News: Nix’ie Cosmetics Palette, Blissmobile + Brownies in San Francisco, October 3-21st; Makeup – Chanel Garden Party Quad Lust

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Nix’ie Palettes are Too Sexy for This Blog




SoCal girls may already be in-the-know about Nix’ie, a cosmetics line with two free-standing stores in Redondo Beach and Valencia, California. I met a makeup artist recently who raved about their shadows with a great and fanatic urgency! Nix’ie sells these awesome palettes for $9.00, and you can fill ‘em up with any of their 200 (!) shades, which you purchase separately. Each shadow pan is $15.00 and the pans are quite large, too.

I’m becoming a huge fan of palettes and can’t wait to bust into this one.

Blissmobile + Free Brownies = Hell to the Yeah

In addition to being afraid of bright pink and orange eye shadows, I have a fear of vans –
especially white, windowless, kidnapper-friendly ones.
When you stare at this van, do you think of puppies and rainbows? Probably not. You know that whenever a white van is in the equation nothing good can happen.

Despite this, I realize not all vans are scary dens of hell. Take for example the blissmobile, a happy-go-lucky vehicle that makes me want to solve some crimes with Fred, Velma and the rest of the Scooby gang.

Don’t be scurred when you see the blissmobile cruising the streets of San Francisco from the Ferry Building to the Castro Street Fair between October 3-21st. No kidnapping will be involved, just some brownie taste testing! Bliss is on a mission to find the best brownies in SF to serve at their San Francisco spa, and they’re taking it to the streets. They’ll be passing out brownie samples from three bakeries, and then you’ll get to choose which one you like the best on the spot.


Free brownies, hello?

(And if you’re not familiar with bliss products, then you need to stop by Sephora or Pure Beauty stat and get yourself a tube of lemon + sage body butter. It rocks!)

Stay tuned for more bliss news in October, as I’ll be heading to the bliss spa to get a much-needed manicure.

Lusting for Chanel’s Fall Color Line


I’m going to Macy’s next week to get a makeover from a Chanel national artist, and I can already forsee where the hell this party is going. I am determined to go that counter and purchase the Garden Party Quad ONLY. Yup. That’s it. Nothing else.

It’s like when a boy at a college party puts down his red plastic cup (full of Natty light keg beer) and looks longingly into your eyes and says, “Let me give you a massage.” Ya’ll know that you are gonna get more than just a massage, ladies and gents.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday (woo hoo) and sunny and beautiful here! I hope that wherever you are that you can enjoy the sunshine on this fantastic day. Keep smiling!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Christine says:

    THERE’S my morning post! I was like, “HEY I’M SUPER BORED IN TORTS WTF KAREN GET MOVING!!” 🙂

    I want to know about the color payoff of the Nix’ie palette you have there. Why no brights in that palette, though!

    As much as I adore Chanel, I managed to convince myself NOT to buy their quads only because their shadows seemed a little subtle and flakey when I tested a few quads at the counter back in June.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Don’t you just love the Nixie palettes?? FYI, they fit ULTA eyeshadows in there too…

  3. Karen says:

    Torts sounds REALLY BORING. My writing schedule has been totally thrown off since last week. In my old age it’s taking me longer and longer to recover from so many nights of excitement!

    When I get home tonight I will hopefully have time to work the Nixie palette. What should I try first? And girl…you know me and brights. We have a shaky relationship!

    I know, I know. I can’t believe that quad is frickin $$$$. I just saw the dark green and feel in love! It doesn’t help that I got my new issue of Allure last night, which features the allure beauty awards. Chanel’s foundation was one of 4 (?) winners which of course, fueled the fire.

  4. Karen says:

    Hey Vanessa! Yeah, I looked on the site and the different palettes are an awesome sight to behold. Have you tried any of their other products?

  5. Christine says:

    Torts IS boring, but I can’t really say any of the classes are exciting. Haha, I need a whole day to recuperate myself!

    Still, not even one?!

    Oh, man, Chanel foundation is freakin’ expensive. I was tempted to get it, but WOW, the pricetag had me running out the door!

  6. Christine says:

    Oh, and I want to see that greenish color on ya!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Hi Karen! I have tried their eyeshadows and their concealer, their concealer is pretty good, I am just more of a physician’s formula-concealer kind of a gal..I DO love how their eyeshadows are bigger than MAC’s, gives you that feeling you are getting what you paid for because it’s so HUGE! Have you tried the ULTA eyeshadows? THe color payoff on them are incredible and they have gorgeous colors! I bought quite a few and that’s what I put in my Nixie Palette. But beware though, the 12 pan palette isn’t the same palette as the plastic one you have shown here, it’s a black cardboard one which is very cheaply made because the plastic coating bubbles on top and I TOTALLY expected it to be the hard plastic one you have pictured because I use that one for all my neutrals or highlighting shadows.

  8. Karen says:

    Yeah, the one that was featured on Allure was “Teint Inncence” and it’s 46.00. OMGAAAAAHHHWWD. I gotta find a few one though because I suspect my LM Oil-Free is breaking me out. Aren’t you a MAC foundation girl? For some reason I’ve got that idea in my head.

    And of course, I knew you’d pick that green one (it scares me the most).

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Vanessa, Oh thanks for the advice! I was eyeing the 12 pan, so it’s good to know this info beforehand.

    Those Ulta shadows sound so pretty (I bet they are beautiful paired with MAC paint pots, yah?) After I read your blog about the Ulta shadows I went to their site and put a bunch of them in my shopping cart … but I didn’t check out! My nearest Ulta is 40 minutes away, arggghhh! One of these days I’ll make it out there.

  10. Christine says:

    There’s the new holiday palette with e/s and lip stuff, so pretty. Way expensive! I found that swapping for Chanel quads on MUA is much more wallet-friendly (nothing holds value better than MAC!).

    Oh no! That’s awful. I am a MAC foundation girl – I swear by Studio Fix Fluid! I’m gonna get samples of Face & Body, I think, at the PRO store, though – just for fun.

    Ohh, is there an ULTA in SF? We could make a stop there if you want!

  11. Karen says:

    OH YAH! I saw that in Allure, too! That palette is really dreamy. I’ve never swapped on MUA before…is it easy? Stressful?

    SOOO many people love Face & Body. I have yet to find a MAC foundation that I like.

    The Ulta is in South SF – Tanforan Mall? I always drive by it but never quite make it there!

  12. Christine says:

    It’s pretty easy and straight forward. I’ve just found that for Chanel, you can swap an item worth ~30ish of MAC for a Chanel quad. I’m not a big swapper myself though, because I just prefer to buy, LOL.

    I hear it’s great for photoshoots, so I’d love to test it out. I’m so surprised that there isn’t an Ulta in downtown SF!

  13. IxLovexMAC says:

    i love Chanel quads, there’s something so luxurious about them, and esp the new Chanel Holiday Line, I think I’m going to cave in and buy both..My poor wallet…:)

  14. Karen says:

    Hey I love MAC!

    I KNOW! That holiday palette looks so good! I saw the second quad, Sequoia at the store, and while I didn’t get the same sort of emotional reaction as I did with Garden Party, I still thought it was pretty.

    It’s all down hill from here, lol.

  15. AppleDiva says:


    You need to get that Matte2. (I know that is off topic) LOL!!!

  16. Karen says:

    AppleDiva will not rest until her mission is accomplished!

    You are one determined woman 😉

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