Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

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Let me tell you what happens when you’re addicted to sugar, and all of a sudden you can’t have it in the morning, and you’re hella pregnant.

You get fixated on things, like eating a plate of beignets and drinking a latte, and that becomes all you want in the world, and you can’t stop thinking about it.


Beignets and iced coffee

Beignets and iced coffee

Beignets and iced coffee

And then there are the hallucinations, which are real and legit, I swear! Everywhere I look, I see sugary delights, even in the nifty tip on this new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer ($27).

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer

Mmm… Doughnuts…

Swear to gawd, that looks like a powdered doughnut.


Sorry! Homer Simpson moment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I forget to use my inside voice.

Anyway, that tip, and the concealer itself? — both are really freaking cool. I think this one’s right up there with some of the current full-coverage concealer bests (NARS Pure Radiant, Urban Decay Naked Skin, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Sephora’s Bright Future Gel Serum), because just like ’em, it covers everything.

But there’s something else about this one… I don’t know how it does it, but it looks even more like real skin. Seriously, half the time I can’t even tell it’s there!

Basically, it’s holy grail — full coverage, and it’s almost imperceptible. Yeah, when a tired, eight-months pregnant lady is giving you props, Make Up For Ever, then you’re doin’ it right. ๐Ÿ™‚

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer before

Oh, hello, tired pregnant lady! (This is obviously the before shot.)

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer after

And this is the after shot. Here I’m wearing the Ultra HD shades R32 and Y33, along with blush and bronzer.

This line just recently launched, and I believe it replaces MUFE’s HD High Definition Concealer, which I’m assuming has been discontinued, because I can’t find it at Sephora or the Make Up For Ever website.

There are 10 shades. The ones that start with an “R” are for color correcting (they have pink and peach tones), and you apply them first on your dark circles. Then, the shades that start with a “Y” are the concealing shades (more yellow based), which go right on top of the “R” shades. By design, they’re supposed to work together.

Here’s a handy dandy chart from MUFE that breaks down which shades to use for different skin tones…

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer

What’s your shade?

Seeing as how it’s the middle of winter, and I haven’t seen the sun for what feels like weeks (thanks, El Niรฑo!), the shades I use are in the middle of the group — R32 for correcting, which is like a warm peach, and Y33, a yellow-based color a few steps lighter than my natural skin tone, for concealing.

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer r32

Wearing a peachy color-correcting shade, R32, set with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer y33

And now with Y33 layered on top of R32, again, set with a little MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium

My favorite thing about this concealer? How it’s like getting all the best parts of my favorite full-coverage concealers in a single tube. It completely covers the darkness (that sounded very Star Wars, didn’t it?) like NARS Pure Radiant and MAC Pro Longwear do — both of which are uber full-coverage but can look cakey and heavy at times — but still looks like real skin. I think it even more natural than my current skin-like holy grails, Urban Decay Naked Skin and Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer. In fact, I think it handles fine lines better than both, but I do have one small caveat…

make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover concealer swatches

Swatches of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

It’s something I notice when I get a little too enthusiastic (LOL!) with the application. There appears to be a “tipping point,” after which point, if I accidentally go there and apply too much, the concealer settles into my fine lines.

Basically, I only have to use the the smallest amount, and that’s why I think MUFE got that funky doughnut-looking applicator up in the mix. It makes it easier to dispense the smallest little dot, and really, that’s all you need, so if you try this stuff and it starts creasing on you, do this first: use less of the product.


Also, Ultra HD greatly benefits from a setting powder. On its own, it doesn’t last as long as the other full-coverage concealers from NARS, MAC, UD and Sephora (at least, it doesn’t on my combo skin). Be sure you set it with a powder; then you should get a full day’s wear. I use a sheer powder by MAC called Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and my shade is Medium.

I wholeheartedly recommend this concealer, and I think it’s particularly great for someone who wants a natural look with full coverage.

If you wake up with Uncle Fester circles underneath yo’ eyes, and you’re craving a beignet, first of all, I feel your pain. Second of all, you can find Ultra HD now at Make Up For Ever counters, Sephora and online. ๐Ÿ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nicole says:

    Karen, first, darn you I want those donuts too and I hope babygirl is doing great. Second, and totally off-topic, THERE ARE NEW FREAKING QUADS ON TOMFORD.COM. *GASP (Yes see totally off-topic.) I think he discontinued Cognac Sable because it isn’t anywhere so I went to and HOLYHELLSBATMAN there are NEW QUADS. (Oh and Spice and Platinum among others are available for preorder.) Sorry if you’ve already covered this BUT I adore you and your blog (sometimes I read it for fun because I love your storytelling abilities) so I wanted to give you a heads up so you could spread the good news if you haven’t already. Peace and peaches to you, babygirl, Tabs, and El Hub. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Erin says:

    I’m loving these right now. I need to see the lightest shades all swatched. I was wondering about their correcting properties! Then the next question, do they layer with NARS RCC. I have an metric butt ton of Chantilly. I wonder if I could just get a corrector shade and throw the NARS over the top for concealing?
    Erin recently posted … Beauty Influencerโ€™s Sunday Column Vol.22: โ€‹โ€‹New Yearโ€™s Beauty Resolutions

  3. Jane says:

    I am always in the market for a good concealer that looks natural and lasts. I also have such dry eyes that most concealers cake up and make my eyes look crepey. This corrector/concealer combination sounds great. I may have to give them a shot.
    Anyway, had a bone density test yesterday (one of those things to look forward to during menopause). My doctor says I have sone bone loss and is concerned that I may not be getting enough Vitamin D. I have to go in for some tests. Also, I can’t remembervthe last time I had a beignet. I think I was 15 on and my Teen Tour stopped in New Orleans. Best thing I ate the entire trip!

  4. Glenda says:

    I’m curious about this one, but Sephora doesn’t have the shade I would probably pick in stock online now, and I have juuuuust bought the UD Naked concealer a few days ago (haven’t even tried it yet!).
    Oh, Karen, one question – unrelated to this particular product, but related to UD: in your UD X Gwen lipsticks review, you mentioned you really like Ex-Girlfriend. Do you think it’s similar to the Sheer Revolution lipstick in Liar, or would you skip the latter in favor to the former? I’m torn.
    Ah, btw, I see sugary treats in many places where they don’t exist too, and I’m not even pregnant. Just hungry. All.the.time.

  5. Lulle says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I just wish there were more colors in the Y range, because 5 seems a little limited. Seeing your swatches, I would be somewhere in between Y23 and Y31, and I don’t think either would be a good match, which is a problem with a full coverage product.
    Lulle recently posted … New Year, Healthier Snacks With Chomp

  6. Heather L says:

    Haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m intrigued. I’m currently loving the Naked concealer and Hourglass stick concealer. As for the cravings, girl, I feel your pain… I had 2 sets of twins! Look at the bright side, at least you’re not craving pickles in ice cream!

  7. Jess Lim says:

    Did you try the concealer by itself without the corrector? If yes, what did you think of it on its own? Do you think the coverage would be the same? Thank you

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jess,

      I did! It works great on it’s own as well and the coverage is comparable. If you have dark circles like I do, I do think that you’ll benefit from using an additional tube as color corrector underneath, since the concealing shades can go gray if you layer them on top of purple or blue skin. HTH! Let me know if you have any other questions.
      Karen recently posted … Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

  8. Joyce says:

    My Mac Pro Longwear concealer is my holy grail for covering up dark circles without looking cakey. The MUFE one seems promising. I like how the tip is small and seems like it’s easy to control the amount that’s being squeezed out.
    Joyce recently posted … Swatches + Review: Dior Spring 2016 Forever Foundation + Powder

  9. Lauren says:

    Hahahahahaha, the tip looks like a powdered donought!! I adore you!! Had to read this review twice after that line!

    This will be a concealer I’ll have to try simply because of the instant brightness you have…like a bright powdered sugar!

  10. Aw, poor Karen, it must be so hard to see all this sugarlicious food and not be able to eat it ๐Ÿ™

    Haha, wait until you actually HAVE the baby, THEN you’ll be the perfect test subject for this concealer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully it’ll still receive a thumbs up then. But I have a feeling it will.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Unboxing | Rituals Ayurveda Collection box

  11. Kelly B. says:

    Concealer goals, right here ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t *need* another concealer but let’s be honest, I’ll probably go buy two of these after your rave review!
    Kelly B. recently posted … New Drugstore Makeup – January 2016

  12. I feel like the hunt for the next best concealer is never over. These will go on the to-try list while I try nibbling on healthy snacks instead of rushing out to buy a doughnut immediately.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes โ€“ A wig for your lashes?

  13. jessica says:

    Ok, here is a positive outlook thing…


    beautifully sharp cheddar.
    fresh mozzarella.
    goat cheeze.
    waxed gouda.
    creamy meunster.
    monterey jack.
    colby jack.

    Go make nachos.
    jessica recently posted … Then and Now

    • Karen says:

      Honestly, I’m so sick of cheese. I like it just fine and have been eating a lot of it, but I’m over it. I’m more of a sweet person rather than savory.

  14. Jennifae says:

    I’m still looking for my HG concealer. I’ll have to try this.

    P.S. You look amazing! You have that beautiful, radiant, flawless glow.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Whoa, those before and after concealer photos are amazing. You looked good before but you look completely rested and energized after.

    I can’t wait to try this one. I’m totally head over heels in both lust and love for the Ultra HD Foundation. I wear the 155 = R370 – Medium Beige, so I can’t wait to try the MUFE concealer ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m using the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum right now but I’m not married to it. It’s a serviceable concealer but I feel like it doesn’t really make me look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep, which is my requirement.
    Jennifer recently posted … Easy Garlic Lime Chicken Recipe

  16. Indya says:

    Hey Karen, I was waiting on you to review these. Do you think the darkest color will be OK for darker WOC or if they have an extension of shades planned? I love everything MUFE and was hoping to try these out. Y41 looks very light to me ๐Ÿ™
    Indya recently posted … Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter – Opalescent Amber | ColourPop Lippie Stix – Contempo

  17. Tatiana says:

    Wow, these really make a difference. I have tons of concealers but rarely reach for them. Probably because I find it so hard to get them to look like real skin, blend them or not have them appear ashy gray on my skin. And the MAC one I like best always dispenses enough concealer for an entire face because you can’t get a half pump out of it.
    I’m wondering if I’ll find a good match. I find the R shades in the new foundation to be way to pink/red for my skin and the Y shades are way to yellow ochre looking.
    Be careful with the sugar. I have always had a sweet tooth and now I’m pre-diabetic. That’s permanent. So now I have to limit my sugar all – the – time. Unless I want to get crazy bad numbers and have to go on meds. Which I’m hoping I will never have to do. Sigh. Take care of yourself and baby girl.

  18. Toya says:

    I can’t wait to try this concealer, all I’ve been hearing are good things!

    I can’t help but chuckle at your pregnant lady comments, even though my baby girl will be 1 in less than a month (holy crap where does the time go), I can still remember being pregnant and not getting a lot of sleep in the last trimester (or the 2nd trimester for that matter) and feeling so tired…but THEN the baby comes, and OMG you think you’re tired now?! Haha…actually, some kind of crazy mom hormone must kick in because you get even less sleep in the first 6 months than you are getting now, but somehow you feel less tired… or at least I did. I think it’s more the awareness of how little sleep you’re getting makes you feel sad but in reality you can still get shiz done like a badass motha… I can’t wait till baby MBB arrives! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Jae says:

    beignets…mmmmm….I gave up sugar we (the fam and I) are really trying to do this clean eating thing. But oh, beignets…I would love one right about now…

    Thank you for the MUFE review on their concealers. I have been thinking about it and with all the other options (UD was the one I was going to go with), I think I like this one thanks to your review! And for the record, your before pic still looks fantastic! You really do look fab at 32 weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you tons of energy for your last stretch and before ya know it, you’ll be meeting little miss!

  20. Hilary says:

    These look awesome. Hopefully quick question- I love Benefit’s Erase Paste for my under eye circles but my mascara inevitably ends up smudging underneath my eyes… not attractive! I’ve tried setting powder, setting spray, different mascaras, etc. Is it time for me to accept that Erase Paste isn’t the best for me? No one else on the Internet seems to have this problem with it

  21. Kim says:

    You do know that you also look great in your before picture, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Trude says:

    I’m so glad to see you love these too! I’ve been seeing them on every single YouTuber’s channel, seems like, and I was looking forward to your more in-depth review. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just hope they’re pale enough for me!
    Trude recently posted … Melissa & Matt

  23. Polarbelle says:

    If I just could figure out my color. In some ways, I don’t like that you have to get two, and in other ways it’s genious to customize the coverage. I’ve been buying a load of color correcters and concealers in the past two months. I decided it’s time to face my dark circles… not face them I guess it would be. time to camoflauge. I’d used the Naked a couple times and I adore it for the rest of my face.
    Polarbelle recently posted … The Perfect Holiday Red Gel Polish – Gelish Good Gossip

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