I’m Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio, and This Is My Makeup Life

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The jammin’ Jenn Coyle of Hello Brio

The My Makeup Life series asks beauty biz insiders, bloggers, makeup mavens and artists to share their holy grail products, tricks, tips and favorite beauty tools. Is there anyone you would like to see featured in My Makeup Life or questions you think I should ask? Let me know here.

Name: Jenn Coyle
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Day job/current gig: I’ve taken the plunge. I’m now freelancing full-time in graphic and web design.
Hangouts online: HelloBrio.com, Society6, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest
Current favorite product: Too Faced BB Cream
Beauty inspirations: Wistful indie films, Philadelphia high rises and quiet coffee shops
One word that best describes your outlook on beauty: Journey

What makeup/beauty products can’t you live without?

I will not go out the door without blush, mascara, and under-eye concealer. I know my weaknesses sans-makeup, and that trifecta of makeup products does the trick. I also need a good mud mask to help clogged pores.


When did you start getting into makeup?

Makeup became a big part of my life in middle school. My mom, who modeled as a young woman, knew that I’d spark an interest in makeup sooner than later, so she taught me how to use makeup to enhance features in a subtle way and not go overboard (hello, raccoon eyes and dark lipstick on a 14-year-old… Not attractive!)

What’s your best beauty time-saving trick?

Using an eyelash primer is the most incredible and failsafe beauty time-saving trick I have. Doing so allows me to apply one coat of primer and one to two coats of mascara, achieving maximum length and volume sans eyelash curler. Using primer also prevents clumping, since you won’t need as many coats of mascara to achieve eyelash definition.

What’s your favorite beauty tool?

I can’t do without my 1.5″ Hot Tools gold curling iron (model 1102). I’ve tried different diameters of curling irons, and the 1.5″ always gives me the soft, bouncy and put-together hair look that I want to achieve.

What’s the best beauty advice you ever received?

My mom is a wealth of beauty tips. She helped me understand that success in makeup depends on your ability to objectively understand your facial strengths and weaknesses, and enhance where needed.

What’s your skincare routine?

My skincare routine is almost embarrassingly simple and no-fuss. In the shower, I wash my face with Ivory bar soap if needed, followed by an exfoliator like the (generic version of the) St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub or the Yes To Blueberries Softening Facial Exfoliator if I sense a breakout coming. Then, I will swipe my clean, dry face with an astringent-soaked cotton ball (I typically use a generic Sea Breeze Astringent). From there, I use the Yes to Grapefruit Dark Spot Correcting Serum for hyperpigmentation issues and then the Yes to Blueberries Daily Repairing Moisturizer or Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream if I need it. If it’s the end of the day, I will use a Yes To cleansing facial towelette and then complete my routine starting at astringent as mentioned above.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried in the name of beauty?

My weird beauty thing probably has to do with going vegan and gluten free for about 3 months in 2011. My skin ended up looking great as a result of this lifestyle change, and I felt more energized. But when all’s said and done, that type of extreme diet isn’t sustainable for me.

Do you have a trademark look (hair/styling/makeup)?

My trademark look is pretty simple: black winged eyeliner, natural-looking mascara, and pink blush; and my hair is styled with a loose curl if I have the time!

Are there any beauty decisions you’ve made that you look back on and ask yourself, “why?!”

Oh, the hair. For a while, I dyed my hair an awful golden light brown from a box which just ended up looking like brass city. If I had a chance to dye my hair again in a drastic way, I think I’d go for platinum or silver. But only if a professional did it!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Target, always and forever! When I lived in the suburbs, I may or may not have gone to Target more than once a week. I’m not a huge fan of their clothes, but I love the rest of the store, especially the home decor. I love to get my trendier clothes from Forever21 and H&M. I’ll go to Urban Outfitters for my pseudo-hipster everyday wear, and LOFT for my I’m-an-adult-lady clothes.

Anything else you want to share?

Being beautiful comes from the core of believing you’re beautiful. Confidence always prevails (at healthy levels, of course) and allows you to radiate from the inside.


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  1. Agata says:

    @Karen- I love those posts, I have never encountered Jenn’s blog before so it’s exciting to read a new blog!
    @Jenn- I love how your skincare routine is so simple and yet your skin looks beautiful!

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Love this! I have found myself at Jenn’s blog time and time again (thanks, google) when I’ve been searching for reviews 🙂 Our opinions tend to match on things she reviews that I’ve also tried, so she’s a go-to!

  3. Hi Sarah, that’s really exciting to hear. (Go, Google!) I appreciate your comment!

  4. hanna says:

    I love being introduced to different makeup blogs. I really want to try out a mud mask

  5. sarahc says:

    I just love this series beyond words! I’ve been hearing people praise eyelash primers for years. It’s about time I give them a try.

  6. Great read Jenn! Miss ya!

  7. Gowthami says:

    Your skincare routine is impressive!! 🙂
    Gowthami recently posted … Tips & Tricks: How To Prevent Eyeliner From Smudging

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