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Derma E Jojoba and E Skin Oil

derma e Jojoba and E Skin Oil – A Versatile Product and Your New Best Friend


I’m right handed, so I hold brushes in my right hand and use the back of my left hand as a palette. I put cream or liquid products like MAC Paint, tinted moisturizer, concealer, etc. on the back of my hand before applying with a makeup sponge or brush. I also use the back of my hand to get rid of excess color. Instead of blowing on a brush to remove excess eyeshadow, blush or powder, I’ll swipe the brush head against the back of my hand.

This leaves me with all sorts of makeup on the back of my hand, which can take a long time to remove with bar soap or liquid hand wash. To get rid of makeup quickly and easily I keep a bottle of derma e Jojoba and E Skin Oil in my medicine cabinet. I drop the smallest drop on the leftover makeup on the back of my hand and then give it a quick rub and voila – it’s all gone. I’ll rinse with water and then just rub the leftover Jojoba oil in for some quick moisture.

Jojoba and E Skin Oil is one my favorite workhorse products because I use it for so many different things. When my hair feels dry, I put a rub a few drops between my palms and then work the oil through the ends to condition it. After a shower, I use it as a body moisturizer. You can also use it as a massage oil as well. It’s $9.50 for a 2 fl oz bottle, and a little bit of the product goes a long way. Derma e products aren’t tested on animals, have no parabens and are 100% vegetarian, too. Yay for your skin, and yay for the bunnies.


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  1. ines says:

    hi karen, longtime lurker here!

    funnily enough, i do that with cold pressed grapeseed oil (favorite so far – carapelli di firenze)
    you can buy a big bottle of it at most well-stocked grocers’, and i use it for EVERYTHING.

    it’s not as greasy as other oils, absorbs fast, and it’s packed with moisture and antioxidants. you can infuse it with herbs (like rosemary or peppermint – any strongly scented fresh herb, i always have a few pots growing on my windowsill) by heating a litre or so gently (not scalding hot), and adding roughly chopped or bruised herbs (about 1-2 cups, packed) and sealing it in a jar for a few weeks. this oil can be used for beauty purposes, but is also tasty for cooking!

    some of my favorite things to do with grapeseed oil:

    1. face and body scrub (MY FAVORITE HOMEMADE BEAUTY PRODUCT) –
    one third to one half part grapeseed oil with one to one and a half parts dark or raw brown sugar
    a few drops pure essential oil (citrus, tea tree, mint and eucalyptus is good for congested, pimply or oily skins, rose, lavender, camomile for dry and sensitive skins) i like bergamot or tangerine with rose absolute. i recommend the aveda singular notes ones.
    two to three tablespoons honey for moisture

    the brown sugar is great for controlling oil production, so it’s great for combination/oily/blemished skins. also, it gives the skin loads of moisture and is a gentle exfoliant.

    also great as an alternative to expensive spa mani/pedicure scrub treatments. great on dry areas like elbows, knees, heels. believe me, i’m almost a full-time ballroom dancer (think 2-3 hours a day, six days a week, rain or shine), and my feet go through a LOT of abuse and nothing could cure the ugly spots left from dance shoes. but i scrub gently using a foot file, massage this in for a few minutes, bag the scrubbed feet (or hands) in plastic bags and sit and watch my favorite CSI:miaimi epdisode, and my feet look (almost) as good as new!

    wet face or body and massage in a circular motion, for 1-3 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. leaves skin UNBELIEVABLY glowy. after rubbing, can also be left on for a while as a moisturizing masque. however, you may want to stick to your shower to apply, as it is quite sticky and messy. only when you “bag” your hands and feet can you even dare to enter your living room. you can also take a steam with this stuff slathered all over.

    2. overnight hair treatment
    mix the right quantity for your hair length with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (cinnamon, clove, tea tree, mint, rosemary is good if you have itchy scalp), and apply to dry, clean hair. leave on overnight and shampoo in the morning, following with regular conditioner from below the ears (don’t condition the scalp again or your hair will look greasy).

    great for split ends, overprocessed hair (dyed/overexposed to styling appliances), long hair, dry/curly/wavy hair.

    3. body/massage oil –
    you can slather it on plain or mixed with some of your favorite essential oil for a steam in the shower or when your skin feels tight, dry and itchy. gently pat off any excess – although i find i rarely need to, because the oil is so light. great as a massage if mixed with mint and wintergreen for a soothing sensation. you can break open one of those vitamin E caps from the drugstore and add it to any of the mixtures i’ve listed, for some antiaging benefits.

    4. makeup remover when you don’t have anything else on hand –
    i did this a few times when i was out of my favorite makeup remover, MAC cleanse off oil. warm a couple tablespoons in the palm of your hand, and massage over makeup. rinse. may make your eyes go a little blurry momentarily, because this is like any other oil based remover. i like to do this with a few drops of rose absolute oil or lavender to soothe, especially around the eye area.

    oh god, this was a long comment, but if you get around to trying any of this stuff i’ve blabbed on about, please let me know how you like it. i swear, if grapes went extinct i would buy every gallon of grapeseed oil left (and the rest of the red wine left in the world)!

    and also, i love the tabby cat that’s in every post. is he/she yours? i love all furry creatures, i have a pug called mr. wrinkles 😀

  2. Redhead says:

    What I do to remove my makeup is I use Walgreen’s Vitamin E Oil and I rub a few drops anywhere and rub off with a Pond’s Clean Sweep makeup wipe. For mascara, I do the same thing but with Pond’s Cold Cream and it even removes waterproof! 😀 I even have a special technique:
    1. Apply cold cream all over the mascara-ed lashes and drape your thumb and forefinger with the Clean Sweep wipe.
    2. Place the cloth-laden thumb under the base of the lashes and the forefinger atop the lashes and press.
    3. Rub your fingers together to remove the mascara; do this repeatedly until the majority of the mascara is gone.
    4. Rub under the base of your lashes until you push the mascara onto your lids; wipe away.
    5. Finish off the last bits of mascara by swiping them quickly with the wipe and clean up any mascara around your eye. You’re guaranteed to be mascara-free!

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