The Curvy, Creamy, Dreamy MAC Ultimate Lipsticks

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MAC Ultimate Lipstick

The new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks, $23 each

What’s gray, curvy and totally luxurious?


Um…good guess! But not quite. πŸ™‚


Yeah, the new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks ($23) and Tabs definitely have a few things in common; both are gorgeous, and curvaceous, and look like they were sculpted by Michelangelo.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick

Curves for days

But to quote practically every ABC Afterschool Special ever made, “It’s what’s inside that counts!” And in this case, what’s inside is also great, and highly moisturizing. Thank goodness, too, because my lips have really needed the extra hydration lately.

After weeks going ham on the matte lippies, they started acting like Regina George on a Mean Girls rampage.

In other words: annoying. My lip sitch turned to flake city.

But after a couple days wearing one of these MAC Ultimate Lipsticks (the brights are my faves), things are looking up! My lips don’t feel as dry as they were, and they’re definitely less flaky. Now I don’t think they’ll be shanking anyone in the cafeteria lunchroom.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick

From the left: To Savour, Soft Pout, Marque, Ravishingly Rich, Femme De Luxe, Catharina, Audacious, Dangerously Chic, Vogue En Violet and The Scene

As far as the way they feel, these remind me of the MAC Mineralize Lipsticks, so if you like how smooth, slick and non-sticky those feel, you may also like these.

I do feel like the Ultimates caress my lips more elegantly than the Mineralize Lipsticks do, though, and it reminds me of lipsticks at the higher end, like the $33 Dolce & Gabbana Classic Creams.

It’s like when someone holds you in their arms, and you melt against them like Nutella on warm toast… The formula really binds closely to the skin.

And, as an added bonus, with the bright and deep shades like The Scene, Catharina and Audacious, as the formula fades over the course of 3-4 hours, it turns to a chic, satiny stain, which lingers for another 1-2 hours.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in The Scene

The Scene

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Dangerously Chic

Dangerously Chic

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Vogue en Violet

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Vogue en Violet

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Audacious


MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Ravishingly Rich

Ravishingly Rich

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Catharina


MAC Ultimate Lipstick Femme De Luxe

Femme De Luxe

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Marque


MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Soft Pout

Soft Pout

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in To Savour

To Savour

I like these so much that I’m temporarily putting Matte Madness on pause, but if you’re still not convinced these are worth your time, don’t take my word for it. I asked my Magic 8 ball this morning, and it said, “All signs point to yes.”

And that thing’s never wrong. πŸ™‚

The 10 new creamy, dreamy MAC Ultimate Lipsticks ($23 each) are available now at MAC counters and online in the permanent line.

PRICE: $23
AVAILABILITY: Permanent, and available now at MAC counters and online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A-/A (they’re kind of pricey for MAC)

Project Forever Organizing: Part 239889…

Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Even though I talk about my office always being a mess (it is), I’ve actually made some real life progress on it over the past few weeks, so I’ve been on another organizing kick, and I am completely obsessed with this Little Black Dress ($19.99) jewelry organizer from The Container Store.

OMG! So useful. It’s a double-sided hanging organizer with clear pockets on one side and velcro straps on the other.


My rings, necklaces and other accessories used to be all strewn about on top of my dresser, with some of them placed on little plates and others in tiny boxes, and I could never find jack squat, but not anymore! Now, everything I regularly wear is easy to get to in one place.

Hands down, the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.

Who knew that being organized could be so awesome at controlling the crazy!?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Debra says:

    Yes!! Finally.
    They are all beautiful on you. I think I could wear every one except Ravishingly Rich (boo hoo such a good name!).

    MAC is getting a lot of love from me lately.

    Project Forever Organizing looks fab – but I do not have enough vertical space for the dresses which, at first sight, I thought were LBDs.

    • Karen says:

      You can hand the organizers in your closet, yes? I pushed a whole bunch of scarves aside so I could make room for this one. I’m thinking of getting a second one. But then that might be an excuse to hoard more jewelry, haha!

      • Debra says:

        Reward time for dealing with a wet closet (2nd flash flood warning on my cell, BTW — could mean more lipsticks?).

        I went with To Savour, Marque, and Vogue en Violet.

      • Debra says:

        It took a 2nd California storm to pass through before these lippies got delivered but —
        they are gorgeous!
        I need to use some concealer on my berry-pigmented lips to get the true shades of the darker ones but the formula is wonderful and the colors are pretty much what you’re showing.
        To Savour is a bit more 1960s-pink-beach-babe on me but I get to live out my pre-adolescent dreams!

  2. Agata says:

    The lipsticks are gorgeous. I can’t even pick a favorite. Maybe Femme de Luxe and Audacious? Your eye makeup and skin look gorgeous too. I love that glow!

    This jewelry organizer is something I need ASAP. My jewelry is all over the place and this would be perfect.
    Agata recently posted … Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is a real Trooper

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! Although truth be told I feel like I’m wearing kind of a lot here, lol. It’s a lot of look! The highlighter is one from Topshop that I’m trying. It’s a loose powder highlighter and it’s super pretty.

      I hope you find the organizer. It’s very useful. πŸ™‚

      Happy (almost) Thursday!

  3. Tulipthecat says:

    Karen, which one is your favorite one?

    • Karen says:

      I keep Marque in my purse as an everyday nude, but I think the bold colors are so much more fun! If I had to choose just one I’d go with either Catharina or Dangerously Chic. πŸ™‚

  4. Divya says:

    Whaaat! I thought they were permanent!! don’t make me queue outside dear Mac!! lol!
    Divya recently posted … How I Use The Real Techniques Brushes

  5. Reksi says:

    This is so pretty! You look amazing in deep shades πŸ™‚ If this cost $23 to you, then I wouldn’t dare to check my MAC store, as the ‘normal’ ones ($16 to you, I guess?) are sold for $25 here (that is not even the price in the store, but from the ‘cheapest’ online store available here). So yeah, I never stepped into MAC store. SO SAD! These are such pretty pretty lipsticks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Reksi,

      Thankfully there are lots of other great non-MAC brands that do lovely lipsticks for less. Do you have access to drugstore makeup lines in your country? There’s lots of great stuff out there!

  6. Kwmechelle says:

    Ravishingly Rich is my favorite. Double points that these are moisturizing! You know, I made my own lip exfoliator from a recipe that I found online. Pinterest has tons of them. I simply mixed granulated sugar, honey, & olive oil. I rub the mix on damp lips then wipe off with a damp cloth. I follow up with a balm (current fave is the EOS vanilla mint smoothie- the smoothies are SOOOOOOO emollient & moisturizing). I swear this stuff SAVES my lips during the colder months, especially, and takes care of the flakes. Plus, it’s a super cheap alternative to some of the pricier lip exfolliators. I’d say whip up a batch from your fave recipe online and give it a whirl. It might just be a game changer. Thank me lata

    • Karen says:

      I do the same exact thing, minus the honey! πŸ™‚ I’ll try it adding honey the next time I do it, although I might end up just eating the whole damn thing, lol!

      I like those EOS balms but sometimes I need more moisture. Right now I’ve been using Hourglass Lip Oil. It’s hella expensive but I only need a little bit and it WORKS!

      Hope you had a nice day and that your makeup looked KILLER!

  7. Shari says:

    The first one is my favorite! Although the shades here seem.. dupable. I don’t know, nothing’s convincing me to go and grab one just yet. But seeing them on you rocks the boat a bit!
    Shari recently posted … Make it Personal: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Engraving

  8. Kwmechelle says:

    Yay! And, for seriousness, it’s kinda tasty…lol. That Hourglass lip oil sounds soooo luxurious & delicious πŸ™‚

    And my makeup was KILLER….tehehehe. Hey, I put in a lot of time reading my fave beauty blogs. And it shows. Haha πŸ™‚

  9. Erin says:

    I really like the darker colors in the line up!
    Erin recently posted … Review: RUTZ Cellars 2012 Zinfandel

  10. Marisa says:

    Karen’s similes go hard!
    “Like Nutella on warm toast”
    Love you Gurl!

  11. Rachel R. says:

    Every single one of those colors is gorgeous. I’m glad to hear they wear well.

  12. All of the colors look gorgeous on you! I’m glad that they’re permanent because I want them all except for Soft Pout which looks a little patchy.

  13. That packaging is divine!
    But I fear, I will think about Tabs every time I reach for them. Come to think of it, there are worse things than thinking about a cat, so whatever.

    How long do they last?
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Favorite Face of November

  14. zFashionizta says:

    Thanks for the preview.
    Soft Pout sounds familiar, did mac release another lipstick or maybe a lipglass with that name?

  15. Hee hee, Tabs looks caught in that pic πŸ™‚ He’s quickly covering his manhood. The new lippies all look nice. On you I like the bolder colors the most, but for me I’d probably pick Soft Pout and To Savour.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … New in | Karen Millen mesh colorblock jumper & some random beauty buys

  16. Kiran says:

    I so love the packaging and the colors seem gorgeous. But isn’t the color pay off sheer?

  17. Kim says:

    I love your organizer! What a great idea for you gals with accessories. πŸ™‚

    I’ll give you one guess as to which lipstick color I liked immediately. It starts with The and ends with Scene. I know, I’m lucky the 90s are having a revival. HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      So I remembered something the other day about the ’90s that I apparently blocked out. Were track suit pants popular in your neck of the woods? Here we’d wear those shiny Adidas track pants with matching shell toe shoes EVERYWHERE. It looked like everyone was on their way to basketball practice, lol.

      • Kim says:

        Oh, I wish! HAHA! Actually, now that I think of it, I did have one super-shiny pair but I don’t think it was a real phenomenon here. Of course, I was no fashionista in the early 90s – I was in college so it was all I could do to throw on some sweats and get to class on time. That sounds very sad now that I’ve typed it! πŸ™‚ We did, of course, sport our flannel shirts when we went out (tied around the waist when we got too warm from dancing). I actually *still* tie a sweatshirt or light jacket around my waist if gets too warm – this is embarrassing – I’m just going to stop now. πŸ™‚

  18. Quicha says:

    OMG I have the same thing! My hubby bought for me earlier this spring. I only have my necklaces stored there, though I should use the pockets. I also have my jewelry stored in my bedside table. Top drawer is fine jewelry, 2nd is silver, 3rd gold and bottom is excess.

  19. Stefi says:

    Wow, these look great! I can’t wait to have them at my counter – I know what I will be wearing for a few weeks over and over again! Love them and I can’t wait to try them out! <3 They also look really good on you πŸ™‚
    Love, Stefi

  20. Gloria says:

    The lipsticks are so pretty in both packaging and color… I almost want to go to MAC and try them on myself (<–not a MAC fan since some of their lipsticks don't stay long and dry my lips).
    Regarding the organizer, I'm curious how do you organizer your makeups? πŸ˜› You must have a lot. haha I'm thinking to my one of the lori greiner spinning makeup organizer from QVC to hold my stuff (not an ads here), but still looking for other useful solutions.

  21. gio says:

    The bright colours are so pretty and fun! But they look great on you.
    gio recently posted … Ottilie & Lulu: Best Natural Skincare For Tweens And Teens?

  22. Rachel P. says:

    I have had my eyes on Marque ever since these were rumored to come out!!! Catharina might also be a must-have… the only reason I didn’t scoop them up right away was because A) they’re becoming permanent (yay!!) so I guesssss no rush, and B) I have maxed out my Christmas/Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping quota, and I don’t think I am going to buy another single thing til January, hahah! Still. I can’t wait til I’ve got a few of these bad boys on my vanity!! PS. the Audacious shade looks increddddible on you!

  23. Majick says:

    I sure wish I saw this post before I went nuts at the NARS F&F. LOL
    I LOVE the case and the colors are fantastic. Every last one looks great on you! THanks for the post. I’ll have these on my list for a Spring splurge – unless of course something even more wonderful pops up. πŸ™‚

  24. Tatiana says:

    Oh man! These are pretty! And I like the feel of the Mineralize lipsticks, too. If I hadn’t just dropped a ton of cash on the Tom Ford Lips & Boys colors, for myself and for my daughter, I’d rush right out and try some of these. Since they’re part of the permanent line, I’ll just add Marque, Catharina, Audacious, Dangerously Chic and The Scene to my list of colors to check out, once I have a little more cash once again.

  25. Fancie says:

    Of course, you look pretty in all of them! I see a few colors I think I want. Starting with Catharina and Vogue en Violet. Those are my kind of colors!
    Fancie recently posted … Rimmel Red Alert Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

  26. cocofiere says:

    Those look lovely! How would you say they compare to the new NARS lipsticks? Knowing me, I’ll get some of both (and the mini TFs…ahem) by year’s end but I don’t want to overlap colors if the formulas are comparable.

  27. Nancy T says:

    I am seriously loving the look of Marque as a flattering nude for my C4.5 complexion! Been on the hunt for an everyday nude, was planning on getting either Pure Zen or Shanghai Spice from the MAC Cremesheen with Pearl lineup, but this one is really gorgeous! And for something with a kick, I’m liking Vogue En Violet!

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