More Pigment and I Would Have Been Swept Away by These L’Oreal One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duos

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Interesting, but is it a gimmick or actually an imaginative innovation? Either way, I gotta give it up to L’Oreal for at least trying something new. The contoured brush that comes with each of the four One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duos ($12.95 each) is designed to define and brighten cheeks at the exact same time.


Wait — how’s that?

Well, the compacts for Poppy, Nectar, Flush and Posh come with both a cheek blush and a sculpting powder (to define the cheek bones), as well as a special U-shaped brush to pick up and deposit both products in the same sweep.

Running the concave brush across the pan parallel to the center line loads it up with both colors, one on each side. I was fairly sure I’d end up with striped cheeks (how ’80s!), but the doohickey surprisingly worked.

Sort of.

Nectar (left) and Posh Chic (right)

Swatches of Nectar (left) and Posh Chic (right)

Wearing Posh Chic on cheeks

The brush deposits a fair amount of both products where they appear to belong, but I think the process works in part because of how sheer the blush and sculpting powder are. I have a feeling that if they were more pigmented, I’d clearly see the edges between them on my cheeks.


I know it defeats the gimmicky purpose, but I’d probably choose to swap the U-shaped brush (or is that a tulip?), which seems fine for touch-ups, for a good ol’ fashioned blush brush offering better control instead. Applied with the U-shaped brush (or is that a horseshoe?), the already sheer blush looks almost too natural for me. When I wear blush, I want to see it on my cheeks, and even after four sweeps with the One Sweep brush, the color’s barely there.

I dig what L’Oreal tries to do here, even though we’ve seen things like this before. I like the price, but I think the products are a tad too sheer for me, especially when used with the included brush. If you happen to heart super sheer blushes, however, you might like One Sweep a lot.

PRICE: About $13 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores and online

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  1. Eva says:

    Wow that’s funny, I really loved these blushes (already realesed here I live) and I use the pink one each day! I did find them to be a little sheer so instead I just done two sweeps and then applied the pink section a little heavier to my cheeks! Mind you though I do have very fair skin so it did tend to show up a lot more on my skin tone! I love that it’s not super pigmented because it means it’s not as easy to stuff up!

  2. Jessi says:

    At least they’re trying to be innovative… right? Or just trying to pull people in with the gimmick angle. I would rather companies just make quality products!
    Jessi recently posted … Physician’s Formula Canyon Classic Matte Eyeshadows

  3. Liz! says:

    I saw these at Target last week and was kind of interested but kind of put off by the gimmickyness at the same time. Thanks for the honest review! I’ll probably skip them, because I’m totally intrigued by those eyeliners by L’Oreal you just posted about 😀 I’m always on the lookout for a better black eyeliner.

  4. Radhika says:

    Why do they keep making these gimmicky products…I thought they would stop after that bean-shaped eyeshadow brush!! I do like like blushes that look maybe these would work for me 😀
    Radhika recently posted … Dark and Handsome But Not Really Tall 😀

  5. Gloria says:

    It is just a tad too sheer for me. Otherwise it’s quite pretty!
    Gloria recently posted … Socks and Gym

  6. Chris25 says:

    Meh. I have never had much luck with L’Oreal blushes. I stopped buying them after I discovered NARS.

  7. Denise says:

    The brush looks weird to me. Is it scratchy? Doesn’t look too comfy.
    Denise recently posted … Super-sized Beauty: MAC WW

  8. Sonya says:

    I considered picking these up the other day, ultimately deciding I had enough blushes already. Glad to hear I’m not missing out on much!
    Sonya recently posted … Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye and Lip Quartet – Renaissance Faire

  9. Naj says:

    Posh Chic looks great in the pan. If only it has better pigmentation. Right now, both shades look the same when applied.

  10. Jackie says:

    Your top is darling…where did you get it? 🙂

  11. Nina says:

    the colors are lovely … but iono. might be a pass for me. i have too many blushes as it is, and if it isnt as pigmented, it might just sit unloved in my vanity!

  12. Melissa says:

    That seems to be the problem with most drugstore blushes. *sigh* It seems that with powder blushes, you often get what you pay for.

  13. Heidi says:

    I love drugstore makeup for its affordability and wide range of shades, however, I find that many cheap blushes don’t offer a lot of color payoff and long wear. My personal favorites are NARS Deep Throat and Orgasm.

  14. Gauri says:

    It doesn’t look like anything special to me.
    Gauri recently posted … 3 Steps to Fabulous: A Get Ready for Monsoon To-Do List

  15. Choc Tart says:

    For once I disagree with a review: I actually think the bush looks pretty. Sculpting but with not so much going on that it detracts from the eyes or lips.
    I’m looking forward to trying this as I really struggle to apply blush to my cheeks properly. That brush does look scratchy though?

  16. katie says:

    I would probably get the nectar one, but looking at those swatches I can tell they didn’t have darker ladies in mind. That is simply not enough color payoff which is why I stick with higher end brands. Don’t get me started on that brush, I’ll stick with my Yachio brush for my pigmented blushes.

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