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The MAC All The Right Angles Contour Palettes Are Très (or Tres) Dimensional

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MAC All the Right Angles


TO: My fair beauts

SUBJECT: I found a highlighter that shows up on us!

Allow me to introduce you to the MAC All The Right Angles Contour Palettes.

Now let’s get acquainted! ✨

There are four of them, which are like little trios, ranging in shade family from Light to Dark, and each one comes with a cream color base, a shaping powder, and a sculpting powder. The cream product is on the lower part of the compact, and the powder tray slides snugly over it so you don’t have to worry about ruining your day by getting schmutz in the cream color base. And they also come with a mirror.

What I’m getting at here is that these little black boxes are great for traveling!

In the photo above, I’m not wearing any blush or bronzer, just All The Right Angles in Light to showcase its full effect uninterrupted.

Right off the bat, the shade of the sculpting powder (called Bone Beige) seemed off to me. MAC describes the sculpting shade in this kit as a warm brown, but compared to my beloved Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer, Bone Beige is a couple shades darker and less warm.

On my skin (my undertone is usually pretty neutral), it appears more…fleshy. It doesn’t look off at all, and I don’t feel the need to wear blush when I’m wearing Bone Beige. It just threw me off upon first glance because it wasn’t what I generally expect from a lighter contour shade… I usually expect a corpse grey.

MAC All the Right Angles

MAC All The Right Angles in Light

MAC All the Right Angles

MAC All The Right Angles in Light. Shades — Luna (bright white with shimmer), Emphasize (off white with fine pearl), and Bone Beige (matte soft brown)

The cream colour base in Luna is aptly named. It’s white and sparkly (not glittery), so your cheekbones can shine like a crescent moon in the night sky. The shaping powder shade is called Emphasize (accurately named, though not as cute), which is a nice subtle glow — great for daytime or no-makeup makeup. I like wearing it in my inner corners on light makeup days. It’s subtle but effective in brightening up the area and making me look like I actually slept last night.

My faaavorite way to wear Emphasize is on top of Luna, which is how I’m wearing it today! Every time I pass by a mirror and catch a glimpse, I stop, do a double-take, and then go “damn girl, you’re glowing.” I’m not sparkling; I’m glowing. It’s not very often that I find a highlighter that can actually highlight my skin tone, so I am very impressed.

MAC All The Right Angles

MAC All The Right Angles in Medium

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The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection: The Power of a Powder Without Looking or Feeling Too Dry

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection (L-R) in Nuanced, Faintly Fabulous, Perfectly Lit, Sunny Side, Enhanced

anna oh ao illustration beauty mac mineralize skinfinish

Illustration by Anna Oh

One of my favorite ways to dupe great-looking skin is to layer dewy, light foundations over pigmented concealers.

My least favorite thing about these dewy foundations? Applying powder afterward…for sure! I can’t count the number of days I’ve gone from hero to zero because of a cakey setting powder. When I saw that MAC was bringing a limited-edition extension to the Mineralize Skinfinish range, commonly referred to as the MSFs, I was more than excited to run my fingers across those velvety domes.

Available in a range of textures, the new Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals ($32) separate their pigments into quadrants so you can mix your own intensity. These powders have the ability to be a powder without looking or feeling too dry. I appreciate having a powder option that wants to works with, and not against, the luminescence of skin.

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

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Bring Out Your Inner Makeup-Loving Mermaid With the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Makeup Brushes

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Tarte Double-Ended Color Correcting Brush

Color correcting with the Tarte Double-Ended Color Correcting Brush

In addition to a whole boat load of amazing marine inspired products, Tarte also introduced a set of fabulous brushes fit for Ariel herself with their Rainforest of the Sea collection.

I tend to feel like brushes don’t get enough love… I mean, it seems like we generally only talk about them when we’re complaining about washing them (guilty as charged). On top of that, I’m one of those former kids that just loved finger painting and can’t get enough of my (clean) god given applicators when I’m putting on my makeup each morning. BUT, an artist is only as good as their tools, and a good makeup brush can make all the difference.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Face Brushes

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea face brushes in their boxes…with seashells

Tarte Double-Ended Foundation Brush ($34) — This brush was designed with the brand’s Sea Water Foundation in mind. Each end is composed of duo-fiber bristles with a different intended purpose. The smaller side of the brush is ideal for facial contours and concealer application. I personally prefer working with smaller tools, so I also find this side helpful when applying foundation across my entire face (particularly with Sea Water Foundation, as it requires speedy blending before it sets). The larger end of this brush can be used to buff and blend, and per Tarte creates an “airbrushed effect.”

Tarte Double-Ended Highlighter Brush ($34) — This brush would be ideal for fans of strobing. The precision end allows you to really pack on highlighter wherever you desire — on the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones, the inner corners of your eyes or on your Cupid’s bow. The larger fan-shaped end still deposits a fair amount of product; however, it creates a more diffused effect. I can see the large side of this brush working equally well for blush application as it does for highlighter. (And, if I’m honest, this is my favorite of the bunch!)

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Double-Ended Foundation Brush

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The Urban Decay Summer 2016 Beached Bronzers and Highlighters Are All That and a Bag of Banana Chips

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Wearing Urban Decay Sun-Kissed Beached Bronzer on my face (and on my eyes in the crease), Urban Decay 8-Hour Afterglow Highlighter in Sin on my cheekbones (and in the inner corners of my eyes) and Urban Decay 8-Hour Afterglow Highlighter in Fireball as a blush

When the fab, fashionable seven-year-old in my life (who recently made an editorial appearance in this important discussion about unicorns) saw the packaging for the Urban Decay Summer 2016 Beached Bronzer and Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter, she announced, “It reminds me of the Barbie clothes!”

And you know what?

She was totally right!

Urban Decay has an awesome early ’90s 90210/Baywatch vibe going on with these that makes me think of the hours and hours I spent playing with those oh, so early ’90s Barbie clothes — the same ones that my little lady now enjoys (although she says they’re “retro,” *cringe*).

I have such happy memories of my summers from that time that I’m all about this packaging, but as exciting as it is…the powders inside these terrifically tropical compacts are all that and a bag of banana chips!

Urban Decay Beached Bronzers and Afterglow Highlighters

Urban Decay Beached Bronzers and 8-Hour Afterglow Highlighters

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A Bronzed Babe Face of the Day With Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Hourglass and More

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Inspired by DVF SS16's beauty look

Inspired by DVF SS16’s beauty look

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

I’m in shorts right now! So let’s chat about bronzers!

I recently created a look inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring-Summer 2016 makeup because I wanted to challenge myself to finally use some colorful eyeshadow. And…I loved it! I can’t wait to experiment with more colors now, and I would love your suggestions for eyeshadow looks!

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

Too Faced Bronzers (L-R) Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate

Anyways, besides the bright color on the lids, the focus of my look was all on the tanned skin. I used two different bronzers to get a multi-dimensional effect. I grabbed the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer in 02 Medium ($37 for .74oz!!!) and dusted this all over the perimeter of my face and the tops of my cheeks. This is my favorite bronzer, and I use it all-year! It’s not completely matte, so it blends into skin perfectly.

Finally, I finished with the Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil ($30 for .35oz) right in the hollows of my cheeks.

Swatches Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer Estee Lauder Bronzer Goddess

Swatches (L-R) Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Medium, Too Faced Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate

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