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TARTE Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Today was one of those days when I sat down to get ready, and I wanted to switch things up but still keep it casual.


Enter: navy blue.

I’ve got a red-orange earthy palette happening naturally, and I really like how navy blue brings out the brightness in my eyes.

Maybe my jumper inspired it; maybe I just like to be two-toned. We may never know! 🙂

So right now we need to talk about the new foundations in the Tarte Double Duty Beauty collection at Ulta. I recently tried the Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation ($39), a medium-to-full coverage foundation that promises to smooth, plump, blur, and moisturize for up to 12 hours. Recommended application is with this Double Duty Beauty Foundation Brush & Spatula ($30).

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation (available in 10 shades) with the Double Duty Beauty Foundation Brush & Spatula

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Tarte Double Duty

Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Fair-Light Neutral, Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD in Y205

I tried the lightest shade (fair-light neutral), and it’s much too dark for me… I look tan! Other than that, my experience has been a pretty positive one. I don’t love foundations that come in a pot, but the spatula definitely helps. The foundation brush applies an appropriate amount of product and blends it out to a flawless finish.

During my testing, I was able to build up the coverage in certain spots and still maintain that flawless finish, too, but I have normal-combo skin that’s overall very easy to deal with. Thankfully, the foundation didn’t break up on me or settle into whatever fine lines I have.

Before setting it with a powder, I did notice that my pores were pretty accentuated, but using a powder nipped that right in the bud.

Tarte Double Duty

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation (available in 10 shades)

I also gave the Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation ($35) a go, but since the foundation proved to be too dark, I tried light beige around the perimeters of my face as a bronzer. I can’t attest to its strengths and/or weaknesses as a foundation, but I love it for nose contouring! It’s subtle but effective.

Tarte Double Duty

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation and Powder Foundation Brush & Removable Sponge

I really like the brush its paired with! It’s great for all-over powder application and for bronzer. The sponge on the other end comes off, and I’m not really sure why. It’s not the nicest sponge, but it does apply the product evenly and with the most coverage, I’d say.


Overall, I think this is a solid collection, but I feel shorted by brands that sell things separately that are meant to go together. For instance, if I didn’t have the foundation brush and spatula, I’m not sure I would have had the same experience or enjoyed using Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation as much. The two just seem like they belong together.

If you’re interested, the Tarte Double Duty collection is an Ulta exclusive, and it’s available now.

Here are the products I’m wearing in this look…


  • Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder Tye Dye Edition ($57) — I really didn’t think much of this the first time I opened it. It doesn’t look life-changing in the pan, but my mom always told me to just try things on because you never know what you might find!

    So, I put it on my face, and here we are a month later! We’re pretty committed now.

    It looks natural on my complexion, which is rare. It’s got a subtle glow to it, but when applied to the face it reads as a glow from within. It gives a healthy flush, and it’s easy keep sheer, or build up for more drama.

  • Velvet 59 Matte to the Max Liquid Lipstick in Kai-Lea ($20) — I think we all know who this is inspired by, but I’m not hating. I actually really enjoy this formula and shade. I like rosey-mauve shades because they’re so versatile. They can give you a kick of color without the commitment of a deeper tone like a red or berry.

    On my lips, this formula feels light. It is matte and does dry my lips out throughout the day, but c’est la vie when you’re wearing a matte formula. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t dry my lips out any more than they already were. Sold.

  • 100% Pure Cosmetics Luminating Créme in Starlight ($25) — I’m a broken record, I know. But this stuff is so good. It’s not glittery, and it has a doe-foot applicator, which is really practical. Starlight is a white gold and should suit a ton of skin tones out there.
  • Makeup Revolution Essential Day to Night Redemption Eye Shadow Palette ($7) — Today I wore the navy blue shade (second from the right) as a liner!

    I like looking at this palette, but it’s always hard for me to figure out what to do with a palette that has zero matte shades. I’m not sure why that’s a thing…

    Most of these shadows are difficult to do complete looks with, as their blendability is limited (in my experience, anyway). Usually when I have a shadow, and I love the color but don’t feel like I can pull it off in a blended look, I’ll just use it as liner using some MAC Fix+, which helps the shadows stick, ups the pigmentation, and in this case makes it even more metallic. That’s what I did with the navy blue here.

  • PÜR Cosmetics Browder in Blonde ($22) — Brows. They can really make or break a look you know?

    I’ve always had a tricky time with my brows because they aren’t the same color as my hair. I have dark brown eyebrow hairs, but if I use a matching pencil, they’re way too dark for my overall complexion. And if I fill them in with something more auburn in tone, my face just looks…off.

    When I first opened Browder I was…intrigued. It looks messy and like it may be difficult to apply precisely, but I was wrong! It’s so easy to use. With Browder I rarely feel like I’ve overfilled my brows. The product is easy to use and lasts all day. My only gripe is the shade range… I have pretty dark brows for my complexion, and the lightest shade is what suits me best.

    There are only three shades! That’s not fair. I don’t like that.

  • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara & Waterproof Bottom Lash Mascara ($21) — A pretty staple mascara, now with a bottom lash version on the other end! I especially love the bottom lash version for when I’m not wearing much (if any) eyeshadow on the lower lash line and want to define my lashes.

    I also really like Too Faced Better Than Sex, but that stuff gets everywhere! I still love it to pieces but don’t reach for it on days when I want my eye makeup to be really clean and fresh.

Do you have a look you go for that’s pretty close to your go-to but a little…spicier? 💃

Nicole Fraser-Herron

Nicole was born a red-headed fairy child and nothing has changed. Ditching the mountains tucked away in East L.A. for the mountains in Oakland, she became a photographer with a flair for too much glitter. You can check out her work and follow her adventures on her website and @elephantinfantry on Instagram.


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  1. I rrrreally like the eyeliner and lip color together! <3
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Claudia Jansen High Moisture Body Lotion

  2. Erin says:

    I’m noticing all of their new foundations look too dark for me 🙁
    Erin recently posted … Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Radish

  3. anusha says:

    That navy blue winged liner is awesome. .so sharp and neat.. big thumbsup!

  4. Your makeup looks lovely, but I feel like the foundation isn’t really worth checking out.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Resveratrol Premium Essence of Youth – Do you like wine?

  5. Rachel R. says:

    Love your winged navy liner! It looks great with the berry lip. I don’t really have a go-to look, but I think using a bright eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick is are easy and fun ways to spice things up.

    • Thank you! I’d say the lip is more mauve than berry, but berry would be rad too. I’ll try that sometime! I love bright liner or a bright color incorporated with a look that’s overall very neutral. I think it’s really modern and fun while still being quite smart.

  6. Becca C says:

    As a porcelain gal myself, I get so frustrated that my favorite companies can’t seem to get the porcelain shade right. Tarte is one of the biggest offenders. Sad that this is yet another promising foundation that I’ll have to pass on. Thanks for the swatch comparisons!

  7. Heather L says:

    I ended up returning the gel hybrid formula, and I almost never return products. It looked cakey throughout the day no matter how I applied it – brush, beauty blender, fingers, and with various powders to set it. The double duty lipstick went back too – too creamy and slippery. Liked the eye products though, and loved the powder! Out of the two new Tarte collections, I prefer the Rainforest of the sea one.

    • Dang! That’s unfortunate. I like the powder too. They have a lighter shade in the powder than the gel foundation, which bothers me since the lightest shade of foundation isn’t even close to being light! Then again, the darkest isn’t even close to being dark so there’s that.

  8. Jessica Revitte says:

    So gorgeous–I love the liner and lips together! I’ve been curious about this formula myself and played around with it a bit in Ulta this past weekend. Sadly, like you, the shades weren’t a match for my complexion.


    • Thanks, Jessica! Its soo tempting, but the shade range is a bit baffling. Not as bad as those Physicians Formula cushion foundations that come in THREE shades, though. Bless 2% of the population that those are a perfect match for.

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