The New Nuance Salma Hayek Makeup, Skin and Hair Care Line: Available Now Exclusively at CVS/pharmacy Stores

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Do you remember when Salma Hayek guest starred on a few episodes of 30 Rock a couple seasons ago? She played a caregiver to Jack’s ailing mom, but she and Jack quickly embarked upon a forbidden romance. Forbidden in the “love not meant to be” comedic vein.


Hilarious! Truth be told, as much as I’ve liked Salma, I didn’t see us having much in common. I mean, the woman’s an international sex symbol/movie star, and I spend many days in stretchy pants, and many nights watching TV with my cat.

But then I heard about Salma’s new line of beauty products sold exclusively at CVS/pharmacy stores, and thought, isn’t it great how beauty can bring people together? — sometimes, at the drugstore.

Maybe Salma and I do have a few things in common…

Salma says that her grandma’s homemade beauty recipes, which combined exotic ingredients, inspired her to create the new line. In a weird coincidence, my grandma’s stint as a cosmetology student in the ’80s inspired the awful perm I rocked in kindergarten.

The products are carried at CVS/pharmacy stores, but you can also check ’em out and purchase them online. The items range from $7.99 – $19.99 each.

Salma’s products, which are all paraben free, weren’t tested on animals. In another weird coincidence, I live with an international kitty supermodel/cat diva who loves cruelty-free lines.

Salma’s Beautiful Blends Eyeshadow Quad looks like an H. R. Giger alien egg. In another weird coincidence, I’ve watched Alien more than a dozen times.

Beautiful Blends Eye Quad in Neutral

Maybe that last one’s a stretch, but you have to admit, it does look a little like one of those things the crew of the Nostromo found on LV-426.

The funky alien egg quad (I’m fairly sure it’s supposed to resemble a flower bulb and petals), is one of six new Nuance products for face, hair and body that I played with in my room last night after Day 1 here at BlogHer.

A few thoughts on the products…

Rose Petal Hydrating Balm ($7.29) — This multitasking balm contains moisturizing evening primrose oil and shea butter, and it reminds me of a souped-up, drugstore version of Rosebud Salve. It’s designed to soothe and moisturize dry spots like lips, elbows and cuticles. Last night before bed I put some on my lips and cuticles could smell and taste the light rose scent as I drifted off to sleep… When I woke up this morning, both areas felt about a million times softer and better. LOVE this so far.

Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil ($12.99) — Here, jojoba, coconut and passion fruit oils work together in a spray-on body moisturizer to smooth and soothe skin. I applied the lightly coconut scented oil onto my skin last night after my shower; it absorbed quickly and didn’t leave a greasy film.

Nuance Beautiful Blends Eye Quad in Neutral ($8.49) — It’s not the most portable packaging I’ve ever seen, but I like the fine, silky texture of the eyeshadow powders. Ladies who love natural looks when it comes to their eyesahdow might like these sheer, subtle pigments.

Flawless Mineral Cheek trio in Mauve 300 ($12.99) — The powders in this blush trio, like the powders in the eyeshadow quad, feel like spun silk, and they aren’t chintzy on the pigments, either.

Full Effect Ultra- Volumizing Mascara ($9.79) — This is probably my least favorite of the items I’ve tried… A single stroke is supposed to leave you with lavish, long lashes, but my fringe still looked pretty wimpy after I applied a layer.

Quinoa Smooth & Shine Conditioner ($7.99) — I didn’t want to risk using this one until I made it back home to the Bay, but it contains quinoa seed extract, wheat proteins and olive oil to supposedly condition, repair and amplify shine. I hope it works as well as it smells because I like the lemon scent and the plant extracts and oils up high on the ingredient list.

Nuance Salma and Tabs

Additional product pictures

Speaking of new obsessions

It’s official: I am bat sh*t crazy for Pinkberry froyo. After I had it for the first time at the airport on Thursday, I felt just so-so about it, but then I had it again after dinner last night, and that’s the one that did it.

You know me… I have a tendency to obsess. πŸ™‚


They have this salted caramel flavor that is TO DIE FOR.

Sorry, I’ll stop.

(Have you ever had Pinkberry?)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Barbara says:

    This makeup looks beautiful! And yes I’m obsessed with Pinkberry too!! LOVE it. My favorite’s still the original, but my husband’s loving the new salted caramel. πŸ™‚

  2. Aparnaa says:

    I might try the makeup when it comes by my local CVS!

    My roommate taught me the following – chocolate and salted caramel swirl. With heath bar, mangoes, and banana. AMAZING.

  3. Christina says:

    Omg… I need to go to CVS soon! That Rose Petal Hydrating Balm sounds amazing and I’ve always had a thing for the word “nuance.” CVS is within walking distance from my apartment (as well as a Sprinkles cupcakes store…) so I definitely must check this new line out! πŸ˜€

    And omg…. salted caramel frozen yogurt from Pinkberry?! I haven’t been to Pinkberry since last summer because the closest one from my place is at the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego XP I love Downtown and all but I always manage to get lost on those one way streets! XD

  4. Ninjagato says:

    DANG IT!! there are no CVS’s in my area. I would buy that quad just for the packaging.
    Ninjagato recently posted … 63/365 Days of Makeup

  5. Chris25 says:

    Salma Hayek is one of my fave actors and beauty icons. I would buy her products even if I wasn’t intrigued by the alien pod packaging (btw, it is kind of unique and interesting. At least it’s not another regular flat palette).

    I’ve never had Pinkberry, but all this talk about it is making me want to try it!

  6. VictoriaJane says:

    I’m a fool for cvs when it comes for stopping by to pick up a little something to treat myself when it’s been a rough day/week/whatever. That rose balm looks like just the thing πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I do the same thing. When I worked in the legal field a few years ago it seemed like I was always having bad days; the drugstore makeup section was like my home away from home.

      What are your current drugstore faves?

  7. Crystal says:

    Pinkberry sounds fantastic!
    Crystal recently posted … Nars: Some Fall 2011 Picks and The New Eyeliner!

  8. Jones says:

    Oooh, I want to try that balm. Too bad the drugstores around here never have new stuff anytime near its release date.

    I like Pinkberry! I don’t know of one near me, but I tried it while visiting a friend in Boston and it was great.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jones,

      Hopfully your nearby store will have the line available soon. πŸ™‚

      I don’t live anywhere near a Pinkberry and have a feeling I’m gonna be suffering some serious withdrawal when I go home. Do you remember what flavor you got?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jones,

      Hopefully your nearby CVS will have the line on shelves soon!

      Re: Pinkberry. Do you remember the flavor you got? I’v been getting a 50/50 mix of original and salted caramel. So good!

  9. Jones says:

    Oooh, that sounds good. Is the salted caramel flavour new? I don’t remember that being on the menu when I went (it’s been a few months ago now), otherwise I’d have gone for that. I think I got half original & half chocolate with strawberry pieces :9

    Do you have Publix grocery stores where you are? They have a salted caramel ice cream that is soooo good.

  10. Omg Pinkberry is awesome! I walked 20 blocks last summer to get to the one in the Village.

  11. Nora says:

    Just wanted to let you know I adored your writing style on this one (plus, I’m excited to try some of these new products). I even read some of your comparisons to my boyfriend…*and he laughed*. Well done!

  12. Katherine says:

    Lovely colors! I find that egg, pod like packaging a bit offputting. I’m sure I would break it quickly. I’ll try the others though πŸ™‚

  13. Tracy says:

    I want to try that salted caramel yogurt so badly now! It sounds delish!
    Tracy recently posted … Cartoon Saturdays: EOTD Eduardo From Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends!

  14. Jessica says:

    Adorable! I love the egg! Never had Pinkberry but have always wanted to try it…

    X, J

  15. mn says:

    Spotted this at my CVS this week… actually they had the skin care in the front of the store & it was a couple of days until I came accross the makeup at the back of the store.
    Just heard about PinkBerry a couple of wks ago- I’m going to hold off on trying it though, don’t need to get hooked on another yummy thing πŸ™‚ everyone raves about the salted caramel though

  16. Adrienne says:

    I am always happy to see unique packaging ideas, but I think if they wanted to give it a flower bulb resemblance they ought to have gone a little less harsh-clean-modern and had a softer shape and more delicate look, and maybe like 5 petals (one with applicators perhaps?). Still I like the risk πŸ™‚ . I’m most interested in tryin out that blush and salve!

  17. steph b says:

    I had Pinkberry salted caramel today too. One opened a few blocks away from me. This could be very dangerous and delicious.

  18. Krista says:

    I just might sell my soul for that gorgeous blush trio!

  19. Ruchita says:

    The body oil caught my eye. I have used Neutrogena body oil before, so I think I would like this one.

    I don’t think there’s a Pinkberry in my area, but there is a local ice cream store called Jeni’s that has a salted caramel ice cream that’s really good.

  20. Amanda says:

    OMG! I love your blog, but I’ve never commented before…

    …until you said ‘bat sh*t crazy’!

    Hahaha! I laughed so hard. That is one of my favorite expressions in the entire English language. I think that’s what I love about your blog above all the rest…there’s always comic relief! Keep up the good work. πŸ˜€

  21. steph b says:

    I had the salted caramel today too. Love it paired with the watermelon. A Pinkberry just opened a few blocks away. This is going to be dangerous.

  22. I loved watching Salma Hayek in 30 Rock…she was hilarious!! And in Ugly Betty too!!

    But alas, the eyeshadow quad looks really scary and unfeminine which is very surprising to me…though the quinoa haer product does look interesting….

  23. mkdallas says:

    OK, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I bought 2 of the Nuance lipsticks and I was disappointed in both. Although the formula was ok for a higher-end drugstore product in terms of pigmentation and wear time, the color selection is terrible. There’s only one nude shade (full of shimmer), one overly-bright coral that just screamed “Grandma mouth!” and then the rest are REALLY dark, like from deep terra-cotta on down to brown. I had a sad that I had wasted $20, because the lipstick tube bottoms with the color display were just not that accurate, in my opinion.

    • mn says:

      I was also a bit disapointed in the lipsticks- I really liked the one she is wearing on the display pictures (looks to be plummy/purply) but the only one that came the closest was a pinkish one that when applied comes off as fushia. I get very annoyed when they show a color in the display ads that do not actually match their product (grr).

  24. m says:

    why does your blog always make me hungry?! lol yes, pinkberry rules πŸ™‚ I usually get a 50/50 mix of salted caramel & chocolate. You should try it, nothing goes together better than chocolate & caramel!

  25. KAREN says:

    Funny you mention Miss Salma- i was opening up my Sunday CVS paper only to find a buy 1 get one 50% off.. So off to CVS I go! If she looks that good in her 40s and claims that she has not done any kind of work, not even botox, then I guess her abuelita (grandma is spanish) must’ve been using some good stuff!!!

  26. Nina says:

    anything salted caramel IS to die for! there’s a local gelato brand here that sells pints of salted caramel gelato at whole paycheck. love it!

    i actually bought the body oil last Friday. i needed a pick me up and it was there, staring at me. im liking it so far!

  27. Soos says:

    The only pinkberry on the island is at the airport! I can’t wait to see Nuance in my CVS stores!
    Soos recently posted … I’m on a Mission

  28. Rachel R. says:

    The skincare line in this brand is AMAZING! The exfoliating cream leaves your skin so smooth and its not an overly rough product either. The skin serum is great too. I also bought the lip balm you were talking about and have been using it for about a week now. I am obsessed! My lips have never felt so smooth.

  29. Elle says:

    Ugh, I’m dying to try some of her products – can’t wait to get the rose balm and the shampoo πŸ™‚

    And WORD to everyone who was talking about how the drugstore makeup aisles are your havens away from work. That’s totally how it was for me too, and whenever I go to a drugstore beauty aisle I think about the days of perusing them with my old co-worker and b!tching about our jobs.

  30. Chelsea says:

    Bummed- living in rural (super rural) USA, the nearest CVS is 2 hrs away and there’s no Pinkberry in sight. =(

  31. kiwikiwidragon says:

    Help!! How the heck did you get the lid off the Rose Hydrating Balm? I am about to take a pick axe to it!! CVS has all her stuff BOGO 50% off this week. Its a bummer that its made in Taiwan. The balm was the only item I felt like hauling

  32. EsteeDarla says:

    I got 7 items of whats left and was very happy with it, I got 2 different shampoos and 2 different conditioners, 3 skin care products, so far I only had a chance to use the stuff since Monday and I am already loving it. Everything sold out so fast I didn’t get a chance to have a big choice of things but I went prepared to buy one of each of everything in the collection to try out and of coarse want to see if this will be things I will pass out for Holiday gifts so I was ready .Hopefully CBS gets more stock soon.I have thin life less hair,I’m 43 yrs old so i started using the volumizing shampoo and conditioner and so far I’m happy with it and have to also add the PRICE is great affordable .
    EsteeDarla recently posted … Maybelline Pop Stick Lipstick 120 Citrus Slice limited Edition

  33. Justina says:

    You’ve made me so hungry with that froyo picture! It’s midnight where I am, where will I get my fix?? Have you had Red Mango? It doesn’t have a salted caramel flavor, but I personally like it more than Pinkberry.

    Also, the cheek trio looks so pretty! I’ll have to make my way over to CVS soon and spend money I don’t have :\

  34. Chelsea says:

    Ok….I work as a RN for at least 12 hrs. and trying to find hair products that keep your hair looking great that long under a lot of stress is next to impossible, but I am using the shampoo, conditioner, and serum and it still looks great 12 hours later. I also picked up the moisture tint, shadow, liner, and mascara and it too held up….I have been using Chanel and Lancome and I can’t believe this beats it. Not to mention the cost….its a win/win in my book….I am no longer a skeptic, I am glad my co-workers turned me onto it, and I picked up the same stuff for my daughter in college who loves it too!!!!

  35. Venus says:

    Hi there!! Just saw the line on Racheal Ray… Looks awesome! My question is if you had tried the eye roller yet? I’m debating whether to buy the clinique one or try this one?? It’s cheaper in price :)…

  36. Kelly gold says:

    I’ve been to three CVS’s and they only had a few hair products. That’s it. None of her make up or skin care line!!!!!

  37. Yvette says:

    I just started using the retinol product and so far so good. I’ve already seen some improvement at an early stage so this is promising. I also want to commend Salma’s line for being free of animal testing which is a big deal for me!

  38. Beth says:

    Wow!! I just picked up a few new products @ CVS…. I LOVE the rose petal hydrating balm but I DID have a he** of a time yanking that little lid off!! It actually “dethreaded” it & now it won’t close tightly. Besides that, I LOVE the way it softens my lips & cuticles. The other product I purchased was the oxygenating face wash-AMAZING!!! The eye shadow pod is strange but the colors are GORGEOUS & are very pigmented. Looking 4wrd to trying more skin care & body products.

  39. LADY LOPEZ says:

    I have bought just about all the products of Salma Hayek. AM/PM Cream, Shampoo, Conditioner, Frizz Serum, Body Spray,Body Lotion, Body Wash, Foam Face Wash, Hair Spray, Make Up, Compact Foundation, Compact Blush, Eye Shadows(stick and powder), Eye Brow Kit, Eye Brow Pencil, Eye Liner, Both Mascaras. All I need is the hydrating lotions… What I can’t seem to find is the Trio for the Lipstick. I only found the Garnet. I loved that! I have tried a lot of different makeups. But this is the best, especially for Latinas. Everything is so good to the skin, from aroma to texture. I really, really recommend this. I LOVE ALL PRODUCTS, and I approve this message. πŸ˜‰ Muah!!! TO SALMA HAYEK!! GREAT WORK!

  40. beverly says:

    Love this but never used it til I received the free CVS register coupon for the am/ pm super cream. Now I am seeing rave reviews everywhere. Can’t wait to try more Nuance products.

  41. Tamah says:

    I saw Selma on the TV talk showa this morning promoting her new movie. I didn’t know she had a skin care line so I ran across this blog and read the past comments. Off to my local CVS store for a bit of “therapy” shopping. How lucky am I that it was buy one and get one 50% off! So, I found the rose petal lip balm. Love it. I’m licking my lips now. I bought the Day moisturizing cream as well as the night cream. Body lotion,facial cream cleanser, facial scrub, body oil and face wash. I can’t wait to continue my ‘beauty’ night! Run don’t walk to your local CVS!

  42. lauri says:

    I purchased the eye liner which is creamy and wonderful, except that it is supposed to twist to expose more liner as the pencil is used, and it will not work…it twists, but he liner does not move out to the tip πŸ™ Very unhappy, as it cost a pretty penny.

  43. Robin says:

    Is there a reason why CVS does not sell her mineral cheek trio anymore? I cannot locate it anywhere & I would love to purchase it! HELP!!!!!

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