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I’m in charge of finding a spa for our girl’s surf/spa trip down to San Diego next weekend, so the other day I fished around online for some good websites with spa recommendations and reviews.

Spa Magazine has a great spa directory that covers most of the United Sates, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America and Asia. The featured spas are lush and indulgent so if you’re looking for serious pampering (and some serious money spending) then this is the site to explore.


The San Diego spas I found on this site looked pretty amazing. All were tied to big resorts and hotels and very chi-chi-foo-foo fancy. If I had access to unlimited amount o’ money I’d hit the spa at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado in Del Mar. The spa has 21 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy, relaxation areas for men and women and steam rooms, and a newly opened private terrace that overlooks the hotel’s Windsor Lawn and the Pacific Ocean.

Del Mar is supposed to have a fun surf beach on 15th street and a nice promenade for post-surfing beers. My perfect day would include surfing all the morning, lunching on the promenade, then hit the spa afterward for a Deep Tissue Massage and a purifying facial.

Hotel Del Corondao Spa Whirlpool


Allure also has a good spa finder as well, although not as extensive.

ICE Spa lounge


Unfortunately my cup does not runneth over with the cash flow, so I headed on over to Yelp to find more budget minded options. I think we’re going to go the I.C.E. Spa, which looks totally cute and a bit more affordable.


I can’t wait to go. I haven’t had a good spa day since last July with my friend Christine in Hawaii. I am due for a good pummeling deep tissue massage.

This past weekend I finally got my license in the mail. Anything is better than my old license, where I’m full on squinting and looking confused (it’s the DMV picture guy’s fault cause I received no warning before he took the pic). The same DMV picture guy took this recent photo, and it is clearly evident that he hates what he’s doing, because he does nothing to make your pic all that it can be. Despite this, I have to say that my picture turned out pretty good. Before angry DMV picture guy snapped the pic, I tried to sneak in a body turn at the last second, and the result was a high-school senior-esque picture where I’m looking off into the distance at the bright future ahead, lol.

Hope you have some fun in the sun this Monday.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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