercise more, smile and just go with the flow

    Well, my friend came for a weekend sleepover on Friday and left today so that’s pretty much all I’ve been up to of late 😀 I must say I’m glad to have my own space again. Apparently I’m not quite capable of sharing my room and my life with someone 24/7. Oh well 😀 This week is going to be hectic. I’ll be meeting some friends and I should clean my room etc. Oh, and last week I ordered MAC’s Fresh Green Mix and Warming Trend (I know, I’m a bit late but that’s life when you live in a country with only ONE MAC counter LOL) and I should get those any day now! 😀

    Have you got any major plans for this week? Enjoy your evening! Take care!

    Alekss last blog post..What’s In Your Bag?

  44. Karen says:

    Hi Aleks!

    It’s hard to share space when you’re used to having your own. When El Hub and I first moved in together a few years ago it was rrrrrrough!

    You will love Fresh Green Mix! It’s so pretty. I’m also lovin’ on Love Connection. I’ve worn it for the past few days.

    This week is going to be blissfully mellow. I have a lot of catch up e-mails to work on and a bunch of stuff for work that I need to get off my plate. I ditched dance class and most forms of exercise last week in order to work on stuff so I’m looking forward to getting back into the exercise groove.

    What friends will you be meeting? Homies from school?

  45. Rowena says:

    Hey Karen

    Face fabric is the new mineral liquid foundation from Armani. Review here –

    Its lavelyyyyy you must try it!

    Rowenas last blog post..A few little problems….

  46. NurseExec says:

    Mood: Relaxed after a lovely bath (fitting in the tub still rocks my world–see my blog for why!)

    Eyes: I’m trying some new product, so Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream on/under the right eye, and Mario Badescu Dermonectin on the left. I’m going to keep doing this till my samples run out, and see which rocks me.

    Fragrance: Armani Code

    Breakfast: A piece of watermelon, protein bar

    Lips: Burt’s Bees Radiance lip shimmer, love the way this feels!

    Eye Shadow Lemming: I’m really wanting the Lancome Maharani Jewels palette…

    Outfit: total house mouse wear, grey workout shorts, maroon and grey paisley tank top

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): If you have super deep-set eyes, like I do, use shu uemura’s baby curler, and do the inner, middle, and outer sections one at a time. Beats getting bruises on the side of your nose from a full-size curler.

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Sometimes, it just is what it is.

    Goals for the week: Enjoy tomorrow’s day off as much as I enjoyed todays.

  47. Mood: Lazy
    Eyes: Nothing, eye cream
    Fragrance: Nothing
    Breakfast: Granola Bar
    Lips: M.A.C Tendertone
    Eye Shadow Lemming: M.A.C Pink Split
    Outfit: Sweats
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Makeup is a form of self-expression that enhances the beauty within
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Sleep is the best thing in the world, LOL
    Goals for the week: Study for final on the 4th of August

    i♥makeups last blog post..A Day in The Life of M.A.C Senior Artist Vimi Joshi

  48. Megan says:

    Le list

    Mood:Angry- I just bonked my car against a cement pole 🙁
    Eyes: Bare Essentials Foiled Eye Kit with Blink Kiss me mascara
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy
    Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch
    Lips:Blistex Silk and Shine
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Okay not really eye shadow but the Balm- Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover
    Outfit: Victoria’s Secret Pink Sweats and a Tshirt
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Wash Brushes Weekly to avoid icky eye infections!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):Watch out for cement poles in parking lots! THey can be dangerous :/
    Goals for the week: Get my car fixed and work out!

    Megans last blog post..The Lash Stash

  49. Joanne says:

    Le List


    Eyes: Natural because I’m not going anywhere, yet

    Fragrance: Sun-ripened raspberry body splash from Bath & Body workk

    Breakfast:Tea and biscuits

    Lips: Burts Bee’s lip balm

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet, and
    MAC eyeshadow – rice paper

    Outfit: boyfriends gray shirt and black shorts

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): For a more pouter lip, use a pearl white/beige colored lip liner/crayon and apply at the bow of the lip and smudge, then apply gloss. Try avoiding the outer lip lines.

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): I agree, drink plenty of water. I never really understood the meaning of “the glass is half full”, someone please explain?

    Goals for the week: See my parents at my hometown. I haven’t seen them in awhile. Maybe see my friends… I haven’t seen them May. Shop for a good cleanser and finding my perfect toner. I’m thinking about the basis cleaner clean face wash after reading your blog about it. I have a crazy oily face. Any suggestions? I also plan to visit this Japanese store called Daiso and stocking up on some oil for my oil diffuser and maybe buy my chihuahua a cute t-shirt. They have a few Daiso stores in the East bay and Daly City, I believe. They sell a whole bunch of $1.50 and up Asian stuff. The only thing that sucks is no refund/exchange, so be cautious about what you buy.

  50. christine says:

    Mood: im feelin’ like shopping!
    Eyes: clinique’s advanced stop signs eye spf 15; shu uemura curler; covergirl lashblast (waterproof)
    Fragrance: origins ginger essence
    Breakfast: oatmeal cookie and a juice box
    Lips: MAC tendertone–sweet tooth
    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC deep truth
    Outfit: random tshirt and nike running shorts
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): oil cleansers are great for breaking up foundation and sunblock. it’s most effective, and has great benefits for moisturizing your skin.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): vitamin C to strengthen your immue system to fight off colds!
    Goals for the week: get through it!–and it’s only monday…boo.

  51. lindsay says:

    Mood: tired, worn out
    Eyes: brown eyeliner, few coats of black mascara
    Fragrance: love spell lotion
    Breakfast: half a bagel
    Lips: juice beauty tinted lipbalm
    Eye Shadow Lemming: bare escentuals foiled eye set
    Outfit: blue and white print dress
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): waterproof mascaras hold curls better than nonwater proof mascaras
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): do what you love, love what you do
    Goals for the week: lose 1-2 pounds

    i love that pandora radio site you wrote about!

  52. Miss QQ says:

    Hi, I tried Lovely by SJP and it smells like fresh out of the shower. No wonder so many women like it.

    Mood: Sleepy zzZ
    Eyes: Neo Sci-fi shadows
    Fragrance: Chance Eau Fraiche
    Breakfast: Fish porridge
    Lips: Pleasureseeker l/s & Vital Spark l/g
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Starflash!
    Outfit: Amethyst top & black skirt
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Don’t become a slave to makeup products haha…
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Don’t take life too seriously.
    Goals for the week: Get through it because I want my weekend badly this week.

  53. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Le list
    Mood: Ambitious
    Eyes: MAC–Chrome Yellow and Paradisco Eyeshadows and Fascinating Eye Kohl
    Fragrance: None
    Breakfast: None, though I did have a “breakfast special” out at lunch today.
    Lips: Chanel Glossimer in Lollipop
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Hmm…MAC Eyeshadows in Tempting, Plum Dressing, Cranberry, Amber Lights, and Deep Truth
    Outfit: Yellow t-shirt, jeans, and a cropped jacket
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): A small amount of white eyeliner smudged into the lower lashline and waterline can work wonders for tired eyes.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Get enough sleep. Goals for the week: Return library books

  54. Louise Gray says:

    What a beautiful sky! It matches the one that is here not just after the thuderstorm we have had. Dear Hubby and I were sitting on the side deck and sipping our wine and then the rain began. Aftere the thunder and lightning, the most beautiful sunset occurred just like in your picture. ah- – —

    Eyes: Urban Decay smog under the brow and the Rimmel kohl liner which I bought as you suggested. Great buy.
    Fragrance: Cucumber Melon BBW
    Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisin and soymilk
    Lips: Chanel hot pink gloss
    Eye Shadow Lemming: m-m-m-m None
    Outfit: Dryfit top and nike shorts
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Less is always better
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):
    Goals for the week:

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

  55. Louise Gray says:

    Whoops, I forgot the last two:

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
    Goals for the week: To select a fireplace insert because it has always been my dream to have a fireplace and fall is right around the corner. Darn!!!!

  56. ellie says:

    Le list

    Mood:tired but happy
    Eyes:Mac rice paper on lid, lined lashes with Mac Carbon and a 266 brush (great alternative to a hard fluidline look)
    Fragrance:estee lauder beautiful
    Breakfast:nothing 🙁 my tum is grumbling
    Lips:vaseline only, sadly.
    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC humid!
    Outfit: dark blue gap jeans, white zara tee, purple sparkly scarf from riverisland
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):do your makeup near a window (trust me, everyone can see your blending faux-pas if you don’t)
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):go with your gut, even tho you don’t want to.
    Goals for the week: DONT spend any more than i already have. And its only tuesday! :S


  57. Marisol says:

    Mood: Restless…so many things are up in the air.
    Eyes: UDPP, MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing on lid, MAC Odd Couple duo (golden side on lid applied wet and purple on crease), MAC Shroom on as a highlight, MAC Engraved liner on top lash line and to tightline, MAC Permaplum liner on bottom lash line, Benefit Browzings on brows, and Cover Girl Lash Blast on eye lashes.
    Fragrance DKNY Be Delicious
    Breakfast: iced venti americano extra ice
    Lips: MAC Fast Thrill lippie
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Dior Gaucho palette from nordies.
    Outfit: all black… I feel like I have uniform but my closet consists of mainly black
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): always, always remove your make up.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Smile…
    Goals for the week: spend less time online and read my book.

    Marisols last blog post..Flipping Out

  58. KK says:

    Mood: Tired and a litle tipsy…just got back from my bowling league with my dad…

    Eyes: Stilla kitten

    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs

    Breakfast: Some turkey and a big ass coffee

    Lips: chapstick and mac lipglass in…oh crap..well its really hot pink..

    Eye Shadow Lemming: Any MAC

    Outfit: Purple tank and gap jeans

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): STOP putting liquid eyeliner on in a thick straight line on your lower lids…it looks CRAZY!

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Be kind to animals! Please!
    Goals for the week: work out alot and stop eattin g crap!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great week Karen! Keep up the good wotk girl! we love it!

  59. tania says:

    No hospital stay just pretty much in and out, but will be laid up at home for a week! After a few days, blech! Btw: I know you keep your mac wipes by the tv. Well I keep mine by the bed on the nightstand. That way I can wipe and lounge at the same time! My mua told me that they’re also good at removing yucky deoderant stains. Pretty cool huh?

  60. Holly says:

    Mood: Anxious but not really sure why!
    Eyes: just the dior sparkly base stuff that i love and Gurlain les deux mascara – was in a rush!!
    Fragrance:Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche
    Breakfast:hot crossed bun with butter 🙂 and oj
    Lips:Chanel Rouge Allure in Evocation with Glossimer in scintillance over
    Eye Shadow Lemming: im looking everywhere for a nice mat grey colour but not having too much luck!
    Outfit:dark denim smark jeans with a tight blue and white striped thin knit jumper, gold wedges, pearl earings and a blue and white striped bow inmy hair to match! My dad says i look like a sailor!
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): blend blend blend!!!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): you CAN NOT get through your degree doing the bare minimum studying and come out on top!!
    Goals for the week: sew new hair extensions, tidy up, smash target in work!!

  61. Laurie says:

    Mood: Relieved since summer school just ended
    Eyes: Yikes i went out to dinner this evening thai restaurant. Your ladyship as base, mauvment in the crease with handwritten eyeshadow to darken it, nylon as highlight and some fluid line. Also i put on a few individual lashes..
    Breakfast:Hotpocket? Hey im a poor college student who likes pizza xD
    Lips:Lust lip glass with a dab of flashmode lustregloss.
    Outfit: A nice dressy bebe top and some jeans
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): I love using a soft bristle toothbrush spraying a bit of hairspray on it and grooming my eyebrows.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):…Never let a man treat you like crap ladies!! ..but dont be a bitch in return either, just dump the man and be done with!
    Goals for the week: ..i havent had a hair cut in 1 year…. *nods*

  62. Karen B says:

    I hope so. I can’t seem to find a release date for it anywhere…. pouts And the staff at my Ici Paris XL store seemed clueless… *rolls eyes*

    Karen Bs last blog post..♥ meme

  63. Ekaterina says:

    Mood: born
    Eyes: Ombre Stretch from bourjois and hipnose from lancome
    Fragrance: into the blue by eskada
    Breakfast: cup of coffe and apple
    Lips: diorkiss
    Eye Shadow Lemming: new Impression Cuir from Dior, in Russia it will be only by september 🙁
    Outfit: Black jeans, pink T-shorts and flip-flop
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): use a colourless lip pencil under lipgloss 🙂
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Dance while you young
    Goals for the week: get a rest

  64. Ping. says:

    Hi Karen!
    I miss commenting.. hehe
    how are you babe?

    Mood:happy and contented with slight cramps…
    Eyes:Lancome Hypnose Mascara (lazy day…)
    Fragrance: au naturale
    Breakfast: Subway sweet chicken teriyaki
    Lips: vaseline
    Eye Shadow Lemming: a sexy emerald colour..
    Outfit: shorts, tee and long sweater
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): vaseline can be a good emergency eye make up remover
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): life will always give you lemonade, so drink up.
    Goals for the week: wake up earlier and walk around more!

  65. Jana says:

    Mood: WIIIDE AWAKE ! ( 1:56am WEDNESDAY )
    Eyes: the same way it usually is .. black eyeliner much? hehe been wearing it since year 9
    Fragrance: grapefruit&lemongrass! mm
    Breakfast: didn’t eat breaky today BUT i did buy a grande caramel frapp from starbucks 🙂
    Lips: burts bees beeswax lipbalm and dazzleglass in steppin’ out
    Eye Shadow Lemming: ooh this toofaced palette thing i saw last week *SIGH* why does everything have to be so expensive in aust? =(
    Outfit: black&white striped shirt,dark denim jeans and white open toed flats anddd my black cardigan
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):babyoil = really cheap and good for removing eyemake-up !
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):
    Goals for the week: stop spending money on make-up =S and start organizing my bestfriends 20th birthday!! AAND buy a new cover for iphone

    hehe hope you had a awesome day karen! :)can’t wait to read your next blog entry ..takecareee!

  66. Gina says:

    Mood:Hopeful(ly I can quit my job soon) lol!
    Eyes:just my love, Blacktrack fluidline
    Fragrance:There was a girl in my high school and her last name was Derant and her first initials wer D. O. I’m not kidding. D.O. Derant. poor thing.
    Breakfast:nothing yet-waiting for the boyfriend to wake up
    Lips:MAC Loyal ProLongwear
    Eye Shadow Lemming:none- I can’t believe it! I am lemming skin stuff.
    Outfit:Bebe workout pants and a big ‘ol sweater
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):q-tips are your friend
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related):Don’t give your kid the initials D.O. if your last name is Derant.
    Goals for the week: leave my job lol

  67. maria says:

    Omgeee what the hale? Have u been to You just got millions of bonus points from my nerd husband for your cat banner. Yes kitty you can has lipglosses, as many as you want!!

    Le list
    Mood: Relieved
    Eyes: NYX turquoise pigment and MAC paint pot in Bare Study
    Fragrance: YSL babydoll mixed with Body Shop white musk
    Breakfast: Mmmm cinnamon toast
    Lips: Dr Pepper Lip smackers
    Eye Shadow Lemming: Paint Pots maybe some of the Fafi ones?
    Outfit:Black slacks turquoise cami and black cardigan and ballet flats.
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): practice practice practice blending your eyeshadow, and always use a primer ( yay paint pots)
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Always make time for yourself
    Goals for the week: live

  68. kareen chen says:

    Eyes:Mac Sable shadow applied with my 227 and highlight with my mineralized pressed powder
    Fragrance:I LOVE LOVE by MOSCHINO…it smell so good !!!
    Breakfast:captain Crunch with Milk
    Lips:Sally Hanson Lip Inflation in soft pink
    Eye Shadow Lemming:none…but i am lemming blush!
    Outfit:dark blue shift dress
    Two cents of advice (makeup related):Find a lipgloss that makes you happy and tingly like my Sally Hanson
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Mr. Perfect is out there somewhere, don’t settle for anything less =D
    Goals for the week:

  69. Elena says:

    Le (belated) list

    Mood: Fluctuating. Currently calm, but tired.
    Eyes: Prestige Navy Blue Liquid Liner and Maybelline Colossal Mascara in “Glam Black”
    Fragrance: Dream Angels Body Mist from Victoria’s Secret
    Breakfast: I actually ate breakfast today! 😀 PopTarts, granted, but hey – it’s food!
    Lips: Mac “O” Lipstick layered over some Blistex with SPF 15
    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in “Odd Couple”
    Outfit: Informal black T-shirt over (non obnoxious… I hope) checkered pants.
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): Aforementioned before, repeated again: Blend until it looks natural!
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Step back and take time to meditate for small periods throughout your day. The best quality of work is achieved when you have a calm and steady mind.
    Goals for the week: Surviving my projects and classes. Aye…

    Hope everything is well with you today. 🙂

  70. ines says:

    longtime lurker here! i love, love this blog!
    today i finally decided to post…

    Mood: tired, but not unhappy

    Eyes: simple neutral lined look – stila eyeshadow [kitten], MAC liquidlast [inky] (a color i cannot live without, makes my brown asian eyes pop like nothing else), bottom lid lined in laneige multishaping eyeliner over/inner liner for inner rims [navy] (an awesome eyeliner that i found in korea this summer, does not run or smudge in 80% humidity that is the korean summer)

    Fragrance: issey miyake l’eau d’issey [EDP concentration]

    Breakfast: 2 green kiwifruit + lowfat yogurt, tall starbucks coffee – black, a small bowl of cheerios

    Lips: benefit thegloss [chaperone]

    Eye Shadow Lemming: already have too many. cannot lemm (?) any more, although i am dying to look for a orchid purple eyeshadow… any suggestions?

    Outfit: black racerback tank + black wide-leg suit pants + hot pink structured 3/4 jacket + black peep-toe patent leather pumps + skinny black patent leather belt + large onyx chandelier earrings set in silver + 2 thin silver bangles + oversize sunglasses – the way i dress for work.

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): TAKING OFF your makeup properly is more important than piling on a ton. i recommend MAC cleanse off oil to take off the heavy duty stuff (warm a pump or two in your hands, and massage in for 2-3 minutes. the warmth from your hands also clears blackheads, i swear!), then follow with a fresh, nonirritating foaming cleanser. i like avene cleanance foaming gel cleanser for sensitive blemished skins (i often get angry, congested skin).

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): POSTURE, POSTURE. i find too many people these days slouch. this makes them look like they’re not confident about who they are… when every girl should feel like she’s the queen of the world! as a ballroom dancer i’ve always been taught long lines will add so much to your appearance. try this:
    starting from the base of your spine, at the waist, imagine your spine getting longer and adjust your vertebrae so they feel like they’re neatly stacked on top of each other.
    now, slightly tighten your ab muscles (tighten, not suck in your stomach) – this will help you keep your core balanced. over time, it will also help with the tone of your tummy 😉
    lengthen your neck. imagine you have the miss universe tiara on the top of your head and that it can NEVER fall off while you are standing, sitting or walking. your head should be held proud, and slightly arrogantly.
    lower your shoulders and push back slightly, imagining that your scapula (shoulder bones) are converging, or touching in the back where your spine is.

    this is called the “pulled up” position in dance. if you repeat it enough, you will find your posture becomes straighter, and that you have better tone in your abdominal muscles, as well as less back/shoulder and neck tension/pain.

    Goals for the week:
    1. reduce caffeine intake to two coffees a day, and drink more H20 :). also, try and sleep before midnight on work nights.
    2. do not go lemming after products i don’t need. this includes perfume, shoes, makeup… anything that may lower the balance of your bank account.

  71. ines says:

    ps – sorry for the superlong response!

  72. Jekka says:

    Mood: Tired. Over tired. As in, it’s 2 AM and I still can’t sleep tired. Bleh!

    Eyes: Easy tonight. Bare Canvas all over my lid as a primer, with a sheer wash of MAC Naked Lunch over it. Voila, instantly looking more awake.

    Fragrance: Kenzo Amour. I can’t bring myself to wear any of my other fragrances. This is my absolute favorite!

    Breakfast: Two boiled egg whites and two slices of wheat toast (sans butter!) and coffee. And yes, was still hungry. So I had an apple for snack an hour later. LOL!

    Lips: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (applied very lightly) with C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Shine lipgloss in Clear applied over. My husband loves this stuff. It’s the only gloss I have that he doesn’t complain about!

    Eye Shadow Lemming: MAC Fresh Green Mix (Electroflash) *sigh* BEAUTIFUL!

    Outfit: Pretty boring; work uniform. :/ Wish it were comfortable jammies!

    Two cents of advice (makeup related): To reduce the risk of getting oily lids, try dusting a sheer finishing powder (such as BE Mineral Veil or MAC Blot) on your eyebrows after you’ve finished your makeup routine. That’s where most of your oil comes from anyway, so keeping your brows in check will ultimately save your eyeshadows.

    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): Meat tenderizer mixed with water to make a paste is great for sucking the sting/itch out of unpleasant insect bites; especially fire ant bites. My three year old got into an ant bed this afternoon and had to walk around all night smelling like a steak. But it worked! 😉

    Goals for the week: Go to the gym at least three times this week. Make prints from my digital camera’s memory card. (I haven’t done this in…oh, a year.) It’s time! 🙂

  73. Duygu says:

    Mood: glad
    Eyes: only a Clinique Quickliner for eyes really black color
    Fragrance: chanel chance
    Breakfast: cereal
    Lips: Lancome juicy tubes pampelmousse
    Eye Shadow Lemming: more MAC Pigments please 🙂
    Outfit: boot cut jeans, pink tshirt, red babets all from Tommy Hilfigher, big Agatha hair clip, DKNY watch and Speedy 25 Louise Vuitton
    Two cents of advice (makeup related): decided to only eyeliner, lip balm and blush is enough for summer hot.
    Two cents of advice (non-makeup related): be kind to veryone and dont talk too loudly
    Goals for the week: I am back from Japan 2 dayz ago

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