Unsung Heroes: BECCA Eye Tint in Gilt

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becca gilt eye tint

BECCA’s $24 Eye Tint in Gilt

Not “guilt,” like in how Tabs should feel after he exercises his claws on the cushions of my favorite chair, but “gilt,” as in BECCA’s $24 Eye Tint in Gilt, which gets extra Unsung Hero holiday party brownie points today for the tiny pieces of golden glitter swimming in its shimmery bronze base, and for its fabulously long-wearing, water-resistant cream eyeshadow formula.


I can apply a layer on my lids first thing in the morning, spend the day running errands for Santa (Tabs), head back home at night, and hang out by the tree after dinner with Gilt shimmering and shining under the tree’s blinking lights, even when I skip wearing a primer.


becca gilt swatches

Gilt built up on the left and sheered out on the right

And the silky formula is finger-friendly, meaning that it’s easy to blend with fingers or a brush, which is great, because being able to use my fingers with it saves me time and energy for critical Christmas tasks, like stockpiling boxes of Dark Chocolate Stars from Trader Joe’s, or hitting the play button so that his royal highness can re-watch his favorite holiday videos. 🙂

I’m pretty sure this is what Tabs’ dreams are like…

The Unsung Heroes series, a long-running series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog, features some of my favorite permanent collection products from a variety of brands.

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  1. EmmyJean says:

    A shimmery neutral? Long wearing you say? This looks like just the thing to add to my wishlist this year! 🙂
    EmmyJean recently posted … Glittery Eyes and Red Lips

  2. musical says:

    I like this one, a lot! Instant pretty!

  3. SO pretty! I just ordered my first Eye Tint in Romanticism because I’m very partial to mauvy shadows. Gilt is definitely on the list though!

  4. katie says:

    Really pretty. Becca seems like an amazing brand. I don’t think I have heard a single bad review from anything by becca. I have wished for a brand that only made winners and no duds in the batch. Becca seems like that brand. I can’t buy anything else until after christms but come january…

  5. Appu says:

    Gorgeous color! I recently picked up a couple of these eye tints and love them. Need to check this one out soon 🙂 I wish Sephora stores start carrying Becca soon…so much better than ordering online n waiting impatiently for them to arrive!

  6. KPrice says:

    Ijust returned my eye tint that I got in Romanticism. Even with a primer the color faded within an hour. I tried to layer the color and different methods of applying it (fingers, different brushes, pressing the color on instead of swiping it) and no matter what it lasted only an hour or less. Which is a drag because it’s a pretty color. Not sure if I got a dud but I’m surprised that it worked so poorly for me and so good for you. I’m jealous.

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