What’s the Secret to the No-Makeup Makeup Look? Too Faced Thinks You’ll Find It in Their New Fresh & Flawless Face Palette

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Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup

What’s “The Secret to No Makeup Makeup”? Why, it’s a $39 palette from Too Faced, and I’m wearing it here!

What’s the secret to no-makeup makeup? I’ll tell ya, it is NOT not wearing makeup.

Oh, gosh. Was that a double negative? I should probably strike that from the record…


Here’s the deal: for me, the no-makeup makeup look usually (as in almost always) involves the wearing of makeup.

Yes, I realize how that sounds. πŸ™‚ I mean, if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing any makeup, why not just skip the makeup, right?

Well, because if I do that, I resemble these guys…

We no wear makeup!! Want brains!!

Researchers at the prestigious (fictitious) Too Faced Institute of Technology believe they’ve identified and isolated the secret to the no-makeup look, and they’ve added it to their new $39 The Secret to No Makeup Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Palette.

Everything in this six-piece kit is designed to help you achieve a fresh, flawless look.

A bright under-eye area, bronzed and shimmery skin, flushed cheeks — that’s the idea.

Beginning from the left, that huge pan of peachy, golden tan goodness is called Bronzing Veil, and it’s something of a contouring powder, perfect for defining your cheeks.

As I think it’s a little light for me (I’m an NC42), I like to use it more as a highlighter.

Two blushes occupy center court. One, a cool-toned rosy pink called Creme Blush, and a matte, cool-toned pink powder blush with tiny flecks of golden glitter.

And on the right side of the palette, three creams — from the upper right, a light, peachy beige concealer (thought it looked kinda funky on me, too light and beige, so I didn’t use it for these pictures); a shimmery, cool-toned highlighter in the Luminize pan; and the Brighten pan in the lower right houses a cool-toned pinkish beige for highlighting beneath the arch of each brow and the under-eye area.

Too Faced also thoughtfully included a fold-out card with three different tutorials on it, and each one shows the proper products to use and placement.

  1. The Wake Up Makeup Look: simple and natural-looking
  2. Nude Radiance: color on the cheeks
  3. Red Carpet Contour: a full-on, dramatic look

I tried the Red Carpet Contour look for these pics…

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup palette

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup swatches

Swatches from the left: Bronzing Veil, Creme Blush, Powder Blush, Concealer, Luminize and Brighten

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup tutorial

Too Faced The Secret to No Makeup Makeup packaging

So, what’s missing from this palette?

Well, options for a variety of skin tones, as there’s just this one version.

For instance, the Bronzing Veil, since it’s a little lighter than my natural skin tone, doesn’t contour as dramatically as it probably would on a lighter lass.

Oh, and some of these shades go a little ashy on me, which is kind of a bummer…


Cool-toned pale princesses and girls with medium skin tones would probably be able to get the most from these shades.

As for wear time, well, the powders last longer for me than the creams, which start to settle into my creases after 2-3 hours (good thing the tin is so sturdy and portable, which makes mid-day touch-ups a breeze). And the powders last a little longer, about 4-5 hours, before beginning to fade.

All in all, I like this palette and love the idea, but I think fairer skin tones will be able to take better advantage of it than I.

PRICE: $39 (an $80 value)
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Too Faced counters and toofaced.com

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Great concept and very cute packaging and cool looking products, but I definitely agree–I wish there were more palettes available for a variety of skin tones.
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: NEW Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo Review & Pictures

  2. Agata says:

    I love the concept of this kit and since my complexion is light I think I’d make a good use out of it. As far as no make up make up, I totally agree, it actually involves some make up, a concept that my husband can never understand πŸ™‚

    How is your day Karen? I am home by myself cause my hubby has gone a business trip to Long Beach, CA so I am kinda bored, just drinking tea, reading beauty blogs and sitting with a mask on my face. Have a good evening.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      I’m okay, thanks for asking. πŸ™‚ I’ve been testing and photographing like crazy this week so it’s been busy. But otherwise great!

      A mask actually sounds really good right now. Which one are you using? I might have to bust out the big guns tonight from SK-II.

      Hopefully your hubs will be back soon! I know it’s hard when your honey is away… I always miss El Hub bunches when we’re apart.

      • Agata says:

        He won’t be back till late Sunday. It’s always good to be home by myself at first, no mess to clean, no dinners to make but the first night he’s gone I am already wishing he was back πŸ™‚

        I used a Vichy Normaderm Tri-Active Mask. It’s very interesting, it can be used as a gentle exfoliator, a cleanser or a mask. It’s supposed to fight acne, which I don’t really have a problem with, just occasional spots, but it feels really good on your skin and makes my skin super soft and smooth afterwards. I really like it although I need to find a hydrating mask because my skin is very dry this time of the year. Maybe Origins Drink Up mask? Have you ever used it?

        • Karen says:

          I think CVS carries so I’ll have to find that mask. It sounds refreshing.

          Re: hydrating masks, I haven’t tried Origins Drink Up. I’ve been using the Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating mask and liking it…I just don’t like the price (it’s $52, ouch!).

          • Agata says:

            I am not sure if you will be able to find it, my sister sent me mine from Poland (she works at a pharmacy). I know Ulta carries a lot of Vichy products but I haven’t seen that mask, not even online.

          • Karen says:

            I’ll have to check; you never know, maybe I’ll get lucky. πŸ™‚

            Random: I just got back from a Sephora/Starbucks break. And now I’m 10000% caffeinated.

            So, any fun plans for the night?

  3. Lauren says:

    You look so beautiful in that first photo! The blush looks pretty too but I should probably use up one of mine before I buy another…

  4. This looks like such a great no-makeup palette! I’m always wary if palettes that contain concealer, though — I mean, they’re great in theory, but I’ve never found one light enough for me!

    Still. I like the idea (and those face charts are great!)
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Clarins Rouge Eclat, Instagram, and Anastasia Bold & Beautiful | A brief update…

  5. Sarah says:

    I like the fact that it comes with the instructions. It’s a very cute packaging. I’m not too fond of no-makeup makeup since I’d rather not wear makeup at all. But this palette looks really soft & natural.


    Sarah recently posted … A Winter Wedding Bouquet

  6. Dawn says:

    Great idea to have everything in the one palette, but I avoid bronzer like the plague – hate the stuff. I’m happy being pale (around NW10) and have no wish to be bronzed. Saying that, the concealer looks a bit dark for me as well, but that could just be the photograph

    • Jax says:

      Dawn, Yay another pale cool toned woman here! I’m NW15-20 (need to try the new NW18!!)

      I also avoid bronzers even thought almost every counter tries to push one on me.

      Whilst they are not in one pallet you can buy good items from Benefit.

      • Dawn says:

        Why is it that everyone thinks we need to bronze to be beautiful? On that note, why do so many Essex girls (and boys) think oompa loompa orange is attractive?

        • Jax says:

          I know, I’m pale an interesting and like it that way!

          I don’t get why people want to look like they have been dipped in Marmite.

          So many skin tones are beautiful, why darken or lighten?

          (I don’t colour my hair either)

  7. Marla says:

    I love no makeup looks. These colors look a little too light for my skin tone. They need another palette for olive/medium peeps like me.

  8. Jennifer says:

    This looks cute! And like my every day look!

  9. Icaria says:

    I love the idea, especially since I’m kind of a no makeup makeup girl and love the packaging.
    Icaria recently posted … Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer / Review

  10. Alison M says:

    I completely year ya on needing a deeper version of this. But then I guarantee you it would be too dark. I’m always stuck right in the middle! But this certainly looks like something I need to recommend to friends who want a quick no-brainer (no zombies here) pick me up.

  11. Lisa Kay says:

    I think it’s kind of ironic we would spend $39 on a makeup kit to make us look like we’re not wearing any makeup.

  12. Lauren says:

    This is too light for me too, but there is an older Natural Face palette available that might work for medium skin tones. It’s the same concept but warmer, somewhat darker colors. Has anyone tried it? If so, what is your “shade”? I am NC30.

  13. PS says:

    I so want this. I have the “Too Faced Natural Face” and I can only use the conceal, luminize & brighten so this would be perfect for me. SO BUYING.

  14. Milktea says:


    After viewing your comment I am going to give it a try!

  15. Lauren says:

    Hello! I just bought this pallet two days ago, and I love it so much! When I was buying it, I do vaguely remember there being a darker toned pallet for those with a darker tone skin, I’m sorry to say but I do not remember the name of it. But I’m almost positive it was somewhat similar to this one πŸ™‚

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