MAC Makeup – Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush and Russian Red Lipglass

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I’m scurred of scarlet!




I was rifling around my makeup yesterday and I found these two lovlies. That’s MAC Frankly Scarlet Powder Blush (bright rose-red matte) on the left and MAC Russian Red Lipglass (intense blue-ish red) on the right.

I put ‘em on my Christmas list last year and I just realized yesterday that I have no idea what to do with them! I don’t know what I was thinking, because I am usually very color shy when it comes to brights.

I am going to pair the Russian Red Lipglass with heavy black liner on the top lid, but what the heck should I do with the Frankly Scarlet? I don’t want to end up looking like a clown, yowza!

Any ideas?


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  1. dee says:

    Hello! I was wondering–would you apply spot treatment for blemishes first and then a moisturizer at night or the other way around? Thank you!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Dee – I apply a thin layer first over my entire face. (Spot treatment doesn’t really work for me, but if it works for you then keep doing it.) If I have time I wait for five minutes and then apply a layer of moisturizer on top. Right now I am *loving* H2O+ Face Oasis for night. It hydrates my oily skin well but doesn’t feel heavy. The texture is gel-like though, so either you’ll love it or hate it. If you need a few drug store recommendations for moisturizer let me know. I’ve used several great ones in the past. Good luck, and come back soon!

  3. dee says:

    Thanks! Yeah, that would be great. What sorts of drugstore moisturizers do you use? I just bought Biore’s Unclogging Pores because it was on sale at Walgreen’s. Can’t wait to go home to try it out. I read reviews on and it’s supposedly really good.

  4. Elke says:

    If all else fails, you can tap the blusher on your lips and apply lip gloss/balm over….


  5. Karen says:

    Hi Dee – Oh, I *love* getting stuff on sale at Walgreens! I really haven’t used any of the Biore products, so let me know what you think about Unclogging Pores. I just might want to try it! As for other drugstore moisturizers, I have had good results with Neautrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. It’s light, doesn’t have an offensive smell, and sinks in easily. Best part is it doesn’t break me out. The only thing is it’s on the lighter end of the moisturization side, so if you need something heavier you might not like it. On the heavier side – a few years ago I went through a period of really super dry skin on my face – I’m talking tight and painful dry. The only thing that helped to relieve it was just plain old Cetaphil lotion. I didn’t use their special face stuff, I used the stuff I put on my body. It didn’t break me out and provided excellent moisturization. I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Karen says:

    ELKE! Yay, thanks for stopping by! It’s good to see you here. I will definitely try doing that trick with Frankly Scarlet with my new favorite lip balm, Savannah Bee’s Tupelo Honey from Bath & Body Works. BTW, your Estee Lauder Highgloss review has me intrigued! I wll have to make a trip down to the Estee counter soon! Take care =)

  7. kia says:

    hey karen… apple diva and i always talk about layering blushes and what combos we’ve come up with. i would do that with frankly scarlett if it seems too red (use that 187!) and a nice bronze or gold blush would be nice… do you have MAC’s other worldly blush? try that to overlap a little for the highlight. do your natural lip and eye so that the cheeks are your focus. for the lipglass… i would do as you said and bronze the cheeks.. yes, make good with the summer bronzey look before the seasons change, though bronzer is seasonless.. but you get my point right? lol

  8. Karen says:

    I don’t have MAC Other Worldly but I’ll have to check it out because it sounds REALLY PRETTY! I gotta get over my fear of color! AGGGHHH! Layering blush is a good tip – when I interviewed Billy B. a few weeks ago he mentioned that he never uses just one blush. I’ve been trying to add more dimension by mixing and it really makes a difference. Thanks again, Kia! You rock…

  9. Apple Diva says:

    Thanks for the Shout-out Kia. Layering has changed my life. Karen, I suggest that you use 187 brush for the top layer…. If you use Other Worldly (OW) and Frankly Scarlet Powder Blush, use the Scarlet on the bottom and OW on top with the 187 brush… You will see a soft glow. Just Delish!! Photos please!!!

  10. Karen says:

    Okay Apple Diva … SOLD! I will pick up this blush when I have a moment to swing by my fav MAC counter. Yes, and of course pictures will be in due order. =)

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