What’s in Your Purse?

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The other day Lilan over at the Daily Cookie asked me what was in my purse, so I pulled out my bag, took out one item at a time and wrote everything down in a list.

When I finished, I felt cleansed and pure, like the pocketbook gods had absolved me of all my purse-stuffing sins.


Not only was writing out this list strangely cathartic, it was also slightly alarming. Does one (relatively sane) woman really need to lug around all this crap?

Let me preface my list by saying that I AM NOT A HOBO. I just happened to get a big, slouchy purse a few months ago, thinking it would look chic. Sure, it’s cute, but it’s also heavier than a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey.



Right now my purse contains…

  • one Blackberry smartphone
  • one wallet
  • one Goody stretchy headband (grey) for workouts
  • two black ponytail holder thingies
  • three bobby pins
  • …and a partridge in a pair tree (just kidding!)
  • one ticket stub for the movie Atonement
  • one half-eaten box of Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt like chewing this gum since the minty poo experience with Poof! drops a few weeks ago.
  • two packages of DHC Vitamin C Powders (thanks Jessy)
  • two black Pentel RSVP fine tipped pens. These pens are the SH*T!
  • house and car keys
  • a pair of dangly black freshwater pearl earrings
  • a sheet of white Apple stickers (the computers, that is, not the makeup!)
  • pepper spray
  • two pieces of coral from the beach directly in front of where El Hub and I got married in Hawaii
  • a W-9
  • a Post-it with the phone number for Skates on the Bay, a restaurant in Berkeley
  • one Lemon Zest Luna Bar
  • one dark chocolate Ghirardelli chocolate square
  • a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour hand cream
  • a box of Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Maximum Coverage Concealer (unopened)
  • one pearl necklace
  • MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass
  • Vincent Longo Illumina Concealer Stick #3
  • CHANEL Rouge Allure in Exquise
  • CHANEL Glossimer in Galactic
  • CHANEL Gloss Creme Lumiere in Petite Four
  • MAC Pink Treat Cremestick Liner
  • MAC Blot pressed powder in medium dark
  • last week’s pay stub
  • a Christmas card from my Grandma
  • one bag of Cherry Honey Ricola cough drops
  • MAC Lipglass in Nico Now
  • one binder clip
  • one 2008 Monet day calendar
  • one “To Do” list with 34 frickin’ tasks on it!

Yep… That’s about it. Oh, and yesterday there was also one Fuji apple in there but I ate it.

What can I say? I like to make lists, and I’m also a bit of a voyeur (but not in a pervy way, dirty birdies). Now it’s your turn!

What’s in your purse?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Mariah says:

    What’s in my purse?? I, like you, have wayyyy too much stuffed into my “chic yet giant” bag!
    I have:
    My wallet, with my bazillions of club cards and gift cards that I never seem to use. About 5 *counts* … 9 different lipsticks and lipglosses, my keys, my iPod, my keycard for school, loose change, no-doz, 3 flavors of gum, my favorite purple pen, girlie products, my bluetooth earpiece, my phone, a small thingie of clinique hand lotion, hair ties, and more receipts than you can shake a stick at! (I usually have to purge my purse of receipts about once a week. It’s SUCH a cluttered mess, it takes me like, a few minutes to find anything.) XD

  2. tricia says:

    i also love the big bags, but i pack light. i have a small makeup bag(pressed powder and brush, lipgloss, blotting sheets, chapstick, eyeliner),wallet, cell phone, keys, small mirror.

  3. Vanessa says:

    HAHAHA Karen, I just did this post an hour ago too! It’s fun! And WOW I am amazed you fit all of that stuff in your purse! I gotta have my OREO Cakesters in my bag!

  4. Julie says:

    Wow! That IS a lot of stuff. I carry heaps in my hand bags too. My friends are amazed at the stuff I bring!

    I took a picture of it last month and WOW! I was :O

    Anyways, here’s a list I copied and pasted from the picture I took last month:

    Lancome Make-Up Bag
    Paladio Blotting Paper
    theBalm Hot Mama Blush/Shadow
    Natio Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss – Watermelon
    Lipsmackers – Celestial Strawberry
    Lancome Juicy Tube – Chai Freeze
    Lancome Juicy Rouge – 360
    Max Factor Lipstick – Pink Ribbon
    MAC Lipgelee – Dewy Jube
    NARS Blush – Orgasm
    Stila Perfectly Gold Palette
    MAC pigment – Vanilla (Sample)
    Prescription glasses
    LG 1GB USB Drive
    House Keys
    Miss Shop Sunglasses
    Motorola Razr V3
    The Body Shop Born Lippy – Strawberry
    Make-Up Brush – Cheapie lip brush, The Body Shop blending brush, Prescriptives eye paint brush, cheapie blush brush and cheape highligher brush.
    Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner – Noir (HG!)
    ELF palette – MAC Gesso eye shadow and MAC Woodwinked eye shadow
    Lancome Miracle vial
    Britney Spears Curious vial
    Davidoff Echo Woman mini
    Papermate pen
    2 x Band Aids
    4 x Bobby Pins
    2 x Hair ties
    1 x prescription contacts

    You never know when you might need these things 😀

  5. Today I’m wearing a big Furla bag, but it’s not that full… then again, it’s school day so I’m also toting a second bag with my laptop!

    My list, give or take a few things:
    Car keys
    House keys
    Cell phone
    Estée Lauder lipgloss
    Chanel powder compact
    Kiehl’s lip balm
    L’Occitane shea butter hand cream
    Coin purse
    Misc. receipts
    Pill box
    USB pen drive
    Driving gloves
    Zipper bag containing:
    -Hermes small size agenda/notebook
    -Lip liner, neutral
    -Lip liner, red
    -Hair pins
    -Breath mints
    -TdC Bois D’Iris mini vial

  6. Sandy says:

    i love the brazil nut & palm tree eyeshadows from origins 🙂 so pretty!! i’ll do my “what’s in your makeup bag” next time. my internet hasn’t been quite friendly =( i love chanel rouge allure lipstick. they last quite long =) you just reminded me to get mac blot powder too. thanks =) xOx

  7. Renee says:

    Well lets see… my two wallets (one that carries everything and one to put the id and debit card in when I feel like carrying light), my organizer, an envelope full of postits with beauty tips from You, about 5 recipes printed from my computer at work, about 5 face looks from mac, somewhere between 25 and 30 lipglosses, lipsticks, lip balms, etc. (I am a lippie junkie for real!!!!), my clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder, physicians formula shimmer powder in translucent pearl, little bottle of purell, small tube of hand lotion (avon), essie jackie oh my, my keys, my stupid phone (doesnt work half the time), and my umpteen million reciepts!!!! That all fits in a 15w X 9h X 5d black leather handbag from van heusen! Wow that is a lot of stuff…i need to clean it out this weekend!

  8. dawn says:

    In my bag….and I just cleaned it out!!!
    • Burts Bees replenishing balm
    • Chap stick 100% naturals lip butter
    • Blue tooth ear piece
    • Blackberry
    • Choward’s gum
    • Choward’s Violet mints
    • Alka seltzer cold
    • Imodium (you never know)
    • Sinus pills (crazy weather here in Pittsburgh)
    • Pen – purple Pilot BP-S fine – very hard to come by
    • Best Friends house keys
    • Work Keys
    • Own house keys
    • Tweezers
    • Solid ANGEL Perfume (it’s a necklace so I keep in Tiffany pouch)
    • Hair bands (a variety)
    • Tampons
    • Wallet
    • Sunglasses w/ case
    • A “sock monkey” change purse filled with change
    • Nail file
    • Tissue’s
    • Fresh lip-gloss palette “Cameo”
    • Aveda hand relief
    • Halls Naturals Honey Lemon
    • Du wop lip venom
    • Honey sticks
    • Fresh Cannabis Santal ….LOVE THIS
    • Tea bags (yerba mate)

  9. Crystal says:

    So one of my new years resolutions was to keep my purse clean and neat! .. i work at a bank and i hate it when its takes people ten minutes to rummage through there purse to find something, so i dont want to be that person anymore. Plus i got a super cute Juciy purse for christmas that i dont want to get messy :).. so here is goes

    1 Harajuku lovers makeup bag ( with the essential makeup)
    bottle of Euphoria Lotion
    pay stub
    day planner
    only ONE random receipt!
    sephora gift card holder
    mints from subway

    and thats it!!!

  10. kat says:

    I had cleaned my bag the other day and afterwards i felt light and airy.. lol but wow! I thought I was lugging around alot.
    But now my shoulder doesnt hurt that much. did you ever have any shoulder pain from carrying your purse?

  11. Amanda says:

    OK, I’ll play too. (and Karen, I love lemon zest luna bars, arent’ they the best?)

    My bag is the large treecycle satchel from Harvey’s seatbelt bags, so it can hold a lot.

    5 bills to mail, wallet w/ credit cards, driver’s license, etc, cell phone in brigthon holder, Px bottle (empty, LOL), tube of airborne
    (grapefruit flavor), sunglasses in case, keys, two loose band-aids, checkbook, one bottle of sensaria white tea calming serum, $15 off postcard from gap, work badge ID, 2 pilot g-2 gel pens (and these are the BEST pens! one black, one hunter green), small sephora pouch with mac blot medium, travel size black raspberry vanilla lotion, nail file, clean and clear blot sheets, another band-aid, small bottle advil, dramamine, and nail clippers. and finally in the side zipper pocket: cargo plume lipstick, mac viva glam V lipstick, stila nude tinted lip balm, kiehls spf 15 tube, stila enchanting it gloss, fresh sugar fairy lip gloss, black barette, lip brush, laura mercier pencil concealor in nude and a maybelline pure concealor pencil in light. Whew. I’m cleaning out the lippies! I *try* to just keep lip balm and lippie of the day in there….I’m a few days behind I guess.

  12. TUPRNUT says:

    This is too much fun! Here’s my contents:
    Mini expandable-file of coupons
    Inhaler, Epi-Pen and Aleve
    Neutrogena Fast Absoring Hand Cream
    Banana Repulic and Gas bills
    Girly supplies
    Diapers and wipes
    House/Car keys
    Parent’s House/Car keys
    Old Studio Tech foundation (why are you in there still?)
    Pocket Planner
    Lipgelee (color unknown)
    Twig Twig l/s
    The Body Shop Lipe Care w/ SPF
    Nico Now l/g
    Syrup l/s
    Viva Glam V l/s
    Angel l/s
    Politely Pink l/s
    Plink! l/s
    Nymphette l/g
    Full on Lust l/g
    Mary Kay lipliner in Neutral
    Philosophy’s Falling in Love roll-on perfume
    …and a VERY full Body Shop makeup bag

  13. Tekoa says:

    One map of Calgary
    One info paper of Horseback Trail rides
    The package of a cat toy
    A folded piece of paper.
    MAC blotting papers (so that’s where I put it!)
    Blue pen
    Six hard candies
    A temporary nametag
    A small eyeshadow brush
    A dime
    One penny
    Pen cap (not from above blue pen)
    Wallet with student ID card
    Makeup Bag (Containing Blot Powder, Foundation Powder, Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, Face brush, Pink Grapefruit lipgloss)
    Pepper spray
    Baton. No, not one of those dinky cheerleader batons. An eight inch steel baton that extends to a goodly length when I flick it.
    A hair tie

  14. Karen says:

    LOL, Mariah,

    I have receipt issues, too. I tend to horde them and then weeks later I’ll look them over and be like, “Why did I buy five bags of Life Savers Gummies in one day?”

  15. Karen says:


    The content of your streamlined purse is a thing of beauty. You are officially my hero!

  16. Karen says:

    Ha! I saw your pic of your stuff, Vanessa! And those Oreos look GOOD! YUM! Happy Friday 🙂

  17. Karen says:


    I totally love that you carry around vials of perfume. I am scent person so this makes sense to me because you just NEVER KNOW when you’ll need some perfume.

    Girl, why are you carrying around a USB drive tho? You crack me up 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Sandy,

    A few months ago we were having serious internet issues and so I feel ya pain – it’s kinda stressful.

    I hope you get both Brazil Nut and Palm Tree. They are my favorites out of the four. AND they smell good, too!

  19. Karen says:


    That’s cute that you carry around Essie polish. Now that’s something I’ve actually never hauled around in my purse.

    I print out recipes too and stuff them into my Day Planner. I’ll find them months later and then be like, “Dang that casserole looks good! Why haven’t I made that before?” 😉

  20. Karen says:


    I love how your bag has all the essentials I have in my bathroom. If I had all that stuff I could live out of my purse, seriously.

    I need to start carrying around tweezers, too. Ever since I turned 30 I get these scary lunch-lady chin hairs that are hard and pokey and they sprout up out of nowhere! Plus there’s always the stray eyebrow hair or two…

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Kat,

    I don’t have shoulder pain, but that’s probably because I really don’t spend a lot of time standing or walking with the purse on my shoulder. I carry it to the car, the from the car to work, and vice versa during the week. But that’s about it. On the weekends I try to take some of the crap out, but that’s only cause I go to the movies and need the space to put all my movie snacks and a water bottle, LOL!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Yes, Lemon Zest bars have saved me on more than one occasion. I always try to have a bar with me because I often find myself in a position where I’ll be running around and I’ll forget to eat, and all of the sudden my stomach will start making loud, obnoxious noises in PUBLIC! Lemon Zest bars to the rescue, hooray!

    I love those gel pens too, BTW!

    (Oh, and that’s smart you carry Dramamine. I get motion sickness, too, but I always forget to have these on hand.)

  23. Karen says:

    Tuprnut, LOL, your lipstick and gloss purse collection is a thing of beauty. I bow down!

    And why are you still carrying that foundation around?!?! Take that out, girlfriend!

  24. LaurenIvy says:

    I recently cleaned mine out, too:

    A notepad, paperwork for school, a makeup bag, a digital camera, hand sanitizer and lotion, 2 hair clips, sunglasses, an assortment of pens, a paperback book, and my favorite Coach wallet (the red and plain wristlet)

    That’s the light version!

  25. LaurenIvy says:

    oh, and my Ipod..I’d be dead without it close to my person!

  26. PeeChee says:

    OMG. I just cleaned out my purse at work the other day too. My whole life is in that thing. ha ha. I tried to use a clutch for one week…that was a joke!! I ended up putting the clutch in my tote bag and carried that around.

    My husband always had this perplexed look everytime he would see me “lug” my bag. 🙂 I told him not to complain when he’s the one asking me for kleenex, contact solution, or gum….which is in the handy dandy – take it all with me bag. 🙂

  27. Lea says:

    Holy schmokes, you carry all those in yur purse? And I thought I’ve got loads of crap. One time I asked the EngMuff to hold my purse he said to me “you carry a gun in here?!”.lol.

    Oh and lol on “two black Pentel RSVP fine tipped pens. These pens are the SH*T!”….now I know who tags the doors of restroom stalls!

    My Crap:
    Cel phone
    MAC Blot Powder Pressed (which I never use)
    Sephora Mirror
    Sunglasses/Eyeglasses (nerd)
    Arb Hand Cream
    2 check books
    Starbucks gum
    chinese shell coin holder
    work badge
    page 36 of a Dining Guide Mag
    Goody StayPut headband
    bobby pins
    thumb drive
    memory card
    business cards
    eye drops
    contact lens and case

    Hmmm…I carry around another bag with me all the time but in that are mostly work stuff.

  28. Lea says:

    …I had these on my desk as I was typing and forgot that I carry these around as well.

    2008 Planner
    Post-it notes

    As Meryl Streep says on The Devil Wears Prada… “That’s all…”

  29. Tanya says:

    Muahaha! I love doing this!
    Everything fits in a Mark (by Avon) bag. I’m so gosh darned impressed with Mark bags! Okay, here we go:

    Cell phone
    Rosebud Salve
    Small sample of yarn from my Grandma
    Disneyland Wallet
    THE BOOK (I call this THE BOOK because I write down random stuff like lists and things to do in it)
    Gloves (It was BELOW FREEZING today here in my part of CA!)
    Sonia Kashuk makeup bag (I don’t even GO THERE and list what’s inside!)
    Vera Bradley pouch w/my digital camera (Cannon Power Shoot SD 400) inside.
    Pirate pouch w/meds (tylenol, inhailer, pepto bismol tabs, floss) inside.
    Recipe for Red Velvet Cake
    Special K snack bar
    Coin purse
    Fold-in Princess brush from Disneyland
    Snow White Pez dispenser
    Orbit Gum
    Work ID
    Spoon (a special spoon, my Grandpa passed away last year and this was his ‘tasting’ spoon. I kept it and it’s been my lucky charm in my purse ever since, I always feel like he’s with me)
    Hot pink bandaids
    “Miss A” Kit
    Disneyland mints

    …you would think my arm would fall off by now! ;D

  30. NBLACK says:

    I don’t have a murse or a purse but in my back pack I have
    My algebra book
    white binder compliments of the LD
    One Sade Cd from like the 80’s when she first came out I love it
    various car rental stubs from a road trip to LA
    a small first aid manual
    That natural glove hand lotion in that blue bottle
    some random gillete after shave that smells like coolwater mixed with baby powder
    a few black pens
    hella old disk with pictures of cars and cute girls that are probably broken or something
    lint remover tape roll (I have dandruff and I wear a lot of black)
    Some change
    one Novel Kite Runner (so good)
    Various Car Magazines (Car Craft, Road and track, and Sport Compact)
    The first part of the second season of Futurama (I like Cartoons)
    That’s it
    I also have a bunch of cards in my wallet and silly stuff in my pockets the is best if I don’t discuss it.

  31. Lilan says:

    Aww Miss Karen, thanks for playing! I can’t believe how much stuff you’ve got in your bag! PS – It’s super cute.. I kinda want it 😉


  32. Cindy says:

    you’ve seen my “work purse” girl…there’s not enough character space on this entire blog for what’s in it ;-P

  33. Melissa says:

    I think I might have the most random things in my purse…

    Toy Truck
    Toy Car
    Plastic Chicken Drumstick
    1 Passport Photo
    Book of Stamps
    MAC Nymphette Gloss
    MAC Illict Gloss
    MAC Whirl Lipliner
    MAC Viva Glam V
    Ear buds
    My Notary Stamp
    Pepper Spray
    Cell Phone
    1 Silver Bangle Braclet
    My Business Card
    Uncrustable Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich
    Goldfish Cracker Crumbs – I’m making a point to dump these out tonight:)

    Can you tell I’m the mom of a two year old?

  34. Mariana says:

    Aagh! I wrote it all out and I don’t know where my comment went. But that’s okay b/c I forgot some things on it. Let me try again.

    a few Chapsticks
    hairbrush with ponytail holders wrapped around it
    bobby pins
    epi pen
    emergency medications (Advil, Benadryl)
    blotting papers
    reading glasses and their case
    yankee gift card
    wallet that desperately needs to be thinned out
    loose change
    cough drops
    Makeup bad: spark and pagoda glossimers, bare escentuals wearable nude gloss, Viva glam V gloss, mac dubonnet l/s, armani lip liner, nars sin/casino duo, 187SE brush, benefit hoola, becca concealer, bobbi brown concealer, LM concealer (you can tell I need serious concealer), bigelow rose salve, nars cactus flower, benefit galactic shield in shades 2 and 3, more bobby pins and ponytail holders, tweezers, nail file, mini Tarte mascara, body shop mini nut butter cream, aquafor, benefit eye bright

    I *think* that’s it. But, writing it out makes me see how I need to clean it out and also explains why my shoulder hurts!!

    Have a great weekend,


  35. Mariana says:

    Haha, it should say “makeup bag”, not “makeup bad”. Freudian slip. : P

  36. Madeleine says:

    It looks like so much fun and it’s sooooo temmmmpting that I’m afraid that I’m going to reveal my purse content…Just watch (or rather read) LOL it’s a lot,and I mean…a lot.

    car and house keys
    work keys
    book (paper cover) “We don’t die”
    Crystal Light “Pink Lemonade” whole box,already open;
    10$ cash card
    pocket calendar(which is already falling apart)
    2 makeup brushes(smolder and lip brush)
    Lip service by Smashbox(16 lipsticks sitting in one box)
    instant shine (shoe polish sponge,I like my shoes…clean!)
    4 candies
    a spare pair of glasses and sunglasses in one(they have a clip)
    black pen PILOT (I can never find it,anyhow)
    at least 4 grocery shopping lists
    dermal therapy hand cream (stolen from my husband – heh)
    Revlon nail clipper
    nail file
    another black pen
    MAC 6 cool lips from 2006
    MAC 6 lips Crystal from 2004
    dental floss
    lip balm (Blistex)
    some pills just incase I go crazy
    mirror (gift from Biotherm)
    Clinique Surge lipstick in Waterviolet
    Clinique lipstick in Pink Spice
    MAC 6 Warm Lips from 2006
    band aid a few ,loose
    Advil(6 pills) in little Ziploc bag
    cosmetic bag that is full of lipsticks (MAC High Tea,Sophisto,and Rubia)MAC lipgelee in Mega,lipstick Estee Lauder in Sugar Honey,MAC lipglass in Sprightly,MAC lipliner in Subculture,Estee Lauder black eyeliner,MAC brow finisher in Clear,another nail clipper,another lip brush,Champagne lipstick by Lise Watier);

    That would be all for…today LOL
    I’m only regretting that I still haven’t figured out how to carry a glass of wine in my purse.Well,everything still ahead of me,maybe someday…who knows LOL

  37. Holly says:

    I really dont think I used to be this bad with carrying so much around with me, I blame the big bags the one I got for my birthday has been my downfall! But here goes:
    ysl faux cils mascara
    Chanel blush brush
    Chanel eyeshadow brush (no idea why as i dont carry eyeshadow around!)
    Chanel teint innocence compact foundation in beige
    Chanel poudre universelle compacte
    Chanel soleil bronze
    Chanel blush which i adore but have had for so long the colour name has rubbed off the back!
    Chanel creme gloss lumiere
    Chanel Glossimer 25
    Chanel Glossimer 107
    Chanel coco mademoiselle twist and spray
    Chanel coco mademoiselle solid parfum compact
    stella rollerball edp
    EBoost powder (pinched from W Hotel NY lol)
    pack of tic tacs
    pack of polo mints
    softlips lip balm
    RAC membership card that i have been meaning to put in my car for 2 months!
    pack of tissues
    some odd dollars left over from my trip to NY
    extra strength pain killers (for my poor achey head!)
    Chanel sunglasses (no idea why as we havent had anything but rain for about 2 months!)
    pearl earings
    about 10 of those little Chanel dust covers
    University library card
    Law of evidence statute book
    Intellectual Property law case book
    Cute little Juicy Couture notebook that I got free in saks!
    about 10 hair elastics
    5 plasters
    travel sickness tablets
    Cashmere socks (from the plane lol not a normal item in the bag!)
    A random mixture of pens and highlighters
    ipod and headphones
    Nokia 8800
    spare mobile phone battery
    a ‘drawing’ from a baby cousin which needs to find the bin (not big on kids lol!)

    Oh my goodness that is a lot of rubbish in a relitavely small space I do feel cleansed now admitting my problems though lol!

  38. Julie says:


    The USB drive is JUST IN CASE I need to save a file when I’m at a friend’s house or something 🙂

    Haha, I always try to be prepared.

  39. kelly says:

    Phone, juicy tube gloss, wallet, sunglasses, keys, bill. *Sniffs*

  40. 1. My wallet
    2. my pocket calendar
    3. two ink pens
    4. one nail file
    5. bottle of Naproxen (Walmart’s generic Aleve like stuff)
    6. bottle of Nitroglycerin (in case I have heart issues… I had a light heart attack in 2006)
    7. small purse size bottle of hand sanitizer… I have seven children, need I say more. lol
    8. two Ryan’s restaurant coupons
    9. my keys
    10. my cell phone
    11. my digi camera… it’s small enough to carry. Hey, I’m an avid scrapbooker. I gotta have pics. lol

  41. Karen says:

    Hey Julie,

    Now that you mention it, I’ve had a few moments when a USB drive would’ve come in handy.

    Not that I need anything else in my purse, but you’re right – one’s gotta be prepared.

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    I *love* that L’Occitane shea butter hand cream too 🙂

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Crystal,

    Looks like you’re doing a good job keeping your resolution! LOL, I’ve noticed those purse rummaging ladies at the bank too. I try hard to have all my stuff ready because I’m not about to empty all my crap onto the counter. Nobody needs to see all the 1234890423895 lipsticks I’m lugging about.

  44. Karen says:

    LOLOLOL Tekoa! When I read “baton” in your entry I immediately thought of the one I had when I was a kid…for some reason I desperately wanted to be a baton twirler. But I kinda want that one you’ve got. Not to twirl, but to lay the smack down if I had too.

    BTW, do you ride horses?

  45. Karen says:

    Hi LaurenIvy,

    I usually have my iPod with me too, but I took it out last night because I to the gym and left it in my sweatshirt when I was done. Sometimes I have these sudden urges to hear a song and I have to my lil’ Pinky (yes, I named my iPod) with me to soothe the itch.

  46. Karen says:

    Ha! PeeChee, I’m threatened to get El Hub a man purse a few years ago. He was *always* asking me to lug his crap around, so I retaliated by carrying around an itty-bitty coach purse that barely held my wallet. Well, that got old eventually and I ended up buying the bag above.I had it for a few months before he figured out that it wasn’t the same tiny purse and now I’m screwed!

  47. Karen says:

    HA! Lea, yup, you got me – “For a good time, visit http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com!” Yup. My pens and I do some damage.

    What’s on page 36 of the Dining Guide Mag?!

  48. Karen says:


    I love that you carry your spoon around you. 🙂

    That’s cool that you’ve got your Canon with you, too. I’d lug my SLR around if I could (hey, it fits in that cavernous purse!) but I’d probably develop some serious back issues because it’s sooo heavy.

  49. Karen says:

    Hi Nblack,

    It’s weird that we haven’t seen each other yet in 2008 🙁 boo hoo Anyways, I love Kite Runner, too. One of my fave books, ever. But dude, why are you carrying around a first aid manual?

    And hello, LD binders! I remember those good ole days (ha) of LD paper reams and LD pens and LD Post-its…yup, sticky fingers.

  50. Karen says:

    Hi Lilan,

    Happy Friday! Ha, if you want my purse just e-mail me and I’ll send you the dangerous internet link where I found it and adopted it! MWAAA HA HA HA! I warn you though, it’s like purse crack.

  51. Karen says:

    Cindy? Is that you? Hello?

  52. Karen says:


    OMG! I kinda want a plastic chicken drumstick in my purse, too!

    Are you a notary? Dang you ladies come in handy.

    Have a good weekend!

  53. Karen says:


    Yeah, I have an exploding wallet, too. It’s stuffed to the brim with receipts and it’s threatening to take over.

    What blotting papers do you use? I like Shiseido’s. 🙂

  54. Karen says:

    Madeleine, you crack me up – “Some pills in case I go crazy.” Um, I might need some of those.

    I need to figure out how to carry a piece of Fudge Slice from Safeway in my purse. Ahhh, the possibilities.

  55. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    I am lemming big time for that Coco Mademoiselle solid compact! And I never know what to do with those dust covers either. I find them in weird places. Just the other day there was one in my sock drawer, and I have no idea how it got there.

  56. Karen says:

    Hi Kelly, You officially rock. (And I take it you’ve got one of those teeny, tiny purses).

  57. Karen says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’m not a scrapbooker, but I *love* going to paper and craft stores and looking at scrap book stuff. I really like the cute little appliques and the different types of stamps and paper. I’m afraid if I start I’ll just end up hoarding stuff (like I do with makeup) so I just admire and leave it at that.

    And you should get a medal or something for your seven kids! Wow, girl!

  58. Lilan says:

    Hey Karen,

    I know I’m going to regret it later but… link me! I need to do a little adopting in the new year 😉

  59. Breezy says:

    LOL ok I have to ask….How the heck were you planning on getting to your pepper spray if you need it with all the stuff in your purse?! I can just picture you now, pulling random stuff out of your purse and throwing it at a potential mugger only to second guess actually throwing it if its one of your favorite products 😉 You should just do what I did and carry one of those ridiculously loud air horns (tried to get pepper spray one night at Kmart but I guess they don’t sell that after like 10pm go figure) anyway those are easy to find in a bulky purse haha.

  60. Maddie says:

    Ha, a purse? Being in grad school I have a massive bag that fits all my school stuff and cosmetic bags for the little stuff…

    -2 notebooks
    -1 folder
    -1 book: Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy from Peter the Great to the Abdication of Nicholas II by Richard Wortman
    -a sheet of paper with the call number of a book I needed to get at the library
    -a Christmas list (oops)
    -Nivea lotion
    -cough drops
    -hand wipe
    -nail file
    -car/house keys
    -MAC Lustreglass in Wonderstruck
    -C.O. Bigelow Orange Cream lip gloss
    -Davies Gate Cocoa Bean lip balm
    -MAC NW20 pot concealor
    -Burt’s Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer
    -Clean & Clear Oil Blotting sheets
    -glasses case

    Ah the life of a grad student 🙂
    -normally my planner would be in there but I somehow managed to lose it

  61. Karen,

    You’ve got the hand bag of all hand bags and no doubt with all the items listed in this post…you are ready for any beauty crisis ;-))


  62. Tania says:

    On the weekday I carry a purse AND my work bag but this is what’s in my purse:
    Blackberry Curve 8310
    Headphones for above phone
    Spare phone just in case the crackberry quits
    Coin purse
    Bulletin from Churh
    Pens (one I swiped from the docs office)
    Candy Wrappers
    Milkway Midnight mini bars
    One a day Active Vitamins
    Smith’s Rosebud Salve
    C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lipshine
    Peppermint Eclipse mints
    MAC Lip gelee-Moistly
    MAC Blot Powder-Dark
    MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass
    MAC Lusterglass-Flashmode
    MAC Tendertones-Warm smile

  63. Sarah says:

    Here’s my list – my husband swears that I can open another dimension when I pack my purse:

    *Cat face Change Purse (where I keep my bank card and money in case my wallet gets stolen – which has happened more than once)
    *Three foldable re-useable bags for shopping throughout the day (I swore off plastic bags this year)
    *Address book
    *Cell phone
    *Epipen, Benadryl and tylenol in a waterproof bag (the life of an peanut allergy sufferer)
    *Three lipglosses
    *Two lip balms
    *House Keys
    *Bus Pass, gift cards and all sorts of other cards in sparkly case
    *Mac Blot Powder
    *Pop-up brush
    *Gum, mints, floss and toothbrush (to avoid the many times I have had stuff stuck in my teeth and made it a whole afternoon without anyone telling me)
    *Gloves and hat for the winter
    *Oodles of perfume and hand cream samples – cause a girl has to smell good
    *A book – for those times I have to wait a while (for whatever)
    *Too many pens and scraps of paper to count
    *Bandaids, polysporin, antiseptic wipes (cause I am a major klutz)
    *Lint brush and static guard
    *Most importantly, pictures of my husband and kids
    *Anything else that happens to make it in there – because I always have something in there that surprises me – today it is my dog’s brush because I took him to the vet yesterday and I wanted him to look presentable 🙂

  64. Lea says:

    Hey Ms. Tagger, I mean Karen. JK.

    On Page 36 is a restaurant in Pasadena called The Nepal House, I’ve never had Nepalese food before and me and my EngMuff are always on a hunt for a new place to eat.

  65. Karen says:

    LOL, Breezy,

    OMG – yeah, a tube of Chanel Glossimer probably won’t be effective when it’s time to ward off the bad guys. I do keep the pepper spray in it’s own personal pocket…but yeah, this weekend I actually cleaned half of this crap out and now my purse looks cute again.

    That’s SO WEIRD that they don’t sell pepper spray past 10 at KMART!

  66. Karen says:

    Hi Maddie,

    What are you studying in grad school? BTW, I had a sales associate at Bath & Body Works tell me that C.O. Bigelow Orange Cream lip gloss is a super good pre-makeout lip gloss because it freshens your breath and makes your lips crazy soft. Yep, I bought a tube or five.

  67. Karen says:

    Hi Gisele,

    Thanks! If I was truly prepared I’d carry some tweezers and perhaps some upper hair wax strips, ha ha ha!

  68. Karen says:


    LOL, that’s cute that you prep your dog for his appointments!

    Yeah, maybe all of us should get together and use the collaborative power of our handbags to send us to a parallel universe or something.

    And thanks for the floss reminder. I need to start carrying that around too. For the record, I would’ve given you the international subtle hand sign to let you know you’ve got food stuck in your grill (pointing of fingers to teeth). Gotta help other girls out!

  69. Karen says:


    Those Milky Way Midnight bars are so good. When I read that on your list my stomach started rumbling.

    I love how you have an extra phone in case your crackberry dies. I’m surgically attached to my crackberry at this point …

  70. Karen says:

    Hi Lea!

    Ha! Gotta advertise the blog in every way possible, j/k 😉

    I like trying new food, too. I’ve never had Nepalese food either so I’m going to put that on my list.

    If you haven’t tried Filipino food yet I can give you a list of dishes that won’t disappoint.

  71. Megan says:

    I’ve been MIA somewhat again. I seem to be getting busy in spurts. I went to see the musical My fair lady ( http://www.myfairladythemusical.com/images.htm ) last week here in DC… it was like sold out every night. It was really good, but it threw my whole week off. If it’s coming to your area you should totally go because it’s really good. Anyway I’m sorry I’m late on this post because I’m constantly accused of carrying way too much crap in my purse. Okay so here goes.
    Coach Wristlet – because I went out this weekend…yes inside my regular purse because I was too lazy to take the stuff out and put it back in the regular purse.
    Orbit Raspberry mint
    Random Cash
    Debit card
    Metro Access card
    Freebie Vaseline Hand Lotion Sample
    Estee Lauder lip gloss berry
    Loreal colour juice in candy apple
    Random receipt
    Business cards for a couple men I met this weekend.
    zyrtec D
    Wallet containing many discount cards, corporate credit card, insurance cards etc.
    Mini purse sized Ellen Tracy perfume… which is/was my fave for daytime but they retired it 🙁
    Many random receipts, business cards, flyers for a sale, a party, and a brunch.
    Gift card to macaroni grill
    My digital camera
    coupon for the pet store (I need filters for my fish tank)
    Random Change
    Blistex silk and shine chapstick
    gum wrappers

    and that’s it…not too horrible, but I need to do better at managing the paper – receipts etc. The trick with me… I keep an emergency makeup bag in my desk at work and in my car… with some minor basics – a lot of times my non-favorite freebies from Gifts with purchase…but they are handy in a pinch, and then I don’t feel the need to tote everything in my purse.

  72. Tootsie says:

    I just cleaned out my purse, so:

    – 7 lbs in change
    – 36 plane ticket stubs (just got back from a trip, 3 planes, each way, 6 people)
    – blue plastic vampire teeth (I’m a mom)
    – Razor cell phone
    – wallet
    – keys
    – 2 dry cleaning tickets
    – 2 dry cleaning receipts
    – 1 tube Cover Girl Wetslicks lipgloss in Iced Berry
    – 1 tube Cover Girl Westlicks lipgloss in Wine Shine
    – 1 mirror compact
    – package of travel size kleenex
    – grocery store receipt
    – Rubik’s cube (did I mention I’m a mom?)
    – 3 movie ticket stubs

  73. Erin says:

    The MAC lychee luxe lipglass is heaven on you! I’ve just found your blog today and I LOVE it. I guess I should join the party. In my purse right now:

    Lotis clutch
    chanel sunglasses
    panty liners (just being honest)
    personal cell phone
    treo for work
    portable GPS
    small black sephora make-up bag containing:
    Chanel Glossimer in summer plum
    Mac plushglass in Ample Pink
    Bare Escentuals tapered blush brush
    Bare Esentuals soft focus glee cheek color
    finger nail clippers
    Marc Jacobs solid perfume

  74. Bambi says:

    The bigger the bag, the smaller you look. ;]

    I looked into mine, which hasn’t been used for a few days because I haven’t left the house, and I found a graphic tablet among other junk!

  75. Karen says:


    OMG – 7 lbs in CHANGE?!!? Girrrrrrl, it’s like your working out!

    For some reason, I really wish I had some blue plastic vampire teeth in my purse too.

    Where was your trip? Was it fun?

  76. Karen says:

    Hi Erin!

    Thank you for saying hi 🙂 It’s great to meet you.

    So, I’m kinda jealous of your personal GPS. I get lost so often it ain’t even cute.

    I have a serious Chanel Glossimer addiction! Do you have any faves that I need to check out? So far I have Galactic, Equinox and Myriad.

  77. Karen says:

    Hi Bambi,

    Wow, I take it’s a small graphic tablet? Do you use it for work?

  78. Bambi says:

    Yeah it’s small, I haven’t used it for years though so I have no idea how it ended up in there. haha.

  79. Karen says:

    Hey Bambi, I want a small one that I can lug around in my purse too (hey, you never know!). Mine is big and the pencil tip is wearing down, boo. Are you an artist?

  80. Bambi says:

    Ahh, I think mine is an a5 size, and I used to be, I mainly use it now to plan out makeup designs or hair styles.

  81. Karen says:

    Oh that’s cool! Speaking of hair, I gotta get my roots done, they are a HOT MESS, ugh!

    Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week so far! 🙂

  82. Susanne says:

    Ok, I can find:

    Nokia cellphone
    MAC Select Sheer/Pressed NW 20
    MAC Studio Touch Up Stick NW 20
    MAC Plushglass Wildly Lush
    MAC McQueen Lipglass White Magic (Love this one!)
    Escada Sunset Heat (Sample)
    nailfiles (two)
    sanitary towel
    Body Shop Lip butter
    “to do”-list
    “Fafi for MAC”-list


  83. Karen says:

    Hi Susanne,

    LOL, somewhere in my purse is a Fafi for MAC list too…

    And a girl’s gotta have her chocolate! Yum!

  84. holly says:

    This is what I usually carry….
    House Keys, Bus pass,Bike lock keys,Lip balm,teeny tiny pot sized concealer,chewing gum, my cell phone, ipod (before I lost it like a few days ago!!), and that is all, i can’t carry those big bags as I am extremely petite!

  85. holly1 says:

    i just scrolled up and read the previous posts, there is another holly on this blog (one that carries much more than I most likely will ever be able to), so from now on, I am holly1!

  86. Karen says:

    Hi Holly1,

    All Hollys are welcome here! It’s great to meet ya!

    I’m petite too – 5’1 without heels.

  87. Erin says:

    I just found your blog so this is very late, but I think this is so fun :).
    A computer screen cleaner with an accounting firm logo
    A mini expandable coupon holder
    A wallet
    A small box of tampons
    2 random coupons for a new store
    Savings Account Register (that I don’t actually fill out)
    Cucumber Melon PocketBac from BBW
    Receipts that I am throwing out while writing this 🙂
    Broken headphones
    Hair clip
    Empty tube of handcream from BBW
    Stud earrings
    Birth control
    Tide to go pen
    3 pens
    Burt’s Bees lip balm
    5 lipglosses
    Key-fob to get into work


  88. Priscilla says:

    Oh my…I have been reading these, and I am bewildered. I do a lot of traveling, and my “bag” reflects it. First thing–that bag…it’s a USMC “ditty” bag from my son, who knows of my sickness. Next,..I am bewildered because I see all of you say you carry too much stuffs in your purse. Are you ready for this??……

    Crayons and book MAKE UP BAG:
    old maid cards Clinique foundation
    regular cards Sephora Mini Box with
    mini Pictionary shadow, gloss, & blush
    dice Dior facial cleanser
    calendar Ulta green, brown and black
    various pens and highlighters eyeliner
    stationary Estee Lauder Lip liner in Mocha
    blank labels Essence shimmer powder
    2 plastic zip baggies Bare Minerals Loose Powder
    small recipe book Anastasia black mascara
    small journal Mary Kay two toned blush
    mini Bible Estee Lauder
    candle lipstick in Tiger Eye
    sewing kit Tarte lipstain (can’t read color)
    beading kit
    cheese-crackers-coffee pkts -tea bags- 2 Slim Jims-2 PB pkts (munchies??)
    hand sanitizer
    Epi-pen Tweezers, scissors, toothbrush
    Deluxe first aid kit—LOADED!!! and paste, dental picks/floss
    travel size hair spray–HATE fly away hair! Various hair do-dads in various
    book/book marker colors and styles
    Tide to go pen kabuki, blush, shadow, liner, and
    Kleenex foundation brush by Ulta
    wipes Eyebrow pencil-(A MUST!!)
    a few doggie biscuits Condoms, lube, tampons and
    muscle rub panty liners
    Xtra socks-black
    tape measure
    Mulit-tool ———————————————
    small pouch with random jewelery
    portable ashtray ” Heartsong”s by M.J. Stepanek
    2 lighters “Coming Home” -R Pilcher
    book light and flash light Mini fan
    flash drive and USB cord Pepper spray–(??–not sure why–
    camera can just beat them w/ my bag!!)
    cell phone 2 Walmart bag for garbage
    compass Sample pkt of baby formula &
    small towel and wash cloth Baby keys (can’t stand noisy kids)
    umbrella Wallet and cash!!!
    safety pins O2 key-(used to be EMT)
    zip ties 2 Eco-Shopping bags
    shoe polish
    glue X 2
    glasses, cleaner and repair kit If I have forgotten anything, I would be
    small spray bleach SHOCKED ….and – YES–it all fits
    nail polish and kit and YES–I can lift it!!!
    cold and flue meds
    rolled up change of clothes
    fold-able black ballet flats
    mp3 w/ x head phones

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