Glam Has Always Been Cool, but Benefit Takes It a Step Further with Their Latest Makeup Kit for Eyes, Lips and Cheeks

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benefit i'm glam therefore i am

The power of packaging compels you! The power of packaging compels you!


And for me with Benefit’s new “I’m Glam… Therefore I am” palette ($36), it almost does. I desperately wanted to bond with B’s new kit of mostly cool-toned colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. That way I’d feel good about giving it a permanent place on my dresser, a place where I could gaze lovingly at the adorable illustrated box.

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (1)

The glam gal featured on the front reminds me of the girls my friends and I would doodle on our notebooks in school, complete with gown, tiara and opera-length gloves, and her step-by-step makeup lessons imprinted on the packaging describe how to use the palette to achieve two distinct looks, one called Daytime Dahling and the other, Evening Goddess.

benefit i'm glam therefore i am

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (2)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (3)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (4)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (5)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (6)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (7)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (8)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (10)

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (13)
Swatches from the left using a flash: Eyeshadows in Pink Fancy, Icy Lilac, Posh Amethyst and Precious Pewter

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (12)
Swatches from the left using a flash: Glamming Face Powder mixed with Glamming Face Powder II, Girl Meets Pearl, Life on the A List Lip Gloss and Bad Gal Lash Mascara

benefit i'm glam therefore i am (14)
Swatches snapped without a flash


After swatching these colors the other day, I suspected that the palette’s cool-toned pinks, grays and purples might not work well with my warm, tan skin, and after playing with the pieces today, I regret to report that I still feel that way. These shades, while super pretty, would probably do more for ladies (and gents) with lighter, cool-toned skin.

A few thoughts on the pieces…

  • Eyeshadows — The stars of this show, they boast luscious pigments, blend like homemade butter and exhibit very little fallout.
  • Blush — I ended up ditching the tiny brush Benefit included for use with cheek product, even though it’s quite cute (just doesn’t pick up enough pigment). Even with a blush brush, though, I have to apply a few layers of this to get it to show up on my cheeks. Like the eyeshadows, it’s probably better suited to lighter-skinned lovelies and cooler-toned pretties.
  • Lipgloss — Life on the A List Gloss (isn’t that a great name?) applies very cool, frosty and sheer on me, and I’m not sure how I feel about the strong fruit punch flavor and scent…
  • Mascara — Good for lengthening lashes, but I think it’s just okay as far as lash volume. But you know me, right? When it comes to lashes, it’s go drag or go home.
  • Girl Meets Pearl — A liquid highlighter, and the warmest shade in the kit. Considering the color temp of the other pieces here, this one seems a little out of place (I do like it though).

Pretty packaging and exceptional eyeshadows should make this a fantabulous kit for ladies who are lucky enough to be able to wear its mostly cool-toned colors well. Even though the shades don’t really work for me, I see a palette here with a lot to like.

PRICE: $36
AVAILABILITY: Available now online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Sheila says:

    Oooh pretty! I love Benefit’s sets. They’re so versatile and travel friendly.
    Sheila recently posted … Photo: Chanel Spring 2012 Blush Horizon de Chanel and Rouge Coco Balm

  2. Let says:

    Well that’s kind of a bummer, as I’m between NC40-42 πŸ™

    Anyway, Karen, sorry for this amateur-ish question, but how do you wear the Girl Meets Pearl? I’m planning to buy Project Flawless instead and I believe Girl Meets Pearl is also included.

    Thanks a lot πŸ˜€

  3. Kim says:

    Wow! This set looks promising! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. Lip Stalker says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of the lipgloss!!! And the look you created looks great on you πŸ˜‰
    Lip Stalker recently posted … WELCOME TO LIP STALKER – A NEW BEAUTY BLOG IS BORN!

  5. Ly Thanh Thao says:

    wow I love it at first sight

  6. Sonya says:

    What an adorable little set! Benefit always puts out lovely, affordable kits! πŸ™‚
    Sonya recently posted … Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick, Part 1: 12, 22, 36, 39, 40 – Review, Photos, Swatches

  7. Vonvon says:

    Very nice set! Time to check it out!
    Vonvon recently posted … Happy Halloween! Pumpkin-Inspired Look

  8. Advah says:

    Hmm I do like the eyeshadows (and cool colours work best for me). However, not sure when that happened, but I think I’m completely over Benefit’s gimmick-y packaging! I used to love it and for some reason feel a bit tired of all that plastic and wild colours now.

  9. Marian says:

    Meh…this one looks very bland to me.

  10. Kim says:

    Ooh, frosty! I can see myself thinking it’s even prettier when the snow hits the ground. πŸ™‚ Benefit’s packaging is really cute, too.

  11. Reena says:

    Lovin this set from Benefit!!! Packaging can definitely lure you in to buying them! lol

  12. Nina says:

    the packaging is so adorable! i love the retro feel of the box!

  13. Chris25 says:

    Nice set, but I couldn’t wear this. Too cool-toned for me. πŸ™

  14. Carmela says:

    I love Benefit as a brand and their packaging is always, always spot on. But the colors are a little blah. I’m sure the quality and everything is great (I own enough from them to know that!) and it makes for a great travel palette, but it’s a little too yawn inducing for me. This might work for color shy beauties but I might have to take a pass on this.
    Carmela recently posted … Nuance by Salma Hayek Perfect Lips Lip Quad in Warm

  15. Hboo says:

    I really like the shades in this! Although I always thought bad gal lash always needed re-application and that was a turn off. The eyeshadows look lovely and natural and I am definitely interested in everything else! oh SEPHORA! Here I come…
    Hboo recently posted … Philosophy Lip Glosses

  16. PinkGlitter says:

    I’m totally drawn to pretty packaging like Benefit’s. I have a lot of similar products in this kit, so I’ll skip it. I would like to try Girl Meets Pearl though.
    PinkGlitter recently posted … Happy Halloween

  17. CinCin says:

    Just not feeling this little kit. Usually, they have great kits for the price and value. But this one is a huge disappointment in my book. I am a warmer lovely and these shades would not suite me at all. πŸ™

  18. I’m normally not a fan of kits/palettes, but I’ve been eyeing this one lately too – it has a nice array of their products for the price, but not sure if it will suit my skintone – pale but yellowish/warm undertones. Love the pewter eyeshadow shade though!

  19. Rosalia says:

    Oh! What a makeup kit and very beautiful shades! The bright shades of the makeup will give the glow on face. I will definitely buy this kit because it is easy to carry.
    Rosalia recently posted … Los alimentos que hacen engordar

  20. Jessi M says:

    YAy! I have light, cool-toned skin! I’m really attracted to this palette, probably because of the cool-toned colors.
    Jessi M recently posted … An EOTD With Pollen Cosmetics

  21. yuri says:

    awesome to take on the go

  22. Therese says:

    This is on my Christmas wishlist already! i LOVE the Benefit kits (although they are stupidly expensive here in Australia) and I love the swatches you did. I’m a paley so i reckon they’ll suit me just fine. = )

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