A MAC Lipglass Dupe for $4.50? Try Milani Crystal Gloss

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Makeup Morsels

Written by Makeup Morsels

Which sounds better for a lovely Lipglass — $4.50 or $14.50? Blogger Makeup Morsels found just such a deal on a dupe of MAC Nymphette, and she shares it with us now in today’s guest post.

Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby
$4.50 Milani Crystal Gloss tubes are actually a little larger than $14.50 tubes of MAC Lipglass; Milani Summer Baby and MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass to show size


I remember seeing pictures of MAC Nymphette on Karen’s blog for the very first time and instantly falling in love love. The gorgeous pink gloss, chock-full of golden shimmer, went straight to the top of my lust list. Of course, the bargain hunter within me decided to go on a dupe-search before I made any final commitments.


And I’m so glad I did! Browsing the Milani section at my local CVS, I found Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby for a mere $4.50.

I did a quick size comparison with a tube of MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass I had on hand, and although the Milani gloss looks smaller because of its cap, it actually contains more product (4.86g compared to 4.8g for MAC). Summer Baby also has the exact same sticky texture and vanilla scent as the MAC Lipglasses.

Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby
Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby

Milani Crystal Gloss in Summer Baby

While her packaging might not look as nice, Summer Baby is an excellent alternative to MAC Nymphette, especially if you’d rather save your money for something else. And to all you Nymphette fans out there, wouldn’t this make a great backup? πŸ™‚

Makeup Morsels

Written by Makeup Morsels

An admitted lip product junkie and sunscreen addict, blogger Makeup Morsels loves makeup, digital/film photography and curling up with a nice long book. Her dislikes? Mushrooms and alarm clocks, and she’s eternally grateful to the inventors of eye drops and coffee.


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  1. Hedy says:

    I’ll have to check this out! I’m really starting to like Milani.
    Hedy recently posted … Contact Lens Shopping

  2. Nik Nasty says:

    Oh dear, that color is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I’ve always looked over Milani at CVS because I didn’t like the packaging… But this is really nice :] I wonder if they have any nice beige-y nudes…
    Nik Nasty recently posted … NIKNASTY- OMGGGGGG yall its totally Cocorosie weather right now Just step outside and youll know what I mean Cocorosie

  3. vonnie says:

    jackpot! I’ll have to try it out because I’m loving the milani stuff that I recently found.
    vonnie recently posted … Socialite Adventures – A Night with Nicole Miller

  4. Appu says:

    I love these glosses! I have it in a shade called Taboo and it’s a very pretty nude-pink. But, I don’t find them to be as long-lasting as the MAC lip glasses. But hey, for that price, I rather not complain πŸ™‚
    Appu recently posted … Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – A Lemony Indulgence!

  5. Laurie says:

    wow on the lips it really does look like Nymphette which is a fav gloss of mine

  6. knownever says:

    I love these glosses. They are really great quality for the money with really nice shimmer/glitter that you don’t usually find at the drugstore. I think each color might have a different scent too because I have one that’s a light pink (forget the name) that smells almost like caramel or creme brulee.

  7. Amee says:

    Hey nice ya….. excellent alternative in very affordable price… thanks baby πŸ™‚
    Amee recently posted … My Body Shop and Lakme Haul

  8. Jellytea says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of Milani glosses I purchased during the CVS buy one, get one 50% off sale. I was even able to turn down a Chanel glossimer in the holiday collection because of the 3d gloss in In Vogue looks just like it. But I must say, these are no glossimers. They don’t last very long. I am not used to reapplying my lip products so much or so quickly, but they are cute and cheap and not stinky, unlike the Milani lipsticks.

    • hmm are you talking about the original line of Milani lipsticks w/ the square gold tubes? I didn’t find them particularly stinky, actually I thought they were nicely scented considering they were drugstore lippies. Which Milani glosses did you get?

      • Jellytea says:

        Oh sorry, I was talking about the new ones in the long tube. I have never tried/tested the others, but I had assumed they all had the same scent. (That’s why I shouldn’t assume hehe.) I have been using the In Vogue, Leading Lady, and the blue one (the label came off,) from the 3D Glitzy line. I may go back for the hot orange one too. Have you tried the parfait looking ones? Those look nice too. Like I said, the glosses don’t last long on the lips but not bad, not bad at all.

  9. Kristen says:

    Thank you for this, I’ll have to check it out!

  10. DonnaN says:

    the idea of rapid re-application of the Milani glosses has me staying with my MAC….color-wise, though it’s almost an exact twin!

  11. Megan says:

    Gorgeous! It does look a lot like Lipglass! I loved Milani’s 3D gloss in Starshine- glitter that doesn’t look juvenile!

  12. Savannah says:

    Milani pencil eye liners are my all time favorite pencil liners, and they’re so cheap!
    Savannah recently posted … Revlon Naturally Chic Review

  13. Kate & Zena says:

    If only it came WITHOUT the vanilla scent. I’m so allergic to it. *smack head on desk*

    One day there WILL be a company who does cheaper MAC dupes without the scent….one day……SOMEBODY DO IT!!!!!

    It sucks being me sometimes.

  14. Wendy says:

    Can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me because I have yet to try a MAC lip product, I know I know it seems strange but I got some allergic reaction to a makeup once and got kinda scared.

    Im dying to buy the angel lipstick and the pink lemonade lipglass, any shade of cremesheen glass to recommend?

  15. Yay to Makeup Morsels! πŸ˜€ Thank you for the dupe rec!!
    Shop N’ Chomp recently posted … MAC Bite Of An Apple Blush Giveaway

  16. Phyrra says:

    The Milani glosses are nice πŸ™‚ It’s cool to hear about a Nymphette dupe!
    Phyrra recently posted … Royal Gold

  17. Jackie says:

    Wow! I’m gonna have to try this =) Great post!
    Jackie recently posted … Love Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses

  18. Jamie says:

    Genious! I will have to check this out πŸ™‚

  19. Vanessa says:

    Looks like a GREAT DUPE! I’ll have to purchase this one!

  20. Thanks for all of your nice comments guys! And thanks again for letting me guest post, Karen πŸ™‚
    makeup morsels recently posted … Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10-18-10

  21. Cris says:

    Ladies!! Milani has great lip products. I gotta say I can’t keep away from MAC’s lipsticks! MACs lipsticks are fabulous but I hate MAC glosses! Milanis r much better! I’m glad they mention this! I really love there glosses especially for their price! ;). Try them n you’ll see…

  22. Lindsay says:

    I just went out and bought Summer Baby today. I’m so glad i did… it’s just gorgeous! Thanks for the post!

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