News – Upcoming Beauty Events in San Francisco – Neiman Marcus Beauty Event September 6-17; Laura Mercier Beauty Bootcamp September 12-15; Juice Beauty Launch at Sephora September 6; Interview with Juice Beauty

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Get Yer Spend on at the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event in San Francisco: September 6-17 from 10-5 p.m.

Bring your product lust and your wallet to Neiman Marcus for their fall beauty event! Spend $100 on cosmetics/beauty and you’ll get a tote full of beauty goodies (past bags included products from La Prairie and Jo Malone). In addition to the goody bag some beauty brands will also include a gift with purchase. I’m looking forward to hitting the BECCA counter – they’ll be giving away a free full size Glossy Lip Tint in Mamilla and a full size Crème Eye Colour in Antique Gold (valued at $49).

I Love Laura and So Can You at the Laura Mercier Beauty Bootcamp at Neiman Marcus: September 12-15


I’ve gushed on and on about Laura Mercier foundation on this blog, so if you’re curious about the line and want to go to the Neiman Marcus beauty event in San Francisco you might want to plan your visit around one of these four “beauty bootcamps” with with Katy Messer, a Laura Mercier National Artist. Register for a one-on-one lesson for any of these workshops:

·Wed, September 12- Fresh Fall Trends: Perfect Everyday Eye, Luscious Lips

·Thur, September 13- Achieving your own Flawless Face, 5 minutes to Flawless Skin

·Fri, September 14- Architecture of a Flawless Brow

·Sat, September 15- Your Best Evening Eye: Transitioning from Work to Wow!

Not only will you get a beauty lesson, you can also bring home some serious beauty loot.

Bringing home some serious beauty loot 101:
1. Spend enough bucks at the Laura Mercier counter and to snag get the Neiman Marcus goody bag.
2. In addition Laura Mercier will also be giving away a 6 piece gift-with-purchase available (but only for a limited time).
3. Call the counter at (415) 362-3900 or email kari dot mcmullin at lauramercier dot com to make your reservation. Mention that you saw the ad on Craigslist (which is where I found this info) to also receive a free Crème Brulee body soufflé and honey bath duo ($65.00 value)!

And girrrrlll…don’t leave the premises without snagging some Secret Brightening Powder! Seriously, it will change your life.

Juice Beauty Launch at the San Francisco Sephora on September 6th

Juice Beauty is doing a special launch for their new body products on Thursday, September 6th from 8:30-10:00 am at the San Francisco Sephora Store on Powell Street!


Get a sneak peek of their new Organic Green Apple Body Brilliance Collection, which includes Green Apple Mousse Body Cleanser, Green Apple Body Peel and Green Apple SPF 20 Antioxidant Body Moisturizer.

CEO/”Head Juicer” Karen Behnke will be there to give an organic beauty update. Oh, and the’ll have plenty of organic antioxidant-rich juices, snacks and hand treatments. YUM!

You can rsvp via email: Alyssa at juicebeauty dot com or by phone, (415) 457-4600 X 232.

Q&A with Juice Beauty CEO Karen Behnke

If you haven’t heard of Juice Beauty yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. This up-and-coming beauty company focuses on organic skin and body products, which are good for your skin and good for the planet, yay. The brand is quickly gaining a cult following among the Hollywood elite; Kate Hudson is a fan and gushed over Juice Beauty products recently in Harper’s magazine. recently sat down with Juice Beauty’s CEO and “head juicer” Karen Behnke to get the lowdown on her favorite Juice Beauty products and the company’s plans for the future. Juice Beauty is on its way to becoming a well-recognized brand in the beauty world. What do you think is the key to your continuing success?

Karen Behnke: I think the key to our continuing success is our products. We’ve just developed unbelievable formulations and I think people are really interested in products that work and are organic…Our goal is to provide the healthiest, most highest efficacy products for women and men. And at the same time we’re helping the planet because we’re support all of our organic farmers and we use recycled packaging.

We use 100% organic juice base, which is very expensive, and it’s jammed with antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and all of the things that will really feed your face. To that we add over 60 organic ingredients and also high age-defying types of ingredients.

MBB: What’s your favorite product from the line?

KB: Oh! That’s hard for me to say, but I can give you a couple ties!

[One of my favorites] is the cleansing milk. It’s just so luxurious and rich. It takes off all of your makeup and I just love it.

And my favorite treatment product is our Green Apple Peel. It’s what we’re really known for. Our Green Apple Peel has powerful alpha and beta hydroxy acids and it’s an immediate result type of benefit. Immediate!

MBB: What’s so special about it?

KB: It’s a powerful exfoliator, and a peel that you do once a week.


MBB: Any other favorites from the line?

KB: My favorite moisturizer is our Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer. It’s rich, rich, and has all of the age defying ingredients. And I have to add my favorite [sunscreen] is the SPF 30 Mineral Light Moisturizer, and that’s what I put all over in the morning. Face, neck, hands, you name it. It’s a chemical-free, organic, full UVA-UVB sun protection, and it’s anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, and we tint it with minerals so it gives light coverage. You just put one moisturizer on in the morning and it provides full coverage, and offers a little bit of light foundation. I’ve never worn foundation in my life, but this makes you really glow.

MBB: Sounds pretty! Do you have one color for all skin tones or multiple shades?

KB: We have three different shades.

MBB: What products do you think are good intro products for people new to the line?

KB: Our best intro products are our kits. We have our Organics To Go kits, which a great sampling of a lot of our products, and for $29.00 you can sample 5 products. Our other great kit is our Organics To Clear Skin, and that’s our blemish regimen. It’s a step-by-step kit [which includes] our Cleansing Gel and Blemish Clearing Serum, one of our best sellers.

MBB: What’s the active ingredient?

KB: It’s gentle salicylic acid/willow bark …It really keeps your skin clear. [And our kit also includes] our Oil-Free Moisturizer and our Sensitive Green Apple Peel. That’s about a three month’s supply and that’s $39.00 for a sampler.

MBB: You guys are growing fast. Where would you like to see Juice Beauty in five years?

KB: Well, we are the organic prestige leader right now in the United States. And we want to certainly maintain that position, but we’re growing quickly internationally, so our goal is to become the worldwide organic prestige leader in skincare. And we’ve just branched into body care.

MBB: Do you have any plans to expand into makeup?

KB: We have some tints in our moisturizers, and we have some lip cover, but other than that we probably won’t go into makeup. We’ll probably just keep going into body and then probably next would be hair.

MBB: What on piece of advice would you give women entrepreneurs who are starting out in the beauty industry?

KB: I would say the most important thing is to follow your passion. And within the beauty aspect of that is to find out where your passion is within beauty and just really follow it. Our passion here is organic and in efficacy, and so we really work hard at trying to find pure organic ingredients that really work.


Interested in checking the products out? Head to your nearest Sephora store or visit their Web site,

Can you believe our weekend is over? I didn’t really do much except work on some writing and watch a few movies, which is just how I wanted it. =) I could probably use at least two more days of relaxation though! Keep up the good fight and remember to look on the bright side – at least it’s a short week, right?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. MUCH LOVE to all the beauty bloggers heading to NY for the shows! I wish I could be there with you. =)


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  1. kia says:

    great interview. i’ve never ventured into juice beauty, but i’ll be sure to take a look at it next time i’m in sephora.

  2. Karen says:

    Cool! They have a few affordable samples online too. I think I might try the green apple sampler =) Oh, and they have a drugstore brand too, Juice Organics. I’ve seen it all walgreens.

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