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7 Ways to Wear Shu Uemura’s Fleur de Rose Palette

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Emancipate yourself from the land of bland, chalky eyeshadows with Shu Uemura’s Fleur de Rose Palette! With soft, velvety textures and rich, intense colors, the seven pink, purple and neutral shades combine easily to create several different looks. The palette’s great for makeup neophytes as well as eyeshadow experts, and from now until June 29th you can get it online for 20% less (Shu Uemura friends and family online sale).

Here’s a close-up of the palette (the numbers correspond with the swatches to make it a lil’ easier to follow).

  1. Gold shimmer
  2. Dark purple shimmer
  3. Silver-white shimmer
  4. Light pink-coral shimmer
  5. Maroon shimmer
  6. Beige matte
  7. Brown-gold shimmer



My favorite shade is the brown-gold shimmer. Doesn’t it bear a striking resemblance to MAC Soba, but on shimmer steroids? I think it’d make a great crease color or a base for either simple or complicated eye looks. I can actually see myself hitting the pan with this one!

While playing with the palette, I used the brown-gold shade in the crease to do a soft purple and pink eye.

(Side note: Just as I finished this eye the Fed Ex guy rang the door bell. When I answered, I had my right eye done, but the other eye was bare. The poor guy looked at me like I was nuts, LOL. Perhaps in some ways I am.)

The shades are shimmery yet natural — still appropriate for work or play.


Here’s how I did the look…

  1. Applied the matte beige shade on the browbone.
  2. Added the brown-gold shade into the crease.
  3. Smoothed the light pink-coral shade onto the inner two-thirds of the lid.
  4. Added the maroon shade onto the outer third of the lid.
  5. Applied the dark purple shade into the outer V and the lower lash line.

Numbers refer to the palette above…

Fleur de Rose Palette Shortcut

There are several steps involved in the eye look above. If you’re new to eyeshadow, well, don’t freak out. You don’t have to go as far as I did to create pretty looks with this palette.

Start by exploring the brown-gold, beige, gold and silver-white shades — they provide great basic neutrals to begin a look with. From there, add pops of color with the pinks and purples.

Here are six beginner-friendly ways to use the colors in Fleur de Rose…

A Simple Look for Work

Apply beige shade (6) over the entire lid and brown-gold shade (7) in crease for an easy, neutral look.

A Subtle Pop of Color, Numero One

Add a pop of concentrated color to the Simple Look for Work above by wetting a stiff angled brush like the MAC 266. Use the wet brush head to apply the maroon shade (5) as a liner on the upper lash line. Wetting the brush amplifies the color as it’s applied.

A Subtle Pop of Color, Numero Two

Follow the same steps for A Subtle Pop of Color, Numero One but replace the maroon shade (5) with the dark purple (2).

Silver and Purple Night Look

Apply the silver shade (3) over the entire lid. Use a stiff-angled brush (either wet or dry) to apply the dark purple shade (2) on the upper and lower lash lines.

Daytime Smokey Purple Eye

Apply the beige shade (6) to your brow bone. Add the brown-gold (7) shade into the crease. Line the upper and lower lash lines with a creamy black pencil eyeliner like MAC Smolder, and then smudge the dark purple shade (2) over the liner with a pencil brush.

Pink-Coral and Maroon Eye

Apply the gold shade (1) to the brow bone; then add brown-gold (7) into the crease. Smooth the pink shade on the inner half of the lid, just barely into the crease. Finish by adding maroon shade to the outer half of the lid and just barley into the crease. Apply the purple shade (2) to the lower lash line. This is a variation on the coral and brown eye I did a few weeks ago.

Just imagine all of the palette combinations out there to discover! What looks would you create with Shu Uemura’s Fleur de Rose palette?
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Shu Uemura Friends and Family Sale Starts Thursday

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Starting Thursday, grab Shu goodies at a great price with Shu’s Friends and Family online sale. After registering (which is free) on the site, enter promo code SHUSUMMER at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase. Be sure to make haste, young one, for the sale ends June 29.

Think of all the money we’ll save!

Don’t forget to squirrel away some of your savings for fall. 😉

Shu shopping ideas

  • Accessible Luxury: Shu Uemura Knows Lashes Inside and Out
    “Genetics bestowed upon me wimpy, ho-hum lashes … and then made me so clumsy that I couldn’t apply false ones to save my life. Oh, the sweet eyelash irony! Enter the Shu Uemura lash bar, aka false eyelash nirvana, where the lashes are affordable and the appointment booking process couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for a little lash extension, or you’re aching for crazy, over-the-top-lashes to overcompensate for many years of eyelash inadequacy (*ahem*), Shu’s got you covered.”
  • Shu Uemura Makeup Tutorial: Go Pastel for a Fresh Spring Eye
    “I’m not normally terribly attracted to pastel shades, but these colors are fun, easy to use and have great color payoff. I combined them with Shu’s Tri-Color Eye Pencils (also from the Rebirth collection) and got in touch with my blossoming inner color diva.”
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine Lipstick Swatches and Pics
    “Falling in love with these $23 lippies was easy. They make my lips shine brighter than a glazed doughnut (mmm… doughnut) yet still feel feather-light on my lips. They pack tons of color, and there are a bunch of shades to choose from — 17 in all!”
  • Shu Uemura Phyto-Black Lift, Anti-aging Skin Care Collection
    “It’s easy to fall in love with all three products in Shu Uemura’s Phyto-Black Lift anti-aging skin care system. With sleek black packaging, a light floral scent and smooth textures, the products are a skin care junkie’s luxury dream come true.”
  • Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Swatches – Rebirth Spring 2008 Collection
    “Anyway I’m running around today but I couldn’t leave ya hanging, so here are a few lovely swatches for you on this lovely Wednesday.”
  • Lip Look: Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited in RD 165N
    “The color makes me look like I just ate a whole bag of red Jolly Rancher candies, but I think it even looks brighter in the tube than it does on my lips. Gloss Unlimited RD 165N has a light orange scent and feels thinner than Clinique’s Cherry Bomb. Despite its consistency, Gloss Unlimited didn’t dry out my lips when I used it…”
  • Midnight Manicure with Shu Uemura Nail Polish
    “I’m on a Shu Uemura nail polish kick, and last night’s midnight manicure in Gold Beige may not have been the best use of time. Eh, who am I kidding?? Of course it was! I officially love these polishes and can’t wait to get more. Gold Beige dries fast, applies easily and looks great.”

Today was the longest day of work ever! The accountant stopped by the office to do the books for the end of the fiscal year and had to use my computer, so I had no internet or email all afternoon. Aggghhh! How did people *way* back in the early 90s survive office life before the Web? I felt so disconnected, like I was stranded on a desert island with nothing but coconuts. I got so desperate that I clutched feverishly to my CrackBerry until, of course, the battery died. The horror!

It’s off to dance class for me tonight. When I get home I have to wrap the present I got for my brother from Hawaii. Here’s the front of one of the shirts I picked up for him on Maui.


LOL! This shirt is wrong on so many levels. That’s why I love it. Last time I checked, cats lacked opposable thumbs, but I guess somewhere along the way the cat in the middle learned how to play guitar.

And is the cat on the right wearing Borat’s swimsuit?
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MAC Cosmetics Naughty Nauticals Face of the Day: A Light Purple and Blue Eye

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For many moons, I have struggled to become one with the purple eyeshadow (hello, Barney), and, apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment because this morning I thought I’d give it another try.

I work at the literary agency today, and I didn’t want to look like a purple drag queen, so I decided on a light purple eye with blue accents using a few colors from the MAC Naughty Nauticals collection.

Most of the products I used for this look are by MAC, but I also used a few things by Too Faced, Lancome, Lola Cosmetics, Chanel, Laura Mercier and Becca Cosmetics.


I used two layers for the eyes.

The first eye layer…

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer on the entire lid (layered beneath everything else)
  2. MAC Nice Vice Paint pot in the crease (layered on top of Shadow Insurance)
  3. MAC Pearl Cream Color Base on the lid


The second eye layer…

  1. MAC Rice Paper Eye Shadow on the browbone and lid
  2. MAC Illegal Cargo Eye Shadow in the crease
  3. MAC Meet the Fleet Eye Shadow in the outer V
  4. Lancome Noir Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner on the upper water line
  5. Lola Lagoon Socialeyes Gel Eye Color on the lower water line
  6. MAC Bell-Bottom Blue Pigment on the lower lash line

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Beauty Snacks: Sites of the Day, June 24

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DailyCandy sends out a free daily e-mail from the front lines of fashion, food and fun. Hip and edgy, their coverage of accessories (shoes and bags) helps me satisfy my inner Carrie Bradshaw. I subscribe to the San Francisco edition, but they produce versions for a number of other cities as well. I totally dig that they feature up and coming designers.

I have a thing for Bollywood, especially the beautifully glamorous stars, and I♥Makeup gives the scoop on the looks worn by famous stars like Aishwarya Rai (love her!). It’s a great blog, and I♥Makeup is a sweetheart, too. When you stop by, tell her congrats because she just got engaged.

You don’t even know how many hours I spent browsing Makeup Alley at my previous job. They would have fired my ass if they ever found out! One of the most extensive makeup review sites on the Web, it also has an active forum of members who are very passionate about makeup. I regard it as an instrumental learning tool for any girl (or boy) interested in cosmetics.
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Brighten Your Day With Clarins Sun Lip Balms

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Who knew Clarins makeup was so fabulous? Up until a few weeks ago, I thought of the brand solely as a skin care line, but discovering Wonder Mint teal mascara a few weeks ago changed all that. It prompted me to do some additional “research” (aka playing with makeup!) into their Summer Fever line, and I uncovered other hidden gems.

The Sun Lip Balms ($19 each) are shimmery, limited edition glosses available in two shades — Rose Bikini (the hot pink pictured above) and a neon orange called Orange Delight (shown below).

The marketing…

  • Shea, wild mango and rice oil extracts in the product moisturize, nourish and soothe lips
  • Olive oil provides the moisture
  • Vitamin A and vitamin E repair and protect lips against free radicals
  • SPF 6 protects against UVB rays responsible for premature skin aging and dry lips


The two Sun Balm colors are bold, yet still have a subtle duochrome quality to them, flashing from orange to blue, or from pink to purple, depending on the light and angle of view. Both shades contain the tiniest flecks of blue, green, and purple glitter, making the colors both playful and interesting. That’s also how I feel about the look I get with Wonder Mint — playful and interesting.

These are colors I’d wear with a Burberry bikini, sipping champagne on a yacht in the Mediterranean, *not* colors I’d wear with big hair while guzzling a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the Jersey shore. Ya dig?

Orange Delight on the left, Bikini Pink on the right

I will definitely include these in my ever-growing makeup kit this summer, with one big caveat: the texture is thin (and tastes like fruit punch, go figure), and the product doesn’t have great staying power. It’s all but gone from my lips after a couple hours of wear or a single meal.
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