Three Sheers for the $59 Smashbox Style Files: Eyes, Lips and Cheeks!

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Smashbox Style Files

The three portable palettes in the Smashbox Style Files ($59) are totally easy to crack. What I mean to say is, there’s no 128-bit encryption or complex p@ssW07ds here. Just a batch of beauty bits (in shimmery neutrals to deep jewel tones) for eyes, lips and cheeks.


For my makeup today, I felt like something fun and fresh, but I didn’t want to think too hard.

Enter the Smashbox Style Files, a new limited edition Sephora exclusive set.

Smashbox Style Files box
The Smashbox Style Files box

Style Files Shadow

Smashbox Style Files eye shadow palette
Style Files Shadow palette

These colors aren’t as pigmented as I’d hoped and suffer from some pretty mean fallout, but I do like how easy they are to blend. In all, you get eight shadows in…

  • Shadow #1 (warm brown shimmer)
  • Shadow #2 (matte pinky peach)
  • Shadow #3 (midnight blue)
  • Shadow #4 (lilac shimmer)
  • Shadow #5 (champagne beige shimmer)
  • Shadow #6 (matte ivory)
  • Shadow #7 (matte light taupe)
  • Shadow #8 (pinky pearl shimmer)

Smashbox Style Files eye shadow palette
Style Files Shadow palette

Style Files Eye Liner

Smashbox Style Files eye liner palette
Style Files Eye Liner palette

Each of the cream liners double as bases for the shadows, so that’s pretty cool. And the pencil liners cling to my lash and water lines like true champs. With this set, you get four Cream Liners and two Limitless Eye Liners in…

  • Cream Liner #1 (golden beige shimmer)
  • Cream Liner #2 (warm brown)
  • Cream Liner #3 (gunmetal gray)
  • Cream Liner #4 (deep purple)
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx (black)
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Fig (chocolate brown sheen)

Smashbox Style Files eye liner palette
Style Files Eye Liner palette

Style Files Lip & Cheek

Smashbox Style Files lip cheek palette
Style Files Lip & Cheek palette

The lip and cheek palette comes with two Lip Glosses and two Cheek colors (my favorite things about the entire kit!). I LOVE how effortlessly these blushes melt into my skin. The non-sticky lippies, however, I could probably live without. Both unscented, unflavored colors look almost identical on my pigmented pucker.

  • Lip Gloss #1 (coral)
  • Lip Gloss #2 (nude champagne)
  • Cheek #1 (peachy pink)
  • Cheek #2 (suntan beige)

Smashbox Style Files lip cheek palette
Style Files Lip & Cheek palette

Swatches on NC35 Skin

Smashbox Style Files eye shadow palette swatches
Style Files Shadow swatches from the left: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8

Smashbox Style Files eye liner palette swatches
Style Files Eye Liner swatches from the left: Cream Liner #1, Cream Liner #2, Cream Liner #3, Cream Liner #4, Limitless Eye Liner Pencil in Onyx and Limitless Eye Liner Pencil in Fig

Smashbox Style Files lip cheek swatches
Style Files Lip & Cheek palette swatches from the left: Cheek #1, Cheek #2, creamy coral gloss and shimmery peach lipgloss

Smashbox Style Files swatches with the flash
Swatches with the flash

Smashbox Style Files swatches without the flash
Swatches without the flash

NOTE: The set also comes with an instructional booklet (called Get The Look; contains step-by-step instructions for five different looks, and two face charts to create your own) and a Photo Finish Lid Primer Packet (not shown).

Smashbox Style Files eye
Cream Liner #1 (on lid); Shadow #5 (on lid atop Cream Liner #1); Shadow #2 mixed with Shadow #6 (on brow bone); Limitless Eye Liner Pencil in Onyx (along lash and waterlines); Shadow #3 (along upper lash line); and Shadow #4 (along lower lash line)

Smashbox Style Files
Cheek #1 on cheeks and shimmery peach gloss on lips


If you’re a gal who likes the natural look (makeup that doesn’t scream, “LOOK AT ME!”), take a peek into these Style Files on your next trip to Sephora.

PRICE: $59 (called a $175 value)
AVAILABILITY: Exclusive to Sephora stores and

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. This is sort of cheating, but TGIF! πŸ™‚ (It just hit midnight on the East Coast.)


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  1. Solangel says:

    Ooooh me gusta!

  2. the cream liners look gorgeous! especially the purple and the metallic grey one.
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … The Lap of LUUUXury

  3. Tracy says:

    You know, I used to only use Smashbox Cream liners, but then I just sort of stopped. Those swatches are making me miss them now!
    Tracy recently posted … Micelle Cleansers Are Fantastiques!

  4. AnieJ says:

    Oh wow, I think I might really need this one! So many new things to try….drool

  5. I really like this. Smashbox has some savvy marketing people on their team. I love small, compact, cute, stylish and fashion forward. This is awesome. πŸ˜‰
    Michelle Cameau recently posted … Photoshoot- Product Reviews

  6. gio says:

    The cream eyeliners are beautiful! Love the packaging too, it’s so pretty!
    gio recently posted … New Collection- Make Up For Ever Tres Vichy Spring 2011

  7. Fieran says:

    Ahhhh, the Cream Liners are beautiful πŸ™‚ I hope to find that palette someday.

  8. Advah says:

    That purple liner looks gorgeous on you! It really makes your eyes pop!

    And yes, TFIF! Although we still have to get ourselves through the day..

    • Karen says:

      GURL, please tell me you do the bright pop of color along the lower lash line trick. It works fabulously with purples, greens, blues and golds!

      Watcha got planned for the weekend? I think we’re going to dinner tonight…

      • Advah says:

        Nooo I don’t! I have dark thick brows and lashes so I’m always scared of lining the lower lash line (apart from the water line).

        So, this weekend I shall experiment with that. πŸ˜› (and prepare for interviewing some conceptual artist next week eek!)

  9. Tessa says:

    Those cream liners look great, but won’t they dry out in like a week?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tessa,

      I’ve used them before, and the dry out’s not any worse then what you’d get with a MAC Paint Pot or a Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow over time. I try to keep it to a minimum by storing the cream shadows in a cool, dry place. That seems to help!

  10. I love the whole concept behind Smashbox. We have a similar thing here in the UK called Front Cover where you can recreate the make-up looks on the box with the contents inside!

    Really innovative – I’m sure they’ll sell well.

  11. Kim says:

    I love the boxes, oh, and Cream Liner #3. πŸ™‚ I’m not so crazy about the mad fallout, though. Especially with the darker colors. It’s so funny to see green (grass/trees) through your windows in the background. As you can imagine, everything is white here. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      It’s been unseasonably dry and warm here lately. No sunshine outside my window today, though — it’s mad foggy!

      So, whatcha got lined up for the weekend? I really need to chill and keep it low key so I think we’re going to the city for dinner… maybe throw in a movie into the mix, too! I’ve been wanting to watch Blue Valentine and The King’s Speech.

      Happy Friday!

      • Kim says:

        Happy Friday (on Monday!). We had the usual weekend of lots of hockey and when we weren’t playing (the boys and 5 of their team actually played with my Sat night group, which was fun), we were watching the NHL All Star weekend festivities on TV. πŸ™‚

        My friend saw King’s Speech last week and liked it a lot. Did you end up seeing it?

  12. Nina says:

    that so tempting! πŸ™‚

    ps – cute hat! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Happy Friday, Nina!

      Hmm, you collect Smashbox blushes, right? This might be an excuse to add to your stash AND stock up on some other eye/lip goodies, LOL!

      • Nina says:

        why yes i do (ssshhhh!!!)

        im srsly thinking of grabbing those 2 sets …. i also have a smashbox cream liner palette somewhere that i love. it just somehow got buried in other stuff. ill try and find it later!


  13. Fefe says:

    o0o la la. Me likey… but I don’t think I’ll be investing in these. It gets to a point where I gotta say “Do I really need MORE make-up?” Lol.
    Fefe recently posted … Photography- Attempt Numero Uno

  14. nujee says:

    I love the cream liners along with the 2 pencils…I think there should be more lip color choices…looks good overall though!

    • Karen says:

      Yeah… or at least glosses that are more pigmented! I’m relieved that they put them in portable tubes though. I don’t really want to haul a lipgloss kit and brush with me, ya know?

  15. Rachael says:

    Love you hat, where did you find it?

  16. Vicki says:

    I just bought a Smashbox palette from QVC which has something like 64 eyeshadows, about 8 glosses, 5 or so blushers and highlighters, about 8 of the cream eyeliners and about 8 brow colours, as well as some brushes. I had never tried their products before but i am really impressed so far, especially with the eye shadows which are lovely and soft, and the eyeliners which really stay put.

    I also have sensitive eyes and the eye make up doesn’t seem to affect them. I would buy Smashbox again.

  17. Liz! says:

    I’m loving those eyeliners, they’re gorgeous!

  18. Vanessa says:

    How pretty, I love the top! Where’s it from? I’m going crazy looking for good off-the-shoulder tops.

    Happy Friday!
    Vanessa recently posted … Friday Randoms

  19. stacie says:

    I’m a bit underwhelmed by the look of the set. Is it designed for people who don’t own any make up do you think?
    stacie recently posted … Cath Kidston Inspired Vintage Nails

  20. Kana says:

    WoWwie! Hehe, I am leaning more on the lip n cheeks set. I have two blushes and that’s about it. I would like to add a little bit more to my collection. I am gonna definitely get the Clinique one you reviewed earlier. :] I hope i can find this at my Sephora. The only Sephora close to me is the one inside our Jc Penny, and they aren’t very well stocked. Ahhhh, the temptations, hehe. I think i will be making a list for my Vday pressies. πŸ˜›

  21. Meghan says:

    I don’t own any smashbox items and I was wondering what your top 5 picks are.. so maybe I can try them out Thanks Karen!
    Meghan recently posted … MAC eyeshadow dupes-NYX

  22. Newsha says:

    My heart may have skipped a beat when I saw that nude lipgloss. I just checked Sephora and Smashbox doesn’t have that color for sale individually. Any suggestions for dupes??? I must have that color, but I can’t afford dropping $59 for the whole set.

  23. Nadia says:

    I just saw this yesterday afternoon and oooh yeah, it looked real good. Definitely succumbing to it now that I’ve read your review. The colours look awesome! Pity the shadows fallout – oh well, they’re still some pretty looking colours.

  24. tasha says:

    Aaarrgghhh…. I want this palette… Karen why did u do this to me!!!!! Lol

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