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MAC Semi Precious Lip Swatches and a Pre-Weekend Check-In

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Completely and totally random (what else is new?), but this afternoon while I was doing these lip swatches of a few Cremesheens Glasses and Lipsticks from the new MAC Semi Precious Collection, that Adele song, Rolling in the Deep, started to play on the radio, but for some strange reason, the chorus sounded different to me…

We could have had it all,
Rolling with the sheep,
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling with the sheep)
You had my heart inside of your hand,
(You’re gonna wish you never had met me)
And you played it to the beat.
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling with the sheep)

LOL! Yes, I think I’ve lost my mind. 🙂 It’s been a long week — a good one, for sure — but a long one, and I’m really looking forward to this weekend.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my BFF Cindy at the de Young Museum in the city to check out an exhibit I’ve been wanting to catch called Balenciaga and Spain. After that, I’ve got a few errands to run, maybe work out, do some cleaning around the house — oh, and fool around with makeup, of course. That almost doesn’t need to be said, ha!

Do you have any plans? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re able to sneak in some time for yourself. It’s important, you know?

And speaking of important things, what do ya think of these MAC Semi Precious lip colors? They arrive on MAC counters and in stores July 7 in North America, and internationally some time next month.

Cremesheen Glass in Geo Pink

Cremesheen Glass in Looks Like Sin
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5 Summer Staples: Show Some Skin with These Body Care Basics

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Summer’s the season to show off a little skin, and to this I roar “Hallelujah!” After what felt like the longest, wettest, dreariest winter and spring in this century so far, I’m beyond ready to finally free myself from my cotton/polyester oppressors. So long, long pants, wool socks and turtleneck sweaters. Peace!

Summers in this part of Northern California can get pretty hot, but before I venture out in a summer dress or park my posterior poolside in a swimsuit, I like to do a bit of body beauty prep first (don’t want my hairy sasquatch legs to frighten the neighborhood kids, ya know?). For this I turn to body care basics like the fab five listed below.

1. A rockin’ razor

Furry girl says what? This vorpal gift to hairy women everywhere hacks away hair like a machete cuts through jungle. The Gillette Venus Embrace ($12 for a starter kit that includes the razor, a shower pod/case and two spare cartridges; additional cartridges are sold separately) takes care of the hair on my legs, lady parts, ‘pits and toes (don’t front like you don’t know what I’m talking about 🙂 ), and it does it with five blades.


You’d think that maybe four blades would have been enough, but no. Turns out that five is the new four.

This mighty multi-bladed monster gives this mini-Chewbacca the closest shave of her life. When I use it, not only does my skin feel smoother than it does after I use other razors, but the Venus shaves so close that I find I don’t have to shave as often.

2. An easy-to-apply sunscreen

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 30

In my capacity as Tabs’ assistant/human servant, I have to be available at a moment’s notice, which means I don’t always have time to spend rubbing in sunscreen from head to toe.

When time is of the essence, particularly in summer, I like to have a good waterproof aerosol spray, and Banana Boat Ultra Defense Continuous Spray Sunblock ($10) is my current fave.

Just spritz on arms, legs and any other exposed parts, massage it in a little, and you’re done. It offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays and comes in three varying levels of SPF — 30, 50 and 85. It’s quick to dry and resists water like most cats incredibly well, ya know, just in case a shirtless Ryan Reynolds stops by to ask if you want to go swimming (I DO!).
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The Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection Just Can’t Wait for Fall

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Fall? Even though we’re barely a week into summer? Yes, ma’am. Many in the makeup world already have their sights set on the season of autumn leaves and pumpkin pie.

From Ms. Bobbi Brown, the mistress of muted makeup, comes the new eight-piece Fall 2011 Tortoise Shell Collection (arrives next month), with colors that look like they’ll be perfect to wear with cozy sweaters, tweed blazers, corduroy pants and knee-high — wait, what? Oh, yeah, we’re talking about fall. 🙂

Here’s a quick look at five pieces from the release. Let me know what ya think.

Sand Tortoise Shell Eye Palette, $60

Bronze Tortoise Shell Eye Palette, $60

Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set, $55
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