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Product: GiGi Sugar Bare Microwave Formula
Use: As a hair remover for legs, bikini, face and underarms.
Price: $9.99 for a 12oz jar.
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: D

In order to save a few bucks in my ongoing war against excess body hair I started doing at-home waxing – legs, bikini area and lip. I’ve gotten pretty good with these areas, although I will admit to being totally inept at waxing my armpits (it might have to do with me being *extremely ticklish*). I also can’t wax my brows because I have an irrational fear of hot wax falling into my eye and melting off my cornea. Yeah, yeah … I know I can just close my eyes but STILL.

I’ve used several different waxes and I always like to try new ones, so I was really stoked to find Gigi Sugar Bare Microwave Formula on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. Because sugar waxes are sugar-based they wash off easily with water, so they’re great for beginning at-home waxers.


The first thing I noticed about this product was the groovy handle on the side of the jar. It allows you to easily take the jar out of the microwave. It’s such a small thing, but it makes it easier to get that hot jar out of the microwave. The second thing I noticed was the ingredient list, which contained only one ingredient: Hydrolyzed Corn Starch. Hmmm. So much for the “sugar” part of this wax.

Trust me people – I could wax the shizz out of my shins in a dark room during a major earthquake and still get legs smoother than a baby’s butt. I know what I’m doing. But unfortunately, that knowledge was tested when I tried waxing my lower legs with GiGi Sugar Bare.

I didn’t make it farther than one quarter of my left shin because GiGi Sugar wasn’t baring anything!


Ideally, when you lift off the muslin or cloth strip (rrrrrrrrrrrip!) your legs are left clean without any hairs or residual wax sticking to them. The product removed only 50% of the hair and left huge clumps of wax on my legs. As I sit here typing this, I’m still peeling huge chunks of wax off!

I even tried several different methods to try and make this product work. I’d put a thin layer of wax on, lay down a muslin strip, rub in the direction of the hair, waited and then rrrrrripped. Still only half the hairs removed. Then I’d put a thicker layer on, do the same drill … and I’d still get the same result of half-assed hair removal.

I went back to Sally Beauty Supply today to return this wax. They let me return it without any drama (of course I had my receipt.) I will not be buying this wax again.

The only thing that really saves this wax from an F is the nice handle that allows you to pull it out of the microwave easily when it’s hot. Plus it’s easy to find – I’ve seen it at almost every beauty supply store in Marin County, including Sally Beauty Supply and Pure Beauty. You get a lot of wax in the jar for the money.

No smell – I’m used to Parissa waxes, which have nice scents like lavender and honey. The wax only grabbed half of my leg hair and completely refused to grab onto any of the shorter, coarse hairs. Left huge clumps of residual wax on my legs. If you are waxing at home for the first time you may be extremely frustrated by this product.


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  1. megs says:

    what other drugstore waxes have you tried, and which are your favourites?

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Megs,

    I really like Parissa Hard Wax for body hair (legs and bikini line) and Sally Hansen Wax strips for the upper lip area. 🙂 Both are great and you can get them at the drug store!

  3. nikke says:

    i am used to using: Moujan 2000 Cold and Hot Wax
    which i love, but did not want to microwave any longer & bought a wax warmer. Since now i needed a metal container for the wax as to not melt in the warmer, i decided to try GIGI Sugar Bare. BAD idea. It did not remove one hair.

  4. Paula says:

    this product is horrible. i payed 40.00 dollars for it from a prosfessional beauty supply store thinking i got lucky. and like others said….did not remove ONE hair

  5. nini says:

    I try this product Gigi sugar bare wax, it didnt remove any hair, i try it in all the temperatures possible, it didnt work. The wax stick to the strip, the hair remains in your skin. I would not recommend to buy this product. Waste of money and time.

  6. Grimm says:

    I must be one of the few who has used this wax and likes the results. I am ethnic and have coarse dark hair EVERYWHERE. I recently used the sugar bare wax to remove 4 months of growth on my legs- I recently had a baby and now that she is 3 months old I have time to do these things for myself. I was able to get all the hair off with the wax and was even able to reuse strips to save wax and strips. Here is what I have done that is different from the others…

    I used the GiGi paper strips instead of the muslin. Price wise they are cheaper and you get 100 to a pack for about $1.99.

    I also kept a damp washcloth next to me. I used the cloth to re-wet the wax if any stuck to my leg and not the strip. I then used a new strip to remove the dampened wax. Do not WET the wax but moisten it lightly.

    I have found in the past that this type of wax works better on long growth. I use this wax if I have let the hair go for a while and use the GiGi creme wax for the up keep and touch ups.

    Nair’s Naturally Smooth Peach Melon wax might work better for some as it has a more traditional wax texture and a fruity scent.

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