Stila Goes for the Glitter with Their Family of Jewels

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The plum, black, rose and bronze of Stila’s new Jewel Eye Shadow Palette ($32) and Lip Glaze Trio ($32) gave me a serious talking to this week.


They said, “Karen, please give us a chance. I know our shades seem a little heavy for a spring release, but we sparkle like jewels in the light! I promise we’re more airy and whimsical than we seem.”

Goodness, the Stila babes sure were generous with the sparkle in both of these babies. I’m talking glitter and LOTS of it. Without it, I think Jewels might’ve seemed out of place (a little dark/rich) for the season.

Luckily, I’ve been a fiend for shimmer lately! It’s totally my thing. πŸ™‚

The Jewel Eye Shadow palette packs four glitter-licious powder eyeshadows with a soft, creamy texture. They’re a little like Urban Decay’s Stardust eyeshadows but don’t stick quite as well to my skin.

And then there’s the light fallout… I start to notice it after about three hours of wear — just a light drizzling of very fine glitter on my cheeks and chin. Not a huge deal if you don’t mind a little sparkle on your face, but it does somewhat limit their flexibility as daytime/work shades. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B-

I think I had better luck with the hydrating Lip Glaze Trio. They’re hella smoove (no grittiness, yay!) — always a plus when it comes to glittery glosses.

I also like the sheerness of the pigmentation, which I think makes them incredibly easy to apply.

NOTE: If you plan to wear one of these to a meal, learn from my mistake, and remove it completely before you chow down. I wore Golden Topaz (the shimmery bronze) to lunch the other day, wiping my lips with my napkin between bites, and by the end of the meal I had glitter all over the bottom half of my face! πŸ™‚ RuPaul would have been proud. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette swatches from left to right: Golden Topaz, Amethyst, Black Diamond, Rose Quartz

Stila Jewel Lip Glaze Trio swatches: Amethyst, Pink Diamond, Golden Topaz

Have you been playing with either of these jewels yet? If you have, what did you think?

Gimme, gimme shoes!

Ever since I brought home that pair of olive green heels last week I’ve been playing “fill the online cart with shoes and then walk away from the keyboard” with renewed enthusiasm. πŸ™‚

I’m thinking about these cutaway booties at Anthropologie…


They’re not my usual style, but there’s just something about ’em.

What do you think? Do they pass or fail?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. ezzie says:

    that pink pair with the flower on the ankle is TOO CUTEE!

  2. Katie & Zena says:

    Hm, I’ll pass. I’m glittered out. They’re also a tad dark for my skintone.

    Hm, cutaway booties…not feeling them. Then again, there’s a blizzard going on outside my window so I’m not feeling anything cutaway. I’m not a cutaway person really. Peep toe is okay. Sandals are okay. Cutaway booties? Not so much.

    Zena says, “Rescue me, Karen, rescue me!!! Me no likey the snooooooooooooooooooow!”

    • Karen says:

      Aww, poor Zena! Is she wearing a sweater today? I hope so!

      • Katie & Zena says:

        Well, allow me to explain exactly how she lived her day concerning the Great Outdoors. She adamantly refused to go outside until 6 PM when Dad finally shoveled a “driveway” and a little square in the yard, so she was pretty toasty inside. When she did venture outside, she wore her new jacket….and got snow ALL OVER my bed the first time she came in.

        I was not amused when I found her on my bed with her snow covered red jacket with her toy in her mouth, I tell you. The coat got ripped off and there was much swearing while taking said jacket downstairs by my fingertips. The coat was so wet and snowy all over as said dog decided to go hopping through the the foot high snow to sniff out the very, VERY back of the yard. And there she was on my bed MOCKING me by giving me this, “Sweater, please?????” look. Oh no, Queeny Zena did not get a sweater. No, she came down and got snorgles with MOM.

        Do you see what I put up with? Does that sound right to you? I don’t think so. It’s supposed to be, “Say sorry to Katie AND THEN you can get pets or snorgle with Mommy.” Not “snub Katie and snorgle with Mommy.” I think she needs a reality check. She did get her jacket each time she came out after that, but it came right off when she came in.

  3. Lisa S. says:

    I think the shadows in small doses mixed with other more “tame” colors might work. Love, Love, Love the lip glazes.
    For the shoes, I’m diggin’ the pink pair with the flower and the brown pair just below.

    • Karen says:

      I like both of those too. Imagine the tan you’d get with the brown pair, LOL!

      How was your Tuesday?

      • Lisa S. says:

        It was cool, but long. I finally made it in about a quarter til 9 last night.
        Of course the poopays (dogs) mobbed me and DH. All begging for mommy and daddy time. Didn’t get to see “Lost” last night, but I have the DVR recording it, so tonight it’s just me and some quality time with “Lost” and the two “Chucks” I need to watch. Hubster will just have to find something else to do!

  4. Marce says:

    I’m not a fan of the shoes but I am digging the shadows…so pretty! The glazes are nothings special, but I am a lipgloss addict so I’d probably give in if that were possible, LOL
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… Tutorial – Dark, Smoky Black Eyes =-.

  5. I love peep toe booties. The first pair of shoes are gorgeous. I’ve just bought the stila eye palette but haven’t tried it out yet. The colors look so pretty, but now I’m worried about glitter all over my face!
    .-= scarlettholly’s last blog post… Nails of the Week: China Glaze For Audrey =-.

    • Karen says:

      Maybe take it for a test drive around the house first? That way you can monitor the glitter… hopefully you won’t have the same fallout issues I did.

  6. Glosslizard says:

    I’m somewhat amused by peep-toe boots/booties, they seem contradictory to me. Maybe that’s why they’re cool! I do really like the pink pair (being an utter sucker for shoes with flowers on them)!

    I checked out the Stila line the other day, and it failed to grab me. Went looking for the UD Stardust shadows, but the Sephora nearest my house didn’t have them yet. I am, however, really in love with the new Benefit shadows for spring!

  7. Rae says:

    I’ve never been a fan of cutaway boots (why would I wear boots if they have holes in them? LOL) but I do like the look of those lip glazes! The palette isn’t calling to me at ALL, unfortunately, but that lip glaze trio… oooh!
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… The Alice Palette — swatches and descriptions =-.

  8. Summer Staff says:

    Everyone says they love Stila’s gloss, but it’s so thick and heavy I hate it! Same with Mac Lipglass, Nars…pretty much all of them. I actually like that palette, but I wouldnt combine any of them… I wouldn’t use the black or the pink, either. I loved Stila, for their convertible colors and lip stains, but now everything is just not exciting, or a good product. I went out and bought that Diamond Mascara, it stinks. It just tints my lashes practically with no length or volume. πŸ™ LOVE THOSE SHOES! They are adorable! THey can add some cutness to a boring outfit. I love Anthropologie, I wish I owned everything they sold (even the bedding and shower curtains!)

    • Karen says:

      Hey Summer Staff, Have you tried Tarte’s lipglosses? They’re light on the lips, are moisturizing and have pretty good color!

      Oh, and speaking of Anthropologie, can I just live in that store? LOL!

  9. mmm I’m not crazy about the palette, but the lip glaze in Amethyst is gorgeous
    .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… Intense Night Lip Therapy with La Roche-Posay =-.

  10. Celine says:

    I just received my Jewel Eye Palette today from the UPS man! The colors are really pretty and the fallout isn’t immediately apparent, but we’ll see in a few hours. Although my whole forearm is all glittery if that says anything…
    .-= Celine’s last blog post… maravi: I can’t play my new video game till I finish this work *cries* =-.

  11. melissa says:

    i love the shoes!! i would have to wait until it’s not rainy anymore to wear them though πŸ™‚

  12. marisol says:

    Those Stila goodies are gorgeous!
    .-= marisol’s last blog post… Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang =-.

  13. angie says:

    amethyst lipglaze looks stunning! this is the most interesting collection stila has released in years

  14. Devs says:

    I really like the colors and pigmentation, but to fallout is kind of a turn off. I really like the shoes on the right hand side of the first row. They remind of of a style I want to master,but never really have had the courage to.

  15. Vanessa H says:

    The brown lace up! If I were you, I’d be buying killer heels left and right! I’m 5’8 and feel odd when I wear 4 inchers πŸ™
    .-= Vanessa H’s last blog post… 1,000 Hits! =-.

  16. Christy says:

    I’m really liking the palette and the pink ankle booties with the rose on them. πŸ˜‰
    .-= Christy’s last blog post… FOTD: MAC Love Lace Warmed Up with By Candlelight & Treasured =-.

  17. Karen B says:

    I LOVE that blue pair! Cannot wait for spring right now. It just snowed again πŸ™
    Wow, those glosses pack some serious glitter. Don’t think it’ll be my cup of tea.
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… JohanssonÒ€ℒs Handbag =-.

  18. Instant Karma (formerly L) says:

    I like the cut out booties!

    Also, speaking of RuPaul, RuPaul’s Drag Race is an amazingly hilarious (and oddly touching and addicting) TV show.

  19. diane says:

    Wow, the Stila stuff is fab!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… Amazing rings! and 2 more blog awards πŸ˜€ =-.

  20. auroragyps says:

    Never mind the shoes, I want those cute floral tights. Alas, I can almost guarantee they do not come in a size big enough for me, because most of the cute tights never do.

    I love the glitter in the Stila stuff, but it scares me. I scratched up my corneas something awful when I was a kid, while playing with my mom’s makeup, so I tend to steer away from glitter on the face. Their new mascaras, the ones with the crushed diamonds, scare the heck out of me. The hardest mineral on Earth should not be put in eye products.

  21. Pinch says:

    Those eyeshadows look so tiny! I never really got Stila. Are they any good?
    .-= Pinch’s last blog post… MAC Pret a Papier Collection =-.

  22. Frances says:

    I really like the colors of this collection, but the glitter . . . not so much.

  23. mkdallas says:

    Waaay too much glitter for me, but I’m a lady of “a certain age” and started to feel weird about wearing anything with alot of shimmer when I hit 45. What does Tabs think about the Stila?

  24. NINA says:

    I love Stila with a passion that is only rivalled by my love for MAC … but this collection … I might pass on. They are a bit too glittery for my liking (and I love glitter …) and while the colors are nice, the glitter scares me (did I just say that? LOL).

    So maybe a pass …. but those shoes are pure LOVE. I cant pick just one because they are all so cute and would work with cargo capris (I was @ the Gap over the weekend and am loving their cargos) … or a skirt … or shorts — practically anything that will show off their cuteness. I love Anthropologie!

  25. Tamara says:

    The eyeshadows are gorgeous—just small! They are dime-sized which is the only reason I passed on them, other than that I would have gotten them. I don’t mind the glitter at all since I’m an official glitter princess…thanks for the great review

  26. Emma says:

    i love the pair below the pink one!!!! SO cute with a sundress, right?

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