You Can’t Go Wrong With the Classics: The Artdeco Dita Von Teese Classics Collection

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artdeco dita von teese classics collection

What makeup does Dita wear?


Well, that’s an excellent question. 🙂 We could try to track down the answer online and let our fingers do the walking. Google might even turn up an interview in which the burlesque dancer/diva/costume designer dishes the deets on her signature pinup girl look (here’s a hint: sometimes it involves lots of MAC), but why stop there when Artdeco has an entire makeup collection designed by the glamorous gal herself?

The new limited edition Artdeco Dita Von Teese Classics Collection of fall makeup for faces, eyes, lips, cheeks and nails was designed by Dita and inspired by her classic approach to cat eyes, matte cheeks, and rich, colorful lips and nails.

artdeco dita von teese classics collection
Clockwise from the lipstick in the lower left: Art Couture Lipstick in Parlez-Vous 620, Lip Liner in Dame 10, Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red, Magnetic Beauty Box with Eyeshadows in 200, 582, 578, 371 and 369, and the Blusher in Ivresse 20; and Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle

While sold around the world, the Artdeco brand can be a little tough to find in stores here in the States, but that’s what the Internet is for. 🙂 (among other places online) currently carries the entire collection and ships pretty much worldwide.

I started dancing with the collection last weekend, and boy does it cut a rug! Granted, I’ve seen similar colors from other lines, but here you also get great presentation. The beautiful black packaging is decorated with fine details, like pinstripes and a silhouette of Dita, complete with her signature mole.

Even though the holidays are still months away (but approaching fast), I’m making a note to remind myself to come back to these when I start looking for gifts for the Dita fans in my life.

Here’s a look at a few eye-catching pieces from the collection…

Art Couture Lipstick in 620 Parlez-Vous (£18.5, or about $29 USD)

So, how many layers of lipstick does it take to get Dita’s classic lip look? Answer: with 620 Parlez-Vous, just one! This creamy, pigmented neutral red has a satiny finish that delivers Dita’s lip look quicker than you can say “burlesque.” It’s far and away my favorite piece in the collection!

Blusher in Ivresse 20 (£10.25, or $16 USD)

Like a lighter, pinker, softer version of the beautiful MAC Blushbaby with a name much more difficult to pronounce, Ivresse’s soft texture kinda reminds me of Shu Uemura blush. It takes three layers to really see it on my skin.

Lip Liner in Dame 10 (£9.75, or $15.40 USD)

A long-wearing, highly pigmented reddish magenta pencil loaded with antioxidants and vitamine E, Dame goes on smoothly, despite its hard texture. The sheen finish? Super pretty! And it even lasts through a meal.

Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle (£19.50, or $30 USD)

Nocturnelle reminds me of MAC Blacktrack but has more gray in it, and a slightly fluffier texture. Great for oily lids, and really easy to use. Plus, it’s waterproof, too!

Eyeliner Brush (£9.50, or $15 USD)

The Eyeliner Brush isn’t in the pictures here, but it’s not my favorite piece. Skinny, with soft, synthetic bristles, it’s lightweight, which I like, but it’s slightly bent/angled in a way that makes it a little difficult for me to use… I wager it’s a matter of personal preference. I do like the quality of the brush, but for some reason the shape makes it easier for me to do my right eye, but harder to do my left. Weird.

Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red (£10, or $15.60 USD)

I only need one layer of Dragon Lady Red for full opacity — awesome! Unfortunately, the chubby wand feels a little awkward in my paws…

Magnetic Beauty Box (£14, or $22 USD)

How cute is that Beauty Box up top?! Since it comes empty (boo!), you build your own palette by filling the case with Artdeco eyeshadows or blushes (yay!). As a design lover/nerd, I dig the details on the cover, but I wish the case was a little easier to open. I really need to press down on the latch to get it to open, gah!

Glamour Eyeshadows (£6, or $9.50 USD each)

Super soft and easy to blend, the Glamour Eyeshadows do exhibit quite a bit of fallout, so be sure to tap your brush before applying.

artdeco dita von teese classics collection lipstick

artdeco dita von teese classics collection liner

artdeco dita von teese classics collection blush

artdeco dita von teese classics collection nail polish

artdeco dita von teese classics collection swatches
Swatches from the left: Eyeshadows in 371, 369, 300, 578 and 582; Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle; Blusher in Ivresse 20; Art Couture Lipstick in Parlez-Vous 620; and Lip Liner in Dame 10

artdeco dita von teese classics collection
Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red and the Dita Von Teese Magnetic Beauty Box

artdeco dita von teese classics collection
Wearing Eyeshadows in 369, 371, 300 and 578 and the Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle on my eyes; Blusher in Ivresse 20 on my cheeks; Art Couture Lipstick in Parlez-Vous 620 and Lip Liner in Dame 10 on my lips; and Nail Lacquer in Dragon Lady Red on my nails

Dita Von Teese Classics Collection

So far, so good! I like what I’ve seen from this collection so far. Fall or not, these are pieces I plan to wear throughout the year.


A tabby-free Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, 2007

I’m still on the market for Tahoe recommendations for my trip later this week (Tabs finally said I could go). If you have any restaurant or activity recs, I’m all ears. Especially hikes and other outdoorsy things, as it looks like it might be a little too cold right now to get on the water.

How’s your day coming along? What’s the plan for tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Paris B says:

    Karen, these looks are amazing! I love them! We don’t get the brand here but I guess that’s another brand to scour the internet for 😉

  2. Crystal says:

    You always look amazing but I literally gasped when I saw the first pic. YOU LOOK UNBELIEVABLE. The lipstick, nail polish, and lip liner look pretty too ha!
    Crystal recently posted … Deal Alert!! Sleek Makeup 20% Off Till September 5th

    • Karen says:

      Hey Crystal!

      Aww, thanks. 🙂 It’s the makeup working its magic…the lipstick is PHENOMENAL. It just brightens everything up.

      Hope you had a nice Tuesday. Anything new to report?

      • Crystal says:

        That lipstick looks amazing. Red looks fantastic on you. I’m figuring out what I want to order from Rouge Bunny Rouge lip gloss freak that I am I need to try it. Getting my hair done today too:) So excited!

  3. Jeanne says:

    TAHOE! Where are you staying?

    I grew up going to West Shore (Tahoe City, Sunnyside, Chambers Landing, Tahoma), but lately we’ve been spending more time in Kings Beach/North Shore.

    You MUST go to either Gar Woods (Carnelian Bay, North Shore) or Riva Grill (South Shore) and have a Wet Woody. If you find yourself in Kings Beach, the Char-Pit has killer hamburgers.

    We went on the Cal-Neva haunted tunnel tour — rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost has been spotted there. (The last known photographs of Marilyn were taken at Cal-Neva; she was there about three to four days before her death.)

    There are a couple of little shopping centers in Tahoe City; I was really disappointed to see that the book store in Boatworks shut down, but the candy shop is still excellent.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      We’ll be staying in the South Shore area! Thank you for all these great recs. I’m very excited about the trip…it’ll be nice to get out of dodge.

      If you ever need SF recommendations please let me know! I’d be happy to return the favor.

  4. LauraA says:

    Seconding Jeanne’s vote for Char-Pit above. LOVE IT.

    Back to the Artdeco: it looks great, and I’m glad that this collection tested well. I’ve always heard about it, but have never seen it in action. I’m most impressed with the Nocturnelle, but love the lipstick and polish colors.

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Tahoe!

    • Karen says:

      Hi LauraA,

      Thank you! I just checked out the menu and it looks yum. Added plus: they have veggie burgers, yay!

      I wore Nocturnelle again today. 🙂 It really hangs on to both lash and waterlines. 🙂

      Oh, and if you have any other fun Tahoe recs please let me know…

  5. Lulle says:

    Wow, sexy lady!
    This lipstick is really beautiful, I need one like this in my life…
    Lulle recently posted … Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer – Violet Dash

  6. You look SMOKIN’. Wow!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … Pai Echium Anti-Aging Eye Cream

  7. Oh my god, this collection. This collection!! *flails* I absolutely LOVE the look you’ve created with it, and Parlez-Vous looks (and sounds) amazing. Artdeco is hard to come by in Canada, but I might just have to see if I can hunt down a tube of it!

    (P.S. Have fun in Tahoe! :))

  8. Heidi says:

    The highlight of my time in Tahoe was definitely the gondola ride. Breathtaking way to check out the scenery.

  9. evo says:

    have fun in tahoe! this vancouver girl will be visiting san francisco for the first time in a couple days.

  10. Marina says:

    Really love the look on you, Karen. Happy you like it. And the blouse (dress?) you are wearing is fantastic, too.
    Marina recently posted … Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion Review

  11. I don’t know that I love the look of the collection enough to order online and wait for it to ship overseas…but it looks lovely on you. I love how you styled the look with the hair and the lacy black top–so glam!
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer in Suntan Review & Swatches

  12. I like Dita Von Teese’s look, but I never do it on myself. It just doesn’t work on me, the whole retro thing. That said, the line looks great, so pretty.

  13. Cynthia says:

    I absolutely done the look you’ve done! It looks classic, but not in a generic pin up girl kinda way. Beautiful!
    Cynthia recently posted … Blogsale! Brand new Infallible shadows, Color Tatoos, Balm Stains and cheap lipsticks!

  14. Nina says:

    I slept at 845 – I must have been tired!

    The gel liner is pretty, and in the past, ive used Art Deco’s eyeshadow primer. I ran out and I didnt want to order online so I moved on. That primer was good though, I should go back to it!

  15. Kim says:

    Very glamorous! I would never have guessed that the eye palette would go so well with the lipstick (color wise) but it’s beautiful. PS Your hair looks fab! 🙂

  16. You look gorgeous Karen! I love the red of the nail paint, a full blooded true red!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Khol Delilah : Review, Swatch, EOTD

  17. The red lip is gorgeous, love that you paired it with red nails as well!
    Krystle (Baking Beauty) recently posted … Jolly Time Review

  18. Nadege says:

    Words cannot describe how much I love this look.That red lipstick is everything! lol
    Nadege recently posted … Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick Review (A beautiful pinky-red!)

  19. Lori says:

    Hi karen! This is my very first time to post a comment but i’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. I wanted to comment when you first posted jeremy renner’s photo but i got shy ☺ hehe. Anyways, i just wanted to say that we have artdeco here in the philippines but i haven’t tried any of their product yet, i’ve read some reviews about their eyeshadow base and i’m planning to get one soon. Can you do a review on that please? Thanks a lot!

  20. Phyrra says:

    LOVE the red lipstick with the red polish! Looks great 🙂 That picture of you with your hand up is awesome.
    Phyrra recently posted … OCC Nylon Lip Tar – Swatches, Review & Comparison

  21. LOLBeauty says:

    This entire collection looks amazing!!! I must get my hands on the lipstick most of all

  22. Sexy Sadie says:

    Artdeco has been my favorite brand for so long and it is cool to see that it get appreciacion aborad.

    I have # 645 (Demoiselle), # 626 (Maitresse), And Lip laqueer #628 (Chinois) #620 (Parles Vous).

    Great products.

  23. Silke says:

    Hi Karen!
    I love that pure and classical look in you! The lipstick and nailpolish look amazing on you! an I love love the polish!!!! As Artdeco is a German brand and i am a german girl , feel free to write me if u want to try more of its products…. would be an honour to personal shop stuff for you… 😉
    Wish u a wonderful we at Tahoe…. loved it there back in 2010 :))))

  24. Rozae says:

    HSN use to sell Artdeco, but now it’s really difficult to get any Euro makeup line unless u pay an exuberant amount for shipping.

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