Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, August 18

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  1. Mood:
  2. Sleepy yet cheerful

  3. Eye makeup colors:
  4. I’m still deciding, maybe purples and golds today!

  5. Gotta get it done:
  6. Clean off my desk, go for a run and resist eating too much junk food

  7. Breakfast beverage:
  8. Chocolate flavored Kona coffee (yum!)

  9. Crushing on:
  10. El Hub, Tabs and MAC Turquatic fragrance (sniffed a sample the other day)

  11. Outfit:
  12. Skinny jeans, white button-up shirt and black strappy heels

  13. Today’s fragrance:
  14. Clean Shower Fresh Perfume

  15. Blush:
  16. MAC Beauty Powder Blush in Secret Blush

  17. Highlight of the day:
  18. It’s still pretty early, so right now it’s this cup of coffee.

  19. Goals for the week:
  20. To be patient with myself and others, to eat healthy and to trust the creative process!

Want to play? Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments.


Le list

Eye makeup colors:
Gotta get it done:
Breakfast beverage:
Crushing on:
Today’s fragrance:
Highlight of the day:
Goals for the week:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Brittany says:

    Mood: Very sleepy. I took a nap yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t fall asleep until about 3:30 this morning (ew).
    Eye makeup colors: Right now I have on things from a Maybelline eye trio in Crown jewels, which are like plum/purple colors.
    Gotta get it done: Sleep more! Stop stressing.
    Breakfast beverage: I had white grape juice
    Crushing on: Various Sephora by OPI nail polishes. Must buy Metro chic.
    Outfit: An orange polo shirt, jeans, and flip flops.
    Today’s fragrance: Paris Hilton – the first one. I think it’s just called Paris Hilton?
    Blush: Hm…I used this liquid bronzer from NYC Color (I’m rocking drug store stuff right now like nobody’s business) 😛
    Highlight of the day: I worked out the *perfect* fall semester schedule.
    Goals for the week: Sleep more, stress less, be happy!

  2. Elle says:

    Mood: Sleepy, but I can’t blame anyone for that but myself 🙂

    Eye makeup colors: They’re subdued today (beige-y, shimmery colors) since I did some heavy cat-eye liner with MAC’s Blacktrack…weirdly it’s migrating to my undereye area a bit, but eh…

    Gotta get it done: Cleaning my room (always a big project) and going through clothes that need to be given away (I have storage issues).

    Breakfast beverage: Water!

    Crushing on: A particular someone all over again, Michael Phelps (to be fair, though, isn’t everyone right now?), Ryan Lochte (see “Michael Phelps”), some new rollerblades I really, really want, and everything Cult of Cherry…

    Outfit: Pink top, black and pink skirt, gray wedges that I’m kinda starting to hate (got them at Old Navy, they’re these tie/wrappy-type sandals and the more the day goes on, the more I’ve convinced myself that it looks like I have gray mummy feet)

    Today’s fragrance: Burberry Summer

    Blush: MAC’s Gleeful mineralized blush

    Highlight of the day: Still waiting for it!

    Goals for the week: The clothes project, reading up on school stuff, and trying to get more courage…

  3. katy says:

    Le list

    Mood: Totally lackluster. Last week’s ease makes this week 10x harder!

    Eye makeup colors: None. I woke up late for work and am wearing my mascara from last night.

    Gotta get it done: Cleaning my car today. Seriously.

    Breakfast beverage: None yet, but I’ve got two bottles of water on my desk.

    Crushing on: My boyfriend.

    Outfit: Banana Republic print top, Hudson Jeans, Banana Republic flats.

    Today’s fragrance: Eau de Sleep. As in, I woke up too late to care.

    Blush: Early morning Bay Area chill, courtesy of Mother Nature

    Highlight of the day: Knowing that Wednesday is the company picnic which equals: No work!

    Goals for the week: Get on top of managing my products. After all, that’s what they pay me for.

  4. Shefali says:

    Mood: Relaxed…been on vacation since last Tuesday. Have been doing whatever I want and today I’m going to see “The Dark Knight”. Vacation’s over tomorrow though…boo hoo.
    Eye makeup colors: None right now, but when I go out for the movie it will be a new e/s duo I bought from the new JK Jemma Kidd makeup line at Target. The colors are gold/brown.
    Gotta get it done: Some sit-ups and push-ups.
    Breakfast beverage: Coffee with Tiramisu creamer…yum.
    Crushing on: A new Simply Vera Vera Wang black coat that I bought at Kohl’s on sale yesterday. Awesome for fall.
    Outfit: A red Free People sundress
    Today’s fragrance: Maybe Baby by benefit
    Blush: X-Rocks from MAC’s Neo Sci-Fi collection
    Highlight of the day: Haven’t seen it yet, but I know it will be the Batman movie
    Goals for the week: Get my a** to the gym asap when I get back home tomorrow…I’ve gained like 5 pounds on this vacation…it’s ridiculous.

  5. Lehea says:

    Mood: A bit sleepy, but excited.

    Eye makeup colors: None, just mascara and eyeliner.

    Gotta get it done: Clean my room, ugh!

    Breakfast beverage: Does the milk from my cereal count?

    Crushing on: No one at the moment.

    Outfit: Black shirt from H&M, CK jeans, Adidas shoes

    Today’s fragrance: CK Summer

    Blush: Ulta blush in Brocade

    Highlight of the day: Seeing my friend from San Diego in Downtown SF to go shopping. Woohoo!

    Goals for the week: Do laundry, go to the gym, clean, pay bills.

  6. Megan says:

    Le list
    Mood: Ok…a little tired…but ok in general.
    Eye makeup colors: pinks and browns…Monday is autopilot
    Gotta get it done: finish painting…it’s well underway.
    Breakfast beverage: Some Grape G2
    Crushing on: The boyf, a new couch.
    Outfit: Ugh I need to do laundry. Brown pants that I hate, a pink and maroon striped button up and brown wedges.
    Today’s fragrance: Ellen Tracy…it was all I could find this morning… LOL
    Blush: Nars Sin
    Highlight of the day: hmmm I dunno yet… probably another round of birthday cake…since I was off on Friday.
    Goals for the week: Finish painting…spend the rest of the money in my account…LOL what else?

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Yeah, I think that was her first one — it’s got a bottle with pink and black stripes, right? Can Can is still my fave. 🙂

    What classes are you taking this fall?

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    LOL, that’s happened to me on several occasions with shoes too. My issue is my toes… certain sandals make them look really long, like monkey feet. As the day goes on they seem to get longer and more monkey (sigh).

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Katy,

    It’s cold today, huh? It was sprinkling a bit here in the north bay. Ugh, it’s supposed to be summer!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Shefali,

    Have fun at the movies today. 🙂 Say hi to my man for me!

    Wishing you a safe trip home…

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    How fun! I hope you told your friend to wear layers. Why is it so cold?

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Megan,

    Happy belated birthday! How was The Lion King?

  13. Melissa says:

    Le list

    Mood: stressed
    Eye makeup colors: none
    Gotta get it done: clean computer
    Breakfast beverage: water
    Crushing on: Kriss (my husband!)
    Outfit: work uniform
    Today’s fragrance: some sent from Mojo Spa
    Highlight of the day: finding a book that I thought I lost
    Goals for the week: be more organized

  14. Megan says:

    Thanks! It was awesome! The music, the costumes, the makeup…all of it. I was very impressed with the two kids playing the young Simba and Nala…it was a great show.

  15. Jessica says:

    Mood: Happy!

    Eye makeup colors: just black liner and the new Givenchy Phenomeneye (I think there’s supposed to be an apostrophe in there somewhere)

    Gotta get it done: finish one work project; start the next

    Breakfast beverage: coffee with half-and-half, then a mug of Good Earth chai with milk

    Crushing on: our great new place in beautiful Monterey! (we moved last week!)

    Outfit: grey tank top, turquoise with white dots cardigan, black fleece hoodie with kitty ears on the hood(it’s chilly here), black matte jersey skirt, black leggings, blue Keen “Barcelona” mary janes

    Today’s fragrance: none (runs to fix …) Estee Lauder Pleasures

    Blush: none

    Highlight of the day: my awesome neighbor down in San Diego calling to confirm she’s going to send me all the mail that the post office and UPS didn’t stop delivering like I asked them to

    Goals for the week: put away everything we own

  16. Toya says:

    Mood: Decidedly meh.
    Eye makeup colors: MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood and tarte emphaseyes in black. Totally lazy with eye makeup today.
    Gotta get it done: registering Sarai for kindergarten. I’m doing it this afternoon.
    Breakfast beverage: caramel latte
    Crushing on: Michael Phelps. I can’t help it – I’m from Baltimore!
    Outfit: brown wrap dress and brown t-strip heels
    Today’s fragrance: Bond No. 9 in Little Italy
    Blush: MAC Mineralize blush in Love Joy and Bronzer in Refined Deeper Bronze
    Highlight of the day: Hearing about a friend’s weekend exploits
    Goals for the week: Workout of some sort at least five days this week(walking, pilates, elliptical)

  17. Beth says:

    Le list

    Mood: Relaxed

    Eye makeup colors: Only one today – Bourjois Brillance Miroitante liquid eyeshadow in beige metallique. This is a new product and just beautiful

    Gotta get it done: Nothing today, but this weekend I *HAVE* to finish my major clean up project and go through my wardrobes.

    Breakfast beverage: Coffee, white with one sugar.

    Crushing on: Paul Walker. I saw Eight Below again the other night and I remembered how utterly delicious he is.

    Outfit: Grey,black and red tartan check skirt, red short sleeved turtle neck and my black crochet shrug.

    Today’s fragrance: Paris by Paris Hilton

    Blush: Boots No 7 Powder Blush in Honey

    Highlight of the day: Figuring out something that my colleague was overcomplicating, seeing how great our new girl in the team is and the rose spritzer I had while I was making dinner.

    Goals for the week: Lots! Research getting an iphone (I played with one and am having trouble getting used to the touchscreen because of my nails ut I think I want one). Finish my clear out of clothes that I don’t wear, I’ve done shoes and bags so that just leaves clothes. Read at least the first 3 chapters of French for Dummies and hope it all comes back from learning it at school. Update the blog more often. Do at least 3 20 minute sessions of Winsor Pilates.

  18. Alyssa says:

    Le list

    Mood: Cheerful, content!
    Eye makeup colors: MAC Shroom and Haux, Victoria’s Secret Black Brown Eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black
    Gotta get it done: Take all of those boxes out of my car…ahhh
    Breakfast beverage: Coffee with 2 shots of espresso. Yowza!
    Crushing on: Thoughts keep drifting back to a very cute boy from school…senior year of college starts up a week from today, who knows what’s in store with HIM 🙂
    Outfit: Blue jean shorts, brown woven leather belt, safari printed “beach” shirt, brown sandals – feeling very Lauren Hutton meets Jane Birkin today
    Today’s fragrance: Jergen’s Glow lotion – is it weird that I like the smell??
    Blush: Shu Umeura Peach
    Highlight of the day: Cooking dinner, baking flaxseed muffins, relaxing with a glass of wine and a book later tonight! Relishing my last days of summer freedom…
    Goals for the week: Unpack the boxes that are currently living in my car, make plans with new friends, read a new book, love myself a little bit more each day, let those around me know how much I love them, ENJOY MY REMAINING DAYS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!

  19. meimei says:

    Mood: Very optimistic.

    Eye makeup colors: Haven’t decided yet on mine, either, but I’ll probably end up doing it on the fly. Busy day!

    Gotta get it done: Today is my first day at work (as an after-school rec aide) so I’m gonna deal with that in the afternoon. Also considering getting my reading glasses today, stopping by the mall to shop for a weekend top, and possibly getting some yoga done.

    Breakfast beverage: Decaf, more than likely.

    Crushing on: MAC Cult of Cherry (I have an appt at the MAC Pro Store this Saturday) and my friend’s cat

    Outfit: Red velour pants, a black peasant top, and sneakers

    Today’s fragrance: A body spray that I “juiced up” with some essential oil

    Blush: Will probably go with my Everyday Minerals sample in B&B

    Highlight of the day: WORK!

    Goals for the week: Have a great time at work; get some exercise done,

    meimeis last blog post..Open Letter to a Stranger at the Bus Stop

  20. Ami says:

    Le list
    Mood:…should have defs called out of work today (sunday wedding)
    Eye makeup colors: shimmery lavendar and pink with like brownish purple
    Gotta get it done: GO TO THE GYM…and figure out grad school stuff.
    Breakfast beverage: water
    Crushing on: Michael Phelps for sure, the ipod touch and the 3g, MAC brushes and eye shadows
    Outfit: Light gray top with charcoal pants and black flats
    Today’s fragrance: Jessica McClintock
    Blush: Sunbasque from MAC
    Highlight of the day: flowers on my desk (from my boss)
    Goals for the week: go to the gym like everyday and study

  21. Bada says:

    Mood: Hangover
    Eye makeup colors: matte brown
    Gotta get it done: Learn my new job
    Breakfast beverage: Coffee and soy milk
    Crushing on: My cats
    Outfit: T-shirt
    Today’s fragrance: None
    Blush: Pure Luxe
    Highlight of the day: My cats
    Goals for the week: Sleeping as much as possible

    Badas last blog post..

  22. Michelle says:

    Le list
    Eye makeup colors:bronze, dark brown & beige (Jillian Dempsey for Avon)
    Gotta get it done:Clean my fridge, work out on my dusty treadmill.
    Breakfast beverage:Coffee
    Crushing on: A stray kitten that comes to my yard every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He’s a cutie.
    Outfit: BCBG silk brown & pink top with tiny embroidered flowers, brown Express slacks, brown plaid peep toe pumps
    Today’s fragrance: Escada Moon Sparkle
    Blush: Nars Orgasm
    Highlight of the day: Getting my nails done.
    Goals for the week:Clean my house & work out.

  23. Aleks says:

    Le List

    Mood: nervous (I’m having a job interview tomorrow!)
    Eye makeup colors: only black eyeliner
    Gotta get it done: find new jeans, write some letters, get a job (!!)
    Breakfast beverage: water
    Crushing on: OPI’s nailpolish in Elephantastic Pink,
    Outfit: white cotton dress, golden ballerina flats, golden necklace and pearl earrings, denim jacket outside
    Today’s fragrance: I tried a new Issey Miyake perfume downtown.. can’t remember the name tho
    Blush: MAC’s Style (this is what I got as a peachy blush :))
    Highlight of the day: invitation to a job interview
    Goals for the week: to find jeans, be happy, reply to loads of emails

    It’s been a while, mate! How’ve you been? I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to find a job and all 😀

    Alekss last blog post..Me Likes

  24. Susanne says:

    Mood: tired. It is 11.30 PM here.
    Eye makeup colors: Violet metallic liner, black mascara. Simple look for work.
    Gotta get it done: Go to bed 😉
    Breakfast beverage: A cup of coffee.
    Crushing on: My boyfriend. My cat.
    Outfit: Jeans and polo-shirt for work.
    Today’s fragrance: Biotherm Eau Pure.
    Blush: MAC Pink Swoon.
    Highlight of the day: Taking a bath after 10 hours at work.
    Goals for the week: Not to get stressed.

  25. Tiera says:

    Mood: Invigorated (with a little sleepy on the side!)

    Eye makeup colors: (all naturale today – didn’t pack well for the gym!)

    Gotta get it done: Find my stinken camera 🙁

    Breakfast beverage: POG 🙂

    Crushing on: James Franco in Pineapple Express

    Outfit: Lucky jeans, black cami, red/white flowy top, black sandals from the Payless BOGO sale

    Today’s fragrance: The BF’s Right Guard (like I said, I didn’t pack well for the gym!)

    Blush: The natural redness I get when the gym kicks my butt!

    Highlight of the day: Tonight’s TV: the premiere of The Hills and an all new episode of The Closer!

    Goals for the week: Pay attention to the Olympics (even if gymnastics and swimming are dunzo), get at least 25 new pieces of jewelry/accessories designed, LAUNDRY!

    Tieras last blog post..Ladies Who Launch: An Organization for Female Entrepreneurs

  26. Tali says:

    Mood: Melancholy

    Eye makeup colors: champagne and black

    Gotta get it done: my life

    Breakfast beverage: elderflower cordial

    Crushing on: a priest

    Outfit: Jeans t-shirt

    Today’s fragrance: Cinema YSL

    Blush: Orgasm

    Highlight of the day: Coffee, cigarettes and sex talk with my friends

    Goals for the week: priest seduction

  27. Rowena says:

    Le list

    Mood:Very tired
    Eye makeup colors: Nothing – I have an eye allergy
    Gotta get it done: Chasing up some companies!
    Breakfast beverage: Water
    Crushing on: Christian Bale
    Outfit: Jeans and David bowie Tshirt!
    Today’s fragrance: Marc Jacobs – Blush
    Blush: Nothing
    Highlight of the day: Buying 7 items at the supermarket and it came to £7.77
    Goals for the week: To get constructive things done!

  28. Elena says:

    Le list

    Mood: Meh. Which isn’t a mood, but a lack of one, I guess. 🙂
    Eye makeup colors: My naturally beautiful skin? Later, MAC Blitz & Glitz eyeliner and maybe some random drugstore nude shade I dig up in my purse.
    Gotta get it done: Anything, man. This weekend I broke and didn’t get a thing done. I’ve been in this slump for days now, I gotta accomplish *something* to bring me slowly out.
    Breakfast beverage: If you would believe it, Sunny-D. Which I bought out of nostalgia and apparently now has a million more flavors than it did when I was young enough to justify drinking it.
    Crushing on: BellaSugar. Best. website. evah.
    Outfit: Ahaha… frumpy. 🙂
    Today’s fragrance: Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel’s perfume.
    Blush: (Will apply later) Rimmel’s Cheeky blush (an awesome buy, thank you Target!)
    Highlight of the day: When I finally put on make-up at some point. I am actually in public and not wearing any for the first time in ten million years. Scary. 😀
    Goals for the week: To survive work, classes, classwork, etc.

    Hope your day is going well, Karen. 😀 I’ll be dieting alongside this week, also.

  29. Chamayne says:

    Mood:Sooo excited….The Hills is back tonight and Entourage cometh in a few weeks
    Eye makeup colors: french fries NYX, Sin and Smog Urban Decay
    Gotta get it done: laundry
    Breakfast beverage: OJ
    Crushing on: Idris Elba
    Outfit:brown brown slacks and a hot (red,pink,purple) blouse with a lining of Polly and Esther…bad idea
    Today’s fragrance:Lemon Blossom Carols Daughter
    Blush: Sunset Beach Milani
    Highlight of the day: The Hills. I seriously need to get a grip!
    Goals for the week:Get monster amt’s of business and pack early for long weekend trip

  30. Lydia says:

    Le list
    Mood: Bored and tired.
    Eye makeup colors:None.
    Gotta get it done: Pay my electric bill.
    Breakfast beverage: Cherry Limeade.
    Crushing on: My boyfriend and my cat <3
    Outfit: My cute wedges I got at Target woo woo! A pair of khakis, a tank top with lace edging I got at Kohls, and a striped shirt over it
    Today’s fragrance:Rainkissed leaves
    Blush: None
    Highlight of the day: Nothing yet…
    Goals for the week: To work out 5 more times.

    Lydias last blog post..40 Fragrances Available Online – Try the Newest Favorite: Rainkissed Leaves!

  31. GG says:

    Mood: Laaaazy!

    Eye makeup colors: Dior’s 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Sunset Cafe

    Gotta get it done: Nothing… but I know I’m just forgetting that I need to do something

    Breakfast beverage: Water

    Crushing on: James Franco. For a scrubby pothead in Pineapple Express, he was still endearingly cute!

    Outfit: Boy’s XXL Black A-Shirt Tank, Vince highwaisted pencil skirt, vintage gold family crest brooch (antique store steal!), maxazria high heeled sandals

    Today’s fragrance: None

    Blush: the HEATTTT!! So hot out today on the east coast =(

    Highlight of the day: My baby calling me from Iraq =)

    Goals for the week: Organize everything so I’m ready to move out!

    P.S. could you maybe do a review on Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes mascara?

  32. Louise Gray says:

    Mood: Industrious
    Eye makeup colors:Shdowlights quad from Chanel
    Gotta get it done: Baking a farewell cake for a young friend
    Breakfast beverage: coffee
    Crushing on: Karl Lagerfeld
    Outfit: khaki skorts and a tank top
    Today’s fragrance: rainkissed leaves
    Blush: Lancome rose mousse
    Highlight of the day: The phone man from Verizon just fixed my landline phone which also disrupted the DSL on the computer. It has been dead since last Tuesday and I don’t “do the cell”.
    Goals for the Week: Think about finding a new job.

    And how are you today???

  33. Crystal G. says:

    Mood: Calm
    Eye makeup colors: Shroom (under brow), Gorgeous Gold (lid), Club (crease/around crease), Graphology (outer v corner), Blacktrack liner
    Gotta get it done: 30 minutes on the treadmill
    Breakfast beverage: Cranberry Grape
    Crushing on: My husband – woo woo!
    Outfit: Yellow polo shirt, black slacks, black slingbacks
    Today’s fragrance: Forgot it!
    Blush: Refined Beyond Bronze bronzer
    Highlight of the day: Being off for half the day
    Goals for the week: To make it to the weekend!

  34. NurseExec says:

    Le list

    Mood: A combination of bored and manic. Weird.

    Eye makeup colors: Just my skin!

    Gotta get it done: Painting the lanai (FL for screened in porch); we ran out of paint, so off to Home Depot I go after work tomorrow.

    Breakfast beverage: Chocolate protein shake with coffee

    Crushing on: Burn Notice. Best show on TV!

    Outfit: Jammies (what else would I be wearing at 8:25p?!)

    Today’s fragrance: paint-Behr Manila Tint, to be exact, LOL!

    Blush: sunburn

    Highlight of the day: Getting the Manila Tint out of my hair

    Goals for the week: finish the damn painting. get through Hurricane Fay without any problems, make it through parental visit without any problem (there’s a resemblance there, isn’t there?)

  35. christine says:

    Mood: wanting to go to bed–it’s like 9:30 p.m. TX time hehe
    Eye makeup colors: shroom, satin taupe
    Gotta get it done: nothing really since it’s the end of the day now
    Breakfast beverage: OJ
    Crushing on: brad pitt 🙂
    Outfit: black suit, soft green button down, white pointy toe pumps
    Today’s fragrance: origins ginger essence
    Blush: MAC blushbaby
    Highlight of the day: getting a new phone 🙂
    Goals for the week: finish interviews and get a job since im out of college now!

  36. Asta says:

    Mood: Excited!
    Eye makeup colors: neutral/bronze/brown (going to an interview!)
    Gotta get it done: Find a nursing job!
    Breakfast beverage: Venti passion iced tea lemonade at Starbucks
    Crushing on: James Franco in his Gucci fragrance commercial
    Outfit: Grey pinstripe slacks and a cute black knit top with cuffed and buttoned sleeves. Power nurse!
    Today’s fragrance: Benefit B spot (I stopped at Sephora on the way home)
    Blush: something berry colored by Physician’s Formula
    Highlight of the day: Saw Tropic Thunder. Hilarious!
    Goals for the week: Have two more great interviews.

  37. Roxy says:

    i love monday polls! lol

    Mood: kind of bored, lemming a TON of make up!
    Eye makeup colors: neutral browns today MAC naked lunch e/s, time & space e/s & grain e/s.
    Gotta get it done: gotta work out… later… lol
    Breakfast beverage: OJ
    Crushing on: the hubby, my bulldog, & jesse mccartney!
    Outfit: sweats & tank
    Today’s fragrance: bath & body pecan passion
    Blush: none right now i was wearing nuance earlier
    Highlight of the day: i bought rimmel face primer at wal mart for less than $5 and it was $8 at ulta!
    Goals for the week: work out!

  38. Le list

    Mood: Tired
    Eye makeup colors: M.A.C Iris Eyes f/l as a base, NARS Strada Eyeshadow on lid, NARS Lulu in crease, Urban Decay Ransom in outter v, Pop Iris Liquidlast Liner, M.A.C Macroviolet f/l in waterline, and Urban Decay Fishnet smudged to make the look smokey
    Gotta get it done: Make my school and work sched compatible
    Breakfast beverage: Green Tea with Mint
    Crushing on: my fiance
    Outfit: Black tank with embellishments and black leggings
    Today’s fragrance: Viva La Juicy
    Blush: NARS Oasis
    Highlight of the day: The Hills’ Season Premiere
    Goals for the week: Get ready for school, which starts nect week, ugh!

    i♥makeups last blog post..August’s Verve Make-up Trends

  39. Ellery says:

    Mood: Hopeful. 🙂
    Eye makeup colors: Nothing right now but when I get ready, black eyeliner.
    Gotta get it done: Nothing!
    Breakfast beverage: Tea.
    Crushing on: My new pet rats, hahaa.
    Outfit: When I get ready (it’s only 6am!) probably my new high-shine leggings, shorts, and a bright yellow top.
    Today’s fragrance: SJP Lovely.
    Blush: Bourjois Highlighter!
    Highlight of the day: None so far.
    Goals for the week: Buy new shoes. 🙂

  40. Ditte says:

    Mood: Excited – drove a Cooper Mini to work 🙂 (Boyfriend has a sign company, where he also wraps cars in banners – so I got to drive the 100,000 dollar car to work)
    Eye makeup colors: Back to basics – a very light beige on the lid, a chocolate brown as a liner (Paula’s Choice)
    Gotta get it done: Have to get a campaign delivered by friday – it takes up all my work time, so I’ll work up a serious work bump this week.
    Breakfast beverage: Homemade juice with different kinds of fruit from my garden – just bought a juicer.
    Crushing on: The Cooper Mini!
    Outfit: Purple blouse, black pants.
    Today’s fragrance: Escada sunset bodylotion.
    Blush: Cliniques Fresh bloom allover, Peony (after your review and pics, Karen) 🙂
    Highlight of the day: To drive yet another fancy new car home from work 😀
    Goals for the week:

  41. Ditte says:

    Forgot the last line: Goals for the week – finish that campaign and bring down the work load.

  42. Karen B says:

    Le list

    Eye makeup colors: paintpot in bare study with taupe eyeliner
    Gotta get it done: my last task for school (handed in the first one yesterday)
    Breakfast beverage: chocolate soy milk
    Crushing on: still Fernando Torres (have to get over him asap but I’m afraid it’s a bale-case ;))
    Outfit: beige trousers with raspberry fitted top (that IS my colour)
    Today’s fragrance: Chloé
    Blush: Peaches
    Highlight of the day: casting director called that they have another tiny part for me (they are going to stick hair on my legs though, I hope it won’t be too horrific and more for laughs)
    Goals for the week: finish the second task, train twice and get over that 1m35 in high jump

    Karen Bs last blog post..Picspam: Valerenga – Liverpool FC August 5th 08

  43. Brittany says:

    Super fun ones 😛

    Um, my senior sem class, the history of urban america, the history of modern germany, a computer class (a super easy one), tennis lessons, and public speaking (ew).

  44. ines says:

    Le list

    Mood: happy 😀

    Eye makeup colors: MAC jest eye shadow, bobbi brown sapphire shimmer longwearing gel eyeliner

    Gotta get it done: SAMBA WALKS AND BOTA FOGOS

    Breakfast beverage: loose leaf green tea

    Crushing on: antonio banderas in step up… drool.

    Outfit: three-quarter sleeved boatneck tee in black with seven for all mankind skinny jeans and silver heels, blue glass bead earrings

    Today’s fragrance: origins shedonism… GARDENIAS DROOL

    Blush: physician’s formula summer eclipse powder bronzer in moonlit bronze with rimmel sun bronze maxi powder bronzer in the hollows of cheeks

    Highlight of the day: actually being able to keep up in my ballroom dancing classes after a two month absence. my mojo is coming back!

    Goals for the week: learn to stop bouncing my shoulders like a *tard for the samba.

    tabs is WAY cute in the cartoon 😀

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