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A Cult Classic Goes Mainstream: The Clinique Bamboo Pink Collection

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What’s up, my fellow makeup lovahs? Have I mentioned that Clinique’s Bamboo Pink is one of my favorite lip colors, ever?

When I heard Clinique was doing an entire release based on it I went nuts!

The color itself is a cool, silvery pink — a cult favorite — and I was stoked to see that a lot of you are just as hyped about the news as I am.

Who could blame us, right? The limited edition summer release for cheeks, eyes and lips (available now) includes a color palette of cool pinks, bronzes and taupes that work together beautifully.

So far, I’ve played with five items from the 11-piece collection.

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Bamboo Pink, $25


The Bamboo Pink Eye Shadow Quad comes packed with four perfectly coordinated shades of shimmery light pink, shimmery copper, shimmery taupe and shimmery rose-pink.

All apply on the cool side, so I’m guessing cool-beauties will be able to TURN THIS MUTHA OUT.

No doubt, the shades are shimmery, but they aren’t overly frosty, which I think makes them pretty easy to wear. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A

Cream Shaper for Eyes Duo in Chocolate Lustre/Cocoa Shimmer, $15


Okay, I’ll come clean — at first glance this dual-tipped pencil didn’t give me lusty makeup thoughts. I thought Cream Shaper for Eyes Duo in Chocolate Lustre/Cocoa Shimmer looked kinda ho-hum on the outside, but inside it’s a gem. The pencils are super creamy and glide on without skipping. They’re also water-resistant and don’t smudge for nuthin’.

I like how well both Chocolate Lustre (a shimmery brown) and Cocoa Shimmer (a shimmer taupe) work as eyeshadow bases layered beneath the colors in the Bamboo Pink Quad, yes! Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+
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How To Be “That Gal” with Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer

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Today makeup artist Johnie of The Beauty Junkie blog talks up the benefits of Benefit’s That Gal brightening face primer.


I’ve always wanted to be “that gal,” and now I can thanks to Benefit’s pretty and pink That Gal ($28) brightening primer.

It’s one of those magic Holy Grail products I’m recommending all the time, and I cannot say enough good things about it!

I’d tried many primers before Benefit blessed the world with That Gal…

I know everyone loves the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36), but I could never get it to work for me. It felt greasy to me and didn’t seem to make a big difference. I know everyone in the makeup world will probably hang me for saying this, but I just feel like it’s overrated.

Not like That Gal.

It’s a silky pink primer with light reflecting pigments to brighten the complexion, and it comes in an interesting glue-stick like container. You click the base, dispensing the product out of the vent at the top. A few clicks is enough to do my entire face.

Why I like it

I see a huge difference when I use this stuff. It…

  • visibly brightens my skin,
  • makes my complexion appear more even and smooth,
  • helps keep my skin hydrated throughout the day,
  • helps my makeup stay put, and
  • makes my foundation go on a lot smoother.

I cannot go a day without using it and keep a backup at all times.

One small downside

The only downside I’ve found is that I can’t tell when I’m about to run out. It’s not clear how much product remains in the tube until it’s empty (click click click), which is why I keep a backup. That was a lesson I learned the hard way.

Application tips

One way to apply it is after your moisturizer but before your foundation; that’s for a smoother application.

Another way is to apply throughout the day on top of makeup to re-brighten the complexion.

It also works when worn alone, like on one of those “no makeup days” to keep the complexion from looking too dull and to help the skin look more even-toned. That’s how I’ll wear it sometimes, when I’m going to the gym or going out to run quick errands.

Also, I would like to add that my skin is more on the dry side, but I’ve used That Gal on dry, combo, and oily skin types and find it works for all of them. If, however, you’re crazy oil slick oily, then I might give it a test run before committing to a purchase.

It retails for $28 (0.37 fl. oz. tube), which I find lasts me about 3 months, but I use it every single day; a few clicks goes a long way.

As Benefit puts it, “It’s That Gal perfection for a happy complexion!” — so find your happy complexion today. 🙂

This post was written by Johnie, makeup artist and beauty blogger behind The Beauty Junkie blog.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Her Best Hair?

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Woo hoo, congrats to my girl SJP! On Tuesday she and hubby Matthew Broderick welcomed twin girls Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick to the family.

I wonder if the lil’ ones will grow up to be as fashionable as their mom. 🙂

Which of SJP's hairstyles do you like best?

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Urban Decay Ammo Palette Swatches and Wednesday Shenanigans

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Heya, homeskillets. How was your Wednesday? I really wanted to get a lot done today, but productivity just wasn’t in the cards. I went off course somewhere between the time I took a look at the new Clinique Bamboo Pink Collection and the moment I opened a box of chocolate Pocky.


After I came down from the Pocky, I took these pictures and swatches of the Urban Decay Ammo Palette ($36).


A friend gave me Ammo for my birthday…

I know it’s been out for a while, but now I can totally see why so many people love it.


The palette’s 10 shimmery, highly pigmented shadows range from work-friendly colors to party-like-a-rock-star shades, resulting in enough variety to create zillions of different looks.


LOVE the black packaging, too, and the white and purple swirls. It’s girly but fierce, like OG Joan Jett or Miss J from America’s Next Top Model.

miss j is too fierce


I wish I knew why I had such a hard time concentrating today…

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