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chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure amusing
Rouge Allure in Amusing

Hiya, ladies. I must have stayed up too late last night watching more episodes of True Blood because now I’m paying the price.



But these Rouge Allure Lipsticks are kinda waking me up! πŸ™‚

chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure instinctive
Rouge Allure in Instinctive

I think I’ve overdosed on late nights and vampire fiction, and it’s affecting screwing with my judgment. I came *this* close to drawing fangs on these Rouge Allure lipstick ($30) swatches from the Chanel Venice collection.

chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure captive
Rouge Allure in Captive

Conservative color palette

What would vamps think of these six lipsticks? None of the colors look particularly dark or vampiric to me.

It feels like Chanel took a conservative approach with the line, opting for brown, berry and rose shades balanced nicely between light and dark.

They don’t have the same summery feel that the fall Glossimers have (hawness!), but I dig them nonetheless.

chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure clandestine
Rouge Allure in Clandestine

Coco and crew loaded the six hydrating lipsticks with a creamy finish and a touch of shine.

  • Clandestine: a shimmery brownish plum
  • Comedia: a shimmery rose
  • Amusing: a shimmery rose plum
  • Captive: a shimmery reddish brown
  • Intuitive: a shimmery caramel brown
  • Instinctive: a shimmery pink peach

Kudos to Chanel for creating a highly wearable lip palette that doesn’t rely too heavily on intensely warm or cool colors.

chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure comedia
Rouge Allure in Comedia

These browns, pinks and plums aren’t terribly extreme or edgy, but they’re pretty and look natural, and to me that adds up to easy-to-wear. πŸ™‚

chanel venice swatches reviews rouge allure intuitive
Rouge Allure in Intuitive

Are any of these calling to you? Which is your favorite one?

Need. Energy. Now.

Are you more coffee or tea? I’m totes dragging and need a boost.


I think it’s time for a little caffeine.

Too bad we can’t go on a Starbucks run together. After picking up our drinks we could hit a Walgreen’s to look at makeup.

I bet that would pick me up. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. OMG – I must must get these!
    Amusing just for the name πŸ˜‰

    I just watched episode 3 of Season 2 and am on Book 5 of the series. Karen, I think we share a similar tastes — in vampires. LOL.
    .-= Michelle (Lipstick Rules)’s last blog post… QOTD: How much time do you spend blogging and reading other blogs? =-.

  2. Roxy says:

    I think the closest to vampiric would be the Clandestine. It reminds me of an “I just sank my teeth in someone’s neck” look. Haha!


    Btw, I’m following you on Twitter!
    .-= Roxy’s last blog post… Universe and Eye Balls =-.

  3. Roxy says:

    ^^Oh I meant Captive looks more vampiric… oops!
    .-= Roxy’s last blog post… Universe and Eye Balls =-.

  4. Luv J says:

    wow.. I think I need Instictive, Intuitive or Comedia.. which one do you think is more of a nude pink? I’m tired of running into a lot of blue-based pinks.. I need something for my warm skintone!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Luv J,

      Definitely try Instinctive. It has a little bit of peachy coral in it, but you can wear it as a nude.

      I love me a good blue-based pink… but a warm one is always a welcome addition to the stash! πŸ˜‰

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Karen,

    Wow what a tough choice here, they are all amazing colors. I kept looking at them over and over but the one that calls out to me the most is Rouge Allure in Amusing. I just love the brightness of it and it is flattering.


  6. Patti says:

    Oh wow I seriously heart instinctive or comedia but its pretty steep at $30.
    Do you know if these lipsticks are fragrance-free? I recently tried a mac lipstick but it had a hint of vanilla in it that I kept smelling which turned me off-

    • Karen says:

      Hi Patti,

      There is a very light lipstick-y scent that’s only detectable if you sniff the bullet really hard. I’m very sensitive to scents and barely notice it on my lips.

      The Rouge Allures are pricey, but you also get that lovely packaging and the Chanel logo etched into the side of the tube. The formula of the lippie is fab — super hydrating, slick and not thick or sticky at all.

  7. Nicole15 says:

    What you described is my perfect “pick-me-up”. I would love to go grab some java & hit up the beauty aisle with you. Would be so much fun. Since you have been so kind as to let us into your world thru MBB & as a result have gotten a little taste of ours here & there, it’s like we know you personally. Like Karen is one of our girlfriends and in actuality you are. Thanks Karen! Wanna come over for dinner & they we can hit up the mall?!?! πŸ™‚ LOL!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nicole15,

      That would be so fun. I will bring over a bottle of wine along with that nail polish you’ve been wanting to try. No worries, keep it for a while and just give it back whenevah! πŸ˜‰

      How’s your day been? This one’s been a LONG one for me. I’m ready for bed… it’s not even 6, LOL!

  8. Marisol says:

    Amusing & Comedia look gorgeous. Do you know if there is a MAC dupe for these colors? That’s more in my price range.

    I am so glad that you are enjoying True Blood. Told ya it was addicting. I use to be into coffee & then tea but lately it’s been plain ole water.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Marisol,

      MAC dupes… I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but next time I’m at the counter I’ll take a look around and let you know if I find anything.

      BTW, thank you for the restaurant recs. I’m gonna eat my way thru Novato, YAY!

      Plain ole’ water is the best stuff. Have you noticed a change in your skin? When I drink more water mine looks clearer and less congested.

  9. Hyzenthlay says:

    I have, like, 3 lipsticks (I can’t remember and they’re ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS (long day)). I’d like to get more that I can wear with the makeup I’ve started doing, and I was thinking about getting the two Graphic Gardens Lip Bags (I know I better decide quickly), but I’m liking these too . . . What do you think? Which are more versatile or perhaps are a better deal? πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Hyzenthlay,

      You’ll get more in terms of product with the lip bags, but it really depends on what colors you think you’ll wear often. Sometimes with those gift set deals I end up wearing just one of the three colors, so it’s kinda like paying more for just one shade, you know? Have you had the chance to see the lip bags in person? Do you think you’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out of the colors?

  10. Marisol says:

    If I think of anything else in Novato, I will let you know.

    My skin has been clearer lately. I also gave up soda for Lent and decided to make it a challenge to see how long I can go without it. I use to have at least two cans a day of diet coke. So I think that has helped. Now I only drink water or alcohol… lol I have also been good with my skin care routine. Been using a cocktail of products but the ones that I think have helped the most are my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil & the MUFE Elixir.

    Thanks! I may have to go to the MAC counter and pull my iphone out and show them your swatches. I have enough for three free goodies thanks to B2M.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Marisol,

      Soda is a hard habit to break. I used to drink a can of Coke every day and quit cold turkey. I remember the cravings being the hardest part…

      That’s great that you’ve made it so long with your challenge. Do you keep a water bottle on your desk?

  11. YadiQ says:

    These are soooo pretty !! I really love them all

    that sounds like a fun afternoon starbucks and walgreens πŸ™‚

    I will intake any caffeine though coffee is my first choice πŸ™‚

    Today was a rough day but I looked at my nails and toes all day to keep me afloat I am rocking decadence πŸ™‚

    Have a coordinating rusty coralish brick colored skirt and a tank top in the same color as decadence – it was enough to keep me a float today lol

    Get some rest tonight lol

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      I’m sorry to hear you had a rough day. At least you have tonight to relax, right? And tomorrow always offers another chance…

      Your outfit sounds so summery and cute! Corals always put me in a good mood.

      Did you just come back from the gym? I think I’m too tired to go to dance…

  12. Glosslizard says:

    I’ve been seriously crushing on the listicks in this collection, and I haven’t been moved by lipstick in quite a long time! I think it is the simplicity of these colors that is so enchanting… they are appropriate for day or night and would complement almost any eye look! I bought Comedia and am already plotting to go back for Instinctive. At the same time I am hearing a siren call from Clandestine and Amusing! Eek!

    I’m draggin’ a little myself, I would totes join you for caffeine and makeup! But hey, True Blood is worth staying up for! πŸ™‚

  13. Hyzenthlay says:

    Hi Karen, I have seen the lip bags in person, and I *think* the colors are pretty wearable for me. The Summer Crop bag seemed like they’d be somewhat nude on me, which would be good, and could go with a lot of looks, and the Baby Blooms bag seemed like they could be complementary to many looks, without being too outlandish in the colors. I guess I think I should go for colors that are subtle but present and would work with a lot of different daytime eye shadow looks.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Hyzenthlay,

      I love MAC, but I also love these Chanel colors, too. I think these shades would be a perfect for a whole range of daytime eye looks. They’re def. one of the better Chanel lipstick colors I’ve seen in a collection! How about going to the counter and trying a few shades? If none of them moves you, then you can always snag the Graphic Gardens bags.

  14. smiley says:

    The first one looks quite pretty. They don’t look too unique though.

    True Blood sounds good! I loved Twilight. This might be even better.
    .-= smiley’s last blog post… NYC and Birthday Haul! Part 1 =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Smiley,

      Oh yes! I’m a Twilight fan, too, and I loooove this series. If you can try reading the books by Charlaine Harris… they’re a lot of fun.

  15. Hey Karen
    Ethan Hawke and vampire movie?!! Need to find out more info about this now πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tip.

    Off to bed soon to read more about Sookie’s adventures.
    .-= Michelle (Lipstick Rules)’s last blog post… QOTD: How much time do you spend blogging and reading other blogs? =-.

  16. redhead says:

    TEA! It’s longlasting energy. Coffee will give you a Mexican jumping bean-like jitter rush and then you’ll crash as if you’ve just downed three cans of Amp (been there).

    • Karen says:

      Hi Redhead,

      I’ve noticed there’s a huge difference in how I feel in the mornings, too. If I drink coffee the day before I feel like CRRRRAP the next morning. Tea, not so much.

  17. Kate & Zena says:

    These are all so beautiful but I love Amusing best.

  18. Marisol says:

    I actually do keep a Sigg bottle with me at all times. Yes they are pricey water bottles (about $25) but they keep my water at the perfect temperature and it helps with not buying bottled water. I drink at least two of them a day.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

  19. Julie Marie says:

    ooh…i want to get Instintive and Captive they’re soo pretty.
    After reading your review I’m probably gonna call my Nordie’s Chanel SA who held my eyegloss for me for Friday’s anniversary sale and change it for either one of those lipsticks or maybe that eyeshadow pallete. So hard to choose!!!
    .-= Julie Marie’s last blog post… Top 5: New makeup products IÒ€ℒm lusting for the momen =-.

  20. jennifer says:

    these are very pretty but i don’t think any of these would work for me

  21. heyhey says:

    I’m so tame when it comes to everyday lipsticks, so all these are right up my ally. Outside of special occassions, I go by that whole “pinched cheeks” look for blush, and “snog session” for lipstick. I’m feeling Clandestine… although Instinctive could be nice with a smoked out eye.

  22. Marisol says:

    I think so. I have had the bottle for 6 months now and use it every day when I am at work. I usually fill it up in the morning and by lunch time, its time to fill it up again. You can buy them at Whole Foods. At least that is where I have seen them. Cute designs too!
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

  23. L says:

    The colors are not right for me (only reds for me) but you look fabulous in Clandestine!

  24. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. These are so pretty I love then all!

  25. Rachel says:

    In the words of the intro for Elephant Man’s, Jook Gal: “Why me, Lawd?!!” I f’n like them all, but I especially like Instinctive πŸ™‚ and I love the name.

  26. Beth says:

    I bet you would be the BEST Walgreen’s makeup partner! I have lots of friends, but none that would enjoy that with me.
    I went yesterday with hubby and found a pretty good cheap coral lipgloss that I was looking for. It’s the Sally Hansen 12 Hour Diamond Lip Treatment in Flawless. You turned me onto this product, actually! I’ve bought 3 since I read your post about them. They have redesigned the bottle but the formula is the same – it’s a great buy.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Beth,

      GIRL, that gloss is AWESOME, isn’t it? I’m glad they changed the bottle. It used to have the cheesiest faux diamond on the front… not cute!

  27. auroragyps says:

    Captive & Clandestine look amazing on you. Really pretty reds.

  28. Marina says:

    thank you for swatches, Karen
    they all look so nice. but Rouge Allure in Instinctive is the best!
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… Mary Kay. New Limited Collection for Summer-Fall 2009 =-.

  29. Meream says:

    HAHAHA been staying up all night watching S2 episodes, too. πŸ˜€
    Rouge Allure is something Sookie will wear. πŸ™‚

  30. Louise Gray says:

    I like some items in this collection. Tomorrow I am going to try the fall colors and am thinking about the bluish eye quad. The other one is a little too edgy for me. I will not buy another glossimer. The Rouge Allure lippies feel great after applied on the lips. But I find that they slip and slide and have to be reapplied more frequently. The same for the Aqualumiere lipsticks. I do not know what will strike my fancy tomorrow other than the quad. I bought a beautiful indigo nail polish like the one that you show, but it was for $6.95 at Sally’s. Well, I am all for saving money but one has to look beautiful at the same time. Decisions, decisions. What would Tabs say about this????

  31. Alison says:

    I really like all of these, especially amusing and clandestine. I love the formula of the Rouge Allures, it’s the most moisturising I’ve tried, most other lipsticks cause serious chapping on me but never with Chanel.

  32. Catherine says:

    Wow, Clandestine is so pretty!

    I totally feel you on being tired today. I have no idea what hit me but I woke up at 8:30 today, on time, and just felt AWFUL, dizzy and ridiculously sore… decided to just screw all else and sleep in and I’m feeling a bit better now 3.5 hrs later… but still really sore and slightly wobbly. =/ *sigh*
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… FOTD, NOTD, BOTD & Williams Sonoma Class =-.

  33. tanya says:

    Such a great lipstick , I have to try it soon !

  34. Sarah says:

    I love pink lipstick! You look great in it

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