If You Could Only Wear One Lip Product for the Next Month, Which One Would It Be?

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I had a lot of fun reading your answers to the eyeshadow version of this question (and borrowing some of your ideas!) a few weeks ago and figured I’d also pick your brain about lips.


My lip love as of late has been Tom Ford’s Violet Fatale lipstick, a moisturizing, long-wearing lippie in a fabulous shade for fall. I think it’s just dramatic enough to be noticeable without going overboard.

If you could only wear one lip product for the next month, which one would you choose and why?

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  1. Jess Bee says:

    I would probably just pick some plain ol’ burts bees lip balm in the tin. It is getting cold and dry here and that is what I need most with this crazy weather!

  2. Yelena says:

    awesome question! and I LOVE this color on you! hmmm let’s see for me….it would be clinique bronze star (super old lippie I got a while back, not sure if they even make it anymore) but it pretty much goes with all my make up (I have a lot of earth tones) . I do need to find a bold (affordable) equivalent of yours cuz I love it!

    • Karen says:

      I think I remember that color. Clinique makes some really awesome wearable shades, don’t they? Have you ever worn their Black Honey?

      • Yelena says:

        i have worn their black honey but i dont think its very flattering on me. i gave it to my sister who is more fair. :)i’m olive / tan skin and usually look for bronzy earth tones. but i am loving that cool purple/maroon/fusia shade on you! any dupes for it?

    • Staci says:

      That was my first lipstick! I still love it and it would be my choice right after Jack Black Lip Balm. (It’s getting cold in MI :()

  3. Amber L. says:

    That would probably be my go to lipstick, the one that I always buy refills and just looks good on me with or with out liner and.gloss: Eden Rocks by MAC.

  4. blondycandy says:

    If I am limited to one and only one, it would be Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. But if I can use Sugar any way, than it’s Dior Rouge Dior Γ’β€žβ€“475 Caprice Pink – the brightest blue pink!

  5. Maggie A. says:

    Without a doubt Burt’s Bees Tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom!
    You turned me on to this fabulous product and I am obsessed! It feels so good on my lips while giving that little hint of color I need in my day to day life. love Love LOVE it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Maggie A.,

      Ahh, LOVE that color. I really love it for windy days (no need to worry about my hair getting caught in it!).

      Have you tried any of the other shades?

    • Alanna says:

      Definitely this (I also own it in Rose and Honeysuckle but Pink Blossom is my favorite by far) or Burt’s Bees classic lip balm. Burt’s Bees take good care of my lips πŸ™‚

      • steph b says:

        I’m with you on this. I need balms to keep my lips from falling off during the transition to fall/winter. I’d probably go with Hibiscus though.

  6. Naz says:

    I’d probably go with Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It’s super flattering against my skin! If I wasn’t afraid of bright lip colors, I would definitely pick Violet Fatale too. It’s so pretty!
    Naz recently posted … Illamasqua Rampage + Lynnderella All Hallow’s Eve

  7. Rachael says:

    Viva Glam III.

  8. Twyla Munden says:

    Lip Gloss # 0083 (neutral beige) by GOSH.

  9. Lip Product? Rosebud salve. No, it doesn’t have any color, but it’s so hydrating and takes such good care of my lips !

  10. Jillian says:

    Probably Laura Mercier’s Brown Sugar lipstick. It’s the closest lipstick I’ve found that’s my MLBB, so it’d be great with darn near everything!

  11. Cassy says:

    As much as I like color, I have fallen for Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (the original clear one) In fact I just pulled it out mid-sentence to re-apply. It feels sooooooo so nice.

  12. Nancy says:

    If I was limited to just one lip product, it would be Jouer lip enhancer. I tend towards balms as lipcolor of any sort really dries my lips out … even more so in winter.

  13. Jenn A. says:

    Only one lip product? I’d have to go with Blistex DCT. Simple but a definite necessity, especially now that the weather is getting colder here and lips are getting drier.
    Jenn A. recently posted … MAC Glitter & Ice Technakohl Liners Review and Swatches

  14. Chelsea says:

    I’ve been addicted to my Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. It is the perfect color for me, and I can apply it without a mirror!

  15. Chris25 says:

    Revlon Spicy Cinnamon. You should try it, Karen! It’s amazing. )

  16. Tara says:

    Maybelline Baby Lips…in any color! I am having a love affair with these right now!!

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Oooh I saw these in the store the other day and had to FIGHT myself to walk away as I am inundated with lippies. What is your favorite? I would like to try one soon. I would be torn between peppermint and cherry.

  17. Mary says:

    I like Bare Escentuals’ Pretty Amazing lip color in Fearless, a rosy mauve. XXOO

    • JenJ says:

      Fearless is any amazing color! I have some other of the Pretty Amazing lip colors and I wasn’t a big fan until I tried Fearless. Good choice!

  18. Susan says:

    Clinique Bamboo Pink has been the one lipstick I have used up tube after tube, so I would have to go with that one…

  19. Lisa Liu says:

    Clinique A Different Grape

    –I love clinique lipsticks! (I’m eyeling the black honey collection that is out on sephora right now. The blush looks gorgeous!)

  20. Gina says:

    My Korres lip butter in Quince! It’s a pain that it’s in a pot, but the light hint of berry color suits this time of year nicely, and the texture is AMAZING. So smooth and moisturizing!

  21. Swathi says:

    I would wear Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Bal de Mai because its that absolutely perfect rosy color with a slight shimmer that translates to a lovely glow on the lips. Its just so really amazing ! I wish I could buy Tom Ford ! But its not available in my country ! Need to ask some friend to shop when they are abroad next time !

  22. Heidi says:

    MAC’s Oh Baby Lipglass. I can wear it with most everything in my wardrobe.

  23. Ruchita says:

    I’d pick L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss in Nude Illusion. It’s got the perfect amount of color and shine for someone like me who loves neutrals!

  24. R says:

    Right now, I *have* to say Dior’s new holiday shade – Or Etoile. I’m OBSESSED. I have had it for twodays, and I’ve already worn a little dip into the tapered part of the lipstick!

  25. Sexy Sadie says:

    Make up Factory lipstick # 150. A very balanced dark red.

  26. m says:

    Lately I’m sooo into the whole Nicki Minaj-y, bright barbie-pink lip color, so I’d have to go w/ my Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Candy Pink. I’ve been rocking it to death lately πŸ™‚ It has a gorgeously sheer (yet buildable) wash of color. In that way it’s very versatile — sometimes I go light, sometimes I go bright.

    • Nalina says:

      If you like that, give Covergirl’s Spellbound a whirl. I just bought it and I am LOVING it. Being in love with Nicki’s look I also bought Up The Amp and Goes and Goes from MAC this summer, too.
      Nalina recently posted … Covergirl’s Spellbound is a WIn!

      • m says:

        I’ve been thinking about trying Spellbound for some time but couldn’t find good swatches online! I’d read the color descriptions on other blogs but the pics never seemed to match what they were describing the color as, so I was hesitant to buy it. But seeing the swatches from the link to your post, I’m sold (: LOVE it & will definitely be getting it, thanks!

  27. Melissa says:

    Burts Bees Acai and Pomegranate lip balm. I can’t go a day without it. Any lip color or gloss just doesn’t feel good unless my lips are cared for.

  28. JenJ says:

    Only one?? Do you know how man lip glosses and lipsticks I have LOL!!! Ummmmmm….Buxom’s Leslie lip gloss. It’s a pretty golden pink color that can go with any look. Also I love the feel of Buxom glosses and it doesn’t dry out your lip like some glosses. I’ve gotten into lipsticks more lately but I’m more of a lip gloss girl.

  29. Trisha says:

    Let’s see what’s in my pocket…

    Carmex Moisture Plus in Peach. I choose that. πŸ˜‰
    Trisha recently posted … Enter to Win 10 Days of Nutrisystem Select!

  30. Nina says:

    i would wear the tarte lipsurgence lip tint in perky. its another one of those mlbb shades that go w/ almost every makeup look!

  31. Gina G says:

    Bonne Bell Dr Pepper lip smacker !

  32. This is so easy for me to answer! πŸ™‚ The Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm w/SPF 25! It’s super moisturizing, and I like the mint flavour I tried as well as the lemon and chamomile one.
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … Loose Button Luxe Box Review & Pictures

  33. Dre says:

    MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass. It’s the perfect nude lippie (with a hint of shimmer) for me!
    Dre recently posted … Red at the Office

  34. Lilit says:

    MAC lipstick in Impassioned for sure! Especially since we’re heading into summer here in Australia that super bright watermelon colour is perfect.
    Lilit recently posted … Battle of the Eyeliners – Pencil vs Liquid vs Gel Vs Shadow

  35. Marian says:

    I’ve been wearing Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF 25 in Raspberry all the time lately. It feels great on my lips and I love the color with almost all of my fall clothing.

  36. Jen says:

    My old standby, Lipstick Queen’s Medieval. It’s buildable, so it can be a sheer red for daytime, and be a medium red at night. It add just enough color without being overdone.

  37. missy says:

    I would wear Mac’s Chai.. I have been wearing it for years. Simple yet chic:)

  38. Becca says:

    revlon pink truffle lip butter b/c it’s moisturizing and goes with everything!

  39. Glosslizard says:

    Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Quasar! This lippie was the result of my search for the perfect deep berry shade at Barneys. What makes it perfect for a month of wear is the fact that it applies sheer, but builds beautifully! One swipe gives an almost gloss-like wash of rich color, while layering it on can take it up to a rich, vampy burgundy-berry shade! And, amazingly, even when heavily layered, it still feels sheer and moisturizing! Win!

  40. Jaymie says:

    Ahhh! Too many to choose from but if it only has to be one lipstick then I’m gonna have to go with MAC sheen Supreme in Impressive because it’s a neutral color that would match anything I wear and it’s very moisturizing on my lips that I don’t need to put lip balm.

  41. Avery Dement says:

    As much as I’ll always love lipstick, if I had to wear only one color it would have to be Korres lip butter in plum. I’ve always loved their lips butters and plum is a gorgeous fall color. It adds the perfect amount of color while still being moisturizing and non-fussy. It goes with everything!

  42. Vonvon says:

    Hard to choose one, since I am always wearing a different lippie everyday.

    But right now, I would choose Estee Lauder Lavish Pink Crystal Shimmer lipstick from this year’s Liz Hurley Pink Ribbon Collection! I think I can wear that lipstick everyday for the next 30 days.

    Just reviewed it some weeks ago in my blog. Such a lovely pink that is my lips but better!
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos: Haul From Bicester Village

  43. Bertha says:

    Bobbi Brown Nude! Boring maybe, but I think it’s the most versatile in my collection. I think that’s the one that would look best with my normal jeans & t-shirt uniform, in addition to looking great with dressier outfits & dramatic eye shadow!

  44. Kate says:

    Clinique’s Different Lipstick in Sweet Honey. It’s a great rose color that’s not too pinky. It’s similar to my own natural lipcolor but just a bit better and it compliments my pale-with-pink-undertones skin! It can be every day or go great with a dramatic eye. Perfection!

  45. katie says:

    I actually bought ELF’s lipstick “voodoo” today on a whime. It’s a deep red color with a slight hint of brown and it has a creamy matte finish. When I got home I was pleasently suprised that it was a great holiday color and for $1.00!, it was well worth the money. I will be wearing into the new year for sure.

  46. Linnea says:

    This would be hard for me.. But deep down, I know I would HAVE to wear something moisturizing, so boring Jack Black Lip Balm would have to be the one.

    (if my lips weren’t dying of dehydration right now, it’d probably be NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Mascate, but its a bit drying).

  47. Nalina says:

    It’s a tossup between Spellbound by Covergirl, or Eden Rouge from MAC’s Posh Paradise release. Those mattenese are spectacular! I’ve also been really surprised by the quality of Spellbound. It has some amazing staying power and is such a bright, wearable pink.
    Nalina recently posted … Covergirl’s Spellbound is a WIn!

  48. Melissa says:

    Chanel Rouge Coco in Ballet Russe. I love to apply it with my finger to make a stain, then for nighttime from the tube for my color. It’s been my favorite since it came out last year.

  49. Ninababy says:

    Wow hard! But I got to say Black Honey! It is so beautiful and I have worn it for years. It’s my purse lipstick because it just deepens my natural lip and matches everything. It also keeps lips soft!

  50. Jill says:

    Karen! You look gorgeous in that Tom Ford lippie! You and Camilla Belle have the same taste in bold, fabulous colors! πŸ™‚ Have you seen this Glamour post?


  51. kalcedon says:

    So hard to choose… but now it would be the L’Oreal Star Secrets lipstick in Aishwarya Beige-it’s a new addition to my collection, and it’s just the most effortless nude beige ever :).

  52. Melissa Kecken says:

    If I could only wear 1 it would have to be BUXOM!! I LOVE The Las Vagas one & SO MANY OTHERS!! They are to Me AWESOME!! I cannot live w/o them!! They are a 3 in 1, lipliner, lipstick & also a plumper!! Then I add my FAV BUXOM Gloss to it!! I LOVE YOU & TABS!! πŸ™‚

  53. Ashley says:

    Kate Spade’s Supercalafragilipstick shade of Fuchsia Fete. It’s a bright, poppy pink but a little goes a long way! And it’s moisturizing enough I’m not constantly worried about dry, flaky winter lips!

  54. edonna b says:

    I would wear Infinite by Smashbox. It is in their Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss collection. It has an spf of 15. With the winter fast approaching it will prevent me from having to carry a lip balm too. This line was truly made to wear all year round.

  55. Gina says:

    My lippy love of the moment is Bobbi Brown Party Rose. It is bright enough to be complimentary without being over the top. I am debating on getting another since its limited edition

  56. Cindy G says:

    For me it’s definitely my Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm- I just can’t live without it! Also, I am really loving Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Graped Up, it really is like my lips but better πŸ˜€

  57. Tiffanie says:

    Guerlain Galia! Love. This. Color. It’s the perfect neutral.

  58. Inday says:

    Rosebud Perfume Co.’s lip balm! My favorite is the Brambleberry Rose but the original would work too! If I picked anything else I’d have dry, cracked, gross zombie lips by the end of the month, lol.

  59. PS says:

    smashbox Ogloss.

  60. yuri says:

    anything on the rosy pink

  61. peach_ says:

    Dior Addict Lipstick in Tokyo! It’s my-lips-but-better color, plus moisturizing.
    peach_ recently posted … Peachy Product: Philosophy Lip Shine in Fresh Peaches with Cream

  62. terry says:

    Urban Decay Naked Lipstick! Moisturizing and the most perfect MLBB shade ever.

  63. Annalise says:

    Winter’s coming where I live, so I’d be grabbing Clinique’s Superbalm blah blah gloss, in Grapefruit, probably. It’s sheer, but a little goes along way, and I can always use the moisture!

  64. kim says:

    I’m going to go with Burt’s beeswax lip balm too. I need all the moisture I can get in the winter. Ev Rev was my go to on this trip, though. It feels like summer out here! πŸ™‚

  65. Jennifer says:

    My favorite nude lipstick is Mac’s “Playing Koi.” Had I known I would like it as much as I do I would have stocked up on that sucker since it was LE. Being very fair skinned it is SO hard to find a good nude lipstick and this one has just the right amount of peach/pink mixed in to make me look healthy and not dead like so many other nudes. I love to layer it over Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm lip balm. The BEST lip balm for anyone with chronic dry lips.

  66. Jen says:

    Clinique’s Butter Shine lipstick in Berry Blush. I love that lipstick! So versatile and flattering for every day.

  67. Ani says:

    most def Benefits Rocket Pop!! its got glossy effect and moisturizes my lips all day! and the colour is awesome!!!

  68. Lisa Marie says:

    My current lip obsession is a super wearable shade called Smokey Rose. It is a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. I stumbled upon this color in the clearance section at my local pharmacy. This color is a nice blend of rose/taupe. It offers enough color for brighter makeup looks yet can appear more nude for my basic looks. It does have a gorgeous sheen. I find these lipsticks to be long wearing, non-drying to my lips and I have never had one feather. I get rather dark in the summer and start to become very fair this time of year. This color transitions well with my skin color change as well. (I go from dark beige tones to fair ivory in about a month and a half as the onset of winter appears.)

  69. Advah says:

    I’d have to go for a Clarins lipgloss – hint of golden shimmer, peachy colour that works well on my lips so it doesn’t look JUST peachy, lasts for a while and doesn’t stick too much.

    Not the most alternative choice, but I’m still looking for the perfect lipstick I could wear every day without feeling overdressed. BTW, that Violet Fatale shade is *gorgeous*!!

  70. cheyenne! says:

    obsessive compulsive’s LIP TAR! it’s light, pigmented as all hell and lasts all day! <3

  71. Edelmc says:

    Great question… I have a couple of favs but prob lickable by mac!

  72. irini says:

    Karen! I want that vest you are wearing! Where did you get it?
    I guess my lipstick of choice is Viva Glam V…Love it on my lips!

  73. cytaormina says:

    Tom Ford’s Spanish Pink. TF’s lippies are uber moisturizing, perfect for autumn & winter, and this is the only pink I will wear that is flattering with my complexion. A very sophisticated & chic pink.

  74. Iram says:

    MAC’s Please Me lipstick. My favourite πŸ™‚

    Iram recently posted … A Review: Rimmel’s Match Perfection Concealer

  75. Annaham says:

    MAC Deliciously Forbidden mattene lipstick! It is an excellent transitional color for the early days of Fall.

  76. Kelly says:

    My Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper lip balm! As always! πŸ™‚

  77. cherobelle says:

    My MAC PROLONG WEAR Good To Go Orangy Lipstick <3

  78. Daya says:

    I really liked MAC’s last line..and Offshoot has been in rotation quite a bit for me.

  79. Emilee says:

    I would probably choose MAC’s Capricious. It’s fairly similar to the natural color of my lips and it goes with just about anything!

  80. Soos says:

    YSL Rouge Volupte in Red Taboo. Flattering. Fierce. Love it!
    Soos recently posted … Love from the Food Processor: Tomato Soup

  81. Nanda devi says:

    That would be Chanel Rouge Coco Nr. 5. Why?! Because it’s perfect!
    It look so natural on my fair skin, but accentuates my lips just enough. It matches everything, and it feels like a lipbalm.
    Need say more?

  82. Ditte K. says:

    Neutrogena honey lip nutrition or rosebud salve (it’s cold out).

  83. Lauren says:

    NARS Angelika lip gloss, its a semi-sheer barbie-ish pink that looks good with almost everything.

  84. Phyrra says:

    Just one? Picking just one is so hard πŸ˜› Morgana Cryptoria Azalea Blue. Azalea Blue can be applied brightly for amazing fuchsia lips, or blotted for a more muted effect.
    Phyrra recently posted … Team Pink Eye Giveaway & Look!

  85. I’d wear my trusty Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner SPF 15.
    Bun Bun Makeup Tips recently posted … MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder Is Absolutely Gorgeous For Warm Skin Undertones

  86. Laura says:

    If I HAD to choose only one lip product to wear for a month, I would definitely stick with my Korres Cherry lipgloss in Natural Purple. The name is misleading, it’s not purple at all- it’s a perfect MLBB shade for me. It’s great because it’s very moisturizing and gives shine and color.

  87. Sydney says:

    MAC Lipglass in I <3 You from the Quite Cute collection

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